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Leadership in American Academic Geography: The Twentieth Century

by Michael S. DeVivo Lexington Books (November 14, 2014)

DeVivo employs a historical narrative in offering a critical review of the most influential leaders in American academic geography during the twentieth century. Geographers with interest in the history of the...

Higher Education beyond Job Creation: Universities, Citizenship, and Community

by Thomas A. Bryer Lexington Books (May 27, 2014)

In Higher Education beyond Job Creation, Thomas A. Bryer identifies the historical trends, current challenges, and future possibilities for higher education institutions to play an active and measurable role...

Globalization and Higher Education in Albania

by Jevdet Rexhepi Lexington Books (August 23, 2013)

This book focuses on the impacts of global and transnational trends in higher education policy in Albania and provides a window into the variable interplay of local and global forces in an under-studied Balkan...

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Studies of Three Student Development Programs

by Beatrice L. Bridglall, Kenneth I. Maton, Freeman A. Hrabowski Iii & Susan Layden et al. Lexington Books (August 28, 2013)

This book investigates three discrete models from which we can distill a set of strategies for promoting high student achievement, retention, and completion rates in higher education. They include: the Meyerhoff...

Experiences of Single African-American Women Professors: With this Ph.D., I Thee Wed

by Eletra S. Gilchrist Lexington Books (March 08, 2013)

Experiences of Single African-American Women Professors: With this Ph.D., I Thee Wed, edited by Eletra S. Gilchrist, explores the unique lived experiences of single African-American women professors. This volume,...

Teacher Education, Diversity, and Community Engagement in Liberal Arts Colleges

by Lucy W. Mule Lexington Books (June 23, 2010)

This book examines the promise of and issues related to preparing teachers for cultural diversity through community engagement in the liberal arts colleges. The field of teacher education and small liberal arts...

Confronting Disaster: An Existential Approach to Technoscience

by Raphael Sassower Lexington Books (June 01, 2004)

Contemporary society is rife with instability. Contemporary genetic research has raised and given life to the one-time science fiction specter: the clone. The scarcity of natural energy sources has led to greater...

Higher Education: Open for Business

by Christian Gilde Lexington Books (June 15, 2007)

Higher Education: Open for Business presents a well-argued critique of the emergence of commercial values in a system reserved for learning and scholastic inquiry. Through closer examination of academic areas...

Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory

by Dave Hill, Peter McLaren, Mike Cole & Glenn Rikowski Lexington Books (December 11, 2002)

Written by renowned British and American educational theorists, Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory-a substantially revised edition of the original 1999 work- examines the infusion of postmodernism...

Mentoring At-Risk Students through the Hidden Curriculum of Higher Education

by Buffy Smith Lexington Books (June 07, 2013)

This book is focused on the mentoring process, a popular higher education initiative that is often used to promote retention and academic success. The central purpose is to unveil the hidden curriculum and provide...

Professing Feminism: Education and Indoctrination in Women's Studies

by Daphne Patai & Noretta Koertge Lexington Books (February 04, 2003)

In this new and expanded edition of their controversial 1994 book, the authors update their analysis of what's gone wrong with Women's Studies programs. Their three new chapters provide a devastating and detailed...

Education and Its Discontents: Teaching, the Humanities, and the Importance of a Liberal Education in the Age of Mass Information

by Mark Moss Lexington Books (November 21, 2011)

Education and Its Discontents: Teaching, the Humanities, and the Importance of a Liberal Education in the Age of Mass Information, by Mark Moss, is an exploration of how the traditional educational environment,...

Universities, Pedagogical Encounters, Openness, and Free Speech

by Nuraan Davids & Yusef Waghid Lexington Books (February 01, 2019)

The authors have spent their lives in South Africa, are writing this book from and within a very particular context of compounded oppression, marginalisation and otherness. In many ways, apartheid has both damaged...

Improving the Viability and Perception of HBCUs

by Kimberly Young Walker, Comfort O. Okpala, Emetrude Lewis & Maquisha Mullins et al. Lexington Books (October 15, 2018)

This book offers an examination of the development of HBCUs and their role in higher education. Chapters in the volume analyze the contemporary role of HBCUs through several lenses, including politics, education...

