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The Story of the Jews Volume Two

by Simon Schama Ecco (October 24, 2017)

In the second of two volumes of this magnificently illustrated cultural history—the tie-in to the PBS and BBC series The Story of the Jews—Simon Schama details the story of the Jewish people, spanning from...

Paul and Palestinian Judaism

by E. P. Sanders Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

This landmark work, which has shaped a generation of scholarship, compares the apostle Paul with contemporary Judaism, both understood on their own terms. E. P. Sanders proposes a methodology for comparing similar...

Varieties of African American Religious Experience

by Anthony B. Pinn Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

Twenty years ago, Anthony Pinn‘s engrossing survey highlighted the rich diversity of black religious life in America, revealing expressions of an ever-changing black religious quest in four non-Christian religious...

The End Is Not Yet

by John W. de Gruchy, Ashley John Moyse & Scott A. Kirkland Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

The title of this book comes from Matthew‘s Gospel: "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not alarmed; for this must take place, but the end is not yet. . . . There will be famines and...

The Collected Sermons of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

by Victoria J. Barnett Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

Preaching, according to Bonhoeffer, is like offering an apple to a child. The gospel is proclaimed, but for it to be received as gift depends on whether or not the hearer is in a position to do so. Offered here...

The Bible as Political Artifact

by Susanne Scholz Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

Biblical studies and the teaching of biblical studies are clearly changing, though it is less clear what the changes mean and how we should evaluate them. In this book, Susanne Scholz engages some of the issues...

Principalities in Particular

by Bill Wylie-Kellermann Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

If the 1960s were a watershed in American politics, they were no less formative a period in political theology, as figures like Jacques Ellul, Karl Barth, Walter Wink, Daniel and Philip Berrigan, and William...

My Struggle to Become Human

by Walter Wink Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

In this magnificent autobiography, Walter Wink, one of the most influential Christian intellectuals of our time, offers insight and perspective on his life and work-always through the lens of Jesus. From his...

Joy Unspeakable

by Barbara A. Holmes Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

Joy Unspeakable focuses on the aspects of the black church that point beyond particular congregational gatherings toward a mystical and communal spirituality not within the exclusive domain of any denomination....

Engaging the Powers

by Walter Wink Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

In this brilliant culmination of his seminal Powers Trilogy, now reissued in a twenty-fifth anniversary edition, Walter Wink explores the problem of evil today and how it relates to the New Testament concept...

"After Ten Years"

by Victoria J. Barnett Fortress Press (October 15, 2017)

How does one read the signs of the times? What does it mean to resist? How do we engage faithfully in struggle? Dietrich Bonhoeffer has achieved iconic status as one who epitomizes what it means to struggle...

Historical Dictionary of The Salvation Army

by John G. Merritt & Allen Satterlee Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (October 06, 2017)

The Salvation Army is an integral part of the Christian Church, although distinctive in government and practice. The Army’s doctrine follows the mainstream of Christian belief and its articles of faith emphasize...

Ahmadi and Christian Socio-Political Responses to Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

by Qaiser Julius Langham Monographs (October 04, 2017)

The roots of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws can be traced back to the British colonial rule in India, but their harsher clauses were added to the Pakistan Penal Code during a wave of intense Islamization in the...

Shakti's New Voice

by Angela Rudert Lexington Books (October 04, 2017)

Shakti’s New Voice is the first comprehensive study of Anandmurti Gurumaa, a widely popular contemporary female guru from north India known for offering spiritual teachings and music on satellite television...

You Are the Way

by Jennifer Baker-Trinity & Karoline M. Lewis Augsburg Fortress (October 02, 2017)

In the Gospel of John, Jesus describes himself with a series of “I am” statements: “I am the light of the world,” “I am the good shepherd,” “I AM,” and so on. This beautiful, full-color devotional...

Muslim Sage Among Peers

by John D. Barton Blue Dome Press (October 01, 2017)

This volume puts Fethullah Gulen and the Hizmet movement in dialogue with Christian theologians, philosophers and organizations concerning areas of shared interest. The Christian voices represented in these...

No Return from Democracy

by Faruk Mercan Blue Dome Press (October 01, 2017)

It was rare, if not impossible, to find in ’80s and ’90s a Muslim cleric who spoke in favor of democracy, integration with the Western world, and universal human values. Fethullah Gülen was one of those....

