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Legendary Authors and the Clothes They Wore

by Terry Newman Harper Design (June 27, 2017)

Discover the signature sartorial and literary style of fifty men and women of letters, including Maya Angelou; Truman Capote; Colette; Bret Easton Ellis; Allen Ginsberg; Patti Smith; Karl Ove Knausgaard; and...

Boatyard Dogs

by John Hansen & Polly Saltonstall Down East Books (June 20, 2017)

For nearly thirty years, Maine's premier boating magazine Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors has published a regular column called Boatyard Dogs about dogs and the nautical life. This delightful book gathers the best...

Morgan Fisher

by Constanze Ruhm, Morgan Fisher, Jean-Philippe Antoine & Sabine Folie et al. Les presses du réel (June 19, 2017)

A collection of texts by researchers, artists and critics, exploring Morgan Fisher's filmography in relation to his other artistic practices. Positioned at the intersection of cinema, painting, installation,...

Kubrick's Story, Spielberg's Film

by Julian Rice Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (June 16, 2017)

In 1963 Stanley Kubrick declared, “Dr. Strangelove came from my desire to do something about the nuclear nightmare.” Thirty years later, he was preparing to film another story about the human impulse for...

Billy Joel

by Joshua S. Duchan Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (June 16, 2017)

Despite his tremendous success, Billy Joel’s gifts as a composer and commentator on American life are long overdue for a thorough investigation. In Billy Joel: America’s Piano Man, music historian Joshua...


by Thomas S. Hischak Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (June 16, 2017)

What do Babes in Arms, Beau Geste, Gunga Din, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Only Angels Have Wings, and Young Mr. Lincoln all have in common? They are all classic films released in the same year, but none of...

The Monster Movies of Universal Studios

by James L. Neibaur Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (June 16, 2017)

In 1931 Universal Studios released Dracula starring Bela Lugosi. This box office success was followed by a string of films featuring macabre characters and chilling atmospherics, including Frankenstein, The...

Film as Cultural Artifact

by Mathew P. John Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

Film is popularly described as a mirror of culture. It plays a pivotal role in facilitating intercultural dialogue in our global village. World cinema helps us understand and appreciate each other’s cultural...

Christianity and Heavy Metal as Impure Sacred within the Secular West

by Jason Lief Lexington Books (June 13, 2017)

This book explores the symbolic connections between Christianity and Heavy Metal music in the context of the secular West. Heavy Metal uses symbols and imagery taken from Christianity, even if the purpose is...

Secular Music, Sacred Space

by April Stace Lexington Books (June 13, 2017)

Easter Sunday, 2009, was the Sunday heard ‘round the evangelical internet: NewSpring Church, the second-largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention and among the top one hundred largest churches in the...

Grown-Up Anger

by Daniel Wolff Harper (June 13, 2017)

A tour de force of storytelling years in the making: a dual biography of two of the greatest songwriters, Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie, that is also a murder mystery and a history of labor relations and socialism,...

Exploring Christian Song

by Andrew Shenton, M. Jennifer Bloxam, Timothy H. Steele & J. H. Kwabena Nketia et al. Lexington Books (June 12, 2017)

This essay collection celebrates the richness of Christian musical tradition across its two thousand year history and across the globe. Opening with a consideration of the fourth-century lamp-lighting hymn Phos...

The Cemeteries of New Orleans

by Peter B. Dedek LSU Press (June 12, 2017)

In The Cemeteries of New Orleans, Peter B. Dedek reveals the origins and evolution of the Crescent City’s world-famous necropolises, exploring both their distinctive architecture and their cultural impact....

A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education

by Professor Dilly Fung Professor of Higher Education Development & Academic Director Ucl Centre for Advancing Learning and Teaching UCL Press (June 07, 2017)

Is it possible to bring university research and student education into a more connected, more symbiotic relationship? If so, can we develop programmes of study that enable faculty, students and ‘real world’...

Amateur Movie Making, Enhanced eBook: Aesthetics of the Everyday in New England Film, 1915-1960

by Karan Sheldon, Martha J. McNamara & Alice T. Friedman Indiana University Press (June 05, 2017)

A compelling regional and historical study that transforms our understanding of film history, Amateur Movie Making demonstrates how amateur films and home movies stand as testaments to the creative lives of...

The Economics of Music

by Professor Peter Tschmuck Agenda Publishing (May 25, 2017)

The music industry is one of the most dynamic and fascinating business sectors today. Its business model has had to adapt and react to changing technologies that have impacted at every level from distribution...

