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Place and Memory in the Singing Crane Garden

by Vera Schwarcz University of Pennsylvania Press (November 05, 2014)

The Singing Crane Garden in northwest Beijing has been the site of several important and cataclysmic events in modern Chinese history. In this poetic and highly personal study of memory, trauma, and cultural...

Essay on Gardens: A Chapter in the French Picturesque

by Claude-Henri Watelet, Joseph Disponzio & Samuel Danon University of Pennsylvania Press (October 09, 2013)

Published in 1774, Essay on Gardens is one of the earliest texts showing the progressive shift in French taste from the classical model of the gardens at Versailles to the picturesque or natural style of garden...

Feng Shui: Seeing Is Believing

by Jampa Ludrup & Thubten Zopa Wisdom Publications (February 18, 2013)

In this pithy and practical handbook, Ven. Jampa Ludrup lays out the fundamentals of feng shui without any of the opaque mysticism that sometimes clouds the practice. "The aim of this book," he writes, "is to...

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: Making the Modern Landscape

by Susan Herrington & Marc Treib University of Virginia Press (January 01, 2014)

Cornelia Hahn Oberlander is one of the most important landscape architects of the twentieth century, yet despite her lasting influence, few outside the field know her name. Her work has been instrumental in...

Patios and Gardens of Mexico

by Patricia W. O'Gorman & Bob Schalkwijk Architectural Book Publishing (December 19, 2012)

The Mexican garden is a serene oasis that displays a diversity and ingenuity that is truly astonishing. Mexico’s temperate climate, conducive to outdoor living, combined with its Indian and Spanish heritage...

Tradition of Craftsmanship in Mexican Homes

by Patricia W. O'Gorman & Bob Schalkwijk Architectural Book Publishing (May 16, 2013)

This book of more than four hundred photographs shows the detailed work of Mexican homes, including adobe; stone; brick and masonry; plaster and stucco; wood; terracotta and tiles; iron, metals, and glass; and...

Designing the Maine Landscape

by Theresa Mattor & Lucie Teegardeb Down East Books (June 16, 2009)

Frederick Law Olmsted and others saw the landscape as it was and enhanced it, instead of imposing rigid design upon it. Groundbreaking landscape architects Beatrix Farrand and Fletcher Steele, among others,...

Facilitating Watershed Management: Fostering Awareness and Stewardship

by Robert L. France Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (March 31, 2005)

Facilitating Watershed Management brings together myriad distinctive voices to create an experiential learning process drawn from the most important innovators in the field. Presenting an introduction to the...


by Victoria Charles Parkstone International (December 30, 2015)

The lighthouse, an indefatigable watchman, ceaselessly guides boats to their ports.This beacon of maritime signalisation has guided sailors since antiquity.The first known lighthouse appeared on the island of...


by Victoria Charles Parkstone International (December 30, 2015)

Born in the Industrial Revolution, the factory has long been considered like a monster of iron, subjugating the individual to the collective in an act of mass dehumanisation.Turning away from the pure functionality...

City Lights

by Victoria Charles Parkstone International (December 30, 2015)

A symbol of massive crowds and solitary desires, the city holds promise for all those that pass through it. Its meandering streets, unexplored neighbourhoods and incessant noise create a landscape that captivates...


by Victoria Charles Parkstone International (December 30, 2015)

A bridge is a link between two worlds, a point of tension between two separate and often disparate locations. Free, belonging neither to one region or another, the bridge imposes upon the landscape and defies...

Across the Open Field: Essays Drawn from English Landscapes

by Laurie Olin University of Pennsylvania Press (September 07, 2012)

"Twenty-eight years ago I went to England for a three-month visit and rest. What I found changed my life."

So begins this memoir by one of America's best-known landscape architects, Laurie Olin. Raised in a frontier...

Sowing Beauty

by James Hitchmough Timber Press (April 19, 2017)

“A hopeful and expansive book for the gardener who sees a field as a canvas.” —Publishers Weekly 

James Hitchmough is well-regarded in the design world for his exuberant, colorful, and flower-filled meadows....

The New Low-Maintenance Garden

by Valerie Easton & Jacqueline M. Koch Timber Press (September 01, 2009)

Do you ever lament that you'd love to be able to garden more, but just don't have the time? The demanding pace of modern life leaves little space for the pleasures of gardening. On the other hand, gardening...

Planting in a Post-Wild World

by Thomas Rainer & Claudia West Timber Press (February 04, 2016)

“As practical as it is poetic. . . . an optimistic call to action.” —Chicago Tribune

Over time, with industrialization and urban sprawl, we have driven nature out of our neighborhoods and cities. But we...

