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Digital Dreams

by J.R.S. Saenz & Annelise Belmonte J.R.S. Saenz (November 11, 2020)

The Company Interleger has created a real time game called Digital Dreams -DD for short-. All the players spend most of their time inside the game than living their real lives.

One day, the daily activities inside...

The Exploration of Space

by Arthur C. Clarke Barakaldo Books (November 19, 2020)

?This book has been written to answer all the questions which the intelligent layman asks about the new science of "astronautics"?a subject which is increasingly in the public eye. The treatment, though scientifically...

Wonder and Glory Forever

by Livia Llewellyn, Laird Barron, Erica L. Satifka & Molly Tanzer et al. Dover Publications (November 18, 2020)

Even though he passed over 80 years ago, H. P. Lovecraft maintains a visceral influence over a host of contemporary writers. Inspired by the Master of the Macabre's more optimistic writings, this unique collection...

Lost Earth

by Michael McCollum Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc. (November 16, 2020)

A Galaxy Reborn

It is the 43rd century and humanity occupies a substantial chunk of the Orion Spur, the small galactic arm in which Sol is located. Homo sapiens Terra has become Homo sapiens Galactica.


Across the Universe

by Jamie Craig Jms Books Llc (November 14, 2020)

For two years, Ares Gallo has been ransacking the galaxy for the woman who meant everything to him. They trained together, killed together, loved together, but now, Anicka Dekker doesn't even know who he is....

The Stellar Legion

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

No one had ever escaped from Venus’ dread Stellar Legion. And, as Thekla the low-Martian learned, no one had ever betrayed it and?lived. Leigh Brackett was the undisputed Queen of Space Opera and the first...

The Road to Sinharat

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

The people of Mars were perverse. They did not want Earth’s proffer of rich land, much water, new power. They fought rehabilitation. And with them fought Carey, the Earthman who wanted only the secret that...

The Dragon Queen of Jupiter

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

More feared than the deadly green snakes, the hideous red beetles of that outpost of Earth Empire, was the winged dragon-queen of Jupiter and her white Legions of Doom. Leigh Brackett was the undisputed Queen...

The Dancing Girl of Ganymede

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

She had come to life, but she was not human. Leigh Brackett was the undisputed Queen of Space Opera and the first women to be nominated for the coveted Hugo Award. She wrote short stories, novels, and scripts...

The Blue Behemoth

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Shannon’s Imperial Circus was a jinxed space-carny leased for a mysterious tour of the inner worlds. It made a one-night pitch on a Venusian swamp-town?to find that death stalked it from the jungle in a tiny...

The Ark of Mars

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

There are men in space again. The catastrophic words went out from Mars to damp Venus and frost--wracked Mercury; to the lunar colonies of Jupiter and Saturn. To all points of the system the warning was screamed:...

Shannach: The Last

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Even in this grip of alien horror a man could not throw away his lifetime goal . . . and not stand idly by as endless rows of alabaster, shapes seated in their chars of stone, thought-rules this gargoyle planet...

Outpost on Io

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

In a crystalline death lay the only release for those prisoners of that Ionian hell-outpost. Yet MacVickers and the men had to escape?for to remain meant the conquering of the Solar System by the inhuman Europans....

Last Call from Sector 9G

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Out there in the green star system; far beyond the confining grip of the Federation, moved the feared Bitter Star, for a thousand frigid years the dark and sinister manipulator of war-weary planets. Leigh Brackett...

Child of the Sun

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Far beyond molten Mercury flashed the Patrol-pursued Falcon....Out to where black Vulcan whirled his hidden orbit, and a flame-auraed last child of Sol played his cosmic game. Leigh Brackett was the undisputed...

Prey of the Space Falcon

by Wilbur S. Peacock Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

The Administrators of the Solar System were as deadly as a Hydra-monster to those who sought freedom. Then came the Falcon and his outlaw Brood, fighting with the strangest weapon the Universe had ever seen?only...

Phantom of the Seven Stars

by Ray Cummings Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Lovely Brenda Carson, scholarly Jerome, pompous Livingston ... everyone aboard the Seven Stars scoffed at the idea of a Phantom Pirate. But I.P. agent Jim Fanning didn’t laugh. He knew the luxury-liner’s...

Venus Enslaved

by Manly Wade Wellman Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

What chance had the castaway Earthman and his crossbow-weaponed Amazons against the mighty Frogmasters of the Veiled Planet? Manly Wade Wellman wrote science fiction and fantasy stories in such pulps as Astounding...

Expedition to Pluto

by Fletcher Pratt & Laurence Manning Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Within the Goddard’s hurtling hull Captain “Steel-Wall” McCausland, hero of the space fleets, nursed his secret plan for an Earth reborn. Reuter the scientist cuddled his treacherous test-tubes. And Air...

