Let Me Be Frank With You

Editorial reviews

Let Me Be Frank With You

Let Me Be Frank With You might not be the Great American Novel, but Richard Ford is most certainly a great American writer.

When all’s said and done, it’s still Frank. It’s still Richard Ford. And it’s always a pleasure.

If the trilogy of novels supplied the bangety bangety bangety, “Let Me Be Frank With You” provides the boop.

The stories in Let Me Be Frank with You have led me back into rereading the earlier Bascombe books — an advantage of art over life.

It is, by turns, smart, annoying, funny, obnoxious and honest. In other words, it's a Richard Ford book.

The fact that “Let Me” works as well as it does is a testament to Mr. Ford’s strengths as a writer and his ability to turn his hero’s contradictions and discontinuities into something more like the genuine complexities of a real human being.

Bascombe himself is still alive at the end of “Let Me Be Frank With You.” If he and we can defer the call of mortality, we can only hope to meet him again in 10 years’ time.