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A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens & Arthur Rackham Dover Publications (August 29, 2012)

This illustrated edition of the Yuletide classic features 12 full-color plates plus 18 black-and-white drawings by the renowned Rackham. Simply put, Dickens' immortal tale has never looked better.

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens Dover Publications (September 22, 2014)

In October 1843, Charles Dickens ― heavily in debt and obligated to his publisher ― began work on a book to help supplement his family's meager income. That volume, A Christmas Carol, has long since become...

A Master Builder

by Henrik Ibsen & Wallace Shawn Theatre Communications Group (June 16, 2014)

The internationally renowned actor and playwright adapts Henrik Ibsen’s Master Builder.

Billy Budd, Sailor

by Herman Melville Simon & Schuster (June 01, 2014)

Enriched Classics offer readers accessible editions of great works of literature enhanced by helpful notes and commentary. Each book includes educational tools alongside the text, enabling students and readers...


by Herman Melville Canterbury Classics (May 19, 2014)

“Call me Ishmael” is the iconic opening line of Herman Melville’s classic American novel, Moby-Dick. Ishmael is a seaman aboard the whaling vessel, Pequod, under the vengeful captain, Ahab. Maniacally seeking...

David Copperfield

by Charles Dickens & L'Edition Numérique Européenne L'Edition numérique européenne (February 10, 2014)

pemstrongDavid Copperfield/strong/em is the common name of the eighth novel by emCharles Dickens/em, first published as a novel in 1850. Its full title is emstrongThe Personal History, Adventures, Experience...

Oliver Twist

by Charles Dickens & L'Edition Numérique Européenne L'Edition numérique européenne (February 06, 2014)

pemstrongOliver Twist/strong/em, subtitled emstrongThe Parish Boy's Progress/strong/em, is the second novel by English author emCharles Dickens/em, published in 1838. The story is about an orphan, Oliver Twist,...

Fantastic Fables

by Ambrose Bierce Dover Publications (December 04, 2012)

With his characteristic blend of sarcasm and satire, "the American Swift" presents 245 fables that rival Aesop and La Fontaine in their mordant wit and keen insights into human nature.

Four Great Russian Plays

by Anton Chekhov Dover Publications (March 29, 2012)

From the golden age of Russian theater: The Inspector General by Gogol; Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard; Gorky's The Lower Depths; and A Month in the Country by Turgenev.

Short Stories

by Louisa May Alcott Dover Publications (April 02, 2012)

Five poignant tales based in part on the author's experiences as a nurse during the Civil War: "Obtaining Supplies," "A Night," "My Contraband," "Happy Women," and "How I Went Out to Service."

The Prince and the Pauper

by Mark Twain Dover Publications (April 06, 2012)

Two young look-alikes in 16th-century England decide to trade clothes and roles, a situation that drastically alters the lives of both. This timeless tale of transposed identities remains one of Twain's best-loved...

De Profundis

by Oscar Wilde Dover Publications (February 21, 2013)

While imprisoned, Wilde wrote this long letter of recrimination to his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas. It offers fascinating insights into Wilde's life in prison and the background and psychology of a notorious...

The Sea Gull

by Anton Chekhov Dover Publications (December 18, 2012)

Great Russian playwright's tragic masterpiece portrays the inner anguish of a tormented artist who burns with unrequited love. Acclaimed as a prototype of 20th-century drama, it brilliantly reveals the universal...

The Cricket on the Hearth: and Other Christmas Stories

by Charles Dickens Dover Publications (December 06, 2012)

Written with Dickens's familiar flair for characterization and the picturesque, these three stories offer delightful evocations of a Victorian Christmas. Includes title story plus "The Holly-Tree" and "The Haunted...

The Three Sisters

by Anton Chekhov Dover Publications (July 03, 2012)

One of Chekhov's most powerful plays probes the lives and dreams of Olga, Masha and Irina, former Muscovites now living in a provincial town from which they long to escape.

My Autobiography: "Chapters" from the North American Review

by Mark Twain Dover Publications (June 05, 2012)

Famed American author's plain-spoken words recall his boyhood in Hannibal, Missouri, life as a riverboat pilot, as a young adult in rough Nevada mining towns, years spent as a widely renowned author, more.

