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The Baker's Boy

by J. V. Jones Aspect (December 15, 2000)

Melliandra, forced into a betrothal with a sinister prince, flees Castle Harvell with Jack, a kitchen apprentice with an uncontrolled power to work miracles. The Book of Words is a new fantasy adventure series...

The Warding of Witch World

by André Norton Aspect (February 15, 2001)

It is a desperate time in Witch World. The Magestone, the key to the pandimensional gates, has been lost and now all the gates are open. In the classic series' grand finale, an infinite flood of evil is about...

Courage of Falcons

by Holly Lisle Aspect (October 01, 2000)

In the conclusion to this highly praised series, the Final Battle ensues between the Falcons, a band of fugitive wizards committed to peace, and the Dragons, the soul-devouring necromancers wielding the enormous...

Ciara's Song: A Chronicle of Witch World

by André Norton & Lyn McConchie Aspect (February 15, 2001)

In Karsten, Ciara of Elmsgarth is only a small girl when the edict is carried out to kill all with Witch blood, and take all they own. As a mob murderers her family, Ciara is rescued and protected by the powerful...

Vengeance of Dragons

by Holly Lisle Aspect (October 01, 2000)

Battling over the Mirror of Souls, Kait Galweigh and Crispin Sabir don't realize that it contains the captive spirits of long-dead sorcerers who once conquered the world and are poised to wreak vengeance yet...

The Barbed Coil

by J. V. Jones Aspect (December 15, 2000)

Tessa McCamfrey, young and rootless resident of Southern California, has never found much in life that interests her. All of that changes when she stumbles upon a ring that transports her to a distant time and...

The Empire of the Stars

The Dragon Throne #2

by Alison Baird Aspect (July 31, 2007)

Baird, a fresh new voice in the tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley, follows up "The Stone of the Stars" with this second installment of her Dragon Throne trilogy of adventure, magic, and mythic beasts.

Brown Girl in the Ring

Locus Award for Best First Novel 1999

by Nalo Hopkinson Aspect (March 15, 2001)

"She's a powerful writer with an imagination that most of us would kill for. I have read everything she has written and am in awe of her many gifts." --Junot Diaz, New York Times bestselling author of The Brief...

Into the Thinking Kingdoms

by Alan Dean Foster Aspect (September 01, 2000)

Bound by honor, Ehomba has traveled through many exotic and perilous lands on a quest to save a beautiful princess he has never met from the hands of the evil Hymneth the Possessed. Through all their travels...

Sisters of the Raven

Raven Sisters #1

by Barbara Hambly Aspect (December 21, 2008)

The Yellow City is in crisis. The wells are running dry, and the Sun Mages have been unable to call the rains. Frustrated Mages across the land can no longer work the magic that once ran their empire. Now the...

Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley Fantasy Magazine - Volume 2

by Marion Zimmer Bradley Aspect (December 19, 2009)

This second volume of The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine serves up a smorgasbord of magic and adventure. Encompassing a range of fantasy from classical to modern settings, this collection begins...


by Richard Gilliam, Edward E Kramer & Martin H. Greenberg Aspect (October 31, 2009)

This book contains a collection of stories based on the legends of King Arthur. The stories range in time from Camelot to the present day.

The Misbegotten King

by Anne Kelleher Bush Aspect (September 26, 2009)

An ancient prophecy tells Amanander that he is the real heir to the throne of Meriga presently held by King Abelard. He uses his magic to probe the king's mind but kills him instead. All is set for a final conflict...

The Thirteenth Scroll

by Rebecca Neason Aspect (August 01, 2001)

At 17, Lysandra witnessed the brutal murder of her family and lost her sight. Ten years later, she is a master healer and clairvoyant. Lysandra encounters Father Renan, who explains that the two of them are...

Merlin: The King's Wizard - Part 2: The King's Wizard - Part 2

by James Mallory Aspect (May 30, 2009)


Mab is the powerful Queen of Magic, but her cruel evil has turned the wizard Merlin into her implacable enemy. And Mab's sister, the Lady of the Lake, comes...

Merlin: The Old Magic - Part 1: The Old Magic - Part 1

by James Mallory Aspect (May 30, 2009)


"Once upon a, no, that's not the way to start. You'll think this is a fairy tale. And it isn't".

In the terrible years of tyrants and invaders, England's...

Crystal Gorge

The Dreamers series #3

by David Eddings & Leigh Eddings Aspect (October 15, 2007)

After two devastating defeats and the utter annihilation of two armies, the hideous Vlagh still vows to invade the land of Dhrall. A voracious insectile overmind, she can breed millions of soldiers in mere days...

The Treasured One

The Dreamers series #2

by David Eddings & Leigh Eddings Aspect (October 15, 2007)

Jalkan stumbled back, spitting blood, teeth, and curses and he clawed at his knife-hilt. Keselo's sword, however, came out of its sheath more smoothly and rapidly. The young man put the point of his sword against...

The Younger Gods

The Dreamers series #4

by David Eddings & Leigh Eddings Aspect (August 01, 2006)

In the thrilling conclusion to The Dreamers, the Vlagh prepares for one merciless attack that will pit her forces against the might of both the Elder Gods and the Younger Gods. All may be for naught, however,...

Master and Fool

Book of Words #3

by J. V. Jones Aspect (December 15, 2000)

The Known Lands are teetering on the brink of war. Desperate to avert worldwide catastrophe, Jack, the baker's boy, must learn to harness the full strength of his magic to face his ultimate destiny--a final...

