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Tell Me Who I Am

by Julia Navarro Plaza & Janes (February 10, 2014)

A journalist receives a proposal to investigate the eventful life of his great-grandmother, about whom all that is known is that she fled Spain, abandoning her husband and child, shortly before the Civil War...

Ice-Cold Heaven

by Mirko Bonné The Overlook Press (September 25, 2013)

With him on his ship Endurance are twenty-eight crew members, sixty-nine sled dogs, a gramophone, a bicycle--and Merce Blackboro, a seventeen-year-old stowaway hidden amidst oilskins and sea boots. Their journey...

The Gladiator

by Simon Scarrow The Overlook Press (May 29, 2013)

After barely making it to the port of Matala in Crete, they are stunned to find a devastated town. An earthquake has struck the island, destroying its cities and killing thousands. In the chaotic aftermath,...


by Simon Scarrow The Overlook Press (May 27, 2013)

In Centurion, Scarrow continues the adventures of centurions Macro and Cato, as they wage war to defend the imperium. Scarrow combines stunning historical detail with riveting battles and rich characters to...

Iron and Rust

by Harry Sidebottom The Overlook Press (January 07, 2015)

Blending heart-pounding action and historical accuracy, Harry Sidebottom’s bestselling Warrior of Rome series took readers from the shouts of the battlefield to the whisperings of the emperor’s inner circle....

Wolves of the North

by Harry Sidebottom The Overlook Press (April 03, 2013)

In AD 263, the Roman Empire is close to turmoil, violent uprising threatening to shatter the fragile balance of power. In the north, the tribes are increasingly bold in their raids on the Imperium. Ballista...

The Royal Physician's Visit

by Per Olov Enquist The Overlook Press (October 28, 2001)

The Royal Physician's Visit magnificently recasts the dramatic era of Danish history when Johann Friedrich Struensee -- court physician to mad young King Christian -- stepped through an aperture in history and...

The Stranger from the Sea

by Paul Binding The Overlook Press (February 18, 2019)

The dramatic and moving reimagination of the characters from Ibsen’s The Lady from the Sea, set in a 19th-century town that harbors many secrets


After a ferocious storm shipwrecks young Norwegian sailor...

The Spirit Photographer

by Jon Michael Varese The Overlook Press (April 16, 2018)

Boston, 1870. Photographer Edward Moody runs a booming business capturing the images of the spirits of the departed in his portraits. He lures grieving widows and mourning mothers into his studio...

A Perfect Heritage

by Penny Vincenzi The Overlook Press (April 18, 2016)

“The doyenne of the modern blockbuster†? (Glamour) returns with her signature writing style and eye for strong characters in A Perfect Heritage.  The House of Farrell is a prolific skincare company and...

The Butcher's Daughter

by Victoria Glendinning The Overlook Press (June 18, 2018)

In 1535, England is hardly a wellspring of gender equality; it is a grim and oppressive age where women—even the privileged few who can read and write—have little independence. In The Butcher’s Daughter,...

Hotel Savoy

by Joseph Roth The Overlook Press (October 27, 2003)

Still bearing scars from the gulag, a freed POW traverses Russia to arrive at the Polish town of Lodz. In its massive Hotel Savoy, he meets a surreal cast of characters, each eagerly awaiting the return from...


by Katherine Govier The Overlook Press (June 08, 2003)

Running two steps ahead of the bailiff, alternately praised and reviled, John James Audubon set himself the audacious task of drawing, from nature, every bird in North America. The result was his masterpiece,...

Swords Around the Throne

by Ian James Ross The Overlook Press (June 06, 2016)

Rome is in peril and the old order is changing. Centurion Aurelius Castus has been summoned back from his post in Britain to find himself caught up in a treacherous conspiracy threatening to bring down Emperor...

Song of the North

by Jules Watson The Overlook Press (January 09, 2008)

Roman Britain, 366 AD: Minna, an eighteen-year-old Roman serving girl, leads a quiet life with her grandmother, a Celtic herbal healer. But when her beloved grandmother dies, Minna must make a difficult choice—marry...

Fire and Sword

by Harry Sidebottom The Overlook Press (March 27, 2017)

It is April 238 AD, and the empire is in turmoil. With both Gordian the Elder and Younger dead in North Africa, tyrant and former emperor Maximinus Thrax seeks to reclaim the throne. The Senate, who supported...

The Ten Thousand Things

by John Spurling The Overlook Press (April 09, 2014)

In the turbulent final years of the Yuan Dynasty, Wang Meng is a low-level bureaucrat, employed by the government of Mongol conquerors established by the Kublai Khan. Though he wonders about his own complicity...

Rivals of the Republic

by Annelise Freisenbruch The Overlook Press (September 05, 2016)

The body of a Vestal Virgin is found in the Tiber River, and soon after, a senator is found having bled to death in his bath. As Roman authorities turn a strangely blind eye, Hortensia, the daughter of the capital’s...

