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Accounting Questions & Answers

by Speedy Publishing Dot EDU (August 13, 2014)

An accounting study guide with questions, and answers is a helpful tool for anyone that is taking an an accounting class. An accounting course book covers topics extensively. With the study guide the person...

Internal Control and Fraud Detection

by Dr Dr. Jae K. Shim Global Professional Publishing Ltd (February 01, 2011)

Internal Control and Fraud Detection covers the essential tools you need to perform internal-control related services. It will take you through your clients' responsibility to design and implement programs and...

Money and Wealth: A Book of Quotations

by Joslyn Pine & Peter Donahue Dover Publications (August 05, 2013)

Hundreds of quotes on the subject of money include observations on having it as well as doing without it. This three-part original anthology consists of attributed quotes, biblical quotes, and proverbs.

The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management Updates

by Charles E. Menifield UPA (August 16, 2013)

This book brings budgetary theory and practice together. It exposes students to basic budget and finance concepts, public revenue, financial management, risk assessment, and cost benefit analysis, helping them...

Connected Technology: How to Transform Your Business with Cloud Accounting

by Amanda Fisher Kanadako Enterprises Pty Ltd (June 28, 2013)

Connected Technology - How to Transform your Business with Cloud Accounting is the definitive guide which helps business owners transition from desktop accounting software to a cloud accounting system.

GAAP How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 62 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice

by Beth Hasson Emereo Publishing (October 24, 2012)

GAAP How To Boot Camp: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics with 62 World Class Experts Proven Tactics, Techniques, Facts, Hints, Tips and Advice

Business Process Management BPM 100 Success Secrets, 100 Most Asked Questions on BPM Implementation, Process, Software, Tools and Solutions

by Gerard Blokdijk Emereo Publishing (October 24, 2012)

Business Process Management BPM 100 Success Secrets, 100 Most Asked Questions on BPM Implementation, Process, Software, Tools and Solutions

The Do-It-Yourself Bailout

by Kenny Golde Blackstone Publishing (June 01, 2013)

In The Do-It-Yourself Bailout, author Kenny Golde explains how he completely and legally eliminated $222,000 in credit card debt, without filing for bankruptcy or destroying his credit score. Golde provides...

The E-Myth Accountant

by Michael E. Gerber & M. Darren Root Blackstone Publishing (March 18, 2011)

By drawing on his decades of experience working with small-business owners, Michael Gerber is adding to his mega-selling E-Myth series with The E-Myth Accountant. This installment provides a one-of-a-kind system...

Don't Burp in the Boardroom

by Rosalinda Oropeza Randall Familius (November 04, 2014)

Sassy, funny, blunt, and definitely not sugar coated, Don’t Burp in the Boardroom examines etiquette in the workplace, from the warehouse to the top floor. While the outerwear may be different, the dilemmas...

How Finance Works

by Mihir Desai Harvard Business Review Press (February 12, 2019)

Based on the popular HBS MOOC, "Leading with Finance," this is a hands-on and extensive guide to the ins and outs of finance for people who aren't versed in numbers but need to be--an HBR Guide on steroids.

  • Uber-practical:...

  • Managing By The Numbers

    by Chuck Kremer, Ron Rizzuto & John Case Basic Books (January 01, 2019)

    Everyone interested in building a stronger business needs to understand and use the information captured in financial statements. In Managing by the Numbers, business education and accounting experts Chuck Kremer...

    The Feminist Financial Handbook

    by Brynne Conroy Mango (September 30, 2018)

    Sometimes the best way to stick it to the man is by doing well for yourself. There’s just one problem: it’s hard to do well for yourself when systemic oppression has placed innumerable hurdles between you...

    National Accounts of OECD Countries, Financial Balance Sheets 2010

    by Collective Oecd (April 04, 2011)

    The National Accounts of OECD Countries, Financial Balance Sheets includes financial stocks (both financial assets and liabilities), by institutional sector (non-financial corporations, financial corporations,...

    National Accounts of OECD Countries, Financial Accounts 2010

    by Collective Oecd (March 17, 2011)

    The National Accounts of OECD Countries, Financial Accounts includes financial transactions (both net acquisition of financial assets and net incurrence of liabilities), by institutional sector (non-financial...

    National Accounts of OECD Countries, Volume 2011 Issue 1

    by Collective Oecd (March 07, 2011)

    The National Accounts of OECD Countries, Main Aggregates covers expenditure-based GDP, output-based GDP, income-based GDP, disposable income, saving and net lending, population and employment. It includes also...

    National Accounts at a Glance 2010

    by Collective Oecd (February 23, 2011)

    National Accounts at a Glance presents information using an ‘indicator’ approach, focusing on cross-country comparisons; the aim being to make the national accounts more accessible and informative, while,...

