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Asking For It

by Allyson Lindt Acelette Press (August 04, 2020)


My two best friends have each found their perfect threesome.

I don?t have an issue with the fact they both have two boyfriends. I would like a taste of the same for myself, though. When two guys hit on me...

Hard Flip

by Allyson Lindt Acelette Press (July 31, 2019)

Ash is one paycheck from being homeless, and she just lost her job.

Worse, if she's evicted, she'll lose custody of her sister.

When she meets Mischa?tattooed, sexy-as-sin, and impulsive to a fault?she's smitten,...

A Small, Secret Smile

by A.L. Lester Jms Books Llc (January 27, 2021)

A Flowers of Time short story.

It?s 1786. Edie and Jones are living in England, at Penel Orlieu. It's a peaceful, contented existence filled with painting, science, and each other. What could possibly go wrong?...


by Rick R. Reed Jms Books Llc (January 27, 2021)

After Todd's mother dies from cancer, he moves back to his hometown in the foothills of the Appalachians from Chicago. It's 1997 and he's just been given a death sentence -- an HIV-positive diagnosis.

Todd expects...

The Voxlightner Scandal

by Don Travis Dsp Publications (November 19, 2019)

A BJ Vinson Mystery

No good deed goes unpunished, as investigator BJ Vinson is about to discover.

Writer John Pierce Belhaven was murdered before he could reveal the name of another killer—one connected to...

Abaddon's Locusts

by Don Travis Dsp Publications (January 22, 2019)

A BJ Vinson Mystery

When B.J. Vinson, confidential investigator, learns his young friend, Jazz Penrod, has disappeared and has not been heard from in a month, he discovers some ominous emails. Jazz has been corresponding...

The Bisti Business

by Don Travis Dsp Publications (March 21, 2017)

A BJ Vinson Mystery

Although repulsed by his client, an overbearing, homophobic California wine mogul, confidential investigator B. J. Vinson agrees to search for Anthony Alfano’s missing son, Lando, and his...

The Lovely Pines

by Don Travis Dsp Publications (August 28, 2018)

A BJ Vinson Mystery

When Ariel Gonda’s winery, the Lovely Pines, suffers a break-in, the police write the incident off as a prank since nothing was taken. But Ariel knows something is wrong—small clues are...

The City of Rocks

by Don Travis Dsp Publications (July 18, 2017)

A BJ Vinson Mystery

Confidential investigator B. J. Vinson thinks it’s a bad joke when Del Dahlman asks him to look into the theft of a duck… a duck named Quacky Quack the Second and insured for $250,000....

The Zozobra Incident

by Don Travis Dsp Publications (November 15, 2016)

A BJ Vinson Mystery

B. J. Vinson is a former Marine and ex-Albuquerque PD detective turned confidential investigator. Against his better judgment, BJ agrees to find the gay gigolo who was responsible for his...

Hate Weddings

by Cathryn de Bourgh & Robert Rueda Cathryn de Bourgh (January 12, 2021)

Leaving behind her childhood home, Angelica Valenti makes a long journey to the Toscana in order to marry the heir of the Borromeos, a family of superb lineage.. It all resembles a fairy tale: The mansion, the...

The Savior of Souls

by Sylvain Gilbert & Martha Mauri Spiritus Tremens (January 06, 2021)

Jack, a dark and sinister being whose terrifying face warped by an old scar, waited in the pouring rain. His mind, disturbed by painful memories of his violent childhood, tormented him. He stood motionless near...

The Oath of Two Worlds

by Elena Kryuchkova & Williams Roa Babelcube Inc. (May 31, 2019)

In the 36th century, mankind left the Earth, as well as the colonized Moon and Mars, and went beyond the solar system on the ships "Ceres" and "Juno" to escape from the terrible virus that destroys humanity....

The sign of Judas

by Carlos Reyes & Cristina López Babelcube Inc. (January 06, 2021)

An attack in the city of Paris will force the authorities to contact Peter Becks, a scenic millionaire criminologist who will begin to connect the crime with a conspiracy on US soil. Together with him, the journalist...

Journey of a Heart

by M. Hermassi & M.A. C.T. Angela Fairbank Babelcube Inc. (December 24, 2020)

This is the story of a thirty-four-year-old man who has a heart transplant. He hears rumors that the heart he received belonged to a young woman who died in a traffic accident. He?s intrigued and decides to...

The Greatest Work of All

by Felipe Biavo & Elaine Cristina Albino de Oliveira Babelcube Inc. (March 07, 2017)

When Peace reigns and China is newly reformed, the Circle of Alchemy ? the seven most powerful alchemists in the kingdom ? are summoned by emperor Qin Shihuang and given the task of producing the elusive Elixir...


by Michael Clasen & Robert E Anderson Babelcube Inc. (January 10, 2021)

Mads Gourmand buys the burned-down Fjord Pavilion in Haubjerg. He establishes a restaurant with ambitions for Michelin stars. At the same time, he acquires the right to supply Haubjerg's pensioners with their...