The Devil's Dictionary: Complete & Unabridged

by Ambrose Bierce Dover Publications (December 21, 2012)

Complete and unabridged, this paperback gift edition of an American humor classic presents more than 1,000 comic definitions praised by H. L. Mencken as "some of the most gorgeous witticisms in the English language."...


by Herman Melville Dover Publications (March 12, 2013)

The author's comic experiences in a South Seas setting has him working at odd jobs, viewing traditional rites and customs, and even contriving an audience with the Tahitian Queen.

The Happy Prince and Other Fairy Tales

by Oscar Wilde Dover Publications (March 29, 2012)

Nine charming, sensitive stories: "The Happy Prince," "The Selfish Giant," "The Star-Child," "The Nightingale and the Rose," "The Birthday of the Infanta," "The Remarkable Rocket," "The Devoted Friend," more....

Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite

by Anthony Trollope Dover Publications (December 20, 2012)

Incisive, unconventional psychological study of a conflict between a wealthy baronet, his idealistic daughter, and their scapegrace cousin. "Probes into a subtle contrasts between aooearance and reality." —...


by Aubrey Beardsley & Oscar Wilde Dover Publications (February 15, 2012)

Lord Alfred Douglas' translation of Wilde's great play — originally written in French — with all well-known Beardsley illustrations, including suppressed plates. Features 28 Beardsley illustrations and an...

The Jewel of Seven Stars

by Bram Stoker Dover Publications (January 02, 2013)

Stolen from a mummy's grip, an ancient gem brings certain death to those who attempt its possession. The author of Dracula wrote this enthralling blend of Eastern lore and classic horror fiction.

The Phantom of the Opera

by Gaston Leroux Dover Publications (August 24, 2012)

Mystery classic featuring the "ghost" of the famed Paris landmark holds readers captive as it tells a gripping tale of human desire, fear, and violence.

A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens Dover Publications (March 27, 2012)

Against the backdrop of the French Revolution, Dickens unfolds his masterpiece of drama, adventure, and romance about a man falsely accused of treason. Excitement and derring-do in the shadow of the guillotine....

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain Dover Publications (March 13, 2012)

Join Huck and Jim as their boyhood adventures along the Mississippi River lead them into a world of excitement, danger, and self-discovery. Humorous narrative, lyrical descriptions of the Mississippi valley,...

Dickens' Christmas Spirits: A Christmas Carol and Other Tales

by Charles Dickens Dover Publications (December 19, 2012)

The only Dickens collection available with a supernatural theme, this elegant hardcover volume gathers seven chilling Christmas tales: "A Christmas Carol," "The Chimes," "The Cricket on the Hearth," "The Haunted...

Mark Twain at Your Fingertips: A Book of Quotations

by Mark Twain & Caroline Thomas Harnsberger Dover Publications (June 14, 2012)

Gathered from Twain's classic novels, diary entries, newspaper articles, and correspondence, this collection of wry quips and quotes offers the great humorist and storyteller's observations on animals, critics,...

Ten Plays

by Anton Chekhov Dover Publications (February 14, 2012)

The Sea Gull, Uncle Vanya, The Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard, and Ivanov, plus 5 one-act comedies: The Anniversary, An Unwilling Martyr, The Wedding, The Bear, and The Proposal.

Les Misérables

by Victor Hugo & Charles E. Wilbour Dover Publications (February 08, 2012)

A convict's heroic struggle for justice and redemption plays out against a fiery backdrop of the Napoleonic wars. This edition features the excellent original translation and a sensitive abridgment.

Roughing It

by Mark Twain Dover Publications (February 08, 2012)

The humorist reflects on his scuffling years — silver mining in Nevada, working at a Virginia City newspaper, down and out in San Francisco, reporting for a newspaper from Hawaii, and more.

A Tramp Abroad

by Mark Twain Dover Publications (February 14, 2012)

Successor to Twain's first collection of travel memoirs takes a second look at Europe. This time, his amusement bears a more cynical cast, as he sees the sights through older and more experienced eyes.

Wuthering Heights Thrift Study Edition

by Emily Brontë Dover Publications (April 12, 2012)

Includes the unabridged text of Brontë's classic novel plus a complete study guide that features chapter-by-chapter summaries, explanations and discussions of the plot, question-and-answer sections, author...

The Devil's Dictionary

by Ambrose Bierce Dover Publications (March 05, 2012)

Over 1,000 barbed and brilliant definitions. Congratulations are "the civility of envy," a historian is a "broad-gauged gossip," many more. H. L. Mencken called these "some of the most gorgeous witticisms in...

