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The Ghoul Goes West

by Dale Bailey Tom Doherty Associates (January 17, 2018)

The Ghoul Goes West by Dale Bailey is a fantasy novelette about two brothers, both obsessed with movies--one a not very successful screenwriter, the other an academic. When one dies from a drug overdose, his...

Binti: The Night Masquerade

Binti #3

by Nnedi Okorafor Tom Doherty Associates (January 16, 2018)

The concluding part of the highly-acclaimed science fiction trilogy that began with Nnedi Okorafor's Hugo- and Nebula Award-winning BINTI.

Binti has returned to her home planet, believing that the violence of...

Dark State

Empire Games #2

by Charles Stross Tom Doherty Associates (January 09, 2018)

Hugo Award-winning author Charlie Stross dives deep into the underbelly of paratime espionage, nuclear warfare, and state surveillance in this provocative techno-thriller set in The Merchant Princes multi-verse...


Eye of the Beholder #1

by Sarah Tarkoff Harper Voyager (January 09, 2018)

With shades of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies and Ally Condie’s Matched, this cinematic dystopian novel—the first in the thrilling Eye of the Beholder series—is set in a near future society in which "right"...

The God Gene

The ICE Sequence #2

by F. Paul Wilson Tom Doherty Associates (January 02, 2018)

Rick Hayden and Laura Fanning of Panacea return to encounter another mindbending scientific scenario in, The God Gene, the new thriller by F. Paul Wilson.

Rick's brother, Keith, a prominent zoologist at NYU,...

Black Star Renegades

by Michael Moreci St. Martin's Press (January 02, 2018)

In the tradition of Star Wars, a galaxy-hopping space adventure about a galactic kingdom bent on control and the young misfit who must find the power within before it’s too late.

Cade Sura holds the future...

The Wolves of Winter: A Novel

by Tyrell Johnson Scribner (January 02, 2018)

A captivating tale of humanity pushed beyond its breaking point, of family and bonds of love forged when everything is lost, and of a heroic young woman who crosses a frozen landscape to find her destiny. This...


Star Quest Trilogy #4

by Ben Bova Tom Doherty Associates (December 26, 2017)

Ben Bova continues his hard SF Star Quest series, which began with Death Wave and Apes and Angels. In Surivival, a human team sent to scout a few hundred lightyears in front of the death wave encounters a civilization...

Count to Infinity

Count to the Eschaton Sequence #6

by John C. Wright Tom Doherty Associates (December 26, 2017)

Count to Infinity is John C. Wright's spectacular conclusion to the thought-provoking hard science fiction Eschaton Sequence, exploring future history and human evolution.

An epic space opera finale worthy of...

The Will to Battle

Terra Ignota #3

by Ada Palmer Tom Doherty Associates (December 19, 2017)

The Will to Battlethe third book of 2017 John W. Campbell Award winner Ada Palmer's Terra Ignota seriesa political science fiction epic of extraordinary audacity

“A cornucopia of dazzling, sharp ideas...

The 38th Golden Age of Science Fiction MEGAPACK®: Chester S. Geier

by Chester S. Geier Wildside Press (December 14, 2017)

Chester S. Geier (1921-1990) was a U.S. author and editor whose first work, "A Length of Rope" (included here) appeared in Unknown in April 1941. Ray Palmer recruited him to write for the Ziff-Davis group, where...

Some Assembly Required

by Michael Strelow Roundfire Books (December 08, 2017)

Jake hears voices, always has. They've never been a problem as long as he kept them to himself. While on a writing assignment to cover an A.I. convention, Jake reads the paper of a Dr. Sewall. What he discovers...

Mississippi Roll

by George R. R. Martin & Wild Cards Trust Tom Doherty Associates (December 05, 2017)

Perfect for current fans and new readers alike, Mississippi Roll is an adventurous journey along Ol’ Man River, featuring beloved characters from the Wild Cards universe.

Now on its final voyage, the historical...

Immortal Life: A Soon To Be True Story

by Stanley Bing Simon & Schuster (December 05, 2017)

An ancient mogul has bought the power to live forever, but the strong young body he plans to inhabit has other ideas. The battle for immortal life begins.

Immortal Life. A fantasy. An impossible dream. For now,...

Starfire: Shadow Sun Seven

Starfire #2

by Spencer Ellsworth Tom Doherty Associates (November 28, 2017)

Shadow Sun Seven continues Spencer Ellsworth's Starfire trilogy, an action-packed space opera in which the oppressed half-Jorian crosses have risen up to supplant humanity.

Jaqi, Araskar and Z are on the run...

Darkness Falling

Andromedan Dark #2

by Ian Douglas Harper Voyager (November 28, 2017)

From New York Times Bestselling Author Ian Douglas comes the next chapter in his grand space odyssey, Andromedan Dark, Darkness Falling

Lord Commander Grayson St. Clair has guided the Tellus Ad Astra to a part...