The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens

by Linda A. Chisholm Timber Press (July 10, 2018)

“Rich with photographs and descriptions of how landscape design has shaped and reflected culture over time.” —The American Gardener

The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens explores the defining...

Rock Gardening

by Joseph Tychonievich Timber Press (November 16, 2016)

AHS Book Award winner


Rock gardening —the art of growing alpines and other miniature plants in the company of rocks in order to recreate the look of a rugged mountaintop—has been surging in popularity....

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden

by Tracy DiSabato-Aust Timber Press (February 22, 2017)

“This practical guide is lush with clear, step-by-step advice.” —Real Simple

Whether you are a new gardener or a green thumb, The Well-Tended Perennial Garden is here to help you successfully plan, plant,...

Gardening with Foliage First

by Karen Chapman & Christina Salwitz Timber Press (January 25, 2017)

Create a foliage-driven garden that dazzles!


Although seductive, flowers, by their fleeting nature, are a fickle base to provide long-lasting gardens with year-round interest. Tackle this problem with the...

Garden Revolution

by Larry Weaner & Thomas Christopher Timber Press (May 18, 2016)

“Shows us that guiding natural processes rather than fighting them is the key to creating healthier landscapes and happier gardeners.” —Doug Tallamy, author of Bringing Nature Home

Larry Weaner is an...

The Less Is More Garden

by Susan Morrison Timber Press (February 07, 2018)

“Big ideas for your small garden.” —Garden Design

When it comes to gardens, bigger isn’t always better, and The Less Is More Garden shows you how to take advantage of every square foot of space. Designer...

Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement

by Judith B. Tankard Timber Press (November 27, 2018)

“The ever-alluring Arts and Crafts garden…is profoundly relevant to our 21st-century needs.” —Sam Watters, author of Gardens for a Beautiful America

In Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement, landscape...

Essential Perennials

by Ruth Rogers Clausen, Thomas Christopher & Alan L. Detrick Timber Press (January 07, 2015)

Essential Perennials focuses on what every gardener needs to know to choose from the thousands of perennials available, and care for the ones you already have. This A-to-Z guide is packed with more than 2,700...

Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden

by Keith Wiley Timber Press (February 28, 2015)

“The wonder of woodland gardening is that it looks like plants grow themselves there. After reading this book, gardeners can make that happen.” —Publishers Weekly

Woodlands are magical places and even...

Landscape and the Science Fiction Imaginary

by John Timberlake Intellect (April 01, 2018)

Landscape and the Science Fiction Imaginary is an original and ambitious exploration of science fiction as a visual cultural discourse. This book argues that a serious account has yet to be given of the key...

Climate-Wise Landscaping

by Susan Reed & Ginny Stibolt New Society Publishers (April 03, 2018)

  • Sue Reed has 30 years experience as an ecological landscape architect, Ginny Stibolt is a botanist, science advocate and garden writer.
  • Ginny Stibolt blogs at
  • Contains hundreds...

A New Way of Living

by Gordon Haynes Whittles Publishing (August 15, 2016)

A New Way of Living tells the broad story of the development of new towns in the Scottish Highlands and Islands post-1750. It pulls together the various strands that influenced the development of the North West...

Stones and Bones of New England

by Lisa Rogak & Ray Bendici Globe Pequot Press (May 15, 2016)

Whether it's for their solace and beauty or for the sense of history that seeps from the ground, cemeteries are fascinating places to visit, this guide shows where to find the most interesting and unusual ones...

Moving Heaven and Earth

by Steffie Shields Unicorn (January 11, 2017)

This beautifully illustrated book, with the vast majority of illustrations photographed by the author, makes a fitting tribute to the world-famous 18th century landscape architect Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown...

Spaces in Translation: Japanese Gardens and the West

by Christian Tagsold University of Pennsylvania Press (September 08, 2017)

In Spaces in Translation, Christian Tagsold explores Japanese gardens in the West and ponders their history, the reasons for their popularity, and their connections to geopolitical events. He concludes that...

The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook

by Douglas Barnes New Society Publishers (September 01, 2017)

The Permaculture Earthworks Handbook covers the functions and appropriate siting, design, and construction of nine types of earthworks, including swales, dams, ponds, and hügelkultur beds, to maximize water...

Contemporary Landscapes in Mixed Media

by Soraya French Batsford (June 12, 2017)

A great guide for painters who want to experiment with mixed media and make their landscape paintings more adventurous. Popular artist and teacher, Soraya French, encourages readers to experiment with mixing...

Observations on Modern Gardening, by Thomas Whately

by Michael Symes Boydell Press (May 19, 2016)

Thomas Whately's Observations on Modern Gardening (1770) is the first and most comprehensive study of what has come to be known as the English landscape garden, often claimed to be this country's greatest original...

