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Preventing violence against women and girls: Educational work with children and young people

by Ellis, Jane & Thiara, Ravi K. Policy Press (October 22, 2014)

The first ever book on educational work to prevent violence against women and girls, offering insight into the underpinning theoretical debates and key lessons for practice.


by Andrea Miles She Writes Press (October 27, 2014)

Years after suffering sexual and verbal abuse at the hands of her stepfather, Melanie is still haunted by her past. Her husband, Julius¬-a cop, and thus experienced in dealing with crime and punishment-struggles...

The Language of Silence

by Peggy Webb Gallery Books (September 09, 2014)

Following in the footsteps of her tiger-taming grandmother, a woman flees her abusive husband to join the circus in this masterful, heartfelt work of women?s fiction.

Peggy Webb won raves for her debut novel,...

The Coconut Latitudes: Secrets, Storms, and Survival in the Caribbean

by Rita M. Gardner She Writes Press (September 16, 2014)

A father makes the fateful decision to leave a successful career in the US behind and move to an isolated beach in the Dominican Republic. He plants ten thousand coconut seedlings, transplants his wife and two...

Power and Control in Relationships

by Mary Rose Vase Publishing (June 12, 2014)

Power is embedded in our society and makes its way into relationships through control. Hidden in everyday interactions, control is one of the major contributors to disagreements, arguments and conflicts in interpersonal...

Letting Go into Perfect Love: Discovering the Extraordinary after Abuse

by Gwendolyn M Plano She Writes Press (June 03, 2014)

As a college administrator, Gwen Plano lived her professional life in a highly visible and accountable space-but as wife and mother, after hours and behind closed doors, she experienced the daily terror of domestic...

The Great God Pan

by Amy Herzog Theatre Communications Group (March 31, 2014)

The newest play by “one of the brightest new talents in the theater” (The New York Times).


by Marilynn Griffith Howard Books (February 02, 2010)

Ashamed No More

Every woman needs a safe place to bleed...a quiet place to scream, and friends to dress her wounds. She needs the support of sistahs who won't cringe at the honest truth, who are willing to...

Exploiting Childhood: How Fast Food, Material Obsession and Porn Culture are Creating New Forms of Child Abuse

by Jim Wild, Stephen D. Brookfield, Stephen Haff & Susie Orbach et al. Jessica Kingsley Publishers (August 19, 2013)

Childhood today is big business. It is impossible for any child growing up to avoid intense marketing and research shows that these commercial pressures affect children's health and wellbeing. Featuring high...

These Are Our Stories: Women's Stories of Abuse and Survival

by Jan Rosenberg Hamilton Books (March 06, 2007)

These Are Our Stories is a collection of women's stories, thoughts, and poems about the domestic abuse they have experienced throughout their lives. Transcribed directly from Jan Rosenberg's interviews with...

Preventing the Emotional Abuse and Neglect of People with Intellectual Disability: Stopping Insult and Injury

by Sally Robinson & Hilary Brown Jessica Kingsley Publishers (June 28, 2013)

Preventing the Emotional Abuse and Neglect of People with Intellectual Disability aims to throw light into the traumatic experiences faced by people with intellectual disability living in disability accommodation...

Supporting Women after Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery

by Hilary Abrahams & Cathy Humphreys Jessica Kingsley Publishers (March 27, 2007)

This book offers advice on how to enable women who have experienced domestic violence to embark on a journey of recovery. The book draws on theory, original research and the personal experiences of women who...

To Know A Fallen Angel: Understanding the Mind of a Sexual Predator

by Bernard Amador (March 19, 2013)

To Know A Fallen Angel is a coming of age story about a boy who tries not to become a sexual predator. Based on a true story, it is serious yet inspirational. The main theme is the ability to triumph over the...

How to Protect Your Children Online: Internet Safety Tips for Kids

by Madison Jd Owen (January 01, 2013)

Is your kids in danger of being lured by a stranger on the internet? Every year the percentage of child victims from this epidemic continues to grow and majority of them are below 16.

Is your kids in danger of...


by Abigail R. Esman Potomac Books (October 01, 2020)

In the days after 9/11, Abigail R. Esman walked the streets of New York haunted by a feeling that was eerily familiar: the trauma of violence that hovered in the air. Friends, family, and strangers moved, walked,...

Norah's Secrets

by Norah Shariff & Jennifer Makarewicz Éditions Jcl (November 16, 2011)

Norah Shariff?s autobiography is likely to cause some turmoil as she takes the reader into a harsh world created by her immediate family; a world filled with obstacles preventing her from gaining precious freedom....

