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Sharing is Good: How to Save Money, Time and Resources through Collaborative Consumption

by Beth Buczynski New Society Publishers (October 21, 2013)

The new sharing economy — reduce waste, save money and become more self-sufficient, all without buying more stuff

The Nature of Business: Redesign for Resilience

by Giles Hutchins New Society Publishers (April 19, 2013)

The business of biomimicry—companies the way nature intended.

The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors' Toolkit

by Dmitry Orlov New Society Publishers (May 10, 2013)

A user’s guide to economic, political, social and cultural collapse.

Supply Shock: Economic Growth at the Crossroads and the Steady State Solution

by Brian Czech & Herman Daly New Society Publishers (April 26, 2013)

The steady state revolution– navigating the end of economic growth.

Environmental Health and Safety Audits

by Lawrence B. Cahill & Raymond W. Kane Government Institutes (September 16, 2010)

This new edition of Environmental Health and Safety Audits not only will help you put your company on course toward effective environmental compliance, but also now brings you up to date on changes in EPA and...

Extracted: How the Quest for Mineral Wealth Is Plundering the Planet

by Ugo Bardi & Jorgen Randers Chelsea Green Publishing (April 09, 2014)

As we dig, drill, and excavate to unearth the planet's mineral bounty, the resources we exploit from ores, veins, seams, and wells are gradually becoming exhausted. Mineral treasures that took millions, or even...

The Boom

by Russell Gold Simon & Schuster (April 08, 2014)

The “best all-around book yet on fracking” (San Francisco Chronicle) from a Pulitzer Prize finalist: “Gold's work is a tour de force of contemporary journalism” (Booklist).

First invented in 1947, hydraulic...

Ecofundamentalism: A Critique of Extreme Environmentalism

by Rögnvaldur Hannesson Lexington Books (February 19, 2014)

Ecofundamentalism: A Critique of Extreme Environmentalism is one of few books that focuses on ecofundamentalism, from its philosophical foundations to its policy prescriptions, instead of environmentalism as...

Beyond Hope: An Illustrated History of the Fraser and Cariboo Gold Rush

by Beverley Boissery & Bronwyn Short Dundurn (October 01, 2003)

This pictorial history tells the stories of the lives involved in this tumultuous but decisive moment in Canadian history.

The Zero Waste Solution: Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time

by Paul Connett & Jeremy Irons Chelsea Green Publishing (October 09, 2013)

Waste is something we all make every day but often pay little attention to.  That's changing, and model programs around the globe show the many different ways a community can strive for, and achieve, zero-waste...

Dreaming the Future: Reimagining Civilization in the Age of Nature

by Kenny Ausubel & David W. Orr Chelsea Green Publishing (August 28, 2012)

Few would deny that we are entering a period of great change. Our environment is collapsing. Social disruption abounds. All around, it seems, we are experiencing breakdown. But out of this chaos comes the opportunity...

Occupy World Street: A Global Roadmap for Radical Economic and Political Reform

by Ross Jackson & Hazel Henderson Chelsea Green Publishing (January 31, 2012)

Ordinary citizens the world over have long paid the price for the swashbuckling behavior of the corporate and political elite. We've seen the reigning establishment widen the gap between rich and poor, champion...

Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered

by Woody Tasch & Carlo Petrini Chelsea Green Publishing (May 12, 2009)

Could there ever be an alternative stock exchange dedicated to slow, small, and local? Could a million American families get their food from CSAs? What if you had to invest 50 percent of your assets within 50...

White Paper on sustainable energy projects in Africa

by Jeremy Debreu & Claire Guibert MkF Éditions (October 18, 2013)

With almost 600 million people having no access to energy in Sub-Saharan Africa, rural electrification is a major challenge for the development of the continent.

This White Paper highlights 25 energy projects...

Hooked on Growth: Economic Addictions and the Environment

by Douglas E. Booth Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (May 03, 2004)

This accessible and provocative book explores whether getting 'unhooked' from economic growth to meet the needs of the environment is possible. Although giving the environment priority over growth may seem radical,...

Environmental Economics: A Critique of Benefit-Cost Analysis

by Philip E. Graves Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (April 09, 2007)

Environmental Economics: A Critique of Benefit-Cost Analysis describes, in a non-technical, readily understandable way, why the practice of benefit-cost analysis in environmental settings is heavily biased against...

Using Marginal Damages in Environmental Policy: A Study of Air Pollution in the United States

by Robert O. Mendelsohn & Nicholas Z. Muller AEI Press (January 19, 2013)

This technical volume makes the case that air pollution policy in the United States can be improved through consideration of both the marginal abatement costs facing regulated sources, and the marginal damages...