War-Gods of the Void

by Henry Kuttner Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Jerry Vanning trailed the fugitive Callahan into the swampy wastes of Venus, Hell-Kingdom of the fabled War-Gods. He reached his goal?walking with the robot-strides of a North-fever slave. Henry Kuttner was...

Thralls of the Endless Night

by Leigh Brackett Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

The Ship held an ancient secret that meant life to the dying east-aways of the void. Then Wes Kirk revealed the secret to his people’s enemies?and found that his betrayal meant the death of the girl he loved....

Phantom out of Time

by Nelson S. Bond Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Graed Garroway’s empire on Earth was toppling, smashed by the flaming vengeance of Dirk Morris who struck from nowhere with blinding speed and true justice. Yet such a thing could not be?for Dirk Morris was...

Quest of Thig

by Basil Wells Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Thig of Ortha was the vanguard of the conquering “HORDE.” He had blasted across trackless space to subdue a defenseless world?only to meet on Earth emotions that were more deadly than weapons. Basil Wells...

The Planet That Time Forgot

by Donald A. Wollheim Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Out beyond furthest Pluto, beyond pale Neptune, roared the Stardust. Rocketing toward the monstrous new planet that filled the heavens. Planet “P”?the colossus that Time forgot! Donald Allen Wollheim was...

The Mercurian

by Frank Belknap Long Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

For ages Mankind labelled Mercury a dead world?a red-hot, seething outpost of hell. Too late Rawley learned of the hideous life that molten, steaming planet spawned! Frank Belknap Long was best known for his...

Asteroid of the Damned

by Dirk Wylie Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Somewhere on that asteroid of sin lurked the crime king of the Universe. Dirk Wylie was the author of ten science fiction and fantasy short stories which appeared in Magazines such as Super Science Stories,...

Grifters' Asteroid

by H. L. Gold Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Harvey and Joe were the slickest con-men ever to gyp a space-lane sucker. Or so they thought! Angus Johnson knew differently. He charged them five buckos for a glass of water?and got it! H. L. Gold was an American...

Assignment on Venus

by Carl Jacobi Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Simms had the toughest assignment of his career. He must fight his way through Venusian intrigue to deliver a sealed cylinder?a cylinder that held his dishonorable discharge from the service. Carl Jacobi was...

The Star Mouse

by Fredric Brown Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

Robinson Crusoe ... Gulliver ... Paul Bunyan; the story of their adventures is nothing compared to the Saga of Mitkey. Fredric Brown was a science fiction and mystery writer. He is known for his use of humor...

Stranger from Space

by Hannes Bok Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

She prayed that a God would come from the skies and carry her away to bright adventures. But when he came in a metal globe, she knew only disappointment?for his godliness was oddly strange! Hannes Bok, was an...

Prison Planet

by Bob Tucker Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

To remain on Mars meant death from agonizing space-sickness, but Earth-surgery lay days of flight away. And there was only a surface rocket in which to escape?with a traitorous Ganymedean for its pilot. Wilson...

World of Mockery

by Sam Moskowitz Start Publishing Llc (November 17, 2020)

When John Hall walked on Ganymede, a thousand weird beings walked with him. He was one man on a sphere of mocking, mad creatures?one voice in a world of shrieking echoes. Sam Moskowitz was the editor Science-Fiction...

On Safari in R'lyeh and Carcosa with Gun and Camera

by Elizabeth Bear Tor Books (November 17, 2020)

An academic's whimsical decision to take a DNA test leads her into uncharted territory, where she discovers some extraordinary truths about herself and new possibilities for her future.

At the Publisher's request,...

Human Resources

by Robin Triggs Flame Tree Press (November 10, 2020)

The sequel to Night Shift, praised by Crime Review and Cemetery Dance.

Antarctica. A city on the edge of nowhere.

Anders Nordvelt is chief of security in this frozen land, so, when a prominent member of a dissident...

A Contest of Principles

by Greg Cox Pocket Books/Star Trek (November 10, 2020)

An epic new Star Trek saga by New York Times bestselling author Greg Cox set during the original five-year mission!

The planet Vok is holding its first free elections after years of oppressive military rule....

Liberty & Justice for All

by Carrie Harris Aconyte (November 03, 2020)

Two exceptional students face their ultimate test when they answer a call for help, in the first thrilling Xavier’s Institute novel, focused on the daring exploits of Marvel’s mutant heroes

As part of their...

The Fractured Void

by Tim Pratt Aconyte (November 03, 2020)

A brave starship crew are drawn into the schemes of interplanetary powers competing for galactic domination, in this epic space opera from the best-selling strategic boardgame, Twilight Imperium

Captain Felix...