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Race Against Time

by Sharon Sala MIRA (June 27, 2017)

Sometimes fate brings you together…only to tear you apart

Growing up in the foster system, Quinn O'Meara made a point of never getting involved. But when she discovers a crying baby amid a fiery crime scene,...

Dying Breath (Krewe of Hunters, Book 21)

by Heather Graham MIRA (June 01, 2017)

Buried alive…

As a teenager, Vickie Preston survived an attack by a serial killer. That was the first time she saw a ghost. Now the city of Boston is being terrorized–someone is kidnapping women and burying...

Falling Darkness (South Shores, Book 3)

South Shores #3

by Karen Harper MIRA (May 01, 2017)

At the mercy of a treacherous sea…

Claire Britten's training never prepared her for this—the forensic psychology curriculum didn't cover plane crashes. Or how to help fellow survivors cope, seven frightened...

A Perfect Obsession (New York Confidential, Book 2)

by Heather Graham MIRA (April 01, 2017)

Perfect suspense from New York Times bestselling author Heather Graham! The latest book in her New York Confidential series.

Someone is murdering beautiful young women in the New York area and displaying them...

The Awakening (The Graveyard Queen, Book 7)

by Amanda Stevens MIRA (April 01, 2017)

Shush…lest she awaken…

My name is Amelia Gray, and I'm a cemetery restorer who lives with the dead. An anonymous donor has hired me to restore Woodbine Cemetery, a place where the rich and powerful bury...

Drowning Tides (South Shores, Book 2)

South Shores #2

by Karen Harper MIRA (February 01, 2017)

Danger is never far off…

When forensic psychologist Claire Britten started working with lawyer Nick Markwood on his South Shores project, she had no idea it would endanger her life—and the life of her...

Chasing Shadows (South Shores, Book 1)

South Shores #1

by Karen Harper MIRA (December 01, 2016)

The dead still talk if you know how to listen…

Every case that Claire Britten cracks is a win, not only professionally but personally. The forensic psychologist has spent a lifetime fighting a neurological...

Still Waters: The Island / Below the Surface

by Heather Graham & Karen Harper MIRA (October 25, 2016)

New York Times bestselling authors Heather Graham and Karen Harper team up with two fan-favourite stories that prove still waters run deep…

The Island by Heather Graham

On a weekend vacation, Beth Anderson...

Family Sins

by Sharon Sala MIRA (October 25, 2016)

Felled by a cowardly shot to the back, Stanton Youngblood has just enough time before he dies to leave a single clue to his killer’s identity: the word Wayne, scrawled in his own blood.

That word means everything...

Darkest Journey (Krewe of Hunters, Book 20)

by Heather Graham MIRA (September 27, 2016)

They say it's about the journey, not the destination…

Charlene "Charlie" Moreau is back in St. Francisville, Louisiana, to work on a movie. One night, she stumbles across the body of a Civil War reenactor,...

Liar's Key (Sharpe & Donovan, Book 7)

by Carla Neggers MIRA (August 30, 2016)

An FBI legend, a mysterious antiquities specialist and a brazen art thief draw top FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan into a complex web of blackmail, greed and murder in the eagerly awaited new novel...

Deadly Fate

by Heather Graham MIRA (July 26, 2016)

The Daredevil Snared (The Adventurers Quartet, Book 3)

by Stephanie Laurens MIRA (June 28, 2016)

Responsibility knocks, and a reckless, hedonistic man responds and opens the door to love—thus is a daredevil snared.

#1 New York Times best-selling author Stephanie Laurens brings you the third instalment...

Call After Midnight

by Tess Gerritsen MIRA (June 01, 2015)

A ringing phone in the middle of the night begins a horrific journey for newlywed Sarah Fontaine when she is given the news that her husband, Geoffrey, has been killed in a hotel fire in Berlin.

Convinced that...

Under The Knife

by Tess Gerritsen MIRA (June 01, 2015)

For David Ransom, it begins as an open-and-shut case. Malpractice.

As attorney for a grieving family, he's determined to hang a negligent doctor. Then Dr. Kate Chesne storms into his office, daring him to seek...

The Harbor

by Carla Neggers MIRA (July 01, 2015)

A killer strikes–then disappears without a trace

Shattered by her father's murder, Zoe West left Goose Harbor, Maine. Still struggling, Zoe realizes only one thing will help to repair the damage–returning...

