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Myanmar's Enemy Within

by Francis Wade Zed Books (August 15, 2017)

For decades Myanmar has been portrayed as a case of good citizen versus bad regime – men in jackboots maintaining a suffocating rule over a majority Buddhist population beholden to the ideals of non-violence...

Consecrating Science

by Lisa H. Sideris University of California Press (August 15, 2017)

Debunking myths behind what is known collectively as the new cosmology—a grand, overlapping set of narratives that claim to bring science and spirituality together—Lisa H. Sideris offers a searing critique...

In Search of Soul

by Alejandro Nava University of California Press (August 15, 2017)

In Search of Soul explores the meaning of “soul” in sacred and profane incarnations, from its biblical origins to its central place in the rich traditions of black and Latin history. Surveying the work of...

No Go Zones

by Raheem Kassam & Nigel Farage Regnery Publishing (August 14, 2017)

Are "No Go Zones"—neighborhoods in the United States and Europe where Sharia law reigns and police are unwelcome—a myth? Or are there really sections of Western cities and towns where radical Islamism has...

The Rigor of Things: Conversations with Dan Arbib

by Dan Arbib, Jean-Luc Marion, Christina M. Gschwandtner & David Tracy Fordham University Press (August 01, 2017)

An introduction to Jean-Luc Marion's philosophical and theological work in the form of a conversation with the author. Marion reflects on major 20th century French figures and their varied influence on his work,...

Think Right, Live Well: Daily Reflections with Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

by Bert Ghezzi Our Sunday Visitor (July 31, 2017)

Daily meditations featuring Archbishop Sheen's words and a short prayer to make your own.

A Course in Christian Mysticism

by Thomas Merton, Jon M. Sweeney & Michael N. McGregor Liturgical Press (July 27, 2017)

Thomas Merton's lectures to the young monastics at the Abbey of Gethsemani provide a good look at Merton the scholar. A Course in Christian Mysticism gathers together, for the first time, the best of these talks...

Two Puzzling Baptisms

by Roger David Aus Hamilton Books (July 26, 2017)

How could the Apostle Paul maintain in his first letter to the Christians in Corinth that all their ancestors were baptized into Moses at the Red Sea / exodus event (10:2), and how could he tolerate some of...

Charity in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Traditions

by Michal Jan Rozbicki, Julia R. Lieberman, Mario Ricca & Gregory R. Beabout et al. Lexington Books (July 25, 2017)

This collection compares and contrasts the historical practice of charity among the three Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The international group of contributors analyzes such topics...

Heroes of the Catholic Reformation: Saints Who Renewed the Church

by Joseph Pearce Our Sunday Visitor (July 25, 2017)

The Heroes of the Catholic Reformation is a scholarly and cultured celebration of the saints who responded to the fierce oppositions of their time with courage and an authentic and lasting Catholic Reformation....

John: Revised Edition

by Colin G. Kruse IVP UK (July 20, 2017)

New exegetical commentary on the Gospel of John for preachers, Bible teachers, non-specialists.

Among the Gospels, John's is unique. Its structure incorporates long conversations and extended debates, and much...

The Centre Brain: 5 Prompts To Persuasive Power

by Steve Adams SPCK (July 20, 2017)

When facing a red light, what can you say to turn it green?

Hooking an audience? Sweating in a job interview? The results of what you say aren't coincidence. Whether you persuade, or not, is down to whether...


by Alistair Begg with Elizabeth McQuoid IVP UK (July 20, 2017)

In the midst of bad news, can there be any hope?

The story of Ruth takes place when the Israelites are living in the Promised Land. But instead of obeying God, they are rebelling against his rule. When they cry...

Hearing God's Word

by Tim Chester IVP UK (July 20, 2017)

Hard work or delight? Which describes the way you engage with your Bible?

Tim Chester shows us how the Bible is much, much more than a book full of information about God. Here we meet the God of the universe...

The Seven Prayers of Jesus

by Laszlo Gallusz IVP UK (July 19, 2017)

Christians believe that prayer is the breath of the soul -- but the reality is that we are all beginners when it comes to the practice of prayer. We need to learn from the master of prayer, Jesus Christ. By...

Converting to Judaism: A Japanese Perspective

by Kanji Ishizumi Grosvenor House Publishing (July 18, 2017)

This is the moving story of how a Japanese lawyer and educational consultant from a conservative family of fan makers and merchants came to embrace Judaism.

In his early 50s, while living in the US, he developed...

