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Theories of Practice: Raising the Standards of Early Childhood Education

by Carol Garhart Mooney Redleaf Press (November 10, 2014)

A provocative, yet well-intended, call to action for everyone in the early childhood field

Even More Fizzle, Bubble, Pop & Wow!: Simple Science Experiments for Young Children

by Lisa Murphy Redleaf Press (October 01, 2014)

Over 80 fun and simple science experiments for young children

Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children

by Lisa Daly, Miriam Beloglovsky & Jenna Daly Redleaf Press (October 06, 2014)

550+ color photographs showing how loose parts are used in early childhood settings and how they help children learn

Doing the Right Thing for Children: Eight Qualities of Leadership

by Maurice Sykes & Thomas Schultz Redleaf Press (September 22, 2014)

The dynamic and respected Maurice Sykes's call to leadership within the early childhood community to do right by children

Math at Their Own Pace: Child-Directed Activities for Developing Early Number Sense

by Greg Nelson Redleaf Press (September 04, 2007)

Child-directed, developmentally appropriate math activities preschoolers can pull "off the shelf" when ready and interested.

Learning from the Children: Reflecting on Teaching

by Cindylee Villareale Redleaf Press (February 06, 2009)

Gathering of heartening, true stories that facilitate individual growth and inspire teachers.

The Language of Art: Reggio-Inspired Studio Practices in Early Childhood Settings

by Ann Pelo Redleaf Press (July 16, 2007)

Practical guide to establishing Reggio-inspired studio practices in early childhood settings.

Make Early Learning Standards Come Alive: Connecting Your Practice and Curriculum to State Guidelines

by Gaye Gronlund Redleaf Press (September 22, 2014)

Updated curriculum planning guide reflecting the continuing evolution of early learning standards for preschool children across the country

Hey Kids! Out the Door, Let's Explore!

by Rhoda Redleaf Redleaf Press (July 24, 2009)

Influenced by the Reggio approach to expose children to their community through inexpensive walking trips.

Connecting Animals and Children in Early Childhood

by Patty Born Selly Redleaf Press (April 21, 2014)

This resource helps educators and caregivers understand why all species of animals are valuable to children's early learning.

Focused Observations: How to Observe Young Children for Assessment and Curriculum Planning

by Gaye Gronlund & Marlyn James Redleaf Press (July 15, 2013)

Observe and document children’s development in systematic, purposeful ways that provide complete pictures of their progress and supports curriculum planning.

The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide: Tactics, Tools, and Strategies for Success

by Kris Murray Redleaf Press (February 14, 2012)

Successful tools, exercises, and case studies to help early childhood programs stay at capacity.

Activities for Responsive Caregiving: Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

by Jean Barbre Redleaf Press (November 16, 2012)

Optimize children's development in the first three years with more than 80 intentional activities and learning experiences.


by Connie Jo Smith, Charlotte M. Hendricks & Becky S. Bennett Redleaf Press (January 15, 2014)

Activities to help children gain a higher measure of confidence as they learn about safety and practice safe actions.

Rethinking Nutrition: Connecting Science and Practice in Early Childhood Settings

by Susan Nitzke, Dave Riley, Ann Ramminger & Georgine Jacobs Redleaf Press (June 01, 2010)

Connects science and practice to help early childhood professionals support children's nutritional needs and development.

The CDA Prep Guide: The Complete Review Manual

by Debra Pierce Redleaf Press (March 03, 2014)

Navigating the new Child Development Associate (CDA) process doesn’t have to be difficult. This guide provides step-by-step expert advice.

Social and Emotional Well-Being

by Connie Jo Smith, Charlotte M. Hendricks & Becky S. Bennett Redleaf Press (January 15, 2014)

Activities to help children identify and express feelings and gain self-awareness and confidence.

Community and Environment

by Connie Jo Smith, Charlotte M. Hendricks & Becky S. Bennett Redleaf Press (January 15, 2014)

Activities to help children develop sense of security and self-worth by becoming familiar with themselves and the world around them.

The Visionary Director, Second Edition: A Handbook for Dreaming, Organizing, and Improvising in Your Center

by Margie Carter & Deb Curtis Redleaf Press (November 01, 2009)

An inspiring and practical guide to creating a larger vision in early child care.

Brain-Based Early Learning Activities: Connecting Theory and Practice

by Nikki Darling-Kuria Redleaf Press (March 19, 2010)

Eighty brain-based activities to promote cognitive and emotional development in young children.

Exploring Water with Young Children

by Ingrid Chalufour & Karen Worth Redleaf Press (May 23, 2005)

Discover the science behind exploring and understanding water with young children.

Are You Listening?: Fostering Conversations That Help Young Children Learn

by Lisa Burman Redleaf Press (June 09, 2008)

A comprehensive guide to facilitating conversations with and between children to promote early learning.

"Don't Get So Upset!": Help Young Children Manage Their Feelings by Understanding Your Own

by Tamar Jacobson, PhD Redleaf Press (September 12, 2008)

"Don't Get So Upset!" helps childcare providers understand their own uncomfortable feelings, making it easier to help children do the same.

Incredible Edible Science: Recipes for Developing Science and Literacy Skills

by Liz Plaster & Rick Krustchinsky Redleaf Press (January 29, 2010)

Over 160 food activities to help young children develop early science and literacy skills.

Working in the Reggio Way: A Beginner's Guide for American Teachers

by Julianne Wurm Redleaf Press (June 01, 2005)

Practical ways to bring the practices of Reggio Emilia to your classroom.