The Silenced

by Heather Graham MIRA (July 01, 2015)


Where is Lara Mayhew?

Lara, a congressman's media assistant, suddenly quits her job–and disappears on the way to her Washington, DC, apartment.

Novice FBI agent Meg Murray,...

A Grave Mistake

by Stella Cameron MIRA (December 01, 2014)

Dead: one ordinary man. Just the latest in a string of losers in the wrong place at the worst time. Not the kind of case to yank New Orleans homicide detective Guy Gautreaux back from his leave of absence in...

Private Lives

by Karen Young MIRA (December 01, 2014)

Elizabeth Walker has spent most of the past three decades trying to forget the loss of her mother and father, a lonely childhood spent in a series of foster homes and the two baby sisters she hasn't seen in...

Never Tell

by Karen Young MIRA (December 01, 2014)

Haunted by the memories of an August night nine years ago when a car crash robbed her of her family, artist Erica Stewart has focused her life on her thriving Houston boutique. No one is more surprised than...

In Confidence

by Karen Young MIRA (December 01, 2014)

The irony of life is not lost on high school guidance counselor Rachel Forrester: while she is educating teens about good choices, her own life is spiraling out of control. First, she learns her husband is having...

Belle Pointe

by Karen Young MIRA (December 01, 2014)


Anne Whitaker: Faced with an unexpected loss, Anne returns to the hot and sultry Mississippi Delta, leaving her husband, Buck, to ponder his future–with...

White Horses

by Joan Wolf MIRA (December 01, 2014)

January 1813–the British army is preparing to cross the Pyrenees and advance against Napoleon's army. Only one thing stands in the way–funds. It will take two people masquerading as lovers to carry out...

To The Castle

by Joan Wolf MIRA (December 01, 2014)

Twelfth-century Normandy–as a fierce battle for the crown erupts, a powerful knight and his innocent bride will discover their destinies are passionately entwined….

Just weeks away from taking her holy...

His Lordship's Desire

by Joan Wolf MIRA (December 01, 2014)

Napoleon's troops stand defeated and Wellington's Spanish campaign is over. Now a dedicated British soldier enters a very different hind of war: a battle for the woman he loves…

The eldest son of the Earl...

The Inquisitor

by Gayle Wilson MIRA (December 08, 2014)

The serial murderer dubbed the Inquisitor has already killed over a dozen women in various cities, and the authorities haven't a clue to his identity. He is organized, methodical and certain to kill again. And...

Riverside Drive

by Laura Van Wormer MIRA (November 01, 2014)

At New York's most-sought-after address, passions and secrets collide, and love is destroyed, then found again in the most unlikely place

Michael and Cassie Cochran are television's perfect couple, but the...

The Innocents Club

by Taylor Smith MIRA (November 01, 2014)

Senior CIA analyst Mariah Bolt remembers her late father as the man who abandoned his family to run off to Europe with another woman. Ben Bolt's fans remember him somewhat differently, and revere him as a literary...

Liar's Market

by Taylor Smith MIRA (November 01, 2014)

In Hong Kong a beautiful woman is pushed off a balcony to her death. In London a young American is gunned down outside the U.S. embassy. In Washington a senior CIA official vanishes into thin air. Random, unrelated...

Guilt By Silence

by Taylor Smith MIRA (November 01, 2014)

On a cobbled street in old Vienna, an accident leaves David Tardiff a shadow of his brilliant self and his young daughter, Lindsay, severely injured.

On a deserted highway in New Mexico, five of the world's...

Deadly Grace

by Taylor Smith MIRA (November 01, 2014)

On a cold winter night in a small Minnesota town in 1979, someone comes looking for Grace Meade. She is killed and her house is set ablaze. Incredibly, the prime suspect is her own daughter, Jillian.


The Sheriff

by Nan Ryan MIRA (November 01, 2014)

There are no laws when it comes to love.

Kate Quinn arrives in Fortune, California, with little but a deed to a run-down Victorian mansion and a claim to an abandoned gold mine. But a beautiful woman on her...

The Countess Misbehaves

by Nan Ryan MIRA (November 01, 2014)

She was a proper lady

As the mighty ocean liner sank to its watery grave, two strangers bold savored their final moments by making passionate love. Matching the raging hurricane outside with her own white-hot...

