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The Spinster Diaries

by Gina Fattore & Tanya Eby Blackstone Publishing (July 14, 2020)

Our heroine, a moderately successful TV writer in LA, wants her life to be as sunny and perfect as a Hollywood rom-com: a cool job, a wacky best friend, and lots of age-appropriate hot guys just dying to date...

Rattling the Heat in Deadwood

by Ann Charles & Caroline Shaffer Blackstone Publishing (March 13, 2018)

A scrappy, hot-blooded woman can only take so much! Violet Parker is on fire ... or rather under fire yet again. New evidence has fanned the embers of a cold murder case, and her alibi is smoldering at the corners....

Gone Haunting in Deadwood

by Ann Charles & Caroline Shaffer Blackstone Publishing (December 24, 2018)

"Trespassers will be gutted and hung!"--Slagton's unofficial town motto

Normally, not even drunk on a bet would Violet Parker go to Slagton, a creepy ghost town inhabited by those too stubborn--or deranged--to...

A Wild Fright in Deadwood

by Ann Charles & Caroline Shaffer Blackstone Publishing (April 11, 2017)

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ... especially a dead one holding a grudge.

Back on Deadwood's list of usual suspects, Violet Parker is hip deep in wild frights and fired-up females. After juggling bitter...

Fletch and the Man Who

by Gregory Mcdonald & Dan John Miller Blackstone Publishing (October 16, 2018)

Full of sharp-witted commentary and rich details, Fletch and the Man Who takes a satirical, behind-the-scenes look inside the world of American politics.

Arriving on scene somewhere in middle America, newly hired...


by Gregory Mcdonald & Donald Corren Blackstone Publishing (May 07, 2019)

Infusing elements of dark reality into this richly detailed, comical series, Mcdonald's first volume, Flynn, delves deeper into the curious character first introduced in the bestselling Fletch series--Francis...

The Buck Passes Flynn

by Gregory Mcdonald & Donald Corren Blackstone Publishing (June 11, 2019)

Someone is looking to wreck the nation's economy, and they're spending plenty to do it. With every lead going nowhere, Flynn's most dizzying logic is put to the test.

Son of Fletch

Fletch Reflected

Carioca Fletch

Fletch Won

Fletch, Too

by Gregory Mcdonald & Dan John Miller Blackstone Publishing (January 08, 2019)

After a heck of a week at the News-Tribune with only a few minor blunders, Fletch is finally getting married to his blushing bride, Barbara. As the small gathering of friends and family converge on the gusty...

Fletch's Moxie

by Gregory Mcdonald & Dan John Miller Blackstone Publishing (October 02, 2018)

Ms. Moxie Mooney is Hollywood royalty--and she's in trouble.

At the summons of his on-again, off-again lover, Fletch drops in on Moxie's film set, located in sunny Florida. If being called up for help by the...

Fletch and the Widow Bradley

Fletch’s Fortune

At Swim-Two-Birds

by Flann O’Brien & Alan Smyth Blackstone Publishing (February 11, 2020)

A wildly comic send-up of Irish literature and culture, At Swim-Two-Birds is the story of a young, lazy, and frequently drunk Irish college student who lives with his curmudgeonly uncle in Dublin. When not in...

Written Out

by Howard Mittelmark, John Rubinstein & Cassandra de Cuir Blackstone Publishing (January 31, 2020)

Roger Olivetti's novels never set the world on fire as he had once hoped, but he's contented himself with a comfortable living as an editor, an apartment in downtown Manhattan, and a lovely and bestselling novelist...

Hot Water

by P. G. Wodehouse & Jonathan Cecil Blackstone Publishing (February 01, 2012)

At the house party at Chateau Blissac, Brittany features a rather odd array of guests this year.

Mr. J. Wellington Gedge is hoping for some peace and quiet while his wife takes herself off for a while. She, however,...

Queen Lucia

by E. F. Benson & Wanda McCaddon Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2006)

England between the wars was a paradise of calm and leisure for the very, very rich. Into this enclave is born Mrs. Emmeline Lucas--La Lucia, as she is known--a woman determined to lead a life quite different...


by Robert Sheckley & Tom Weiner Blackstone Publishing (June 16, 2010)

Interstellar travel to alien worlds is too expensive for Marvin, a college student in need of a good vacation. And so he signs up for what he can afford: a mind swap, in which his consciousness is swapped into...