Teaching Twos and Threes: A Comprehensive Curriculum

by Deborah Falasco Redleaf Press (September 15, 2013)

A comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for teaching two- and three-year-olds.

Teaching in the Digital Age: Smart Tools for Age 3 to Grade 3

by Brian Puerling & Carol Copple Redleaf Press (June 15, 2012)

Innovative strategies that help early childhood educators utilize the latest technology to teach, document, assess, and exhibit children's learning.

Including One, Including All: A Guide to Relationship-Based Early Childhood Inclusion

by Todd Wanerman, Leslie Roffman & Cassandra Britton Redleaf Press (March 01, 2010)

Strengthen every child using relationship-based approaches to support their behavioral, emotional, social, and learning challenges.

Come and Play: Sensory-Integration Strategies for Children with Play Challenges

by Aerial Cross Redleaf Press (October 19, 2010)

Early intervention is vital for addressing and redirecting young children's play challenges.

Prove It!: Achieving Quality Recognition for Your Early Childhood Program

by Rachel Robertson & Miriam Dressler Redleaf Press (October 01, 2009)

Helps child care centers understand and achieve success with the quality improvement process of their choice.

So This Is Normal Too?

by Deborah Hewitt Redleaf Press (November 08, 2011)

Easy-to-understand child development information on challenging behaviors, specifically written for teachers and families.

Early Sprouts: Cultivating Healthy Food Choices in Young Children

by Karrie Kalich, Dottie Bauer & Deirdre McPartlin Redleaf Press (April 01, 2009)

Combines new research and fresh ideas to incorporate healthy eating into children's lives.

Play: The Pathway from Theory to Practice

by Sandra Heidemann & Deborah Hewitt Redleaf Press (May 01, 2009)

Expanded version of Pathways to Play, the well-respected and relied-upon book, with additional theories

Twins and Supertwins: A Handbook for Early Childhood Professionals

by Eve-Marie Arce, EdD Redleaf Press (July 01, 2010)

Highlights issues specifically affecting twins and supertwins in preschool.

Cooking Is Cool: Heat-Free Recipes for Kids to Cook

by Marianne E. Dambra Redleaf Press (July 05, 2013)

More than fifty recipes that children can help prepare—no stove or oven required!

The Kindness Curriculum: Stop Bullying Before It Starts

by Judith Anne Rice Redleaf Press (June 15, 2013)

Stop bullying before it starts by teaching young children compassion, conflict resolution, and respect.

Good Going!: Successful Potty Training for Children in Child Care

by Gretchen Kinnell for the Child Care Council of Onondaga County, Inc. Redleaf Press (May 01, 2004)

The real poop on making potty training work for children in child care.

More Than Counting: Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten, Standards Edition

by Sally Moomaw & Brenda Hieronymus Redleaf Press (February 08, 2011)

More than one hundred math activities for young children that incorporate early learning standards.

Learning from the Bumps in the Road: Insights from Early Childhood Leaders

by Holly Elissa Bruno, Janet Gonzalez-Mena, Luis A. Hernandez & Debra Ren-Etta Sullivan Redleaf Press (June 21, 2013)

A team of the early childhood field's foremost experts and presenters share insight and perspectives on twelve professional development topics.

The Home Visitor's Manual: Tools and Strategies for Effective Interactions with Family Child Care Providers

by Sharon Woodward & Donna C. Hurley Redleaf Press (April 01, 2010)

A manual for home visitors providing successful strategies to develop soft skills needed in the field.

Celebrate Nature!: Activities for Every Season

by Angela Schmidt Fishbaugh Redleaf Press (April 19, 2011)

These seasonal indoor and outdoor activities help children respect nature, think creatively, and discover balance and wellness.

Teaching STEM in the Early Years: Activities for Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

by Sally Moomaw Redleaf Press (June 15, 2013)

Weave STEM activities into young children’s daily experiences for well-rounded learning.

Planning for Play, Observation, and Learning in Preschool and Kindergarten

by Gaye Gronlund Redleaf Press (November 16, 2012)

Plan developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum for early childhood classrooms.

Challenging Exceptionally Bright Children in Early Childhood Classrooms

by Ann Gadzikowski Redleaf Press (May 17, 2013)

Support and guide exceptionally bright children while creating richer, inclusive learning environments for all children in early childhood classrooms.

Nature Sparks: Connecting Children's Learning to the Natural World

by Aerial Cross Redleaf Press (October 11, 2011)

Support children's connections with nature through classroom activities.

Foundations of Responsive Caregiving: Infants, Toddlers, and Twos

by Jean Barbre Redleaf Press (November 16, 2012)

Learn the foundations of responsive caregiving and create and sustain environments that foster young children's growth and development.

Keeping Your Smile: Caring for Children with Joy, Love, and Intention

by Jeff A. Johnson Redleaf Press (April 01, 2010)

An interactive guide to maintaining and sustaining a career in the early childhood field.

Theories of Childhood, Second Edition: An Introduction to Dewey, Montessori, Erikson, Piaget & Vygotsky

by Carol Garhart Mooney Redleaf Press (February 22, 2013)

The classic guide for early childhood classrooms and professionals, now revised and updated.

From Handprints to Hypotheses: Using the Project Approach with Toddlers and Twos

by Todd Wanerman Redleaf Press (January 18, 2013)

Build the foundation for a lifetime of inquiry and learning with projects for toddlers and twos.

200 Essential Preschool Activities

by Julienne M. Olson Redleaf Press (January 15, 2013)

200 open-ended, adaptable activities and strategies that promote children's learning in a variety of developmental areas and enhance any curriculum.