Higher Education as a Field of Study in China: Defining Knowledge and Curriculum Structure

by Xin Wang Lexington Books (March 18, 2010)

Higher Education as a Field of Study in China concerns higher education as an academic field_the evolving nature of the field in light of the overall development of higher education in China. Xin Wang illustrates...

Transformative Student Experiences in Higher Education

by Michael G. Strawser, Trey Lewis, Carolyn Baum & James D. Breslin et al. Lexington Books (October 15, 2018)

Transformative Student Experiences in Higher Education: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Student and Modern Workplace presents a thorough consideration of the role, use, and implications of transformative...

Clearing the Path for First-Generation College Students

by Nicolas P. Simon, Bedelia Nicola Richards, Ashley C. Rondini & Casandra E. Harper et al. Lexington Books (June 07, 2018)

Clearing the Path for First-Generation College Students comprises a wide range of studies that explore the multidimensional social processes and meanings germane to the experiences of first-generation college...

Rape Culture on Campus

by Meredith Minister Lexington Books (September 15, 2018)

Rape Culture on Campus explores how existing responses to sexual violence on college and university campuses fail to address religious and cultural dynamics that make rape appear normal, dynamics imbedded in...

Kenyan Public Universities in the Age of Internationalization

by Iddah Aoko Otieno Lexington Books (June 20, 2018)

This book presents a comprehensive institutional level analysis of a single public institution of higher education in the Republic of Kenya using the case study method of investigation. It is the first case...

Contextualizing and Organizing Contingent Faculty

by Ishmael I. Munene, Sungok R. Park, Joe T. Berry & Choi Soyoung et al. Lexington Books (February 15, 2018)

Contextualizing and Organizing Contingent Faculty: Reclaiming Academic Labor in Universities seeks to develop a counterculture that eschews the neoliberal ideology and interloping market values in higher education....

College Aspirations and Access in Working-Class Rural Communities

by Sonja Ardoin Lexington Books (December 20, 2017)

College Aspirations and Access in Working Class Rural Communities: The Mixed Signals, Challenges, and New Language First-Generation Students Encounter explores how a working class, rural environment influences...

American Universities in China

by Dennis T. Yang Lexington Books (November 15, 2017)

American Universities in China: Lessons from Japan discusses the aspirations and operations of American universities in China through the lens of previous American universities’ expansion efforts in Japan....

Engaging Civic Engagement: Framing the Civic Education Movement in Higher Education

by Chad Woolard Lexington Books (August 15, 2017)

Engaging Civic Engagement: Framing the Civic Education Movement in Higher Education provides a comparative analysis of major approaches to civic education in the civic education moment, including implications...

Between Mission and Market

by Daniel Rosenberg Lexington Books (April 26, 2017)

Between Mission and Market: The Freshman Year in a Corporate Age focuses on the arrival of college freshmen at the moment of the transformation; it uses Adelphi University in suburban New York City to study...

Rhetoric, Embodiment, and the Ethos of Surveillance

by Jennifer Young Lexington Books (June 16, 2017)

Rhetoric, Embodiment, and the Ethos of Surveillance: Student Bodies in the American High School investigates the rhetorical tension between controlling student bodies and educating student minds. The book is...

Enhancing Quality in Transnational Higher Education

by Anne Chapman & David Pyvis Lexington Books (October 05, 2012)

Enhancing Quality in Transnational Higher Education explores issues and questions concerning the provision of quality teaching and learning in university programs delivered ‘offshore’. The focus of the book...

The American-Style University at Large

by Kathryn L. Kleypas & James I. McDougall Lexington Books (November 16, 2011)

The focus of research on the globalization of higher education has historically been on universities within the United States. More recently, the focus has shifted to the international scene, yet there remain...

Rethinking Prison Reentry

by Tony Gaskew Lexington Books (August 26, 2014)

Rethinking Prison Reentry: Transforming Humiliation into Humility describes a prison-based education pedagogy designed to address a prevalent racial politics of shaming, self-segregation, and transgenerational...

Access to Inequality

by Amy E. Stich Lexington Books (September 15, 2012)

Set against the backdrop of democratization, increased opportunity, and access, income-based gaps in college entry, persistence, and graduation continue to grow, underlining a deep contradiction within American...

Centering Women of Color in Academic Counterspaces

by Annemarie Vaccaro & Melissa J. Camba-Kelsay Lexington Books (September 14, 2016)

Centering Women of Color in Academic Counterspaces offers a rich critical race feminist analysis of teaching, learning, and classroom dynamics among diverse students in a classroom counterspace centered on women...

