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The R.D. Lawrence Library: Where the Water Lilies Grow / The North Runner / The Place in the Forest

by R.D. Lawrence & Max Finkelstein Dundurn (November 12, 2014)

Three books by master nature writer R.D. Lawrence are collected here, bringing to life with affection and accuracy the wildlife around his northern Canadian home.

Canadian Heroines 2-Book Bundle: 100 Canadian Heroines / 100 More Canadian Heroines

by Merna Forster Dundurn (November 12, 2014)

This special bundle collects the two 100 Canadian Heroines volumes, in which Merna Forster presents 200 stories of amazing women who changed our country.

The John A. Macdonald Retrospective 2-Book Bundle: Macdonald at 200 / John A. Macdonald

by Ged Martin, Patrice Dutil & Roger Hall Dundurn (October 29, 2014)

This 2-book bundle presents both an insightful biography of Canada's first prime minister and series of essays examining his legacy and ideas from a modern perspective.

The Voyageur Canadian Biographies 5-Book Bundle: The Firebrand / Mrs. Simcoe's Diary / The Scalpel, the Sword / The Men of the Last Frontier / Pilgrim

by William Kilbourn, Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe, Mary Quayle Innis & Sydney Gordon et al. Dundurn (March 14, 2014)

Five books in the Voyageur Classics series celebrate the best in Canadian biographical letters, with two titles from the great Grey Owl, as well as books by or about Elizabeth Simcoe, Dr. Norman Bethune, and...

The Unsolved Oak Island Mystery 3-Book Bundle: The Oak Island Mystery / Oak Island Family / Oak Island Obsession

by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe & Lee Lamb Dundurn (March 04, 2014)

This collection tells the complete story of efforts to determine the truth about a mysterious, possibly man-made shaft on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, which became the focus of mystics and treasure hunters.

John Arpin: Keyboard Virtuoso

by Robert Popple Dundurn (April 20, 2009)

Born and raised in Port McNicoll, John Arpin is today regarded as one of Canada's finest keyboard virtuosos, performing at concert halls around the world. This authorized biography is based on extensive research...

William Lyon Mackenzie King: Dreams and Shadows

by lian goodall Dundurn (January 01, 2003)

A fascinating glimpse into the world of the man who was Canadas longest serving prime minister and one of the international scenes most important figures during the Second World War.

Samuel de Champlain

by Francine Legaré & Jonathan Kaplansky Dundurn (January 01, 2004)

Through his fierce defense of New France to those in power in France, Chaplain ensured the birth of the country that today is Canada. He is undisputedly the Father of New France.

René Lévesque: Charismatic Leader

by Marguerite Paulin & Jonathan Kaplansky Dundurn (January 01, 2004)

The founder of Quebecs largest separatist party, René Lévesque would serve as premier of Quebec under the Parti Québécois banner from 1976 to 1985.

Phyllis Munday

by Kathryn Bridge Dundurn (January 01, 2002)

In 1924 Phyllis Munday did what no other woman had done before reached the summit of Mt. Robson. She climbed close to 100 mountains in her lifetime.

Oliver Jones

by Marthe Sansregret Dundurn (January 01, 2006)

The exclusive authorized biography of Oliver Jones, one of this countrys most celebrated jazz musicians and a worldwide musical ambassador for Canada.

Nellie McClung

by Margaret Macpherson Dundurn (January 01, 2003)

A strong voice for the womens movement, writer and politician Nellie McLungs court challenge in the Persons Case led to women in Canada being declared legal "persons" in 1929.

Maurice Duplessis

by Marguerite Paulin & Nora Alleyn Dundurn (January 01, 2005)

Communications theorist Marshall McLuhan predicted the effects of electronic media on modern culture as early as 1964 and coined terms like "the global village" and "the medium is the message."

A Man and His Words

by J. Patrick Boyer Dundurn (February 01, 2004)

Robert Boyer is an author, researcher, editor, and public speaker; a member of the Ontario Legislature for 17 years; and the first vice-chairman of Ontario Hydro.

Lucille Teasdale

by Deborah Cowley Dundurn (January 01, 2005)

Through 35 years of civil war and epidemics, Canadians Lucille Teasdale and her husband treated diseases such as malaria, TB, and AIDS in northern Uganda.

John Franklin

by John Wilson Dundurn (January 01, 2001)

Franklins exploration of Canadas arctic seacoast in 1845 ended in the demise of him and his crew, but the search for clues to their fate helped open up the North.

