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Now Silence: A Novel of World War II

by Tori Warner Shepard Sunstone Press (November 01, 2011)

In this superbly researched WWII novel, award-winning writer, Tori Warner Shepard, captures the mood of remote Santa Fe, New Mexico as it waits out WWII for the return of her men held in Japanese prison camps....

Unconquered: A Novel of the Post-Civil War

by Johnny Neil Smith Sunstone Press (January 15, 2012)

After four years of bitter struggles and immeasurable cost in human lives and property, the armies laid down their weapons and the country was reunited. But there was a magnitude of problems emerging from the...

Hillcountry Warriors

by Johnny Neil Smith Sunstone Press (January 15, 2012)

In the antebellum American South, a family who were among the first to enter east central Mississippi in the 1830s are forced into the Civil War despite their opposition to slavery. Many hardships in the unspoiled...

Where They Bury You: A Novel

by Steven W. Kohlhagen Sunstone Press (November 15, 2013)

In August 1863, during Kit Carson's roundup of the Navajo, Santa Fe's Provost Marshal, Major Joseph Cummings, is found dead in an arroyo near what is now the Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado, Arizona. The murder,...

A Civil General: A Novel based on the actual life and career of General George Henry Thomas, an American Civil War hero

by David Stinebeck & Scannell Gill Sunstone Press (January 25, 2014)

George Henry Thomas was once considered the most successful general in the Civil War. Now, however, he has been nearly forgotten by historians. Born and raised in Virginia, Thomas graduated from West Point and...

Lakota Betrayal

by A. P. Greenwood Sunstone Press (February 01, 2014)

In 1872, young Nate Henderson travels from Texas with his family, dreaming of gold in the Black Hills. But tragedy strikes in Nebraska, and his life is transformed forever as he develops a strong relationship...

Follow the Spinning Sun

by Leandro Thomas Gonzales Sunstone Press (February 07, 2014)

Living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the Anasazi Indians enjoyed a good and bountiful life. Yet, for some reason, they abandoned their village and all that remains are the ruins of Tyuoni at...

First Territory: A Novel

by Richie Swanson Sunstone Press (January 20, 2014)

Beautiful Lalooh becomes the "favor and fancy" of sixteen-year-old Andrew Eaton as she teaches him Yakama words for the parts of a bear caught by the most powerful Yakama leader in the Pacific Northwest, Chief...

Up from the Ashes: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner Sunstone Press (April 25, 2012)

Aaron Turner returned from the devastating War Between the States to find Texas prostrate under the heel of Yankee soldiers, carpetbaggers and scalawags during Reconstruction. Texans' rights were swept away...

On the Road to Glory: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner Sunstone Press (April 25, 2012)

ON THE ROAD TO GLORY, the fifth volume in the Western Quest Series, follows Aaron Lloyd Turner, his brothers David and Noah, and their brother-in-law, Pinckney Hawkins, through the greatest tragedy in American...

Skid Row: A Novel

by Joseph H. Werner Jr. Sunstone Press (July 15, 2011)

The bum who put the touch on JoJo was just like any other bum on Skid Row-red-faced, in clothes that didn't fit, and with the shakes, a condition that only a drink could still. The line was the same with all...

Metis: Mixed Blood Stories: Mixed Blood Stories

by Lynn Ponton Sunstone Press (July 25, 2011)

The Metis are the descendants of Cree and Assiniboine women who joined with French and Scottish men to raise children and shape a hybrid culture in the heart of Canada. In "Metis, Mixed Blood Stories," four...

Out of the Wilderness: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner Sunstone Press (April 25, 2012)

In 1749, red haired blue eyed Thomas Turner left Belfast for South Carolina. The seventeen year old was expected to carve a home and a plantation out of the raw wilderness. The young Scots Irishman would grow...

Ride for the Lone Star: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner Sunstone Press (April 25, 2012)

Aaron Turner is a tall redheaded fifty-three year old minister and Lieutenant Colonel in the Texas militia. Duty calls him to participate in both the Cherokee and Wichita Wars. He and his family struggle to...

On the Camino Real: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner Sunstone Press (April 25, 2012)

Aaron Turner was a third generation American. His grandfather, Thomas Turner, first appearing in OUT OF THE WILDERNESS, had come from Ireland to settle in South Carolina. In this second installment in the Western...

Under Troubled Skies: A Western Quest Series Novel

by Stephen L. Turner Sunstone Press (April 25, 2012)

UNDER TROUBLED SKIES, the third volume in the Western Quest Series, follows Aaron Turner, his family and friends, through the tumultuous years culminating in the War for Texas Independence from Mexico. Aaron,...

The Land: A Novel

by Robert K. Swisher Jr. Sunstone Press (March 15, 2012)

Crumbling Indian and Spanish ruins, lost gold and a modern ranch are all part of The Land where centuries of men and women have lived, loved, fought and died. It is a novel of their hopes, dreams of wealth and...

No Pretty Picture

by Michael Archie Hays Sunstone Press (August 20, 2016)

A testament to strength and determination, Maud Hawk Wright recounts the true story of a young American woman who is kidnapped from her ranch in Chihuahua during the Mexican Revolution by Villista raiders. The...

Billy Old, Arizona Ranger

by Geff Moyer Sunstone Press (August 20, 2016)

In this historical novel, Billy Old and Jeff Kidder were Arizona Rangers at the turn of the twentieth century and best friends. In 1908, while acting in the line of duty, Kidder was murdered by five crooked...

Mountain Lion Charlie

by Barend Van Kimball Sunstone Press (January 25, 2016)

Mountain Lion Charlie was a real person. Those few who were fortunate to know him and those who heard hand-me-down tales romanced his deeds unnecessarily. Charlie’s truths are more than sufficient. A mountain...