Insights from Archaeology

by David A. Fiensy Fortress Press (July 15, 2017)

Each volume in the Insights series presents discoveries and insights into biblical texts from a particular approach or perspective in current scholarship. Accessible and appealing to today’s students, each...

Gospeled Lives: Encounters with Jesus, a Lenten Study

by John Indermark Upper Room Books (July 15, 2017)

What are "gospeled" lives? They are lives profoundly affected by an encounter with Jesus. Explore the stories of people who met Jesus and the various ways they responded. Some heard Jesus' call; others neglected...

Divine Sparks: Everyday Encounters with God's Incoming Kingdom

by Donna J. Lazenby SPCK (July 03, 2017)

'A gem of a book.' Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington

Many of our everyday encounters in the world are touched by the divine, if we were only aware of it. We may find it impossible to miss God in the great interruptions...

Simply Wait

by Pamela C. Hawkins Upper Room Books (July 01, 2017)

What if it really wasn't that hard to find more peace, more quiet, more room in your heart for the Christ child to be born? Hawkins will guide you—calmly and simply—through the busy season of Advent, and...

Jesus and Muhammad

by Daniel Hummel Tughra Books (July 01, 2017)

Jesus and Muhammad lived in different times and in different contexts. An absolute comparison of the careers of these two men is not a satisfactory method in understanding the similarities and differences between...

The Shaken Path

by Paul Cudby Christian Alternative (June 30, 2017)

Despite modern Paganism being one of the fastest growing new religious movements in Britain and the USA, there is no up-to-date straightforward and informed introduction to modern Paganism from a Christian perspective....

Healing From Within

by Okawa Ryuho IRH Press (June 30, 2017)

None of us wants to become sick, but why is it that we can't avoid illness in life? Is there a meaning behind illness? How can we cure various ailments that often seem to cause us misery and suffering? In this...

Dashed Hopes

by Laura Kelly Fanucci Little Rock Scripture Study (June 29, 2017)

Where do we turn when our hopes are dashed, when we look at best-laid plans and see only shattered dreams? With fresh perspectives on Jeremiah’s plans for “a future of hope,” Jesus’ agony in the garden,...

Historical Dictionary of Chan Buddhism

by Youru Wang Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (June 27, 2017)

The popular name for Chan Buddhism, in the West, is Zen Buddhism, as it was Japanese scholars who first introduced Chan Buddhism to the West with this translation. Indeed, chan is a shortened form of the Chinese...

Spiritual Interview with the Guardian Spirit of New South Korean President Moon Jae-In

by Ryuho Okawa IRH Press (June 23, 2017)

In May 2017, the day after Moon Jae-in was elected as president of South Korea, Ryuho Okawa used his extraordinary spiritual power (similar to but surpassing Shakyamuni Buddha’s) and summoned Moon’s guardian...

HarperCollins Study Bible

by Harold W. Attridge & Society of Biblical Literature HarperOne (June 20, 2017)

After 10 years of new archeological discoveries and changes in biblical studies, it was time for an overhaul of this classic reference work.

With the guidance of the Society of Biblical Literature, an organization...

Healing the Nation: Literature, Progress, and Christian Science

by L. Ashley Squires Indiana University Press (June 16, 2017)

Exploring the surprising presence of Christian Science in American literature at the turn of the 20th century, L. Ashley Squires reveals the rich and complex connections between religion and literature in American...

God's Goodness and God's Evil

by James Kellenberger Lexington Books (June 16, 2017)

Religious thinkers in the Christian theistic tradition have tried to resolve the problem of evil—how a wholly good and omnipotent God could allow there to be evil—by offering a theodicy. This book considers...

The Selfish Gospel

by Freddie Pimm IVP UK (June 15, 2017)

The Selfish Gospel

The gospel of Jesus – it’s the good news with the power to shape a nation. And yet, for many, the church seems to have lost its transformative edge.

But why?

Looking past the...

Unpopular Culture

by Guvna B SPCK (June 15, 2017)

Money is the key to happiness.

Work hard, play hard.

Look out for number one.

Popular culture is full of phrases like these, telling us the best way to live, the right things to buy, the right body shape to have,...

The Life, Works, and Witness of Tsehay Tolessa and Gudina Tumsa, the Ethiopian Bonhoeffer

by Samuel Yonas Deressa & Sarah Hinlicky Wilson Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

This book opens a window into the lives and extraordinary witness of a Christian couple whose faithful life of service has earned the moniker of Ethopia’s Bonhoeffer.

In Part One, the reader encounters the...