Farnham's Freehold

by Robert A. Heinlein & Tom Weiner Blackstone Publishing (June 05, 2011)

Hugh Farnham is a practical, self-made man, and when he sees the clouds of nuclear war gathering, he builds a bomb shelter under his house, hoping for peace and preparing for war. But when the apocalypse comes,...

A Far Cry from Kensington

by Muriel Spark & Pamela Garelick Blackstone Publishing (May 02, 2011)

Set on the crazier fringes of 1950s literary London, A Far Cry from Kensington is a delight, hilariously portraying love, fraud, death, evil, and transformation.

Mrs. Hawkins, the majestic narrator of A Far Cry...

The Bishop's Wife

by Robert Nathan & Stephen R. Thorne Blackstone Publishing (October 15, 2013)

This classic novel is the inspiration behind thebeloved Christmas film of the same name starring Cary Grant and Loretta Young.

BishopHenry Brougham desperately wants to build a great cathedral for his overcrowdedparish....

Yankee Doodle Dixie

by Lisa Patton & Marguerite Gavin Blackstone Publishing (November 08, 2011)

A charmingly funny testament to second chances in life and love from the acclaimed author of Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter

Lisa Patton won the hearts of readers with her book Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter,...

Hungry Tales

by Jonathan Maberry & Tom Weiner Blackstone Publishing (October 03, 2012)

New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry presents a quirky collection of stories starring a whole cast of the ever-popular undead--including one story written exclusively for Blackstone Audio.



by Chuck Palahniuk & Tai Sammons Blackstone Publishing (October 18, 2011)

“Are you there, Satan? It’s me, Madison,” declares the whip-tongued thirteen-year-old narrator of Damned, Chuck Palahniuk’s subversive new work of fiction. The daughter of a narcissistic film star and...

The Nice People

by Henry Cuyler Bunner & Scott O’Neill Blackstone Publishing (June 14, 2013)

Henry Culyer Bunner is considered a comedic genius of the short story form. Known for choosing distinctly American themes and characters, his stories are often seen as trivial, merely expanded anecdotes, yet...

The Open Window

by Saki & Gary Dikeos Blackstone Publishing (June 08, 2013)

Considered a master of the short story, Saki was best knownfor his witty and mischievous stories that satirized the culture and society ofEdwardian England. In "The Open Window," his best-known vignette, a teenagegirl...

A Long Walk up the Water Slide

by Don Winslow & Joe Barrett Blackstone Publishing (April 13, 2011)

Neal Carey has to keep the mob, the FBI, and a major television personality from killing his newest client, but he's tempted to do the job himself.

Sometime student and ever-reluctant detective Neal Carey would...

Nothing Serious

by Daniel Klein & William Dufris Blackstone Publishing (April 15, 2013)

Stoned out of his skull--this is how we find washed-up New York magazine writer Digby Maxwell when he is offered a last chance to redeem himself by becoming editor of a small philosophy magazine headquartered...

The Inimitable Jeeves

by P. G. Wodehouse & Jonathan Cecil Blackstone Publishing (August 01, 2011)

Bertie Wooster is in trouble again as his lovesick pal, Bingo Little, falls in love with every girl he lays eyes on. The real problem starts when Bingo decides to marry one of the girls and he enlists Bertie's...

The Cinderella Deal

by Jennifer Crusie & Susan Boyce Blackstone Publishing (January 01, 2010)

Linc Blaise needed the perfect fiancée to win his dream job, but finding a woman who'd be convincing in a charade seemed impossible--until he heard Daisy Flattery charm her way out of a sticky situation. Playing...

The Dead Mountaineer's Inn

by Boris Strugatsky, Arkady Strugatsky, Keith Szarabajka & Josh Billings et al. Blackstone Publishing (October 06, 2015)

From the Russian masters of science fiction comes The Dead Mountaineer's Inn, a hilarious spoof on the classic country-house murder mystery.

When Inspector Peter Glebsky arrives at a remote ski chalet on vacation,...

The Grand Tour

by Rich Kienzle, Adam O’Fallon Price, John Pruden & R. C. Bray Blackstone Publishing (August 09, 2016)

A bitingly funny, smart, and moving road novel about two hapless lost souls--an alcoholic Vietnam veteran turned bestselling author, and his awkward, shy college-student superfan--who form an unlikely connection...


by Chris Belden & Grover Gardner Blackstone Publishing (January 05, 2016)

Mistaken for a famous but reclusive author of the same name, lonely Shriver attends a writers' conference at a small midwestern liberal arts college. Completely unfamiliar with the novel he supposedly wrote...