The Archons of the Stars

The Dragon Throne #3

by Alison Baird Aspect (September 03, 2007)

- The first book in the Dragon Throne series, The Stone of the Stars (0-446-69098-8), was published in Aspect trade paperback in 2/04 and has already gone back to press for a second printing. The mass market...

The Autumn Castle

by Kim Wilkins Aspect (May 30, 2009)

In this first volume of Wilkins' Europa Suite, a woman's world is turned upside down when her childhood friend, abducted as a young girl into a place of magic and myth, rerturns. But now jealousies and betrayals...

The Stone of the Stars: The Dragon Throne, Book I

The Dragon Throne #1

by Alison Baird Aspect (July 31, 2007)

A fresh, new Canadian author, who is comparable to Marion Zimmer Bradley, debuts a brand new fantasy trilogy for all ages. The quest is on to find the coveted Stone of the Stars on the mystical isle of Trynisia,...

The Magestone

Secrets of the Witch World #2

by André Norton & Mary H. Schaub Aspect (February 15, 2001)

They are two strangers whose people have been at war for a millennium.Mereth, a Dales trader, crosses the sea to Estcarp and the archivalcitadel at Lormt, seeking clues to the fate of a missing heirloom, anancient...

The Key of the Keplian

Secrets of the Witch World #1

by André Norton Aspect (February 15, 2001)

All of Witch World knows to fear the hated, fire-eyed Keplian horses who lure riders to their deaths. All that is, save for one young Native American girl new to Witch World, who rescues a Keplian mare and her...

A Man Betrayed

Book of Words #2

by J. V. Jones Aspect (December 01, 2001)

Volume 2 of the Book of Words series, is a fantasy adventure where the lethal conspiracies and deadly intrigues of the mighty can be countered only by the power of magic.

Vincalis the Agitator

by Holly Lisle & Anne Hooper Aspect (March 01, 2002)

A new, thrilling adventure from Lisle is set in the same fantasy world as the popular Secret Texts trilogy--a world where a sorcery called Dragon Magic draws its powers from the agony of slaves who are killed...

The Elder Gods

The Dreamers series #1

by David Eddings, Kathleen Renda & Allen Rucker Aspect (October 15, 2003)

While most continents float freely on the face of Mother Sea, the Land of Dhrall survives anchored by the will of the Gods. All Gods, Elder and Younger, share the people and the land of Dhrall equally. But the...

The Knight, the Harp, and the Maiden

by Anne Kelleher Bush Aspect (September 26, 2009)

The foremost city-state of Sylyria is in the cold grasp of Lindos, a cruel wizard who has mastered the magic to turn 10,000 years of peace into a reign of horror. Rejected in his marriage proposal to the beautiful...

Crusade of Fire: Mystical Tales of the Knights Templar

by Katherine Kurtz Aspect (September 26, 2009)

The Knights Templar were the fabled order of mystic warrior-monks supposedly disabanded more than seven centuries ago by the pope. Legends persist of their presence, and this collection of stories muse on the...

A Quest-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic

by Margaret Weis Aspect (September 26, 2009)

Going all the way back to Homer's 'Odyssey', the 'quest' is a popular and well-respected story-telling format in Western literature. This volume collects classic quest stories, including tales from by Neil Gaiman...

A Dragon-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic

by Margaret Weis Aspect (December 21, 2008)

Dragons are monsters, mages, heroes, horrors. Dragons thrill our dreams and haunt our legends. Now Margaret Weis, coauthor of the New York Times bestselling Dragonlance and Death Gate series, author of the Star...

On Crusade: More Tales of the Knights Templar

by Katherine Kurtz Aspect (May 30, 2009)

The bestselling author of the Deryni fantasy series has compiled a new collection of stories about a mysterious and romantic order of medieval knights, featuring tales written by Andre Norton, Deborah Turner...

Tales of the Knights Templar

by Katherine Kurtz Aspect (May 30, 2009)

The Knights Templar was a military order founded during the time of the crusades to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. Legend endows the Templars with magical powers with which they are said to have...

Merlin: The End of Magic - Part 3: The End of Magic - Part 3

by James Mallory Aspect (May 30, 2009)

The war between Merlin and the pagan Mab, Queen of Magic, hurtles toward the final conflict.

At last, a good King sits on England's throne. But Arthur leaves Camelot on a quest of shadows, while his nemesis,...

Mystic Empire: Book Three of the Bronze Canticles

Bronze Canticles #3

by Tracy Hickman & Laura Hickman Aspect (May 30, 2009)

Eighty Years have passed since the Mystics founded Calsandria, and now their nation is mired in politics and bloodlines. A woman with no magic, Theona Conlan leads the desperate search for the missing Prince...

Stealing the Elf-King's Roses

by Diane Duane Aspect (December 21, 2008)

In an alternate-world Los Angeles, prosecutor/psychic Lee Enfield and her partner, Gelert, investigate the murder of an elf. They soon reveal a deadly network of ties among organized crime, multinational corporations,...

Circle of the Moon

Raven Sisters #2

by Barbara Hambly Aspect (September 03, 2007)

Faced with an attempt by the land chiefs to oust the King, and with the efforts of her own family to re-enslave her, Raeshaldis must play a deadly guessing-game while an even more terrible threat awaits.