    National Accounts of OECD Countries 2010 , Volume I, Main Aggregates

    by Collective Oecd (September 14, 2010)

    The National Accounts of OECD Countries 2010, Volume I, Main Aggregates covers expenditure-based GDP, output-based GDP, income-based GDP, disposable income, saving and net lending, population and employment....

    National Accounts at a Glance 2009

    by Collective Oecd (January 27, 2010)

    National Accounts data is more than just GDP. This book, to be published annually, and its related database present national accounts in a way that reflects the richness inherent in the data and the value that...

    Understanding Management Control and Organisational Sense-making

    by Krister Bredmar Chartridge Books Oxford (August 07, 2016)

    This book centres around three different areas; management control, organisations and information systems - in order to understand what is actually going on and to make sense of management control questions....

    Secrets of Business Math Using Excel!

    by Andrei Besedin Andrei Besedin (January 30, 2018)

    Secrets of Business Math Using Excel

    In the business world today, Microsoft Excel is a common spreadsheet program that is being used for almost everything from tracking employers wages to tracking account. The...

    Manage Finances and Develop Financial Plans

    by Ian Birt Mirabel Publishing (December 01, 2017)

    Manage Finance and Develop Financial Plans, Fifth Edition, shows you how to control financial results effectively in a small business. To do this, you need to: keep relevant records; report operating results;...

    Credit Analysis and Lending Management

    by Milind Sathye & James Bartle Mirabel Publishing (December 01, 2017)

    Lending is one of the most important functions of any financial institution. If not managed properly, it can lead to credit quality problems, threatening the existence of the financial institution. To manage...

    Secrets of Excel and Access for Accounting!

    by Andrei Besedin Andrei Besedin (January 27, 2018)

    Secrets of Excel and Access for Accounting

    It is no longer a secret that Microsoft Excel and Access are invaluable tools that help you process data sets that are complicated. As an accountant, mastery of Excel...

    QuickBooks for Accounting Professionals

    by Craig M Kershaw, Debra L Hartmann & Iaps rocks The CFO Source, LLC (December 18, 2017)

    Business owners look to their accountants for guidance on QuickBooks – setting it up, reviewing transactions, getting the right reports, and troubleshooting problems. QuickBooks for Accounting Professionals...

    How to Start a Home-based Bookkeeping Business

    by Michelle Long Globe Pequot Press (June 01, 2011)

    In tough economic times and with rising unemployment, people are looking to take the bull by the horns and start their own home-based businesses.... From GPP's enormously successful How to Start a Home-Based...

    Be Better Than

    by Mark Ashley Spiderwize (November 06, 2017)

    At last, a simple learning tool to help readers understand the complicated art of Management & Leadership,

    and essential skills in becoming more productive.

    This non-conventional, non-laborious pocket book captures...

    4 Magic Steps to Double Profit

    by Jeremy Rudd, Richard Mayes & Ruth Allen Squawk Publishing (November 09, 2017)

    This book is about profit and cash; it will help you improve yours on a daily basis.

    “An enjoyable and thought-provoking read bringing out a clear focus on the key things for profit that all managers need to...

    Doing Better with Less? The Future of the Government Workforce

    by Christoph Demmke Peter Lang GmbH, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften (October 28, 2016)

    This publication contributes to a discussion about the future of public employment and HR policies in the context of a changing statehood and new financial pressures. It presents comparative quantitative and...

    Austerity and the Implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy in Spain

    by Javier Ramos & Esther del Campo Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften (August 09, 2017)

    This book adopts a critical perspective to analyze the Europe-2020 Strategy and its effects on the transformation of the European productive and social model, particularly in Spain. The evidence provided in...

    The New Pension Mix in Europe

    by David Natali Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften (June 06, 2017)

    This book – based on a research project carried out by the Observatoire Social Européen asbl, with the financial support of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) – looks at the most recent developments...

    Facing Poverty and Marginalization

    by Maria Cecília Camargo Magalhães, Maria José Coracini & Michalis Kontopodis Peter Lang Ltd, International Academic Publishers (September 08, 2016)

    A long history of poverty, discrimination, colonialism and struggle for social justice has provided, over the last fifty years, the context for the development of a vast amount of critical scholarship targeting...

    Bookkeeping Basics

    by Lisa M. Venkatrathnam & Debra L Ruegg Fieldstone Alliance (March 15, 2003)

    Bookkeeping Basics No trained bookkeeper on staff? No problem. Many nonprofits don't have a trained bookkeeper on staff. This crucial function goes to whoever has the time and the willingness to do it. Lack...