The Eterna Solution

Eterna Files #3

by Leanna Renee Hieber Tom Doherty Associates (November 14, 2017)

The exciting conclusion to a sumptuous gaslamp fantasy series!

Leanna Renee Hieber brings Victorian London and New York to life and fills both cities with ghosts and monsters. Two groups of paranormally talented...

HALO: Legacy of Onyx

by Matt Forbeck Gallery Books (November 14, 2017)

An original full-length novel set in the Halo universe and based on the New York Times bestselling video game series!

Molly Patel was only seven-years-old when the alien alliance known as the Covenant destroyed...

The Courts of Chaos

by Roger Zelazny Amber Ltd (November 07, 2017)

The fate of Oberon, the identity of the traitor-prince, and the plot to destroy Amber have been discovered. Now, can Corwin and his siblings divert the storm of Chaos descending upon Amber and all her shadows?...

Steal the Stars

by Nat Cassidy Tom Doherty Associates (November 07, 2017)

Steal the Stars, a debut novel by Nat Cassidy, is based on the science fiction podcast from Tor Labs, written by Mac Rogers.

Dakota “Dak” Prentiss guards the biggest secret in the world.

They call it “Moss.”...

All Those Explosions Were Someone Else's Fault

by James Alan Gardner Tom Doherty Associates (November 07, 2017)

Monsters are real.

But so are heroes.

Sparks are champions of weird science. Boasting capes and costumes and amazing super-powers that only make sense if you don’t think about them too hard, they fight an eternal...

Valiant Dust

Breaker of Empires #1

by Richard Baker Tom Doherty Associates (November 07, 2017)

In a stylish, smart, new military science fiction series, Richard Baker begins the adventures of Sikander North in an era of great interstellar colonial powers. Valiant Dust combines the intrigues of interstellar...

More Human Than Human: Stories of Androids, Robots, and Manufactured Humanity

by Neil Clarke Night Shade Books (November 07, 2017)

The idea of creating an artificial human is an old one. One of the earliest science-fictional novels, Frankenstein, concerned itself primarily with the hubris of creation, and one’s relationship to one’s...

The Tablet of Scaptur

by Julia Keller Tom Doherty Associates (November 01, 2017)

In the 23rd century, there is a radiant world of endless summer where peace is maintained through emotional surveillance performed by a peculiar device called the Intercept. When Violet Crowley, the sixteen-year-old...

Dax Harrison

by Tony Valdez Quill (October 31, 2017)

Well, this is a damned mess...

Dax was so close to leaving the hero business behind him. He'd done his duty, saved the galaxy a time or two, and made out like a bandit with the movie and merchandise rights....

The Future of Hunger in the Age of Programmable Matter

by Sam J. Miller Tom Doherty Associates (October 18, 2017)

A group of friends, a pair of lovers, and the tussle between love, addiction, and what comes next. Otto, a former addict, grateful and indebted to his lover Trevor, is faced with temptation and the threat of...

Forbidden Suns

by D. Nolan Clark Orbit (October 17, 2017)

The third and final book in the epic space adventure trilogy by D. Nolan Clark.

In the cold of space, the fire of revenge still burns.

Aleister Lanoe has been on a mission since before he can remember. Honing...

Breach of Containment

Central Corps #3

by Elizabeth Bonesteel Harper Voyager (October 17, 2017)

A reluctant hero must prevent war in space and on Earth in this fast-paced military science fiction thriller from the author of The Cold Between and Remnants of Trust—a page-turning hybrid combining the gritty,...

Children of the Fleet

Fleet School #1

by Orson Scott Card Tom Doherty Associates (October 10, 2017)

From Orson Scott Card, award-winning and bestselling author of Ender's Game, his first solo Enderverse novel in years.

Children of the Fleet is a new angle on Card’s bestselling series, telling the story of...

The Power

by Naomi Alderman Little, Brown and Company (October 10, 2017)

What would happen if women suddenly possessed a fierce new power?

In THE POWER, the world is a recognizable place: there's a rich Nigerian boy who lounges around the family pool; a foster kid whose religious...


by Mark Arnold Mango (October 03, 2017)

2018 is the 200th anniversary of the publication of Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus High schools throughout the country include the novel in their curriculum and ancillary books about Mary Shelley and...


by Sage Walker Tom Doherty Associates (October 03, 2017)

Sage Walker's suspenseful, Locus Award-winning first novel, Whiteout, takes us to a twenty-first century Earth where government means multinational corporation.

And daily living means a struggle to survive the...