Art World City

by Joanna Grabski Indiana University Press (May 24, 2017)

Art World City focuses on contemporary art and artists in the city of Dakar, a famously thriving art metropolis in the West African nation of Senegal. Joanna Grabski illuminates how artists earn their livelihoods...

Meet Me in the Bathroom

by Lizzy Goodman Dey Street Books (May 23, 2017)

Joining the ranks of the classics Please Kill Me, Our Band Could Be Your Life, and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, an intriguing oral history of the post-9/11 decline of the old-guard music industry and rebirth of...

The Trojan War

by 50MINUTES.Com (May 23, 2017)

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the history of the Trojan War in next to no time with this concise guide. provides a clear and engaging analysis of the Trojan War. When Menelaus,...

Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth

by Guillermo Del Toro, Nick Nunziata & Mark Cotta Vaz Harper Design (May 16, 2017)

Discover the dark secrets of Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece, Pan's Labyrinth, in this thrilling exploration of the film’s creation.

Released in 2006, Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth was hailed...

100 Essential Silent Film Comedies

by James Roots Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (May 11, 2017)

From the moment films were first produced, comedy has been a key feature of cinema. From just before the turn of the twentieth century until the early 1930s, audiences celebrated the brilliant humor of cinematic...

Pantsuit Nation

by Libby Chamberlain Flatiron Books (May 09, 2017)

An inspiring collection of stories and photographs that capture what it means to live, work, love, and resist in America—from the Facebook group with millions of engaged and impassioned members.

In October...

Listening for the Secret

by Ulf Olsson University of California Press (May 09, 2017)

Listening for the Secret is a critical assessment of the Grateful Dead and the distinct culture that grew out of the group’s music, politics, and performance. With roots in popular music traditions, improvisation,...


by David Kwong HarperBusiness (May 09, 2017)

A professional magician and illusionist—the head magic consultant for the hit film Now You See Me—reveals how to bridge the gap between perception and reality to increase your powers of persuasion and influence....

Corita Kent: Gentle Revolutionary of the Heart

by Rose Pacatte Liturgical Press (May 05, 2017)

Corita Kent, an American nun and pop artist, led a life of creativity and love that took her in unexpected directions. In this engaging portrait, Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP, offers an in-depth look at Corita Kent,...

That’s Your Lot

by Limmy HarperCollins (May 04, 2017)

This is Limmy’s second book.

It’s a whole load of new, odd, and hilariously grim short stories.

Tom is in a soft play with his daughters. He’s bored. He’s so bored he can move things with his mind.


Stop the Show!: A History of Insane Incidents and Absurd Accidents in the Theater

by Brad Schreiber Da Capo Press (May 02, 2017)

Stop the Show! is the first book to assemble humorous, frightening and bizarre anecdotes about the history of all that went wrong during live theatrical productions in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. It is...

Get Off the Grid!

by Saul Goodman & Steve Huff St. Martin's Press (April 25, 2017)

So you want to disappear? Whether you got the fuzz on your back or a price on your head, Saul Goodman can help!

Big Brother’s got eyes everywhere—don’t pretend they’re not all watching you. Nowadays you’d...

Dreaming the Beatles

by Rob Sheffield Dey Street Books (April 25, 2017)

“This is the best book about the Beatles ever written”  Mashable

Rob Sheffield, the Rolling Stone columnist and bestselling author of Love Is a Mix Tape offers an entertaining, unconventional look at...

Hard-Boiled Hollywood

by Jon Lewis University of California Press (April 19, 2017)

Two spectacular dead bodies—Elizabeth Short, known as the Black Dahlia, found dumped and posed in a vacant lot in January 1947, and Marilyn Monroe, found dead in her home in August 1962—bookend this new...

The Cake and the Rain

by Jimmy Webb St. Martin's Press (April 18, 2017)

Jimmy Webb’s words have been sung to his music by a rich and deep roster of pop artists, including Glen Campbell, Art Garfunkel, Frank Sinatra, Donna Summer and Linda Ronstadt. He’s the only artist ever...

Art and the Global Economy

by John Zarobell University of California Press (April 18, 2017)

Art and the Global Economy analyzes major changes in the global art world that have emerged in the last twenty years including structural shifts in the global art market; the proliferation of international art...

He's Got Rhythm

by Cynthia Brideson & Sara Brideson The University Press of Kentucky (April 14, 2017)

He sang and danced in the rain, proclaimed New York to be a wonderful town, and convinced a group of Parisian children that they had rhythm. One of the most influential and respected entertainers of Hollywood's...