Blogging 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions on Building, Optimizing, Publishing, Marketing and How to Make Money with Blogs

by Daniel Harris Emereo Publishing (October 24, 2012)

Blogging 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions on Building, Optimizing, Publishing, Marketing and How to Make Money with Blogs

Enterprise Content Management Best Practices: ECM Strategy 100 Most Asked Questions - Solve your Information Management challenges on Email Management

by Daniel Allen Emereo Publishing (October 24, 2012)

Enterprise Content Management Best Practices: ECM Strategy 100 Most Asked Questions - Solve your Information Management challenges on Email Management, Search, Records Management, Compliance, and more.

Federal Facility Environmental Management Systems: A Primer and Implementation Guide

by Environmental Protection Agency & Department of Energy, U.S. Government Institutes (August 01, 2002)

Federal Facility Environmental Management Systems explains how, why, and when federal agencies need to establish compliant EMSs in accordance with the April 21, 2000, Executive Order. Clear explanations, easy-to-follow...

The Global Deal

by Nicholas Stern & James Adams Blackstone Publishing (April 28, 2009)

In 2005, economist Nicholas Stern was commissioned by the British government to direct the largest study ever conducted into the scientific reality of global warming. The Stern Report, which made headlines around...


by Adam Taggart, Chris Martenson & Robert Kiyosaki Hachette Original (October 27, 2015)

The Next 20 Years Will Be Completely Different From the Past

Current global trends are bleak: weak economic growth, too much debt, declining incomes for the lower 99%, a dangerous addiction to fossil fuels, and...

Our Forest, Your Ecosystem, Their Timber: Communities, Conservation, and the State in Community-Based Forest Management

by Nicholas K. Menzies Columbia University Press (May 15, 2007)

Community-based forest management (CBFM) is a model of forest management in which a community takes part in decision making and implementation, and monitoring of activities affecting the natural resources around...

The Wealth of Nature: How Mainstream Economics Has Failed the Environment

by Robert L. Nadeau Columbia University Press (June 12, 2003)

Virtually all large-scale damage to the global environment is caused by economic activities, and the vast majority of economic planners in both business and government coordinate these activities on the basis...

Environmental Political Philosophy

by Olli Loukola & Wojciech W. Gasparski Transaction Publishers (December 31, 2011)

The need for solutions to environmental problems is urgent. Expanded environmental research and knowledge, along with interest in environmental issues, has focused attention on the social, political, and practical...

Introducing a New Economics

by Jack Reardon, Maria Alejandra Caporale Madi & Molly Scott Cato Pluto Press (November 20, 2017)

Introducing a New Economics is a groundbreaking textbook that heralds a revolution in the teaching of economics. Students and lecturers alike are rejecting the narrow curricula and lack of intellectual diversity...

Pesticides and agriculture

by Dr Dave Watson Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing (August 06, 2018)

  • Discusses the competitive strategies of the major pesticide companies
  • Identifies the main forces driving the pesticides industry 
  • Explains the evolution of the pesticide industry as a context for understanding...

Sustainability and Innovation

by Salah M. El-Haggar & Lisa Anderson The American University in Cairo Press (May 04, 2016)

One of the most urgent problems facing the world today is environmental sustainability. Current practices of pollution control, waste treatment, and environmental protection are not only hugely expensive and...

Humanity's Footprint: Momentum, Impact, and Our Global Environment

by Walter K Dodds Columbia University Press (February 06, 2008)

For the first time in history, humans have exceeded the sustaining capacity of Earth's global ecosystems. Our expanding footprint has tremendous momentum, and the insidious explosion of human impact creates...

Worst-Case Economics

by Frank Ackerman Anthem Press (October 23, 2017)

Worst-case scenarios are all too real, and all too common. The financial crisis of 2008 was not the first or the last to destroy jobs, homeownership and the savings of millions of people. Hurricanes clobber...

The Revolution Will Be Improvised

by Mike Freedman, David Edwards & David Cromwell Mordant Press (June 26, 2017)

Filmmaker and writer Mike Freedman speaks with a range of experts from a variety of backgrounds about what the future has in store for humanity.

Post-growth economics, sustainability, water privatisation, rejuvenation...

Confronting the Climate Challenge

by Lawrence Goulder & Marc Hafstead Columbia University Press (December 12, 2017)

Without significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, climate change will cause substantial damage to the environment and the economy. The scope of the threat demands a close look at the policies capable...

