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Practical Steps to Think and Grow Rich – The Secret Revealed

by Napoleon Hill G&D Media (September 01, 2018)

Success seems to come easily for some people. They live in luxurious homes, send their children to the best schools, drive fancy cars, travel around the world, and still have resources available to help their...

The Lost Prosperity Secrets of Napoleon Hill

by Napoleon Hill G&D Media (October 09, 2018)

Newly Discovered Advice for Success in Tough Times from the Renowned Author of Think and Grow Rich It isn't everyday that an opportunity comes along to read newly discovered advice for success in tough times...

The Money Tree

by Garrett B. Gunderson G&D Media (September 01, 2018)

This is not a book about money; it's about contribution, about human greatness, and about true prosperity beyond money. It's for people who see greater purpose in being wealthy than personal comfort, status,...

How To Create Your Own High Paying Job

by Dr. Gary S. Goodman G&D Media (September 01, 2018)

Are you unemployed? Or, are you overworked, underpaid, and stuck in a lifeless job, reporting to someone who doesn't seem to be doing much better than you are? You're not alone. Corporations once needed large...

The Ten Qualities of the World's Greatest Communicators

by Tony Alessandra G&D Media (September 01, 2018)

Almost every problem, every conflict, every mistake, and every misunderstanding has a communication problem at its most basic level. We live in a world filled with other people where we live together, work together,...

Acres of Diamonds (Condensed Classics)

by Russell H. Conwell & Mitch Horowitz G&D Media (September 01, 2018)

Are You Ready for the Secret to Attaining Wealth? It Is Right In Front of You… Do you dream of a life of riches, power, and purpose? Well, stop dreaming. The answers are not in some faraway place or fantasy....

Don't Count the Yes's, Count the No's

by Warren Greshes G&D Media (September 01, 2018)

Selling is rejection, plain and simple. The top salespeople can deal with it, the rest can't. Ask any sales VP or sales manager, and they'll all tell you the same thing. The biggest reason their salespeople...

The Financial Security Bible

by Mike Summey G&D Media (September 01, 2018)

Take a journey through life with Mike Summey and you'll never view money and finances the same way again. You'll learn what financial independence really is and how to overcome the problems and obstacles that...

The Art of War with Study Guide

by Sun Tsu & Theresa Puskar G&D Media (September 01, 2018)

This Chinese treatise on war was written by Sun Tzu in the 6th century B.C. Each one of the 13 chapters is devoted to a different aspect of warfare, making it the definitive work on military strategies and tactics...

Closing the Deal the Al Sinclair Way

by Al Sinclair G&D Media (September 01, 2018)

Closing the Deal is a handy tip book for anyone looking to buy, rent or sell their place. With tips that others won't share with you, Al gives you advice and ideas to educate you on how to get things done effectively....