Racial Purity and Dangerous Bodies

by Rima L. Vesely-Flad Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

At the center of contemporary struggles over aggressive policing practices is an assumed association in U.S. culture of blackness with criminality. Rima L. Vesely-Flad examines the religious and philosophical...

Psalms Old and New

by Ben Witherington I Ii Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

Reading the Book of Psalms in its original context is the crucial prerequisite for reading its citation and use in later interpretation, including the New Testament writings, argues Ben Witherington III. Here...

Paul and Economics

by Thomas R. Blanton Iv & Raymond Pickett Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

The social context of Paul’s mission and congregations has been the study of intense investigation for decades, but only in recent years have questions of economic realities and the relationship between rich...

Mission as Accompaniment

by Brian E. Konkol Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

Mechanistic dehumanization occurs when human beings are objectified and exploited as a means to an end, comparable to expendable components of a machine. This misconstruction of human value is a source and sustainer...

Memories of Asaph

by Karl N. Jacobson Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

Although the Psalms of Asaph (Pss. 50, 73?83) contain a concentration of historical referents unparalleled in the Psalter, they have rarely attracted sustained historical interest. Karl N. Jacobson identifies...

Luke the Composer

by Thomas J. Mosbo Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

The literary relationships among the Synoptic Gospels have long attracted scholarly attention which has now generally coalesced into the predominant Two- (or Four-) Source Hypothesis and leading alternatives,...

Film as Cultural Artifact

by Mathew P. John Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

Film is popularly described as a mirror of culture. It plays a pivotal role in facilitating intercultural dialogue in our global village. World cinema helps us understand and appreciate each other’s cultural...

Christian Understandings of the Trinity

by Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

In this creative approach to the doctrine of the Trinity, author Veli-Matti Karkkainen focuses on keeping a dynamic balance between the intellectual-doctrinal and spiritual-charismatic approaches as parallel...

Being Salvation

by Brandon R. Peterson Fortress Press (June 15, 2017)

Karl Rahner’s theory of how Jesus saves has garnered criticism. Rahner’s portrayal of Jesus has been described by Hans Urs von Balthasar as merely notifying the world of God’s salvific will. Others have...

Historical Dictionary of the Shakers

by Stephen J. Paterwic Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (June 15, 2017)

“Shakerism teaches God’s immanence through the common life shared in Christ’s mystical body.” Like many religious seekers throughout the ages, they honor the revelation of God but cannot be bound up...

When Prophecy Fails

by Leon Festinger Dancing Unicorn Books (June 13, 2017)

The study reported in this volume grew out of some theoretical work, one phase of which bore specifically on the behavior of individuals in social movements that made specific (and unfulfilled) prophecies. We...

What’s Wrong with the World

by Gilbert K. Chesterton Dancing Unicorn Books (June 13, 2017)

In What's Wrong With The World Chesterton rightly points out that what people see as "wrong with the world" are only the symptoms of a deeper problem. He shows that our governments, be they capitalistic or socialistic,...

Secular Music, Sacred Space

by April Stace Lexington Books (June 13, 2017)

Easter Sunday, 2009, was the Sunday heard ‘round the evangelical internet: NewSpring Church, the second-largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention and among the top one hundred largest churches in the...

The Persuasive Arousal of Emotions

by David Seal Hamilton Books (June 13, 2017)

Do humans have a special capacity designed to foster experiences of God? What role do specific bodily actions or emotions play in the cultivation of a divine experience? Prayer as Divine Experience in 4 Ezra...

Through a Glass, Darkly

by Stefan Bechtel & Laurence Roy Stains St. Martin's Press (June 13, 2017)

Is it possible to make direct contact with the dead? Do the departed seek to make contact with us? The conviction that both things are true was the cornerstone of spiritualism, a kind of do-it-yourself religion...

Building a Bridge

by James Martin HarperOne (June 13, 2017)

The New York Times bestselling author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything and Jesus: A Pilgrimage turns his attention to the relationship between LGBT Catholics and the Church in this loving, inclusive,...

Exploring Christian Song

by Andrew Shenton, M. Jennifer Bloxam, Timothy H. Steele & J. H. Kwabena Nketia et al. Lexington Books (June 12, 2017)

This essay collection celebrates the richness of Christian musical tradition across its two thousand year history and across the globe. Opening with a consideration of the fourth-century lamp-lighting hymn Phos...

How Your Congregation Learns

by Tim Shapiro Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (June 09, 2017)

Change isn’t always easy or intuitive. How Your Congregation Learns introduces churches and leaders—both lay and ordained—to the process of the learning journey. By understanding learning dynamics and...