John Diefenbaker

by Arthur Slade Dundurn (January 01, 2001)

From the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Cold War to spy scandals, this book recreates the tensions of the Diefenbaker era, when the world seemed on the brink of nuclear war.

Emma Albani: Victorian Diva

by Michelle Labreche-Larouche & Darcy Dunton Dundurn (January 01, 2001)

Born in Quebec, Emma Lajeunesse launched her opera career in Italy in 1869, at the age of 23. Almost overnight she became Albani, the world-renowned diva.

Canoeing a Continent: On the Trail of Alexander Mackenzie

by Max Finkelstein Dundurn (March 21, 2005)

A personal account of the travels of Max Finkelstein as he retraces, some 200 years later, the route of Alexander Mackenzie, the first European to cross North America.

Now You Know Royalty

by Doug Lennox Dundurn (June 29, 2009)

The crown prince of Q&A, Doug Lennox, is at it again, this time with a cornucopia of facts and frivolities about the escapades, excesses, and extravagances of the worlds monarchies, past and present. From betrayal...

The Scalpel, the Sword: The Story of Doctor Norman Bethune

by Sydney Gordon, Ted Allan, Susan Ostrovsky & Norman Bethune Allan et al. Dundurn (May 11, 2009)

The Scalpel, the Sword celebrates the turbulent career of Dr. Norman Bethune (18901939), a brilliant surgeon, campaigner for socialized medicine, and communist.

Sherlock Holmes Handbook: Second Edition

by Christopher Redmond Dundurn (September 28, 2009)

A Sherlock Holmes Handbook examines the world of Sherlock Holmes the characters and themes, the publishers and readers, Victorian London, and more. This new edition catches up on new films and books and the...

Henry Hudson: New World Voyager

by Edward Butts Dundurn (December 21, 2009)

Sailing from England in 1610, renowned explorer Henry Hudson began his search for a Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic. Hudson's questionable leadership and extreme Arctic conditions resulted in the...

So Few on Earth: A Labrador Métis Woman Remembers

by Josie Penny Dundurn (October 04, 2010)

Set against the beauty and ruggedness of the Labrador coast, So Few on Earth is the story of Josie Pennys perseverance after suffering atrocious punishments, merciless teasing, and the humiliation of two rapes...

Memories of the Beach: Reflections on a Toronto Childhood

by Lorraine O'Donnell Williams Dundurn (April 27, 2010)

In this combination history and memoir, Lorraine O'Donnell Williams details life within Toronto's Beach community in the 1930s and 1940s. Her extensive research has uncovered numerous hidden facets of the heritage...

Running With Dillinger: The Story of Red Hamilton and Other Forgotten Canadian Outlaws

by Edward Butts Dundurn (February 12, 2008)

From the last men to be hanged in P.E.I to the bandits who plundered banks and trains in Canada and the U.S, this collection of true crime stories picks up where The Desperate Ones left off.

Glenn Gould: A Musical Force

by Vladimir Konieczny Dundurn (January 12, 2009)

Gould (1932-1982), a brilliant pianist who disliked performing and craved solitude, quit the concert stage at age 31 and immersed himself in his true love: the recording studio.

Emily Murphy: Rebel

by Christine Mander Dundurn (January 09, 1985)

Christine Mander depicts the life and times of Emily Murphy with a refreshing candor and vitality.

Joe Doupe: Bedside Physiologist

by Terence Moore Dundurn (January 01, 1989)

Joe Doupe showed that Winnipeg's medical students, though small and distant from the great medical centres, could become a first-rate teaching and research establishment; in doing so he became one of Canada's...

PR: Fifty Years in the Field

by Jack Donoghue Dundurn (January 08, 1993)

Jack Donoghue's memoirs provide a different and instructive view on significant events in Canada's history.

Don't Tell My Mother: How to Fight War on Your Own Terms

by Peter Duggan-Smith & Raymond Eagle Dundurn (August 11, 2000)

A devil-may-care account of hair-raising flying, hard drinking, fast ladies, and an unbelievable insouciance in the face of danger.

John J. Robinette: Peerless Mentor: An Appreciation

by George D. Finlayson Dundurn (September 01, 2003)

John J. Robinette was Canada's top lawyer from the 1930s to 1980s, showing unparalleled versatility and virtuosity in criminal, civil, and constitutional cases.

Our Young Soldier: Lieutenant Francis Simcoe 6 June 1791-6 April 1812

by Mary Beacock Fryer Dundurn (September 01, 1996)

Through journals and letters, Fryer charts the brief life and career of Francis Simcoe, the son of the first lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada.

