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Ways of Curating

by Hans Ulrich Obrist Farrar, Straus and Giroux (November 03, 2014)

Hans Ulrich Obrist curated his first exhibit in his kitchen when he was twenty-three years old. Since then he has staged more than 250 shows internationally, many of them among the most influential exhibits...

Double Rhythm

by Jean Helion & Deborah Rosenthal Arcade (October 07, 2014)

Jean Hélion, the French painter who died at eighty-three in 1987, brought together in his copious and essential writing on art the theoretical authority of the intellectual and the fundamental insights of the...

Summers of Discontent: The Purpose of the Arts Today

by Raymond Tallis & Julian Spalding Wilmington Square Books (September 22, 2014)

An examination of why artists make art in the first place, and why we all feel the need for it.

Form and Sense

by Wolfgang Paalen, Martica Sawin & Deborah Rosenthal Arcade (June 04, 2013)

Wolfgang Paalen was a central figure in internationalist surrealist circles in the late 1930s. Artist and intellectual, he was a European whose fascination with archaic cultures led him finally to Mexico, where...

The Renaissance: Studies in Art and Poetry

by Walter Pater Dover Publications (February 21, 2013)

Pater's graceful essays discuss the achievements of Botticelli, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and other artists. The book concludes with an uncompromising advocacy of hedonism, urging readers to experience life as...

Modern Artists on Art: Second Enlarged Edition

by Robert L. Herbert Dover Publications (March 29, 2012)

16 of the 20th century's leading artistic innovators talk forcefully about their work: Albert Gleizes, Jean Metzinger, Henry Moore, Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst, El Lissitzky, Fernand Léger, and more.

Vision and Design

by Roger Fry Dover Publications (October 16, 2012)

Noted critic’s 25 art-related essays explore relationships between ancient and modern art and between art and life. Also includes Fry’s "Essay in Aesthetics." 13 b/w illus.

Art and Geometry: A Study in Space Intuitions

by William M. Ivins Dover Publications (September 18, 2012)

This highly stimulating study observes many historical interrelationships between art and mathematics. It explores ancient and Renaissance painting and sculpture, the development of perspective, and advances...

Concerning the Spiritual in Art

by Wassily Kandinsky Dover Publications (March 23, 2012)

Pioneering work by the great modernist painter, considered by many to be the father of abstract art and a leader in the movement to free art from traditional bonds. 12 illustrations.

Pastiche, Fashion, and Galanterie in Chardin's Genre Subjects: Looking Smart

by Paula Radisich University of Delaware Press (December 12, 2013)

This book analyzes the genre subjects created by Jean Siméon Chardin in the 1730s and 1740s as exemplars of a period-specific aesthetic known as the goût moderne or Modern taste, a category shaped by the literary...

Surpassing the Spectacle: Global Transformations and the Changing Politics of Art

by Carol Becker Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (December 17, 2001)

Leading social critic Carol Becker offers a timely analysis of the nature of art and its role in politics and society. Completed just before the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center catastrophe, this book is...

Uncontrollable Beauty

by David Shapiro & Bill Beckley Allworth (October 01, 2001)

In this acclaimed art anthology, a prestigious group of artists, critics, and literati offer their incisive reflections on the questions of beauty, past, present, and future, and how it has become a domain of...

Redeeming Art

by Donald Kuspit Allworth (May 02, 2004)

In essays culled from three decades of critical writing, Donald Kuspit explores the aesthetic developments of the twentieth century, from post-impressionism to the latest permutation of post-Modernism. Ranging...

Public Art: Thinking Museums Differently

by Hilde Hein AltaMira Press (July 27, 2006)

By considering the museum itself as art, rather than as a receptacle, Hein's Public Art: Thinking Museums Differently argues for an improved understanding of the role museums play in shaping public discourse....

Movement, Manifesto, Melee: The Modernist Group, 1910-1914

by Milton A. Cohen Lexington Books (September 14, 2004)

Providing a historical taxonomy of the early modernist art groups in Europe and America, Milton Cohen demonstrates how these groups were largely responsible for the artistic innovation and nearly all the avant-garde...

The Immortal Comedy: The Comic Phenomenon in Art, Literature, and Life

by Agnes Heller Lexington Books (October 17, 2005)

This book is the first attempt to think philosophically about the comic phenomenon in literature, art, and life. Working across a substantial collection of comic works author Agnes Heller makes seminal observations...

Contemporary Art in the Light of History

by Erwin Rosenthal, Deborah Rosenthal & Lance Esplund Arcade (August 01, 2013)

Erwin Rosenthal?s Contemporary Art in the Light of History, originally published in 1971, is a small masterpiece of writing on the art of the twentieth century. A scholar of medieval art by training and a prominent...