Learning to Be Tibetan

by Miaoyan Yang Lexington Books (March 17, 2017)

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the Chinese Community Party (CCP) has launched a nation-wide ethnic identification project to recognize ethnic minorities, which are widely considered...

Liberating Sanctuary: 100 Years of Women's Education at the College of St. Catherine

by Jane Lamm Carroll, Joanne Cavallaro & Sharon Doherty Lexington Books (December 01, 2011)

The essays in Liberating Sanctuary: 100 Years of Women’s Education at the College of St. Catherine, edited by Jane Lamm Carroll, Joanne Cavallaro, and Sharon Doherty examine key figures, decisions, and ideas...

Pathways, Potholes, and the Persistence of Women in Science: Reconsidering the Pipeline

Performance-Based Funding in Higher Education: The State of Truth in the Information Age

by Angelo Letizia Lexington Books (December 30, 2015)

Performance-Based Funding in Higher Education examines the aims of higher education policies over the past thirty years. This book addresses how job creation and increased graduation rates has distracted educators,...

Latina/o College Student Leadership: Emerging Theory, Promising Practice

by Adele Lozano, Eduardo Coronel, Juan Escalante & Juan R. Guardia et al. Lexington Books (December 03, 2015)

This book examines Latina/o college student leadership and leadership development in higher education. Lozano analyzes emerging frameworks, empirical research, leadership models, essays, and promising practices...

The Shape and Shaping of the College and University in America: A Lively Experiment

by Stephen J. Nelson Lexington Books (March 01, 2016)

This book presents the issues, controversies, and key players that formed and enabled the American college and university to endure as a critical institution of the nation and society.

Leading with Aesthetics: The Transformational Leadership of Charles M. Vest at MIT

by Mahesh Daas Lexington Books (July 16, 2015)

Leading with Aesthetics provides an interdisciplinary perspective of the importance of the aesthetic dimension in organizational change and leadership, richly illustrated by a book-length case study and analysis...

African American Students' Career and College Readiness: The Journey Unraveled

by M. Ann Shillingford, Jennifer R. Curry, Natoya Haskins & Tristen Bergholtz et al. Lexington Books (October 08, 2015)

College and Career Readiness of African American Students: The Journey Unraveled provides a strengths-based, multi-systemic solutions approach for higher education administration, school counseling, and urban...

The Pursuit of the Chinese Dream in America: Chinese Undergraduate Students at American Universities

by Dennis T. Yang Lexington Books (December 24, 2015)

The Pursuit of the Chinese Dream in America examines the hopes, expectations, challenges, and aspirations of the current generation of Chinese students as they pursue higher education at American universities....

Climate Change across the Curriculum

by Eric J. Fretz, Nicole Holthuis, Harry C. Boyte & K. C. Busch et al. Lexington Books (December 24, 2015)

In this book, faculty members from a wide range of disciplines reflect on how they engage their academic specializations to teach students about the science, politics, and ethics of climate change. The contributors...

Reclaiming Opportunities for Effective Teaching: An Institutional Ethnographic Study of Community College Course Outlines

by Mary Ellen Dunn Lexington Books (January 07, 2016)

This book examines the increased standardization and management of community college course outlines in Ontario and the associated decline in the ability of college professors to effectively educate their students....

Mindful Teaching and Learning: Developing a Pedagogy of Well-Being

by Karen Ragoonaden, Margaret Macintyre Latta, Sabre Cherkowski & Kelly Hanson et al. Lexington Books (July 22, 2015)

Mindful Teaching and Learning features a community of scholar-practitioners from across disciplines, methodologies, and ideological perspectives exploring contexts that support mindful teaching, mindful learning,...

Impacts of Cultural Capital on Student College Choice in China

by Lan Gao Lexington Books (August 16, 2011)

This study draws upon cultural capital theory and exploits 25 individual cases of students in a middle-size city in China in order to understand the patterns of college planning process of students with different...

Inside the College Gates: How Class and Culture Matter in Higher Education

by Jenny M. Stuber Lexington Books (July 16, 2011)

This book is intended to bring greater nuance to the study of inequality and higher education. Rather than focusing on human capital and students' experiences inside the classroom, the author highlights the...