Reap the East Wind

Reap the East Wind

It has ended. It begins again. In Kavelin, Lady Nepanthe's new life with the wizard Varthlokkur is disturbed by visions of her lost son, while King Bragi Ragnarson and Michael Trebilcock scheme to help the exiled Princess Mist re-usurp her throne — under their thumb. In Shinsan, a pig-farmer's son takes command of Eastern Army, while Lord Kuo faces plots in his council and a suicide attack of two million Matayangans on his border. But in the desert beyond the Dread… (more)

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Publisher: Night Shade Books (October 01, 2011)

Collection: Night Shade Books

Parent ISBN: 9781597803199

Page count: 300 pages

File size: 304 KB

Language: English