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The Galaxy Primes

by Edward Elmer "Doc" Smith Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The Pleiades was Earth's first starship, and it could travel anywhere instantaneously -- but where it ended up could not be predicted... or even if the ship could return to Earth!


by George MacDonald Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Lilith is a fantasy novel written by Scottish writer George MacDonald and first published in 1895. Its importance was recognized in its later revival in paperback by Ballantine Books as the fifth volume of the...

Four-Day Planet

by Henry Beam Piper Open BookShelf (September 29, 2018)

Fenris isn't a hell planet, but it's nobody's bargain. With 2,000-hour days and an 8,000-hour year, it alternates blazing heat with killing cold. A planet like that tends to breed a special kind of person: tough...

The Lone Wolf

by Louis Joseph Vance Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Rival members of the underworld, jealous of "Lone Wolf" Michael Lanyard's success as a jewel thief, threaten to reveal his true identity unless he surrenders his independence and joins their "pack." Instead,...

The Chronicles of Clovis

by Saki Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

One of Saki's best-known works. A collection of satirical short stories featuring Clovis.

The Heads of Cerberus

by Francis Stevens Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

One of the first dystopian science fantasies, this novel features a grey dust from an ancient glass vial which is capped with a silver figure of Cerberus, the 3-headed mythological dog that guarded the gate...

Morning Star

by Henry Rider Haggard Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The whole story revolves around a strong woman, the great queen of Egypt Neter-Tua, the daughter of the God Amen-Ra. She must overcome many difficulties: the murder of her father and the conspiracies of her...

A Scientist Rises

by Desmond Winter Hall Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The face of the giant was indeed that of a god....

Through the Air to the North Pole

by Roy Rockwood Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Orphans Mark and Jack are fostered by Professor Henderson, with help from the professor's assistant Washington White and his friend Andy Sudds, the big game hunter. In their first adventures the Professor builds...

Voodoo Planet

by Andre Alice Norton Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

''From between the two shuffling dancers padded something on four feet. The canine-feline creature was more than just a head; it was a loose-limbed, graceful body fully eight feet in length, and the red eyes...

War Stories

by Avigdor Hameiri Open BookShelf (September 25, 2019)

Avigdor Hameiri was born in Hungary in 1890. He studied to become an Orthodox Rabbi, but did not finish his studies. During the World War I he served as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army in Galicia. In...

A Thought For Tomorrow

by Robert E. Gilbert Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Any intolerable problem has a way out—the more impossible, the likelier it is sometimes!

Master of None

by Lloyd Neil Goble Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The advantages of specialization are so obvious that, today, we don't even know how to recognize a competent syncretist!


by Stanley Gimble Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

She surely got her wish ... but there was some question about getting what she wanted.

Rough Translation

by Jean M. Janis Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Don't be ashamed if you can't blikkel any more. It's because you couldn't help framishing.

Breaking Point

by James Edwin Gunn Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The ship was proof against any test, but the men inside her could be strained and warped, individually and horribly. Unfortunately, while the men knew that, they couldn't really believe it. The Aliens could--and...

Before Egypt

by E.K. Jarvis Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

It was Mallison's strangest assignment. The weird little professor wanted to go to Egypt. That meant a trip back to Earth so far as Mallison was concerned. But the professor pointed to a distant star and Mallison...

The Colonists

by Raymond Fisher Jones Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

If historical precedent be wrong—what qualities, then, must man possess to successfully colonize new worlds? Doctor Ashby said: "There is no piece of data you cannot find, provided you can devise the proper...

Get Out of Our Skies!

by E.K. Jarvis Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The long-suffering public went along with billboards and singing commercials; they tolerated half a dozen sales pitches in a half-hour radio or TV show...

Join Our Gang?

by Sterling E. Lanier Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

They didn't exactly hold a gun at anybody's head; all they offered was help. Of course, they did sort of encourage people to ask for help....

One Martian Afternoon

by Tom Leahy Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

She was sweet, gentle, kind—a sort of Martian Old Mother Hubbard. But when she went to her cupboard ...

Junior Achievement

by William M. Lee Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Fallout is, of course, always disastrous— one way or another.

Bread Overhead

by Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The Staff of Life suddenly and disconcertingly sprouted wings--and mankind had to eat crow!

The Creature from Cleveland Depths

by Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Here is a modern tale of an inner-directed sorcerer and an outer-directed sorcerer's apprentice.

The Moon is Green

by Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Anybody who wanted to escape death could, by paying a very simple price--denial of life!

No Great Magic

by Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The troupers of the Big Time lack no art to sway a crowd--or to change all history!

What's He Doing in There?

by Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

He went where no Martian ever went before—but would he come out—or had he gone for good?

The Machine That Saved The World

by Murray Leinster Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

They were broadcasts from nowhere--sinister emanations flooding in from space--smashing any receiver that picked them up. What defense could Earth devise against science such as this?