The Trinity

by Hans Schwarz Fortress Press (October 01, 2017)

In the last thirty years, books on the Trinity have abounded. There seems to be a fascination with this mysterious topic, especially among systematic theologians. The topic has been mined for many different...

The Pastoral Epistles, 1-2 Timothy, Titus

by Graham Simpson Fortress Press (October 01, 2017)

The India Commentary on the New Testament (ICNT) series aims to give a well-informed exposition of the meaning of the text and relevant reflections in everyday language from a contemporary Indian context. The...

Is God Christian?

by D. Perman Niles Fortress Press (October 01, 2017)

Is God Christian? Christian Identity in Public Theology: An Asian Contribution is a sequel to Niles‘s previous book, The Lotus and the Sun: Asian Theological Engagement with Plurality and Power, and continues...

God has No Favourites

by Basil Scott Fortress Press (October 01, 2017)

The New Testament does not conform neatly to any modern attempts to define the Christian approach to other religions, argues Basil Scott. He confronts the questions: What does the New Testament tell us about...

Embracing Hopelessness

by Miguel A. De La de Torre Fortress Press (October 01, 2017)

This book will attempt to explore faith-based responses to unending injustices by embracing the reality of hopelessness. It rejects the pontifications of some salvation history that move the faithful toward...

Christianity Made in India

by Roger E. Hedlund Fortress Press (October 01, 2017)

Christianity Made in India: From Apostle Thomas to Mother Teresa discusses the indigenization of Christianity in the Indian context. It is set in the larger context of the exceptional growth of the church in...

Acts of the Apostles

by Babu Immanuel Fortress Press (October 01, 2017)

The India Commentary on the New Testament (ICNT) series aims to give a well-informed exposition of the meaning of the text and relevant reflections in everyday language from a contemporary Indian context. The...

1 Corinthians

by Sp Andrew Spurgeon Fortress Press (October 01, 2017)

The India Commentary on the New Testament (ICNT) series aims to give a well-informed exposition of the meaning of the text and relevant reflections in everyday language from a contemporary Indian context. The...

Refocusing My Family

by Amber Cantorna Fortress Press (October 01, 2017)

In 2012, at the age of twenty-seven, Amber Cantorna came out to her family as gay. As the daughter of a Focus on the Family executive, telling this truth came at a high cost.

Refocusing My Family is Amber‘s...

Catholicism and American Political Ideologies

by Stephen M. Krason Hamilton Books (September 26, 2017)

This book examines the perspectives of American liberalism and conservatism in the new millennium—their general political and social philosophy and their positions in leading public issue areas—and evaluates...

Shadows of My Father

by Christoph Werner HarperLegend (September 26, 2017)

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, an enthralling and original novel that brings to life one of Christianity's most significant figures, Martin Luther, and the tumultuous world of late...

Religious Vitality in Christian Intentional Communities

by Mark Killian Lexington Books (September 25, 2017)

Through ethnographic research, Killian examines vitality in Philadelphia and Berea, two Christian Intentional Communities whose participants live in close proximity with one another to achieve religious values....

Reinventing the Tripitaka

by Greg Wilkinson, Jiang Wu, Gregory Adam Scott & Richard D. McBride Ii et al. Lexington Books (September 20, 2017)

The Chinese Buddhist canon is a systematic collection of all translated Buddhist scriptures and related literatures created in East Asia and has been regarded as one of the “three treasures” in Buddhist...

Undocumented and in College

by Terry-Ann Jones & Laura Nichols Fordham University Press (September 19, 2017)

The current daily experiences of undocumented students as they navigate the processes of entering and then thriving in Jesuit colleges are explored alongside an investigation of the knowledge and attitudes among...

For the Wild

by Sarah M. Pike University of California Press (September 19, 2017)

For the Wild explores the ways in which the commitments of radical environmental and animal-rights activists develop through powerful experiences with the more-than-human world during childhood and young adulthood....

Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism

by Mathieu Guidère Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (September 15, 2017)

After the rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East and the new geopolitical landscape in this region, it is essential for the modern reader to understand the history that has allowed for and influenced these...

Beyond the Threshold

by Christopher M. Moreman Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (September 13, 2017)

In every culture throughout history, people have asked the same fundamental question about what will happen to them when they die. From the underworld to the light at the end of the tunnel, beliefs and experiences...