Impressions of Paris

by Cat Seto Harper Design (April 11, 2017)

Artist Cat Seto, founder of the acclaimed Ferme à Papier brand, introduces you to the City of Light as never before in this distinctive volume—both a visual feast and celebration of the artistic process—filled...


by Rob King University of California Press (April 07, 2017)

At publication date, a free ebook version of this title will be available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more.



Improvising Out Loud

by Emily Corey, Jeff Corey, Leonard Nimoy & Janet Neipris The University Press of Kentucky (April 06, 2017)

Jeff Corey (1914--2002) made a name for himself in the 1940s as a character actor in films like Superman and the Mole Men (1951), Joan of Arc (1948), and The Killers (1946). Everything changed in 1951, when...

U2: Rock 'n' Roll to Change the World

by Timothy D. Neufeld Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (March 31, 2017)

Timothy D. Neufeld explores U2’s many phases of artistic expression and cultural engagement and the band's employment of faith and activism as a foundation for success. Through close readings of their musical...

In My Fashion

by Bettina Ballard V&A Publishing (March 28, 2017)

Bettina Ballard, Paris-based correspondent and later Fashion Editor for US Vogue, was at the centre of the fashion world from the 1930s to the ’50s and an intimate of Coco Chanel, Cristóbal Balenciaga and...

Change of Seasons

by John Oates & Chris Epting St. Martin's Press (March 28, 2017)

John Oates was born at the perfect time, paralleling the birth of rock ‘n roll. Raised in a small Pennsylvania town, he was exposed to folk, blues, soul, and R&B. Meeting and teaming up with Daryl Hall in...

The Way She Wears It

by Dallas Shaw William Morrow (March 28, 2017)

The most highly sought-after fashion illustrator/luxury project designer working today uses her sketches, styling skills and visual expertise to help you develop your eye, define your aesthetic, banish the predictable,...

The Music of William Schuman, Vincent Persichetti, and Peter Mennin: Voices of Stone and Steel

by Walter Simmons Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (March 09, 2017)

Schuman, Persichetti, and Mennin were three of the most significant American composers of the 20th century; yet their music has largely disappeared from view since their respective deaths. This book provides...

Fallen Glory

by James Crawford Picador (March 07, 2017)

An inviting, fascinating compendium of twenty-one of history's most famous lost places, from the Tower of Babel to the Twin Towers

Buildings are more like us than we realize. They can be born into wealth or poverty,...

Counting Down the Beatles: Their 100 Finest Songs

by Jim Beviglia Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (March 02, 2017)

Counting Down the Beatles: Their 100 Finest Songs features Beviglia’s list of the finest songs in the band’s unparalleled oeuvre. Ranked in descending order from #100 to #1, each song is accompanied by a...

Harry Langdon

by Mabel Langdon, Gabriella Oldham & Harry Langdon Jr. The University Press of Kentucky (March 01, 2017)

Among silent film comedians, three names stand out -- Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd -- but Harry Langdon indisputably deserves to sit among them as the fourth "king." In films such as The...

Hymns for the Fallen

by Todd Decker University of California Press (February 28, 2017)

Hymns for the Fallen listens closely to forty years of Hollywood combat films produced after Vietnam. Ever a noisy genre, post-Vietnam war films have deployed music and sound to place the audience in the midst...

The Kinks: A Thoroughly English Phenomenon

by Carey Fleiner Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (February 28, 2017)

Carey Fleiner examines English rock group the Kinks and their social and cultural influences both on and by the group from the early '60s to present day. In and around the biographical survey of the band's career,...

Now We Are 40

by Tiffanie Darke HarperCollins (February 23, 2017)

What happened to Generation X? Millenials dominate our Facebook feeds and people bang on about the baby boomers – but what about us? The lost generation, the middle youth, the middle child of today. Are we...

AutoCAD 3D Modeling

by Steve Heather Industrial Press, Inc. (February 23, 2017)

The AutoCAD® 3D Modeling Exercise Workbook is designed for classroom instruction and self-study alike, and is suitable for both inch and metric users. There are 8 lessons and 4 modeling projects, all of which...

Almost Hollywood, Nearly New Orleans

by Vicki Mayer University of California Press (February 22, 2017)

At publication date, a free ebook version of this title will be available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more.



Pedagogical Knowledge and the Changing Nature of the Teaching Profession

by Collectif Oecd (February 21, 2017)

Highly qualified and competent teachers are fundamental for equitable and effective education systems. Teachers today are facing higher and more complex expectations to help students reach their full potential...