Know Thy Neighbor

by Elisabeth R. Lewis Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

It began with the dead cat on the fire escape and ended with the green monster in the incinerator chute, but still, it wouldn't be quite fair to blame it all on the neighborhood....

To Invade New York....

by Irvin Lewis Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

It would be foolish to do a thing a hard way, when there is such an easy way. In a technically dependent culture, people become quite helpless, really....

Just so Stories

by Rudyard Kipling Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The stories, first published in 1902, are pourquoi stories, fantastic accounts of how various phenomena came about. A forerunner of these stories is "How Fear Came" in The Second Jungle Book (1895), in which...

The Time Machine

by H. G. Wells Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The book's protagonist is an amateur inventor or scientist living in London who is never named; he is identified simply as The Time Traveller. Having demonstrated to friends using a miniature model that time...

The History of Mr Polly

by H. G. Wells Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Mr Polly is an ordinary middle-aged man who is tired of his wife’s nagging and his dreary job as the owner of a regional gentleman’s outfitters. Faced with the threat of bankruptcy, he concludes that the...

His Last Bow

by Arthur Conan Doyle Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

His Last Bow: Some Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes is the fourth collection of Sherlock Holmes stories published by Arthur Conan Doyle. It begins with a preface by Dr. John Watson, supposedly written in 1917,...

The Turn of the Screw

by Henry James Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

One of the most famous ghost stories in literature, The Turn of the Screw earned its place in the annals of influential English novellas not for its qualities as a gothic ghost story, but rather for the many...

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

by Agatha Christie Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The Mysterious Affair at Styles isn’t just Agatha Christie’s first Poirot novel, it’s currently the only Poirot novel in the public domain. It was written on a bet that Christie couldn’t write a detective...

Windsor Castle

by Ainsworth, William Harrison, 1805-1882 Open BookShelf (October 15, 2018)

In the twentieth year of the reign of the right high and puissant King Henry the Eighth, namely, in 1529, on the 21st of April, and on one of the loveliest evenings that ever fell on the loveliest district in...

The Calash

by Nikolai Gogol Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The story centers on the life of a former cavalry officer and landowner near a small Russian town. (From Wikipedia)

Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence

by Alice B. Emerson Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

At Jennie Stone's wedding reception, Helen and Tom Cameron are annoyed when Chess Copley is overly attentive to Ruth Fielding. Helen acts like she hates Chess, and Tom is intensely jealous and worried that Ruth...

Taras Bulba

by Nikolai Gogol Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Taras Bulba is a romanticized historical novella by Nikolai Gogol. It describes the life of an old Zaporozhian Cossack, Taras Bulba, and his two sons, Andriy and Ostap.

The Desert of Wheat

by Zane Grey Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

1924. From the master of the western comes a novel full of romance and adventure. The novel begins: Late in June the vast northwestern desert of wheat began to take on a tinge of gold, lending an austere beauty...

The Fifth Queen Crowned

by Ford Madox Ford Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The Fifth Queen trilogy is a series of connected historical novels by English novelist Ford Madox Ford. It consists of three novels, The Fifth Queen; And How She Came to Court (1906), Privy Seal (1907) and The...

The Tragic Muse

by Henry James Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Henry James puts the gimlet eye on an actress and a painter, and the passions they arouse among friends and possible lovers. He also finds inspiration in a character suggested by Oscar Wilde in what scholar...

The Suburbs of London

by Henry James Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

An article describing the London suburbs in 1877 and the ways of the Londoner.

The Point of View

by Henry James Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

An engrossing tale written in James characteristic elegant style. He delves deep into the hearts and minds of his characters to bring us life-like people with whom the reader can relate. Written in the form...

The Aspern Papers

by Henry James Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

In this classic 1888 novella, an anonymous narrator relates his obsessive quest to acquire some letters and other private documents that once belonged to the deceased Romantic poet Jeffrey Aspern. Attempting...

The Beldonald Holbein

by Henry James Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

"The Beldonald Holbein" by Henry James tells the story of Mrs. Louisa Brash, a servant to a beautiful elderly woman named Lady Nina Beldonald. When a painter wants to paint the servant, Lady Nina gets offended....

A Passionate Pilgrim

by Henry James Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The narrator meets fellow American Clement Searle at an old-fashioned London inn. Searle has long wanted to settle in England to escape what he considers his arid life in America. But he is physically ailing,...

The Shadow Line

by Joseph Conrad Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

A young sea captain's first command brings with it a succession of crises: his sea is becalmed, the crew laid low by fever, and his deranged first mate is convinced that the ship is haunted by the malignant...

Diane of the Green Van

by Leona Dalrymple Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

Diane of the Green Van is a romance novel that was awarded the $10,000.00 prize in a novel contest in which over five hundred manuscripts were submitted. The book was made into a silent movie back in 1919, directed...