The Frontier Within: Essays by Abe Kobo

by Kobo Abe & Richard Calichman Columbia University Press (June 04, 2013)

Abe Kobo (1924–1993) was one of Japan’s greatest postwar writers, widely recognized for his imaginative science fiction and plays of the absurd. However, he also wrote theoretical criticism for which he is...

Make Good Art

by Neil Gaiman William Morrow (May 14, 2013)

In May 2012, bestselling author Neil Gaiman delivered the commencement address at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts, in which he shared his thoughts about creativity, bravery, and strength. He encouraged...

Ethics and the Visual Arts

by Elaine A. King & Gail Levin Allworth (September 21, 2010)

The dark side of the arts is explored in this timely volume, sure to spark discussion and debate. Nineteen diverse essays by such distinguished authors as Eric Fischl, Suzaan Boettger, Stephen Weil, Richard...

The Death of the Artist

by William Deresiewicz & Sean Patrick Hopkins Macmillan Audio (July 27, 2020)

A deeply researched warning about how the digital economy threatens artists' lives and work?the music, writing, and visual art that sustain our souls and societies?from an award-winning essayist and critic


Learning from Henri Nouwen and Vincent van Gogh

by Carol A. Berry & Sue Mosteller Csj Ivp Books (May 07, 2019)

Carol Berry and her husband met and befriended Henri Nouwen when she sat in his course on compassion at Yale Divinity School in the 1970s. At the request of Henri Nouwen's literary estate, she has written this...

The Poetic Principle

by Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849 Open BookShelf (October 15, 2018)

The Poetic Principle / Edgar Allan Poe

""The Poetic Principle" is an essay by Edgar Allan Poe, written near the end of his life and published posthumously in 1850, the year after his death. It is a work of literary...

Technology And Poetic Creation

by João Rosa de Castro & Marcos Philipe Babelcube Inc. (September 25, 2020)

An attempt to answer the question of scientific initiation: "can technological instruments change the meaning of poet and poetry?" Technology and poetic creation The objective of this work is to present, as...

The Beribboned Bomb

by Robert J. Belton University of Calgary Press (February 28, 1995)

Surrealism was ostensibly directed at the emancipation of the human spirit, but it represented only male aspirations and fantasies until a number of women artists began to redefine its agenda in the later 1930s.The...

Utopic Impulses

by Ruth Chambers & Amy Gogarty Ronsdale Press (September 01, 2007)

Utopic Impulses: Contemporary Ceramics Practice brings together ten essays and twenty artist projects to explore ceramics as a socially responsible practice. By framing particular ceramics practices as 'utopic...

Craft Perception and Practice

by Paula Gustafson & Nisse Gustafson Ronsdale Press (September 01, 2007)

This third and final volume in the Craft Perception and Practice series features 21 essays and critical commentaries by acclaimed Canadian practitioners, educators and curators, demonstrating the range of critical...

The Shape of Ancient Thought

by Thomas C. Mcevilley Allworth (February 07, 2012)

Spanning thirty years of intensive research, this book proves what many scholars could not explain: that today?s Western world must be considered the product of both Greek and Indian thoughtWestern and Eastern...

Sexed Universals in Contemporary Art

by Penny Florence Allworth (May 21, 2012)

"The past, present, and future of art and art culture collide in this interdisciplinary study that strives to find new, universal meaning in a diverse art world. Using examples from contemporary painting, sculpture,...


by Shahidha Bari Basic Books (March 16, 2020)

Perfect for readers of Women in Clothes, this beautifully designed philosophical guide to fashion explores art, literature, and film to uncover the hidden meaning of a well-chosen wardrobe.

We all get dressed....

The Da Vinci Women

by Kia Vahland Black Dog & Leventhal (February 10, 2020)

This new biographical look at Leonardo da Vinci explores the Renaissance master's groundbreaking portrayal of women which forever changed the way the female form is depicted.

Leonardo da Vinci was a revolutionary...

Letters on Cézanne

by Rainer Maria Rilke & Joel Agee North Point Press (September 14, 2002)

Rilke's prayerful responses to the french master's beseeching art

For a long time nothing, and then suddenly one has the right eyes.

Virtually every day in the fall of 1907, Rainer Maria Rilke returned to a Paris...

Paris Without End

by Jed Perl Arcade (June 24, 2014)

This brilliant blend of history, biography, and criticism explores the seminal figures of twentieth-century French artMatisse, Picasso, Derain, Léger, Dufy, Braque, Giacometti, Balthus, and Hélionand the vital...