The Confidence-Man

by Herman Melville & Stefan Rudnicki Blackstone Publishing (June 07, 2016)

In his ninth and final novel, cultural observer, novelist, and poet Herman Melville gives us a picture of everything wrong with America in the decade preceding the Civil War.

Evoking Chaucer's Canterbury Tales...

Nuclear Family

by Susanna Fogel, Jessica Almasy, Bailey Carr & Oliver Wyman et al. Blackstone Publishing (July 18, 2017)

From filmmaker and New Yorker contributor Susanna Fogel comes a comedic novel about a fractured family of New England Jews and their discontents. Told entirely in letters to a heroine we never meet, we get to...

The Funny Man

by John Warner & Mauro Hantman Blackstone Publishing (July 01, 2012)

The funny man is a middling comic in an unnamed city. By day he takes care of his infant son, by night he performs in small clubs, sandwiched between other aspiring comics. His wife waits tables to support the...

Cocktail Time

by P. G. Wodehouse & Jonathan Cecil Blackstone Publishing (August 01, 2016)

If Lord Ickenham had not succumbed to the temptation to dislodge the hat of Beefy Bastable, the irascible QC, with a well-aimed Brazil nut, the latter's famous legal mind might never have been stimulated to...

Galahad at Blandings

by P. G. Wodehouse & Jeremy Sinden Blackstone Publishing (August 01, 2016)

Galahad can't abide broken hearts. So when Sam Bagshott and Sandy, Lord Emsworth's current secretary, have a falling-out over a bet, Galahad determines to reunite the warring couple. Sam stands to win a sackful...

Young Men in Spats

by P. G. Wodehouse & Jonathan Cecil Blackstone Publishing (September 01, 2012)

From the author whom the Times called "a comic genius" and "an old master of farce" come eleven further stories featuring such eccentric characters as Freddie Widgeon, Cyril (Barmy) Fotheringay Phipps, Percy...

The Blight Way

by Patrick F. McManus & Charles Leggett Blackstone Publishing (October 10, 2017)

Bo Tully is the sheriff of Blight County, Idaho, where law enforcement is usually pretty mundane: tracking down truants running away from school, picking up country boys who've had a few too many beers. But...

The Small Bachelor

by P. G. Wodehouse & Jonathan Cecil Blackstone Publishing (November 01, 2011)

For George Finch, one of "nature's white mice" and probably the worst artist ever to put brush to canvas, there are many obstacles to overcome. Undoubtedly the greatest is his beloved Molly's fearsome stepmother,...

Quick Service

by P. G. Wodehouse & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (March 24, 2015)

This stand-alone novel is another fine example of thewonderful, zany humor of P. G. Wodehouse.

ImperiousAmerican widow Beatrice Chavender is visiting her sister's country home nearLondon when a most unfortunate...

Money in the Bank

by P. G. Wodehouse & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (February 24, 2015)

George Uffenham, the eccentric sixth viscount of Uffenham,has just converted the family fortune into diamonds--and stashed them away in asecret hiding place. But as luck would have it, an unfortunate car accidentsoon...

Bill the Conqueror

by P. G. Wodehouse & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (January 20, 2015)

Sir George Pyke is quite disappointed in his son Roderick'sbusiness acumen. Roderick, unlike his old man, lacks the aggressive driverequired of a business tycoon. So the elder Pyke resolves to marry him off...

How to Write a Novel

by Melanie Sumner & Katie Schorr Blackstone Publishing (August 04, 2015)

Aristotle "Aris" Thibodeau is twelve-and-a-half years old and destined for greatness. Ever since her father's death, however, she's been stuck in the small town of Kanuga, Georgia, where she has to manage her...


by Robertson Davies & Frederick Davidson Blackstone Publishing (September 28, 2009)

An amateur production of The Tempest provides a colorful backdrop for a hilarious look at unrequited love. Mathematics teacher Hector Mackilwraith, stirred and troubled by Shakespeare's play, falls in love with...

Rumpole and the Golden Thread

by John Mortimer & Frederick Davidson Blackstone Publishing (August 02, 2012)

In this engaging collection of stories, Rumpole continues to deftly juggle the vagaries of law, the ambiguities of crime, and the contradictions of the human heart in his death-defying performances on behalf...

Happy Days

by Laurent Graff, Bronson Pinchot & Linda Coverdale Blackstone Publishing (February 23, 2009)

What kind of man buys his grave at the age of eighteen and chooses to spend the rest of his life in a rest home at thirty-five? Meet Antoine, the curious hero of Laurent Graff’s Happy Days, an odd young man...