Seattle, Shoefiti II

by Tania M. Crespo & Heaven Love Bowland Babelcube Inc. (July 01, 2019)

Paula won't rest until her mission is completed, even if she puts her life in danger to do so. He who has nothing to hide has nothing to fear, her new motto. Finding Diana in the USA will not be easy, but an...

Lovely Planet

by Mirelle Hdb & M.A. C.T. Angela Fairbank Babelcube Inc. (January 16, 2021)

What unites an angry teenager, a tramp with No Fixed Desire, a neurotic businessman and a mother trapped in her daily life?

All of them have held Indian wisdom, Wakanda-Adhita?s book, in their hands. It's something...

Goin' East

by Alex Montrasio & Mauro Gussoni Alex Montrasio (January 12, 2021)

A tragic episode in the history of Chinese immigration to America gives the cue to narrate the epopee of a family through a century of Chinese and American history.

In this short story you will be familiar with...

Shoefiti: Urban art or something more?

by Tania M. Crespo & Heaven Love García Tania M. Crespo (May 16, 2018)

Diana, a young woman who had everything in her life, wakes up confused at a mental health facility and doesn´t remember why she´s in there, but rather her friends and family members, she thinks about Samuel...

The Crimes of Christopher Logan

by Donnefar Skedar & Elaine Cristina Albino de Oliveira Elemental Editoração (April 18, 2017)

A phone call alerts the fire department of a small town near the city of Nelma about a fire in a farmhouse. An investigative reporter finds a pile of folders containing several handwritten pages. Upon further...

No Trace

by Donnefar Skedar & Lilian Renata Golas Elemental Editoração (January 17, 2021)

After finishing a marriage of five years, Armando decides to return to his native city where fourteen years ago, left his only friend, James.  Upon arriving in the town of Three Forks, he realizes that finding...

Hunted Whore

by Alba Duro & Mila Jones Alba Duro (January 06, 2021)

I'm going to destroy her, and she's going to scream with pleasure while I do it. Vanessa's a whore. A gold-digger who's put a spell on my brother in a matter of days. It's taken my useless brother one week to...


by Alba Duro & Bruno Figueiredo Alba Duro (December 27, 2020)

Sold, Possessed and Saved by the Millionaire Dominant Frank Einstein had it all. He was the best neurosurgeon in New York, he lived in a luxurious attic and was invited to every party. Slave Frank Einstein had...

Kidnapping Ana

by Alba Duro & Bruno Figueiredo Alba Duro (December 27, 2020)

Dark Romance and BDSM with the Russian Mafia I never wanted Alek to become obsessed with me. Kidnapping ana I never wanted Alek to become obsessed with me.

Tattooed, dangerous, leader of the Russian mafia ......


by Alba Duro & Mila Jones Alba Duro (January 06, 2021)

Everything has a price... and I could pay it.

When you become a millionaire through your own merits your view of the world... changes. The world becomes a cold, grey and cruel place, where the competition is...

Natural Dark

by Alba Duro & Alexander Sánchez Alba Duro (December 27, 2020)

Life is simple for those of us who work the land. Everything is pure, real, free of... noise. It's me, my horses, my garden and me. Far from the city.

Who am I? I am Marta, one of those women who in the 21st...

Sweet Reunion

by A. C. Meyer & Gabriel Anesi de Oliveira A. C. Meyer (December 16, 2020)

Fate meets nostalgia

In Sweet Nostalgia, fate meets nostalgia. Jade never forgot her ex-boyfriend, who broke up with her over his career. But the recipe of a great love always works. What happens when the two...

At First Sight

by A. C. Meyer & Katie Uniacke A. C. Meyer (December 15, 2020)

Having spent years looking after her younger sisters when their parents died, Valentina felt like the moment to take control of her own life had finally come. She wanted to see the world, have some fun and finally...

Irresistible Passion

by A. C. Meyer & Gabriel Anesi de Oliveira A. C. Meyer (January 12, 2021)

Will the flame that burns between those two go out quickly or will the irresistible passion turn into a beautiful love story?

Irresistible Passion

When an exchange in orders from Giovanna's cake shop leaves her...

Triple Salto

by Michael Clasen & Robert E Anderson Babelcube Inc. (January 16, 2021)

TRIPLE SALTO ? A detective novel with Daniel Dreyer

Lust, sex, desire, attraction, lechery. Call it what you want, but it is one of the classical Seven Deadly Sins.

The prematurely discharged elite frogman ? and...

The Heretic's Fire

by B. Maestro & Paul Bowen Babelcube Inc. (December 30, 2020)

The Heretic?s Fire

Plague and famine are ravaging every town of seventeenth century Spain. In the midst of this devastation, The Spanish Inquisition holds the country in its tyrannical iron grip, and any woman...