The Elgin Affair

by Theodore Vrettos Arcade (October 01, 2011)

Almost two hundred years after they were purchased? from Greece, the finest and most famous marbles of antiquity still remain a burning issue. This compelling, controversial story of the Elgin marbles re-creates...

Inside Bruegel

by Edward Snow North Point Press (November 29, 1997)

In this brilliant, original and lavishly illustrated book, Edward Snow undertakes an inquiry into a single painting by the Flemish master Peter Bruegel the Elder?the kaleidoscopic Children's Games?in order to...

The Art of Looking

by Lance Esplund Basic Books (November 26, 2018)

A veteran art critic helps us make sense of modern and contemporary art

The landscape of contemporary art has changed dramatically during the last hundred years: from Malevich's 1915 painting of a single black...

Peter Greenaway's Postmodern / Poststructuralist Cinema

by Paula Willoquet-Maricondi & Mary Alemany-Galway Scarecrow Press (July 17, 2008)

In this collection of essays, various postmodern and poststructuralist aspects of Peter Greenaway's films are explored, including The Draughtman's Contract, The Belly of an Architect, A Zed and Two Noughts,...


by Charles Taliaferro Oneworld Publications (December 01, 2012)

Explaining what art is and what’s not art.

What is art? Why do we find some things beautiful but not others? Is it wrong to share MP3s? These are just some of the questions explored by aesthetics, the philosophy...

In Miniature

by Simon Garfield & Adrian Scarborough Simon & Schuster Audio (March 12, 2019)

Bestselling, award-winning writer Simon Garfield returns with an enthralling investigation of humans’ peculiar fascination with small things?and what small things tell us about our larger world.

“[Simon Garfield...

The Missing of the Somme

by Geoff Dyer & Antony Ferguson Blackstone Publishing (September 01, 2011)

Geoff Dyer has won fans writing about everything from jazz to D. H. Lawrence, from photography to neurotic enlightenment, from Cambodia to Rome. The Missing of the Somme, his remarkable book on the significance...

The Painted Word

by Tom Wolfe & Harold N. Cropp Blackstone Publishing (December 01, 1998)

No one skewers the popular movements of American culture like Tom Wolfe. In 1975, he turned his satirical pen to the pretensions of the contemporary art world, a world of social climbing, elitist posturing,...

Art's Prospect

by Roger Kimball & Christopher Lane Blackstone Publishing (June 24, 2005)

In this series of essays, Roger Kimball, managing editor of the New Criterion and an art critic for the London Spectator, illuminates some of the chief spiritual itineraries of modern art. His wide range of...

What Is Art?

by Leo Tolstoy, Geoffrey Blaisdell & Aylmer Maude Blackstone Publishing (July 23, 2008)

What Is Art? is the result of fifteen years’ reflection on the nature and purpose of art.

Tolstoy claims that all good art is related to the authentic life of the broader community and that the aesthetic value...

The Da Vinci Women

by Kia Vahland & Ana Clements Black Dog & Leventhal (February 25, 2020)

This new biographical look at Leonardo da Vinci explores the Renaissance master's groundbreaking portrayal of women which forever changed the way the female form is depicted.

Leonardo da Vinci was a revolutionary...

Hot, Cold, Heavy, Light, 100 Art Writings 1988-2018

by Peter Schjeldahl & Jarrett Earnest Abrams Press (June 03, 2019)

Hot Cold Heavy Light collects 100 writings?some long, some short?that taken together forma group portrait of many of the world?s most significant and interesting artists. From Pablo Picasso to Cindy Sherman,...


by Victoria Charles Parkstone International (December 08, 2019)

In the arts, Neoclassicism is a historical tradition or aesthetic attitude based on the art of Greece and Rome in antiquity. The movement started around the 18th-century, age of Enlightenment, and continued...

Egyptian art

by Jean Capart, Elie Faure & Victoria Charles Parkstone International (December 08, 2019)

Egyptian art is perhaps the most impersonal that exists. The artist effaces himself. But he has such an innate sense of life, a sense so directly moved and so limpid that everything of life which he describes...


by G. Appolinaire & Victoria Charles Parkstone International (December 08, 2019)

Dada shocked the world between the years 1916 and 1922. Dada was not an art movement in the normal sense. It was a storm that broke over the art scene of the time, as the war upon the peoples. They consciously...

Greek art

by Elie Faure & Klaus H. Carl Parkstone International (December 08, 2019)

Greek art, at the very moment that it was breaking up in depth, was scattering over the whole material surface of Hellenic antiquity. After the movement of concentration that had brought to Athens all the forces...

Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning

by Pamela Sachant & Peggy Blood University of North Georgia Press (November 15, 2019)

Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of Art. Authored by four USG faculty members with advance degrees in the arts, this textbooks offers up-to-date...