The Exodus

by Richard Elliott Friedman HarperOne (September 12, 2017)

The Exodus has become a core tradition of Western civilization.  Millions read it, retell it, and celebrate it.  But did it happen?


Biblical scholars, Egyptologists, archaeologists, historians, literary scholars,...

Fighting for Our Lives

by Heather Choate Mango (September 05, 2017)

• Choate’s book sold over 110,000 copies in the self-published version • Heather Choate’s incredibly moving and inspiring story has been featured on major media including CBS This Morning, FOX News,...

Einstein and the Rabbi

by Naomi Levy Flatiron Books (September 05, 2017)

A bestselling author and rabbi’s profoundly affecting exploration of the meaning and purpose of the soul, inspired by the famous correspondence between Albert Einstein and a grieving rabbi.

“A human being...

The Skeptic and the Rabbi

by Judy Gruen She Writes Press (September 05, 2017)

• Book includes a foreword by best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio show host Michael Medved. • The rabbi of the title is Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author,...

Hope in Action

by Vincent Nichols SPCK (September 04, 2017)

‘Hope is not the product of opinion or argument . . . There has to be something else – an impetus to act, a vision, something that fires our imagination.’

At a time when many feel defeated by the world’s...

Lay Servants as Christian Transformational Leaders

by Marc Brown, Kathy Merry & John Briggs Discipleship Resources (September 01, 2017)

Building on the congregational strategic planning resource, “Does Your Church Have a Prayer?” this Participant’s Book will guide Lay Servants seeking to be more empowered to lead their congregations toward...

Jewish Responses to Persecution, 1933–1946

by Emil Kerenji & Jürgen Matthäus Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (September 01, 2017)

Combining rich documentation selected from the five-volume series on Jewish Responses to Persecution, this text combines a carefully curated selection of primary sources together with basic background information...

Liquid Scripture

by Jeffrey S. Siker Fortress Press (September 01, 2017)

The electronic Bible is here to stay??packaged in software on personal computers, available as apps on tablets and cell phones. Increasingly, students look at glowing screens to consult the Bible in class, and...

Holy Rover

by Lori Erickson Fortress Press (September 01, 2017)

From her childhood on an Iowa farm, Lori Erickson grew up to travel the world as a writer specializing in holy sites—journeys that led her on an ever-deepening spiritual quest. In Holy Rover, she weaves her...

Crazy Talk

by Karl N. Jacobson, Marc D. Olson, Mrgan Torgerson & Megan J. Thorvilson et al. Fortress Press (September 01, 2017)

So much theology is confusing and intimidating. The concepts themselves are given weighty-sounding names, such as incarnation and justification, and the explanations of the concepts sometimes can be more confusing...

In Search of a Prophet

by Paul-Gordon Chandler Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (September 01, 2017)

In Search of a Prophet is a fascinating journey through the spiritual life of Kahlil Gibran, author of the bestselling book The Prophet. Capturing our imaginations and enriching our spirits, Paul-Gordon Chandler...

Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels

by Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman Visible Ink Press (September 01, 2017)

Interest in the dark side is universal. Throughout the ages and spanning the world, tales and terrors of the devil, demons, and other dark forces have fascinated people. Demons, the Devil and Fallen Angels is...

Challenging Journey, Creative Journey

by Tarthang Tulku Dharma Publishing (August 31, 2017)

"Once you invite the blessings of the Dharma into your heart, you may not have much need of teachers or traditions. You can encourage your own knowledge and discipline. Eventually you can secure your faith....

Treasures of Dharma

by Tarthang Tulku Dharma Publishing (August 31, 2017)

This collection of essays offers an overview of the Dharma activities of Tarthang Rinpoche, Head Lama of the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center, with a special emphasis on the text preservation work of the Yeshe...

Thoughts on Transmission

by Tarthang Tulku Dharma Publishing (August 31, 2017)

This collection of essays offers an overview of the Dharma activities of Tarthang Rinpoche, Head Lama of the Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center, with a special emphasis on the text preservation work of the Yeshe...

Keys of Knowledge

by Tarthang Tulku Dharma Publishing (August 31, 2017)

How is our experience being produced, moment to moment? Could it ever be different? In a series of short but penetrating essays, Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku examines how language and perception condition our...