Medicine Woman's Revenge

by Bud Shapard Sunstone Press (January 25, 2016)

In 1866, a Chiricahua Apache girl, Dah-zhonne, was eleven years old when a Mexican army unit attacked and decimated her band’s village. The horrible affair changed her life forever and she swore vengeance...

Esprit de Corps

by Herbert H. Roebuck & Connie Bertelsen Young Sunstone Press (December 15, 2015)

Will Brown, a small town boy from West Virginia, an inexperienced youth who gets cold feet when he’s with his childhood sweetheart and cringes at confrontations with loud mouthed bullies, dreams of joining...

The First Conquistador

by Robert L. Foster Sunstone Press (December 15, 2015)

In the early 1500s, twenty-four year old Spanish Captain Luis Escudero is already a legend in Spain’s professional army, living and fighting in her battles, gambling his life on the slim chance that one day...

Sun Father, Corn Mother

by Kirk Reeve Sunstone Press (December 15, 2015)

Coinciding with Coronado’s conquest of Zuni villages in 1540, fourteen-year-old Running Antelope, a Hopi youth, is caught up in the violence and intrigue resulting from these Spanish incursions northward to...

The Devil's Playground

by Robert C. Bartsch Sunstone Press (October 01, 2015)

From tyrannized foreign lands, broken armies, ruined dreams and religious persecution they came, allured by the freedom of an untrammeled land and gold in the gulches. Here a man could strike it rich, then lose...

The Last of Our Kind

by Gerald W. McFarland Sunstone Press (October 01, 2015)

Don Carlos Buenaventura, the protagonist of The Last of Our Kind, is a powerful brujo living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a remote settlement on the edge of Spain’s North American empire. The year is 1706. Comanche...

Chief of Thieves

by Steven W. Kohlhagen Sunstone Press (August 15, 2015)

August 1863 finds two con artists traveling with their embezzled cash to build their dream ranch in Washington Territory. But some Cheyenne Indians have different plans for those white settlers heading west,...

The Red Garnet Sky

by Gordon Zima Sunstone Press (August 15, 2015)

A Carthaginian named Hannibal Barca lived between about 247 and 183 BC, the product of a military father and a mother of completely unknown qualities other than what can be imputed through her son. Before he...

What the Owl Saw

by Gerald W. McFarland Sunstone Press (January 01, 2015)

The second volume in the Buenaventura Series and the sequel to The Brujo’s Way, opens in December 1705 with a terrifying nightmare that fills Don Carlos Buenaventura, a powerful brujo in his sixth life, with...

Time Never Runs Back

by Nelson Martin Sunstone Press (January 01, 2015)

This twisting tale, the sequel to the author’s Ring Around the Sun, takes Coot Boldt and Narlow Montgomery back to their childhood in the wilds of the Tularosa Basin of southern New Mexico Territory and west...

The Last Trail West

by Stephen L. Turner Sunstone Press (January 01, 2015)

Aaron Turner is nearing the peak of his success in ranching and other ventures in this eighth and final volume of the Western Quest Series. The story follows the unending series of natural and man-made disasters...

A Man Called Jesus

by Rick Herrick Sunstone Press (January 01, 2015)

Have you ever wondered about Nazareth as a place to live in the first century? How about Jesus the miracle worker: how did he do the great deeds reported of him in the New Testament? A Man Called Jesus answers...

Torben's Fountain

by Sebastian Rizzo Sunstone Press (September 20, 2014)

Torben Friedrich’s efforts to fight a redevelopment plan in his town and save his farm are thwarted when the mayor digs up evidence that Torben might be a Nazi murderer who has been hiding out in the United...

In the Dust of Time

by Donald L. Lucero Sunstone Press (April 28, 2014)

The land to the south of the villa of Santa Fe was a series of ridges, like ripples in the earth. Indians standing on the roofs of the casas reales in the pre-dawn hours of December 16, 1693, could see across...

Pecos Pueblo People Through the Ages

by Carol Paradise Decker Sunstone Press (April 28, 2014)

The once great Pecos Pueblo has deteriorated to a series of rock and earthen humps on a narrow ridge in the Upper Pecos Valley in New Mexico. The nearby mission church is reduced to roofless red walls eroding...

Voices In Our Souls

by Gene Erb & Ann DeWolf Erb Sunstone Press (March 10, 2015)

Frances DeWolf, wife of Seventh Cavalry surgeon James DeWolf, lay in bed alone on a frigid morning in 1875, listening to her husband’s activities in their military quarters—opening the parlor stove, tossing...

My Eyes Have A Cold Nose

by Elizabeth Fackler Sunstone Press (May 10, 2015)

Elizabeth “Gigi” Garrett, a nationally-acclaimed concert pianist, has retired to teach music to the neighborhood children of a small town. When fifteen-year-old Eleanor Fielding disappears and popular opinion...

The Rosas Affair

by Donald L. Lucero Sunstone Press (January 01, 2015)

In the winter of 1637, Luis de Rosas, a tough, two-fisted soldier, stood outside the convent door beating on its staves with a gloved hand. Appointed to the governorship of New Mexico, he had petitioned the...

The Natural Selection

by Ona Russell Sunstone Press (September 20, 2014)

In July of 1925, Sarah Kaufman is finally taking the holiday she deserves. Her court duties in the hands of a competent replacement, she looks forward to a month of relaxation with her cousin Lena, the newest...

O'Brien's Desk

by Ona Russell Sunstone Press (March 25, 2016)

The year is 1923, and one of Ohio’s most prominent judges, O’Brien O’Donnell, fathers his first and only child. Though a joyous occasion for the recently married, fifty-nine year old, the birth sets off...