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The Adventures of Radisson 2, Back to the New World

by Martin Fournier & Peter McCambridge Baraka Books (December 15, 2014)

fter spending two years with his new Iroquois family as described in Volume 1, Pierre-Esprit Radisson escapes and sails across the Atlantic to Holland before boarding ship to head down the west coast of France....

The Raids

by Mick Lowe Baraka Books (March 27, 2014)

It’s spring, 1963 in the “Nickel Capital of the World.” Nineteen-year-old Jake McCool is about to undergo a rite of passage—his first shift underground in a hard rock mine. But the Cold War is at its...

On the Crow and Other Stories

by Robert A. Poirier Baraka Books (November 13, 2013)

From love lost on a canoe trip, clashing values and naked conflict between natives and newcomers, to the barroom and prison enforcer straight out of a Johnny Cash song, Poirier writes vividly about the people...

21 Days in October

by Magali Favre & Arielle Aaronson Baraka Books (November 05, 2013)

It’s before dawn in Montreal on October 16, 1970. Gaétan is finishing his shift at Dominion Textile just as the Canadian government proclaims the War Measures Act following two kidnappings—the only time...


by Robert Poirier Baraka Books (November 27, 2012)

It’s summer in the ’60s. Twenty-one testosterone-drenched high school graduates are bussed to a summer job at the Company bush camp Washika. Idealistic, confident, sometimes troubled, they meet their match...

The Adventures of Radisson 1

by Martin Fournier & Peter McCambridge Baraka Books (November 09, 2012)

Spring 1651: a young man from Paris lands in Trois-Rivières on the St. Lawrence River. Within weeks, the course of his life changes drastically when Iroquois braves capture him. Pierre-Esprit Radisson, then...

Vic City Express

by Yanni Tsirbas & Fred Reed Baraka Books (September 13, 2018)

It could be happening here… or there. Today the place is Greece, wracked by a crisis that has pushed people to the brink. Two strangers meet in a train for Athens. One spews out his disgust at the foreigners...

The Orphanage

by Richard Bergeron & Peter McCambridge Baraka Books (September 01, 2012)

Though both parents were alive, Richard and his four brothers lived in an orphanage for five years! It was in 1959, five floors of dormitories at fifty children a floor, with nuns’ cells on each floor. Richard...

Power Forward

by Sylvain Hotte & Casey Roberts Baraka Books (August 10, 2012)

Alex McKenzie is back, a promising young hockey player who hopes to make the juniors in Quebec City. Though he still prefers fishing and roaming bush roads on his quad, he trains hard under his demanding coach...

Behind the Eyes We Meet

by Mélissa Verreault & Arielle Aaronson Baraka Books (October 30, 2017)

Behind The Eyes We Meet is a larger-than-life story that comes in three packages. A lighthearted opening flirts with chick lit before giving way to grim tales of a Russian P.O.W. camp on World War II’s Eastern...

Yasmeen Haddad Loves Joanasi Maqaittik

by Carolyn Marie Souaid Baraka Books (October 13, 2017)

A young woman enters a whole new world of attraction in a community struggling with generations of loss of land and culture. Yasmeen’s tradition-bound mother wants her to stay in Montreal, get married, and...

I Never Talk About It

by Véronique Côté & Steve Gagnon Baraka Books (August 29, 2017)

The local and the universal come together in these 37 short stories, brought into English by 37 different translators from all over the world. The result gives readers a flavour of the fresh new writing coming...


by Mick Lowe Baraka Books (May 11, 2017)

September 1978. 11,700 hard rock miners and smelter and refinery workers at Inco’s Sudbury operations face a stark choice. Should they remain on the job? Or take seemingly suicidal strike action against a...

I Hate Hockey

by François Barcelo & Peter McCambridge Baraka Books (January 25, 2012)

“I hate hockey!” is the first and last sentence in this novel that offers a great take on our love-hate relationship with hockey. Narrator Antoine Vachon blames the game for killing his marriage with his...

Break Away

by Sylvain Hotte & Casey Roberts Baraka Books (October 24, 2011)

Alexandre McKenzie lives in a town on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River. Summer finds him riding through the bush on his quad or fishing in an inland lake. In winter he is a promising midget hockey star...

Principals and Other Schoolyard Bullies

by Nick Fonda & Denis Palmer Baraka Books (January 26, 2012)

Who has never encountered a bully? Who has never told—or been told—a story of a bully? With an uncanny insight into what bullies are all about, Nick Fonda brings sensitivity and even humour to an otherwise...

Roads to Richmond

by Nick Fonda Baraka Books (October 24, 2011)

Roads to Richmond is an unusual, almost quirky road book. Divided into four thematic parts and forty-eight short chapters, it works like a mosaic: the big picture is a moving portrait of a little known corner...

Hunting for the Mississippi

by Camille Bouchard & Peter McCambridge Baraka Books (April 01, 2016)

The year is 1684. Young Eustache Bréman leaves a life of misery begging on the streets of France for a second chance in the New World with his mom, his sweetheart Marie-Élisabeth, and Marie-Élisabeth’s...

A Beckoning War

by Matthew Murphy Baraka Books (March 24, 2016)

Captain Jim McFarlane, a Canadian infantry officer, is coming apart at the seams. It’s September 1944, in Italy, and the allied armies are closing in on the retreating Axis powers. Exhausted and lost, Jim...

The Adventures of Radisson 3, The Incredible Escape

by Martin Fournier & Peter McCambridge Baraka Books (December 21, 2015)

Courage, diplomacy, love, and conspiracy make for an action-packed adventure in a little-known past. This third instalment of the series continues Radisson’s adventures with the Jesuits and the Iroquois. Mastering...

Speak to Me in Indian

by David Gidmark Baraka Books (August 12, 2015)

Shane Bearskin, a young Cree man from James Bay, and Theresa Wawati, an Algonquin woman from Northern Quebec, are united by a profound love for each other and a visceral attachment to their cultural heritage....

The Insatiable Maw

by Mick Lowe Baraka Books (May 07, 2015)

Jake McCool, the injured hard-rock miner introduced in The Raids (Vol. 1), returns to work for INCO, but now at its nearby Copper Cliff smelter complex. In no time, he finds himself embroiled in a vicious fight...