The Incest Diary

by Anonymous & Barbara Rosenblat Macmillan Audio (July 17, 2017)

?In the fairy tales about father?daughter incest??The Girl Without Hands,? ?Thousand Furs,? the original ?Cinderella,? ?Donkey Skin,? and the stories of Saint Dymphna, patron saint of incest survivors?the daughters...

Rise: How a House Built a Family

by Cara Brookins Macmillan Audio (January 23, 2017)

"Brookins deftly narrates the extreme learning curve the family experienced during the construction process, while putting a family back together again." - Publishers Weekly

If you were inspired by Wild and Eat,...

The Fact of a Body

by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich Macmillan Audio (May 15, 2017)

"This book is a marvel. The Fact of a Body is equal parts gripping and haunting and will leave you questioning whether any one story can hold the full truth." -- Celeste Ng, author of the New York Times bestselling...

Understanding Sexual Abuse

by Tim Hein & Debra Hirsch Ivp Books (February 27, 2018)

“It is said that the true test of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable members.” As many as one in four girls and one in six boys experience sexual abuse during childhood, and it’s estimated...

The #MeToo Reckoning

by Ruth Everhart Ivp Books (January 14, 2020)

  • 2020 Publishers Weekly Book of the Year - Religion

Scars Across Humanity

by Elaine Storkey Ivp Academic (February 20, 2018)

  • Christianity Today 2019 Book of the Year Award, Politics and Public Life

Courage Party, The

by Joyce Brabner & Gerta Oparaku Microcosm Publishing Llc (August 25, 2020)

  • National and Local Media Campaigns
  • Pre-Publication Online Publicity Campaign
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  • Curated Advanced Reader Copy Distribution
  • Digital Influencer "Buzz" Campaign
  • Social Media Promotions...

  • Beginning to Heal (Revised Edition)

    by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis William Morrow Paperbacks (December 04, 2012)

    There's nothing as wonderful as starting to heal, waking up in the morning and knowing that nobody can hurt you if you don't let them.

    Beginning to Heal offers hope and guidance for all survivors starting the...

    Brave Little Panda

    by Asians Against Violence of Asian Alliance for Health, Inc. Asian Alliance for Health (February 21, 2013)

    Little Panda likes to have play-dates with Cousin Panda. One evening, Cousin Panda does something bad and warns Little Panda not to tell anyone. Follow the story and find out how Little Panda became the Brave...

    Barry Sonnenfeld, Call Your Mother

    by Barry Sonnenfeld Hachette Books (March 09, 2020)

    Film and television director Barry Sonnenfeld's outrageous and hilarious memoir traces his idiosyncratic upbringing in New York City, his breaking into film as a cinematographer with the Coen brothers, and his...

    The Narcissist in Your Life

    by Julie L. Hall Da Capo Lifelong Books (December 02, 2019)

    A highly illuminating examination of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) and its insidiously traumatic impact on family members and partners. Packed with insight, compassion, and practical strategies for...


    by Allison Moorer Da Capo Press (October 28, 2019)

    The Grammy- and Academy Award- nominated singer-songwriter's haunting, lyrical memoir, sharing the story of an unthinkable act of violence and ultimate healing through art

    Mobile, Alabama, 1986. A fourteen-year-old...

    The Less People Know About Us

    by Axton Betz-Hamilton Grand Central Publishing (October 14, 2019)


    In this powerful true crime memoir, an award-winning identity theft expert tells the shocking story of the duplicity and betrayal that inspired her career and nearly destroyed her...

    Everyday Violence in the Lives of Youth

    by Helene Berman, Catherine Richardson/Kinewesquao, Kate Elliott & Eugenia Canas Fernwood Publishing (July 25, 2020)

    Though interpersonal violence is widely studied, much less has been done to understand structural violence, the often-invisible patterns of inequality that reproduce social relations of exclusion and marginalization...

    Two Thousand Minnows

    by Sandra Leigh Vaughan Skyhorse (October 07, 2014)

    When Sandra Leigh was seven years old, she fell into the role of protector of her mother and three younger siblings. One winter night, she ushered her mother out of the house during one of her father?s tirades,...

    Shakespeare on Love

    by Stephen Brennan Skyhorse (January 27, 2015)

    William Shakespeare is ubiquitous throughout the Western world as the master of the written word, and the above-quoted ?Sonnet 18? is celebrated as one of the most exquisite love poems of all time. Love comes...


    by Anna Salter Basic Books (July 02, 2018)

    What motivates sexual abusers? Why are so few caught? Drawing on the stories of abusers, Anna C. Salter shows that sexual predators use sophisticated deception techniques and rely on misconceptions surrounding...


    by Meg Jay Twelve (November 13, 2017)

    Clinical psychologist and author of The Defining Decade, Meg Jay takes us into the world of the supernormal: those who soar to unexpected heights after childhood adversity.