Battle For Rome

by Ian James Ross The Overlook Press (June 19, 2017)

From the author who “wraps mystery, action, myth, and deceit into one page turner of a book†? (Nerd Reactor) comes Battle for Rome. War is on the horizon for the Roman Empire, and only Maxentius, tyrant...

Brothers in Blood

by Simon Scarrow The Overlook Press (July 20, 2015)

A messenger on the streets of Rome has been intercepted and tortured, revealing a plot to sabotage the Roman army's campaign against Caratacus, commander of Britannia's native tribes. A treacherous agent's mission...

War at the Edge of the World

by Ian James Ross The Overlook Press (June 06, 2016)

Once a soldier in an elite legion from the Danube, newly promoted centurion Aurelius Castus now finds himself stuck in Britain’s provincial backwater. But when the king of the Picts, the savages beyond Hadrian’s...

Blood and Steel

by Harry Sidebottom The Overlook Press (January 18, 2016)

Blending heart-pounding action and historical accuracy, Harry Sidebottom’s bestselling Warrior of Rome series took readers from the shouts of the battlefield to the whisperings of the emperor’s inner circle....

The Amber Road

by Harry Sidebottom The Overlook Press (January 01, 2014)

In AD 264, the Roman Empire has been torn in two. The western provinces—Gaul, Spain and Britain—have been seized by Postumus, the pretender to the throne. To the east, on the plains of northern Italy, the...

The Republic of Vengeance

by Paul Waters The Overlook Press (July 25, 2011)

A consuming story of love, loss, and redemption set in the classical world of Rome and Greece, The Republic of Vengeance is the story of a young man's pursuit of his father's murderer and of the values and qualities...

Ike and Kay

by James MacManus The Overlook Press (June 04, 2018)

In his latest historical novel Ike and Kay, acclaimed author James MacManus brings to life an unbelievably true and controversial romance and the poignant characters and personalities that shaped the course...

The Last of the Just

by Andre Schwarz-Bart The Overlook Press (January 31, 2000)

On March 11, 1185, in the old Anglican city of York, the Jews of the city were brutally massacred by their townsmen. As legend has it, God blessed the only survivor of this medieval pogrom, Rabbi Yom Tov Levy,...

In The Dark

by Deborah Moggach The Overlook Press (November 23, 2015)

1916: Pretty young Eithne Clay runs a shabby-genteel South London boarding house while her husband is off at the War. There’s Ralph, her fourteen-year old son, and Winnie the young maid, a homely, goodhearted...

The Last Man in Europe

by Dennis Glover The Overlook Press (November 13, 2017)

April, 1947. In a run-down farmhouse on a remote Scottish island, George Orwell begins his last and greatest work: Nineteen Eighty-Four.Forty-three years old and suffering from the tuberculosis that within three...


by David Foenkinos & Sam Taylor The Overlook Press (May 30, 2016)

Obsessed with art, and with living, Charlotte attended school in Germany until it was too dangerous to remain, fled to France, and was interned in a bleak work camp from which she narrowly escaped. Newly free,...


by Valerio Massimo Manfredi The Overlook Press (October 19, 2015)

Odysseus returns in this second installment of the classic hero’s extraordinary story, masterfully brought to life by bestselling author Valerio Massimo Manfredi. After ten years of uninterrupted war, blood,...

The Ornatrix

by Kate Howard The Overlook Press (December 05, 2016)

In this exquisitely dark debut, Kate Howard delivers a stirring tale on the cost of beauty, packed with suspense and period detail worthy of Kate Mosse, Jessie Burton, and Tracy Chevalier.Cursed from birth by...

The Optickal Illusion

by Rachel Halliburton The Overlook Press (June 04, 2018)

In this vividly fashioned debut, Rachel Halliburton draws from the sordid details of a genuine scandal that deceived the British Royal Academy to deliver a stirring tale on the elusive goal of achieving artistic...

A Call From Jersey

by P.F. Kluge The Overlook Press (November 28, 2011)

Set in the1980's it follows the life of Hans Greifinger, a German-American who immigrated to the United States in 1928 and built a life for himself and his son, George, who has adopted the surname Griffin for...

You shall not kill

by Julia Navarro Grupo Books Digital (December 16, 2019)

«You shall not kill, son, you shall not kill, because no man can be the same after taking another man's life.»

Fernando, a young literary editor and the son of a persecuted Spanish Republican, decides to flee...

The Return of the Menorah

by Joaquim Oller Riera Caligrama (December 14, 2019)

The prophecy will be fulfilled and many images of Emperor Vespasian will be destroyed.

In the year 70 A.D., after destroying Jerusalem and its temple, Emperor Vespasian and his Roman army stole the menorah and...

La reina Jezabel (Trilogía de los Médici 3)

by Jean Plaidy B De Bolsillo (November 14, 2019)

La tercera parte de la fabulosa trilogía sobre Catalina de Médici, uno de los personajes más fascinantes de la historia.

La madrugada del 24 de agosto de 1572, Catalina de Médici agregó a su largo historial...