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The Handbook for Collaborative Common Assessments

by Cassandra Erkens Solution Tree Press (May 31, 2019)

When educators participate fully in the consistent and systematic process of collaborative common assessments, teachers, learners, and schools all thrive. A companion to the assessment book Collaborative Common...

Breaking Through: Effective Instruction & Assessment for Reaching English Learners

by Margarita Calderón Solution Tree Press (June 01, 2008)

Utilizing new research and field studies, this book provides a whole-school approach to helping English learners achieve academically while they learn English. Discover why ELs learn better when language, literacy,...

Softening the Edges

by Katie White Solution Tree Press (February 21, 2017)

When teachers develop an effective assessment architecture, they prevent harmful hard edges and support all aspects of students’ growth and their own experiences as teachers. Discover the difference between...

Data-Based Decision Making

by Edie Holcomb Solution Tree Press (January 25, 2012)

You're ready to start collecting and utilizing school data, but what data? How exactly will you find it, and how will you use it once you have it? This informative resource takes an in-depth look at best data...

Ahead of the Curve: The Power of Assessment to Transform Teaching and Learning

by Douglas B. Reeves Solution Tree Press (November 01, 2007)

This anthology brings the ideas and recommendations of many of the world's education leaders into one resource that illustrates the many perspectives on effective assessment design and implementation. From involving...

Simplifying Common Assessment: A Guide for Professional Learning Communities at Work? [how teadchers can develop effective and efficient assessments

by Kim Bailey & Chris Jakicic Solution Tree Press (November 07, 2016)

Built on the process featured in Common Formative Assessment: A Toolkit for PLCs at Work™, this book demonstrates how educators can develop effective and efficient assessments. The authors simplify assessment...

Creating a Culture of Feedback: Use Grading to MotivateStudents to Move Forward

by William M. Ferriter & Paul J. Cancellieri Solution Tree Press (November 04, 2016)

By overemphasizing high-stakes evaluations as tools for reporting what students know and can do, we’ve created a culture of grading instead of a culture of feedback in our schools and classrooms. In this book,...

Using Formative Assessment in the RTI Framework

by Kay Burke & Eileen Depka Solution Tree Press (May 01, 2011)

RTI and formative assessment have the potential to positively impact student achievement. Understand the basics of RTI and its connection to formative assessment, and base instructional decisions on the results...

Raising the Bar and Closing the Gap: Whatever It Takes

by Richard DuFour & Rebecca DuFour Solution Tree Press (April 01, 2010)

This expansion of Whatever It Takes sharpens the focus on the pyramid of interventions strategy. The authors examine case studies of schools and districts across North America to illustrate how PLC at Work™...

The Resilience Revolution: Discovering Strengths in Challenginng Kids

by Larry Brendtro & Scott J. Larson Solution Tree Press (January 01, 2006)

Discover effective ways of connecting with youth at risk. In this inspiring resource, the authors focus on strength-based alternatives to punishment, including creative ways to develop trusting relationships,...

Effective Program Evaluation

by Mardale Dunsworth & Dawn Billings Solution Tree Press (August 29, 2011)

Educators are increasingly coming to realize the importance of making decisions based on reliable, accurate data. This short guide provides a blueprint for evaluating academic programs, practices, or strategies...

Focused Assessment: Enriching the Instructional Cycle

by Gwen Doty Solution Tree Press (May 01, 2008)

Learn how to create relevant and appropriate assessments throughout the learning cycle so your students will have ample opportunity to show competence in ways that make sense to them and are in accordance with...

Redefining Fair: How to Plan, Assess, and Grade for Excellence in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

by Damian Cooper Solution Tree Press (June 06, 2011)

Learn how to define proficiency accurately and differentiate to help all students achieve it. With a focus on mixed-ability classes, the author outlines instructional practices that engage, empower, and motivate...

Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work TM

by Richard DuFour & Rebecca DuFour Solution Tree Press (June 01, 2010)

Like the first edition, the second edition of Learning by Doing: A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities at Work helps educators close the knowing-doing gap as they transform their schools into professional...

The Principal as Assessment Leader

by Thomas R, Guskey Solution Tree Press (August 01, 2006)

This book explores the importance of effective classroom assessment to student achievement and the role of school leaders to model and spark positive change through building teacher literacy, providing targeted...

Power Tools for Adolescent Literacy: Strategies for Learning

by Jan Rozzelle & Carol Scearce Solution Tree Press (November 01, 2008)

Are there students in your classroom who have hit the reading wall? Studies indicate comprehension regresses in many students once they reach middle school. Teachers need the right resources in their classrooms...

Beyond the RTI Pyramid: Solutions for the First Year of Implementation

by William N. Bender Solution Tree Press (August 01, 2000)

This book helps schools deepen the RTI experience by extending the processes beyond initial implementation. Examples from real schools show how to apply RTI in reading, math, and behavior at elementary and secondary...

The Collaborative Administrator: Working Together as a Professional Learning Community

by Austin Buffum & Cassandra Erkens Solution Tree Press (June 01, 2008)

In a culture of shared leadership, the administrator's role is more important than ever. How do you maintain the right balance of loose and tight leadership? How do you establish profound, lasting trust? What...

Embedded Formative Assessment

by Dylan Wiliam Solution Tree Press (January 01, 2002)

Formative assessment plays an important role in increasing teacher quality and student learning when it's viewed as a process rather than a tool. Emphasizing the instructional side of formative assessment, this...

The Collaborative Teacher: Working Together as a Professional Learning Community

by Cassandra Erkens & Chris Jakicic Solution Tree Press (June 01, 2006)

The time of exclusive top-down leadership is over! Only teachers can transform education from inside the classroom, and this book defines best practices of collaborative teacher leadership. Specific techniques,...