    Bookkeeper School

    by Gina D'amore Hybrid Global Publishing (October 12, 2017)

    So many of my clients cannot read the financial statements, they just know the vocabulary to ask for it. This tells me they don't understand the beginning, because in accounting...the list you make in the beginning,...


    by Taylor Scott BEYOND PUBLISHING (August 16, 2017)

    "Taylor Scott has brilliantly packaged a way forward for Millennials and leaders of Millennials to not only coexist in Corporate America, but to also transform menial jobs into meaningful work. If you loved...

    Tame the Tiger

    by Leonie McKeon DoctorZed Publishing (June 21, 2016)

    With over three decades of experience as a China-Educated Strategist and business owner, Leonie McKeon has helped hundreds of business owners and executives understand how to do business with Chinese people...

    The ImpactAssets Handbook for Investors

    by Jed Emerson Anthem Press (October 03, 2017)

    “The ImpactAssets Handbook for Investors” offers an introductory overview for investors interested in generating financial returns with the creation of social and environmental impact. The handbook offers...

    The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management

    by Charles E. Menifield Hamilton Books (August 02, 2017)

    The Basics of Public Budgeting and Financial Management brings budgetary theory and practice together, filling the void between the two that has existed in the field of budgeting and public finance. This book...

    Accounting for Value in Marx's Capital

    by Robert Bryer Lexington Books (August 25, 2017)

    Many scholars discuss Marx’s Capital from many perspectives, but Accounting for Value uniquely advances and defends an ‘accounting interpretation’ of his theory of value, that he used it to explain capitalists’...

    Ethical Asset Valuation and the Good Society

    by Christian Gollier Columbia University Press (October 31, 2017)

    For all of their focus on asset prices, financial economists rarely ask if assets are priced ethically—that is, if their prices are compatible with the public good. Yet in a world facing major, possibly catastrophic...

    Effects and Implications of Kazakhstan's Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards

    by Oksana Kim & Svetlana Vlady Ibidem Press (February 21, 2017)

    ?Despite having an underdeveloped supporting infrastructure and limited resources, Kazakhstan was the first CIS country to require international financial reporting standards in 2004 for banks, and in 2005 for...

    Innovation & Entrepreneurship

    by João M. S. Carvalho Vida Económica Editorial (September 15, 2016)

    This is a book that explains step-by-step how an organisation can be started and managed to be successful. The author presents several models that helps entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on their needs to innovate,...

    Great Performances

    by Clemens Rettich Clemens Rettich Business Consulting Ltd. (March 30, 2017)

    Is the dream of owning your own business crumbling in the face of demanding

    customers and employees? Did you expect running your own business to be

    such hard work? How can you turn this around quickly and get...


    by Dan Mann & Barry Lyons The Mann Group (February 16, 2017)

    Today, the ability to influence is one of the most marketable skills a manager can possess, and the ability to influence is vital for anyone who wants to accomplish their vision through others. It is especially...

    A White-Collar Profession

    by Theresa A. Hammond The University of North Carolina Press (January 14, 2003)

    Among the major professions, certified public accountancy has the most severe underrepresentation of African Americans: less than 1 percent of CPAs are black. Theresa Hammond explores the history behind this...

    Becoming an Accountant

    by Stuart Chandler, Lucy Freckleton & Clare Buck BPP Learning Media Ltd (December 31, 2012)

    Becoming an Accountant is an engaging, easy to use and comprehensive guide for anyone considering entering accountancy, as well as current accountants, informing them how accountants train, where they work and...

    The Complete Guide To Sarbanes-Oxley

    by Stephen M Bainbridge Adams Media (April 30, 2007)

    As of the end of 2006, small businesses, which were once exempt, now have to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). Under Sarbanes-Oxley, they will now be exposed to audits, reviews and will have to make their profits,...

    Accounting 101

    by Michele Cagan Adams Media (May 09, 2017)

    A quick and easy guide to help you learn the basics of accounting.

    The ability to negotiate a deal. Confidence to oversee staff. Complete and accurate monitoring of expenses.

    In today’s business climate, these...

    Accounting Principles 1 (Speedy Study Guides)

    by Speedy Publishing Dot EDU (January 21, 2015)

    Early and intermediate accounting students can benefits from using a well organized study guide to aid in their research and practice as they gain skills. A good study guide on accounting principles 1 introduces...

    Financial Statements (Speedy Study Guides)

    by Speedy Publishing Dot EDU (May 25, 2015)

    Do you understand every sentence in a financial statement? This quick study guide will take you through the most difficult words in a few minutes. At the end of this material, you should be able to understand...