Building Natural Ponds

by Robert Pavlis New Society Publishers (April 07, 2017)

Building Natural Ponds is the first book to walk through the steps required to design and build a natural pond without the need of pumps, filters, and nasty chemicals. Coverage includes pond ecosystems and natural...


by Malcolm Miles & Tim Hall Intellect (January 01, 2005)

Interventions is a contribution to current considerations of how cultural initiatives and interventions affect the development of cities. It draws together policies and projects for cultural urban interventions,...

Islands, Identity and the Literary Imagination

by Elizabeth McMahon Anthem Press (July 09, 2016)

Australia is the planet’s sole island continent. This book argues that the uniqueness of this geography has shaped Australian history and culture, including its literature. Further, it shows how the fluctuating...

The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation: Suiseki and its Use with Bonsai

by Yuji Yishimura, Vincent T. Covello & Sonja Arntzen, Ph.D. Tuttle Publishing (December 20, 2011)

The Japanese Art of Stone Appreciation is an exploration into the art of suiseki—small, naturally formed stones selected for their shape, balance, simplicity and tranquility.

Written by two leading experts...

Japanese Gardens: Tranquility, Simplicity, Harmony

by Geeta K. Mehta, Kimie Tada & Noboru Murata Tuttle Publishing (May 15, 2012)

Featuring beautiful photographs and insightful commentary this Japanese gardening book is a must have for any gardening or zen enthusiast.

At the heart of a Japanese garden is harmony with nature. More than simply...

Contemporary Asian Pools and Gardens

by Chami Jotisalikorn, Karina Zabihi & Luca Invernizzi Tettoni Periplus Editions (June 05, 2012)

With over 180 color photographs and insightful commentary, this Asian design book showcases the most luxurious and cutting edge pools and gardens of the Pacific region.

The new Asian garden is all about structure...

Persian Gardens & Garden Pavilions

by Donald N. Wilber Tuttle Publishing (June 15, 1962)

This Persian gardening book showcases classic gardens and pavilions and presents gardening advice for the aspiring amateur landscaper looking to add an Eastern flair to his or her yard.

The garden has always...

Japanese Stone Gardens: Origins, Meaning, Form

by Stephen Mansfield & Donald Richie Tuttle Publishing (March 13, 2012)

Gain some new ideas along with the principles and history of Japanese stone gardening with this useful and beautiful garden design book.

Japanese Stone Gardens provides a comprehensive introduction to the powerful...

Thai Garden Style

by William Warren & Luca Invernizzi Tettoni Periplus Editions (February 19, 2013)

This Thai gardening book presents the finest luxury gardens of Thailand and is of enormous importance to the field of tropical gardening.

Containing over 250 photographs by world-renowned Italian photographer...

Consider the Lilies: Japanese Flower Arrangement and Bible Topics

by Alfreda "Oko" Martin & Edward Martin, Rev Tuttle Publishing (June 15, 1965)

Japanese flower arranging has attracted a world wide following, and this book is a simple and clear introduction to the art.

The first section illustrates thirty-six suggested flower arrangements with diagrams...

Flora's Empire: British Gardens in India

by Eugenia W. Herbert University of Pennsylvania Press (January 31, 2012)

Flora's Empire brings new light to the complex history of British imperialism in India and its post-Independence legacy. Aided by beautiful period illustrations, it focuses on three centuries of official, domestic,...

Of Gardens: Selected Essays

by Paula Deitz University of Pennsylvania Press (November 29, 2011)

Of Gardens records a great adventure of continual discovery not only of the artful beauty of individual gardens and landscapes but also of the intellectual and historical threads that weave them into patterns...


by Steffen Nijhuis, Tu Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment, Jauslin Daniel, Tu Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment & Van Der Hoeven Frank, Tu Delft, Architecture and the Built Environment Tu Delft (February 01, 2016)

Flowscapes explores concepts, methods and techniques for design-related research on landscape infrastructures. Their main objective is to engage environmental and societal issues by means of integrative and...

Topographical Stories: Studies in Landscape and Architecture

by David Leatherbarrow University of Pennsylvania Press (September 28, 2015)

Landscape architecture and architecture are two fields that exist in close proximity to one another. Some have argued that the two are, in fact, one field. Others maintain that the disciplines are distinct....

The Camaro in the Pasture: Speculations on the Cultural Landscape of America

by Robert B. Riley University of Virginia Press (April 13, 2015)

Robert Riley has been a renowned figure in landscape studies for over fifty years, valued for his perceptive, learned, and highly entertaining articles, reviews, and essays. Much of Riley's work originally ran...