    Whether it is the loss of a parent...

    The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog

    by Bruce D Perry & Maia Szalavitz Basic Books (August 28, 2017)

    In this instant classic of developmental psychology, a renowned psychiatrist examines the effect that trauma can have on a child, reveals how PTSD impacts the developing mind, and outlines the path to recovery....

    The Girl in the Photograph

    by Byron L. Dorgan Thomas Dunne Books (November 25, 2019)

    Through the story of Tamara, an abused Native American child, North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan describes the plight of many children living on reservations?and offers hope for the future.

    On a winter morning...

    The #MeToo Reckoning

    One Eye Open

    by Melissa M. Sachs Indigo River Publishing (October 12, 2017)

    For Those Who Are Too Afraid To Close Both Eyes When They Rest ...

    One Eye Open, is a love story or a horror story. It takes the reader into a relationship that started so strong with intense love-bombing and...

    The Sky is Mine

    by Amy Beashel Rock the Boat (February 06, 2020)

    Izzy feels invisible. Trapped under the weight of expectation and censored by shame.

    Her mum Steph and best friend Grace have always been there to save her. But with one under the control of her stepfather and...

    Lost Child

    by Torey Hayden & Lucy Rayner HarperAudio (September 24, 2019)

    The first new book from beloved therapist and writer Torey Hayden in almost fifteen years?an inspiring, uplifting tale of a troubled child and the remarkable woman who made a difference.

    In a forgotten corner...

    Game Over

    by Bill Moushey, Robert Dvorchak & Malcolm Hillgartner HarperAudio (April 17, 2012)

    The shocking details chronicling how a beloved coach and esteemed university became enmeshed in one of the worst scandals in U.S. sports history

    It's a scandal that began in a place called Happy Valley. But it's...


    by Roxane Gay HarperAudio (June 13, 2017)

    From the New York Times bestselling author of Bad Feminist: a searingly honest memoir of food, weight, self-image, and learning how to feed your hunger while taking care of yourself.

    ?I ate and ate and ate in...

    The Verbally Abusive Relationship, Expanded Third Edition

    by Patricia Evans & Annette Romano Simon & Schuster Audio (June 26, 2018)

    You deserve respect.

    In this fully expanded and updated third edition of the bestselling classic, you learn why verbal abuse is more widespread than ever, and how you can deal with it. You'll get more of the...

    Toilet Paper People

    by Cherry Tigris & Made for Success Made for Success (September 09, 2014)

    Cherry Tigris holds nothing back as she narrates her edgy and thought-provoking memoir, Toilet Paper People. Her unwavering attitude and true grit are captured in this jaw-dropping account of child abuse.


    Finding Your Voice

    by Mannette Morgan Made for Success (January 21, 2020)

    Finding Your Voice is a personal, comprehensive guide for survivors of abuse making the journey toward healing. Led by an author who has walked the path for more than three decades, readers will find encouragement...


    by L. David Harris & Rebecca Roberts L. David Harris (June 07, 2016)

    If you are interested in this book, chances are you know that you are in an abusive relationship and want out. You may be looking for help to decide what to do next. You may be looking for information about...

    The Coolness of Josh

    by Marc Swift, Joshua David Swift & Made for Success Made for Success (June 09, 2015)

    What does it mean to really live life?

    Marc Swift takes us on a tender journey of unexpected twists and turns that ends in a celebration of life, even after the death of his son. This is the awesome true story...


    by Allison Moorer Da Capo Press (October 29, 2019)

    The Grammy- and Academy Award- nominated singer-songwriter's haunting, lyrical memoir, sharing the story of an unthinkable act of violence and ultimate healing through art1986, Mobile, Alabama. A fourteen-year-old...

    The Less People Know About Us

    by Axton Betz-Hamilton & Laurie Catherine Winkel Grand Central Publishing (October 15, 2019)

    In this powerful true crime memoir, an award-winning identity theft expert tells the shocking story of the duplicity and betrayal that inspired her career and nearly destroyed her family.Axton Betz-Hamilton...

    Trauma and Recovery

    by Judith Lewis Herman & Alison Mathews Basic Books (December 10, 2019)

    In this groundbreaking book, a leading clinical psychiatrist redefines how we think about and treat victims of trauma. A "stunning achievement" that remains a "classic for our generation." (Bessel van der Kolk,...