Naughty Marietta

by Nan Ryan MIRA (November 01, 2014)

She looks like an angel, acts like a vixen and sings like an alley cat.

Marietta Stone had big dreams–to sing opera, to be famous, to see the world. And if her rich gentleman benefactor was a tad overprotective,...

Duchess For A Day

by Nan Ryan MIRA (November 01, 2014)

They were well-matched opponents in the game of seduction

Tempted by the idea of living a life she could only imagine, Claire Orwell decides to impersonate the flamboyant Duchess of Beaumont when she's mistaken...

The Trade

by Shirley Palmer MIRA (November 01, 2014)

Matt Lowell never set out to be a hero…but he wasn't given a choice.

As a wildfire rages in the canyons around Malibu, Matt Lowell races along the edge of the surf in a desperate attempt to reach his house...

The Last Cheerleader

by Meg O'Brien MIRA (November 01, 2014)

Successful L.A. literary agent Mary Beth Conahan has come a long way from her troubled past. But when Mary Beth's ex-husband and her bestselling author are killed, she finds herself in the middle of a murder...

The Final Kill

by Meg O'Brien MIRA (November 01, 2014)

Abby Northrup finally has the quiet life she s dreamed of, living in Carmel at the former monastery she purchased and renovated. But The Prayer House is more than a peaceful home for Abby–unofficially it is...

Sacred Trust

by Meg O'Brien MIRA (November 01, 2014)

Abby Northrope has everything a woman could want. A wonderful home in Carmel-by-the-Sea, a wealthy lawyer husband, a wide circle of friends and a secure place in the community. She has everything…

until Marti...

Gathering Lies

by Meg O'Brien MIRA (November 01, 2014)


Six women have come to Thornberry, a small writers' colony on a tiny island off the coast of Seattle. They have come to work on their own writing at this secluded resort, but they have...

Crimson Rain

by Meg O'Brien MIRA (November 01, 2014)

Paul and Gina Bradley did all they could to create the perfect family. When they discovered they could not have children of their own, they adopted twin girls, intent on giving them a good home.

But something...

While Others Sleep

by Helen R. Myers MIRA (November 26, 2014)

Who says lightning never strikes twice?

Campbell Cody has twice experienced the strike of lightning, and both times proved to be a deadly portent of things to come. The first time lightning struck, she lost...

No Sanctuary

by Helen R. Myers MIRA (November 26, 2014)

Metal sculptor Bay Butler spent six years in a Texas prison for a crime she did not commit–until the efforts of a powerful client get her conviction overturned. Suddenly Bay is free, but she is still plagued...


by Helen R. Myers MIRA (November 26, 2014)

When Faith Ramey's abandoned car is discovered, the town can't help feeling an unwelcome sense of déjà vu. Police Chief Jared Morgan doesn't to believe there's a connection, but Faith's sister, Michaele, is...

Final Stand

by Helen R. Myers MIRA (November 26, 2014)

For two terror-filled days, Las Vegas cop Sasha Mills has been on the run. Now, in a remote stretch of southwest Texas, she is compelled to take a chance in a town called Bitters.

But her timing couldn't be...

White Mountain

by Dinah McCall MIRA (November 01, 2014)

Why do the fingerprints of a recent murder victim in New York City belong to a man who has been dead for over thirty years? To find out, FBI agent Jack Dolan heads to the victim's last known address: a boardinghouse...

Wild Enough For Willa

by Ann Major MIRA (November 26, 2014)

One night Willa Longworth found a fortune…and a man

What does a woman do when she finds cold hard cash at her feet? With a family against her, a son to nourish and a passion to extinguish, Willa did what...

The Hot Ladies Murder Club

by Ann Major MIRA (November 26, 2014)


It's just a fun night out with the girls, with talk of men, sex and murder? Why not, when each of them has a lawyer who deserves to get his just deserts....

The Girl with the Golden Gun

by Ann Major MIRA (November 26, 2014)

Following a tragic plane crash, no one believed that Golden Spurs ranch heiress Mia Kemble could have survived. And no one is more surprised to find out she's been languishing in a Mexican prison than loner...

Marry A Man Who Will Dance

by Ann Major MIRA (November 26, 2014)

For the first time in his life, Roque Blackstone heard the music of love when he caught Ritz Keller trespassing on his father's land–spying on him as he swam naked in a sheltered pool underneath the live oaks....