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What's Wrong with Rights?

by Radha D'Souza Pluto Press (January 20, 2018)

Through mapping the rights discourse and the transformations in transnational finance capitalism since the world wars, and interrogating the connections between the two, Radha D'Souza examines contemporary rights...


by Patrick Bond & Ana Garcia Pluto Press (August 20, 2015)

One of the defining features of the global economy is the rise of the BRICS - a bloc of emerging economies, comprised of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. These nations seem to be growing at a much...

Dream Zones

by Jamie Cross Pluto Press (April 20, 2014)

Dream Zones explores the dreamed of and desired futures that constitute, sustain and disrupt capitalism in contemporary India. Drawing on five years of research in and around India's Special Economic Zones (SEZs),...

The Financial Crisis and the Global South

by Yilmaz Akyüz Pluto Press (April 05, 2013)

This book is a major contribution exploring the policy options available for developing and emerging economies in response to the global economic crises. Written by a highly respected development economist,...

Beyond the Developmental State

by Ben Fine, Jyoti Saraswati & Daniela Tavasci Pluto Press (May 10, 2013)

Moving beyond abstract economic models and superficial descriptions of the market, Beyond the Developmental State analyses the economic, political and ideological interests which underpin current socio-economic...


by Jyoti Saraswati Pluto Press (July 06, 2012)

'India Shining' has become the brand name for a new India presented in Bollywood films, advertisements and books. A key part of this image is the software industry, held up as the symbol of prosperity and post-modernity....

The Accidental Capitalist

by Behzad Yaghmaian Pluto Press (March 08, 2012)

In the last three decades China has experienced the largest population movement in human history. Millions have left behind homes to find work and new opportunities in the emerging mega-cities. Through months...

The Economics of Killing

by Vijay Mehta Pluto Press (February 13, 2012)

Globalisation has created an interconnected world, but has not diminished violence, militarism and inequality. The Economics of Killing describes how the power of global elites, entrenched under globalisation,...

When the State Fails

by Tunde Zack-Williams Pluto Press (December 05, 2011)

Compared with Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo, the recent western intervention in Sierra Leone has been largely forgotten. When the State Fails rectifies this, providing a comprehensive and critical analysis of...

Eradicating Extreme Poverty

by Xavier Godinot Pluto Press (January 06, 2012)

The failure of attempts to tackle global poverty have bred cynicism and 'compassion fatigue'. Eradicating Extreme Poverty provides an urgently needed fresh approach which will re-energise action on this issue....

Ireland in the World Order

by Maurice Coakley Pluto Press (July 06, 2012)

Ireland in the World Order examines Ireland’s development from the medieval to the modern era, comparing its unique trajectory with that of England, Scotland and Wales. Maurice Coakley focuses on key elements...

Flammable Societies

by John-Andrew McNeish & Owen Logan Pluto Press (January 06, 2012)

The impact of the oil and gas industry – paradoxically seen both as a blessing and a curse on socio-economic development – is a question at the heart of the comparative studies in this volume stretching...

The Political Economy of Development

by Kate Bayliss, Ben Fine & Elisa van Waeyenberge Pluto Press (May 06, 2011)

Any student, academic or practitioner wanting to succeed in development studies, radical or mainstream, must understand the World Bank's role and the evolution of its thinking and activities. The Political Economy...

The Global Hunger Crisis

by Majda Bne Saad Pluto Press (March 06, 2013)

Millions across the world face the daily challenge to find enough food to survive. Hunger is on the rise globally, with more than 1.2 billion people suffering from food insecurity. Rising prices are further...

A World of Insecurity

by Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Ellen Bal & Oscar Salemink Pluto Press (February 02, 2010)

Human security is a key element in the measure of well-being, and a hot topic in anthropology and development studies. A World of Insecurity outlines a new approach to the subject. The contributors expose a...

Fair Trade and a Global Commodity

by Pete Luetchford Pluto Press (November 20, 2007)

Fair trade is widely regarded as a universal good. This fascinating anthropological study takes a closer look at a coffee-growing community and cooperatives in Costa Rica - and subjects the fair trade movement...

Tourism, Globalization and Development

by Donald G. Reid Pluto Press (July 20, 2003)

Tourism is booming worldwide -- it makes up a massive part of the global economy. Donald G., Reid's book focuses on tourism in developing and less-developed countries. He examines its social and environmental...

Negotiating Local Knowledge

by Johan Pottier, Alan Bicker & Paul Sillitoe Pluto Press (April 20, 2003)

The contributors to this volume offer an original approach to debates about indigenous knowledge. Concentrating on the political economy of knowledge construction and dissemination, they look at the variety...

People, Peace and Power

by Diana Francis Pluto Press (April 20, 2002)

'Diana Francis is one of the world's most experienced and able facilitators in conflict transformation. Her book ... is one of the first comprehensive assessments of the role that workshops can play in peace-building.'...

The Political Economy of Turkey

by Zülküf Aydin Pluto Press (December 20, 2004)

This book analyses the political and socio-economic problems faced by Turkey in recent decades and the country's gradual integration into the global economy. Since the 1970s, Turkey has faced some of the most...

Development Practitioners and Social Process

by Allan Kaplan Pluto Press (April 20, 2002)

This book explores the practice of organisation development and group change in a way that will appeal to anyone involved in working towards social transformation. Drawing on extensive experience gained through...