Hard Times

by Charles Dickens Dover Publications (February 06, 2012)

Classic 1845 novel offered a powerful indictment of dehumanizing effects of industrialization. Thomas Gradgrind raises his children in strict observance of practicality, only to see them fall into lives of desperation...

The Overcoat and Other Short Stories

by Nikolai Gogol Dover Publications (February 06, 2012)

Four outstanding works by great 19th-century Russian author: "The Nose," "Old-Fashioned Farmers," "The Tale of How Ivan Ivanovich Quarrelled with Ivan Nikiforovich," and "The Overcoat."

Oliver Twist

by Charles Dickens Dover Publications (April 13, 2012)

The tale of a waif's unwilling but inevitable recruitment into a scabrous gang of thieves, this novel offers a realistic portrait of the correlation between poverty and crime.

Great Expectations

by Charles Dickens Dover Publications (February 06, 2012)

Orphaned Pip is apprenticed to the dirty work of the forge but dreams of becoming a gentleman — and one day finds himself in possession of "great expectations." Dickens' finest novel.

The Old Curiosity Shop

by Charles Dickens Dover Publications (February 06, 2012)

Heart-wrenching tale of Little Nell and her doting grandfather who flee from cold and brutal London in the 1840s to escape debt and to roam the English countryside as beggars.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

by Victor Hugo & A. L. Alger Dover Publications (May 14, 2012)

A gypsy girl's beauty and charm captivate a priest, a vagabond, a soldier, and a deformed bell-ringer, in a gripping tale that culminates in a riot and murder.

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories

by Ambrose Bierce Dover Publications (February 06, 2012)

This modestly priced volume includes 23 stories in all — many of Bierce's best, from the Civil War classic "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" to the renowned horror tale "The Moonlit Road."

Dead Souls

by Nikolai Gogol Dover Publications (June 14, 2012)

A stranger arrives in a Russian backwater community with a bizarre proposition for the local landowners: cash for their "dead souls," the serfs who have died in their service. A comic masterpiece.

The Diaries of Adam and Eve and Other Stories

by Mark Twain Dover Publications (February 06, 2012)

Twain combines wit and tenderness in this "he said/she said" narrative of life among the first humans. Five additional stories include "The $30,000 Bequest" and "A Monument to Adam."

Eight Cousins

by Louisa May Alcott Dover Publications (February 13, 2012)

A shy orphan blossoms among her spirited relatives in this captivating novel by the author of Little Women. Readers of all ages treasure its tales of friendship, kindness, and courage.

The Haunted House

by Charles Dickens Dover Publications (December 18, 2012)

A Yuletide gathering in an eerie country retreat provides the backdrop for Dickens and his friends — including Elizabeth Gaskell and Wilkie Collins — who take turns spinning supernatural yarns.


by Charlotte Brontë Dover Publications (February 05, 2013)

Acclaimed by Virginia Woolf as "Brontë's finest novel," this moving psychological study features a remarkably modern heroine who abandons her native England for a new life as a schoolteacher in Belgium.

Diary of a Madman and Other Stories

by Nikolai Gogol Dover Publications (February 13, 2012)

A bizarre mix of broad comedy, fantasy, and social commentary, the title story offers an unforgettable depiction of a lunatic civil servant. Includes "Nevski Prospect" and "The Portrait."

The Cherry Orchard

by Anton Chekhov Dover Publications (March 06, 2012)

Classic of world drama concerns passing of semifeudal order in turn-of-the-century Russia, symbolized in the sale of the cherry orchard owned by Madame Ranevskaya. Showcases Chekhov's rich sensitivities as an...

Five Comic One-Act Plays

by Anton Chekhov Dover Publications (July 05, 2012)

Humorous gems by one of the masters of modern drama: The Anniversary, An Unwilling Martyr, The Wedding, The Bear, and The Proposal. For students, general readers, and amateur and professional theater groups....

The Black Arrow

by Robert Louis Stevenson Dover Publications (March 28, 2012)

Set in England during the Wars of the Roses, this swashbuckling historical novel tells of a young man betrayed by his brutal guardian and forced to seek the help of a mysterious society.

The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain: A Book of Quotations

by Mark Twain Dover Publications (April 25, 2012)

Includes hundreds of Twain's most memorable quips and comments on life, love, history, culture, travel, and diverse other topics, among them "He is now fast rising from affluence to poverty."