Canada from Afar: The Daily Telegraph Book of Canadian Obituaries

by David Twiston-Davies & Conrad Black Dundurn (July 25, 1996)

Canada From Afar is the fruit of the remarkable flowering of obituary writing in the London Daily Telegraph during the past ten years.

A Kidnapped Mind: A Mother's Heartbreaking Memoir of Parental Alienation

by Pamela Richardson Dundurn (May 01, 2006)

This is Pamelas passionate memoir of life with and without her estranged son, Dash, who suffered PAS at the hands of his father.

Another Path to My Garden: My Life as a Quadriplegic

by Marilyn Noell Dundurn (July 25, 1996)

Marilyn Noell looks back over the past forty-three years of her life as a quadriplegic.

"Just Mary": The Life of Mary Evelyn Grannan

by Margaret Anne Hume Dundurn (February 11, 2006)

An examination of the life of Mary Grannan, whose radio shows, including Just Mary and Maggie Muggins, shaped the legacy of children's programming on CBC.

A Mind at Sea: Henry Fry and the Glorious Era of Quebec's Sailing Ships

by John Fry Dundurn (November 25, 2013)

A unique biography of a nineteenth-century shipping magnate set during a forgotten era - a time when Quebec was one of the world's great shipbuilding centres and tidal seaports.

Spirit of the Dragon: The Story of Jean Lumb, a Proud Chinese-Canadian

by Arlene Chan Dundurn (January 01, 1997)

Spirit of the Dragon is well-illustrated with photographs of Jean Lumb in the company of her family and important people in her life, including John Diefenbaker, Queen Elizabeth, Governors General Roland Michener...

A Kingston Album: Glimpses of the Way We Were

by Marion Van de Wetering Dundurn (October 01, 1998)

The history of Kingston from the founding of Fort Frontenac and the French settlement of Cataraqui in 1673 to the present.

James FitzGibbon: Defender of Upper Canada

by Ruth McKenzie Dundurn (August 09, 1996)

James FitzGibbon, Defender of Upper Canada, is the often poignant story of a poor man's rise to authority in the Upper Canada of the 1800s.

Arctic Naturalist: The Life of J. Dewey Soper

by Anthony Dalton Dundurn (September 20, 2010)

J. Dewey Soper was the last of the great pioneer naturalists in Canada, spending many years in the Arctic where he discovered the breeding grounds of the blue goose and charted the final unknown region of Baffin...

Heartbreak and Heroism: Canadian Search and Rescue Stories

by John Melady Dundurn (October 01, 1997)

Accounts of some of the most dramatic search-and-rescue operations ever attempted in Canada.

The Darling Diaries: Memoirs of a Political Career

by Beth Slaney & Stan Darling Dundurn (August 09, 1996)

A stalwart Tory, Stan Darling was a Member of Parliament for twenty-one years. In The Darling Diaries, he looks back on his career in politics, the places he has been, and some of the people he has met.

Edward James Lennox: "Builder of Toronto"

by Marilyn M. Litvak Dundurn (September 01, 1996)

"Concise, informative and well-illustrated, this short volume speaks reams about a career that included Toronto's first millennial project (Old City Hall), a castle (Casa Loma), as well as the massive generating...

To the Rescue!: True Stories of Tragedy and Survival

by Carolyn Matthews Dundurn (May 28, 2005)

Ordinary people become heroes in extraordinary circumstances - a ski accident, a missing child, a thrilling sea rescue.

Rowallan: The Autobiography of Lord Rowallan

by Lord K.T. Rowallan Dundurn (January 01, 1976)

Lord Rowallan's autobiography is both moving and modest. He shares with us his joys and sorrows alike, keeping nothing back, yet never causing us embarrassment.

Céline: The Authorized Biography

by Georges-Hebert Germain & David Homel Dundurn (September 01, 1998)

This authoritative biography tells the rags to riches story of a young girl from Charlemagne, Quebec, who became the #1-selling recording artist in the world.

Welcome to America, Mr. Sherlock Holmes: Victorian America meets Arthur Conan Doyle

by Christopher Redmond Dundurn (November 01, 1987)

In Redmond's lively narrative, which is based on letters, newspaper reports, and other newly unearthed sources, you will discover, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself put it, "the romance of America."

Lives of the Princesses of Wales

by Mary Beacock Fryer, Arthur Bousfield & Garry Toffoli Dundurn (July 26, 1996)

Beautifully illustrated, this book looks at the nine women who have been Princesses of Wales.