All the Pretty Little Horses

by Mira Grant Orbit (October 03, 2017)

The Last Winter

by Samwise Didier Insight Editions (October 03, 2017)

From legendary Blizzard Entertainment artist Samwise Didier, The Last Winter is a lavishly illustrated epic fantasy novel. 

Upon the death of Sprign, goddess and creator of the Pandyr and all other beasts in...

Son of the Moon: The Time for Alexander Series Book 3

The Time for Alexander #3

by Jennifer Macaire Accent Press (October 03, 2017)

After winning a prestigious award, Ashley is chosen to travel through time and interview a historical figure. Choosing her childhood hero Alexander the Great, she is sent back in time for less than one day....

New Ann Leckie Novel #1

by Ann Leckie Orbit (October 03, 2017)

We Who Survived

by Sterling Noel Wildside Press (October 02, 2017)

The snow began on a Saturday...a cold, brooding day in September 2203.

The world's leading scientists -- grimly aware of the monstrous new age of ice that would close around the Earth and bury the human race...

War and Craft

American Craftsmen #3

by Tom Doyle Tom Doherty Associates (September 26, 2017)

America, land of the Free…and home of the warlocks.

The Founding Fathers were never ones to pass up a good weapon. America’s first line of defense has been shrouded in secrecy, magical families who have sworn...

The Eternity War: Pariah

by Jamie Sawyer Orbit (September 26, 2017)

Humanity has spread across the galaxy and, after years of interspecies warfare, entered into an uneasy truce with the Krell. But when the Krell send an ambassador to the human Alliance to request aid, they discover...

The Corporation Wars: Emergence

by Ken MacLeod Orbit (September 26, 2017)

Ken MacLeod concludes the Corporation Wars trilogy in this action-packed science fiction adventure told against a backdrop of interstellar drone warfare, virtual reality, and an A.I revolution.

Ruthless corporations...


by Annalee Newitz Tom Doherty Associates (September 19, 2017)

"Autonomous is to biotech and AI what Neuromancer was to the Internet."—Neal Stephenson

"Something genuinely and thrillingly new in the naturalistic, subjective, paradoxically humanistic but non-anthropomorphic...

Null States

Centenal Cycle #2

by Malka Older Tom Doherty Associates (September 19, 2017)

"Kinetic and gripping" —NPR on Infomocracy

Null States continues Campbell Award finalist Malka Older's Centenal Cycle, the near-future science fiction trilogy beginning with Infomocracy

The book The Huffington...

Shadows & Reflections

by Edward J. McFadden Iii, Roger Zelazny, Steven Brust & Steve Perry et al. Positronic Publishing (September 18, 2017)

Shadows and Reflections is the Roger Zelazny tribute anthology you’ve been waiting for. Here are stories that are not just inspired by Roger Zelazny, but stories set in universes created by Roger Zelazny....

The Comic Novel MEGAPACK®

by Jay Franklin, Richard Wormser & John G. Schneider Wildside Press (September 15, 2017)

Included are three comic novels:

CHAMPAGNE CHARLIE, by Jay Franklin: When Charles E. Hoskins wishes for champagne and it suddenly materializes, he finds that his powers of conjure extend to all intoxicants. In... Publishing's Fall of Fear Sampler

by Paul Cornell, Jeffrey Ford, Melissa F. Olson & Tade Thompson Tom Doherty Associates (September 12, 2017)

Descend into horror with witches, vampires, haunted houses, and murderous blood copies. Check out excerpts from four short works that will be going bump in the night in Fall 2017. A Long Day in Lychford by Paul...

The Man in the Tree

by Sage Walker Tom Doherty Associates (September 12, 2017)

With The Man in the Tree, Locus Award-winning author Sage Walker has given us a thrilling hard science fiction mystery that explores the intersection of law, justice, and human nature.

Humanity’s last hope...

The War Dogs Trilogy

by Greg Bear Orbit (September 12, 2017)

An Excess Male

by Maggie Shen King Harper Voyager (September 12, 2017)

One of the Washington Posts' "The 5 best science fiction and fantasy novels of 2017"!

A B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog "Best SFF of 2017" pick!

A Kirkus "Best of the Best!" of 2017 Honorable Mention

From debut author...


by Brenda Drake Entangled Publishing, LLC (September 11, 2017)

Stevie Moon is least to the subscribers on her comic review vlog. At school, she’s as plain as the gray painted walls in the cafeteria. So when Blake, the hot new guy at school, shows an interest...

Shatter the Darkness (Ignite the Shadows, Book 3)

by Ingrid Seymour HarperVoyager (September 07, 2017)

The electrifying conclusion to the IGNITE THE SHADOWS SERIES

Since The Takeover, Seattle belongs to the Eklyptor government. Human sovereignty has been lost and Marci Guerrero is now working undercover, surrounded...