Adrift on a Sleepless Sea

by Carmen Avila & Olivia C. Caputo Babelcube Inc. (January 08, 2021)

A group of students searching for the author of the shortest story in German literature happen upon a Nazi hidden in the Amazon. They, along with some singular voyagers on a boat where no one can sleep, inhabit...

The Passage of Time

by Cyril Sagot & Eleanor Steven Babelcube Inc. (March 21, 2019)

June 2060

Maurice never knew his grandfather, Hansel Égoyan.

Divorced, unfaithful, lonely, dishonest: Maurice?s family certainly don?t lack in sarcastic comments when referring to him. Things change for Maurice...

Agent Double Zero

by Yves Patrick Beaulieu & Angela Fairbank Babelcube Inc. (December 29, 2020)

Pauline Bilodeau, a young Goth, is visiting her father in Rouyn-Noranda, located in the Abitibi region. She?s getting to know her stepbrother, Ovila, whom she?s meeting for the first time. She?s ready for anything...

Tok: Magick Tale

by Pablo Reig Mendoza & Jesus Fernández Pedraza Babelcube Inc. (January 05, 2021)

London, 1888. Kabbalists, wizards, and occultists are booming. The roman number MDCCCLXXXVIII contains thirteen numerals for the first time. It's a year of opportunity for the Bond servants in the millenary...

The World of Yesod - Earth

by Marzia Bosoni & Charlotte Fleming Babelcube Inc. (January 12, 2021)

Continuing the story of Avir, Karka, Esh and Mayim who, having faced the dangers of the kingdom of Air, now find themselves crossing a dry and desolate country: the fertile and luxuriant kingdom of Earth is...


by João Calazans Filho & Ana Rubia de Moraes Babelcube Inc. (January 15, 2021)

A little about lives, traced in letters and thoughts that were a little loose in the wind, which were carefully collected and put in verses.

Monina, a musical love

by Carlos Díaz del Castillo & Pedro Freile Babelcube Inc. (December 18, 2020)

It is the story of a youth music band, who in the late seventies and early eighties, begin to see the growth and subsequent success of their band. In this one stands out one of his new members called Mónica,...

The Hidden Secret of the Sumerians

by Juan Moises de la Serna & Vilma Hill (Translator and Editor) Babelcube Inc. (January 16, 2021)

An exhibition of the ancient civilizations of humanity will begin one of the most intriguing and exciting adventures through the streets of New York, where persecutions will happen by the most mysterious encounters...

Visible Cities

by Carmen Avila & Chris Canaday ( Babelcube Inc. (August 18, 2020)

In this series of essays, the author, who is from Mexico, gives her impressions and remembrances of various cities that she has visited around the world, including Prague, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Lima, Suva,...

Broken Souls

by Sandra Gabriel & Omar Alberto Alarcón Sandra Gabriel (October 02, 2019)

Alexei and Nicola have been separated for ten years because of a terrible misunderstanding. Discovering the truth will affect their lives and the lives of those around them.

To Maya, who has been in love with...

Deferred Divorce

by Daniel Canals Flores & Lidia Folgar Daniel Canals Flores (February 24, 2020)

The novel, more shocking, written directly on social networks, and now transformed into a book. A family, the Clermont, a lawyer, a medium and some unexpected beings will keep us in suspense through this story....

Bottoms Up

by Étienne Jms Books Llc (January 23, 2021)

RN First Assistant Chris Bottoms enjoys being a bottom. Though abused by his stepfather as a boy and conditioned to enjoy sex only one particular way, he?s come to make the most of his life. And he enjoys bottoming...

Playing Chicken

by A.L. Lester Jms Books Llc (January 23, 2021)

A short story to mark St Dwynwen?s day, the 25th of January. With chickens.

Marc returns home from London to his isolated Welsh cottage for good, having found his ex boyfriend shagging someone else in their bed....

The Lord I Left

by Scarlett Peckham Nyla (January 27, 2020)

He?s a minister to whores? She?s a fallen woman?

Lord Lieutenant Henry Evesham is an evangelical reformer charged with investigating the flesh trade in London. His visits to bawdy houses leave him with a burning...

The Duke I Tempted

by Scarlett Peckham Nyla (July 31, 2018)

He?s controlled. Meticulous. Immaculate. No one would expect the proper duke to be a member of London?s most illicit secret club. Least of all: his future wife.

Having overcome financial ruin and redeemed his...

King of Morgan Park

by Karen D. Bradley Ambrosia Sands Books (December 10, 2019)

Two things threaten to destroy several areas of Daron Kincaid?s life?the tracking device he developed to locate victims of sex trafficking and an inherited membership in a mysterious outfit called The Castle....

Caden's Dilemma

by A.C. Katt Jms Books Llc (January 21, 2021)

There are only two things Masato knows -- how to write brilliant code and how to fly in subspace. But he is rapidly losing control of the company he founded because the CEO he hired is running roughshod over...