The Clean Protein Revolution

by Kathy Freston & Bruce Friedrich Weinstein Publishing (January 02, 2018)

New York Times bestselling author and vegan lifestyle expert Kathy Freston and co-author Bruce Friedrich offer a research-based self-help guide that cuts through accepted truths about protein and offers surprising...

Endangered Economies

by Geoffrey Heal Columbia University Press (December 20, 2016)

In the decades since Geoffrey Heal began his field-defining work in environmental economics, one central question has animated his research: “Can we save our environment and grow our economy?” This issue...

Planning and Managing the Safety System

by Mark A. Friend & Theodore S. Ferry Bernan Press (February 09, 2017)

Safety and Health Management Planning addresses new regulations and practices to help you achieve safety and health management success. Emphasizing the reduction of costs through cost/benefit analysis, this...

Green Washed

by Kendra Pierre-Louis Ig Publishing (March 27, 2012)

The message that our environment is in peril has filtered from environmental groups to the

American consciousness to our shopping carts. Every day, millions of Americans dutifully replace conventional produce...

Recipe for America

by Jill Richardson Ig Publishing (July 01, 2009)

“Jill Richardson is a fresh voice in the movement to create a healthier and sustainable food system. This book will be part of the burgeoning food social movement, as it provides a guide to the most important...

Human Scale Revisited

by Kirkpatrick Sale Chelsea Green Publishing (April 15, 2017)

Big government, big business, big everything: Kirkpatrick Sale took giantism to task in his 1980 classic, Human Scale, and today takes a new look at how the crises that imperil modern America are the inevitable...

Ancient Futures, 3rd Edition

by Helena Norberg-Hodge & H.H. the Dalai Lama Local Futures (April 15, 2017)

A moving portrait of tradition and change in Ladakh, or “Little Tibet,” Ancient Futures is also a scathing critique of the global economy and a rallying call for economic localization.

When Helena Norberg-Hodge...

The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook

by Bob Willard New Society Publishers (July 01, 2009)

"Canadian sustainability expert Bob Willard, whp spent 34 years with IBM, offers a punchy, practical guide to leading change in your company in The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook. He presents a seven-step...

The Ecotechnic Future

by John Michael Greer New Society Publishers (October 01, 2009)

“[John Michael] Greer’s work is nothing short of brilliant. He has the multidisciplinary smarts to deeply understand our human dilemma as we stand on the verge of the inevitable collapse of industrialism....


by Richard Heinberg New Society Publishers (July 01, 2009)

"Blackout is an important and timely book. In the form of this compact volume, one of the best and most productive peak oil authors working today has turned his customary scholarhsip, wisdom, wit and writing...

Plan C

by Pat Murphy New Society Publishers (June 01, 2008)

Library Journal This book goes further than any of the other titles considered here, both in terms of the deep societal ills it examines and the radical solutions it proposes. It is not just peak oil, but peak...

The Long Descent

by John Michael Greer New Society Publishers (September 01, 2008)  The Internet writings of John Michael Greer - beyond any doubt the greatest peak oil historian in the English language - have finally made their way into print. Greer fans will recognize many...

Peak Everything

by Richard Heinberg New Society Publishers (October 12, 2010)

The twentieth century saw unprecedented growth in population, energy consumption, and food production. As the population shifted from rural to urban, human impacts on the environment increased dramatically....

The Quiet Crisis

by Stewart L. Udall & John F Kennedy Ig Publishing (May 23, 2016)

"As Mr. Udall's vivid narrative makes clear, the race between education and erosion, between wisdom and waste, has not run its course. . . . The nation's battle to preserve the common estate is far from won."—President...

Melbourne for Conscious Foodies

by Jen Curcio Echo Books (March 13, 2017)

Melbourne for Conscious Foodies by Decisive Cravings is a food guide for locals and travellers … with a difference.

A first of its kind, the guide helps you seek out eateries that support local producers,...

Renewable Electricity Generation: Economic Analysis and Outlook

by Benjamin Zycher AEI Press (November 16, 2011)

This volume examines the outlook for renewable energy in electricity generation-particularly wind and solar power-as a substitute for conventional fuels such as coal and natural gas. Economist Benjamin Zycher...

3rd Grade Science: Life Sciences in Eco Systems | Textbook Edition

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

What is an ecosystem, and why is it important that it be balanced? Open this educational book to find out! Your child will love to learn using this book because it presents information in a direct but fun manner....

Doughnut Economics

by Kate Raworth Chelsea Green Publishing (February 23, 2017)

Economics is the mother tongue of public policy. It dominates our decision-making for the future, guides multi-billion-dollar investments, and shapes our responses to climate change, inequality, and other environmental...