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In Silence Sealed

by J.R. Lindermuth Torrid Books (February 27, 2018)

Lydia, daughter of Swatara Creek Police Chief Aaron Brubaker, is accused of murdering her boyfriend, Jason Russell, handsome but feckless stepson of Clay Stoneroad, a famous writer who recently moved to a farm...

The House That Jack Built

by Patrick Ford Torrid Books (December 23, 2016)

  In Australia, the story of Jack Riordan, and his wife Susan, continues. Together, they build a farming dynasty, through drought, collapsing markets, and the threat of terrorist attack. The action-packed...

Lethal Legacy

by Amanda McKinney Torrid Books (January 13, 2017)

After watching her father get brutally murdered, young Victoria Henry turned to painting to escape the painful memories of her childhood. Over three decades later, a house fire destroys her Texas mansion and...

A Presence of Departed Acts

by A.C. Alexander Torrid Books (December 14, 2016)

When Caroline Williams survives a traumatic event in which she is injured and a friend is murdered, she decides to abandon her career as an actress and return to the farm where she grew up. She’s shaken, and...

The Strawberry Field

by Barbara Jean Ruther Torrid Books (December 19, 2016)

The Strawberry Field, the story of two sisters: Beth, projecting warmth and caring, a luminous smile; and Alyssa, wickedly mean, rumored to practice sadomasochism.

Beth’s husband, Raymond, sees himself as the...

The Smiling Stallion Inn

by Courtney Bowen Torrid Books (November 30, 2016)

In a fantasy village, Basha yearns to marry his girlfriend Jawen, yet her father’s the merchant and he’s just an orphan left on the innkeeper’s doorstep. His adopted brother Oaka and others doubt they...

The Reincarnated

by Kurt Kammeyer Torrid Books (November 15, 2016)

The Reincarnated is the fast-paced sequel to The Rejuvenated. In that first book, Anka grew progressively younger, from an eighty-two year old woman to just fifteen years old, when her husband Jeffrey last saw...

A Cold, Fine Evil

by A.C. Alexander Torrid Books (October 24, 2016)

There is evil in the woods and a legacy continues…


When Jon Palmer heads back home to Black Lake, he finds that the memories from his childhood still exist. The dark past lurks and he’s tied to it, heart...

The Dreamer

by Alexa Jacobs Torrid Books (September 19, 2016)

Claire Martin dreams of having a normal life, yet it is her dreams that prevent her from having one. When she sleeps, she finds herself within the dreams of the people around her. That can sometimes lead to...

Drowning in Her Eyes

by Patrick Ford Torrid Books (October 07, 2016)

Jack is a young Australian, Susan an American girl. For them, it was love at first sight.

But, when she becomes pregnant, her family takes Susan back to America, and it seems Jack will never see her again. However,...

The Rejuvenated

by Kurt Kammeyer Torrid Books (September 23, 2016)

The Rejuvenated is a romantic adventure that spans two continents and outer space.

As Jeffrey Allen attempts to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, he saves the life of a mysterious Indian Sikh woman,...

The Vampire's Orchids

by James Quinn Torrid Books (August 04, 2016)

A dynastic family, steeped in mystery and shrouded in dark secrets, was not what designer, Miriam, had in mind after accepting an invitation from a handsome stranger to dine at his Hollywood Hills home above...

Waiting and Watching

by Darcy Darvill Torrid Books (July 06, 2016)

In 1964, Connie and Julio Harriman's parents were brutally murdered, and the only suspect the police ever had was Connie's popular boyfriend at the time, Andrew Leader, who left town after the incident. Tilden...