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Thy Name Is Woman

by Kenneth O’Hara Positronic Publishing (July 05, 2017)

There wasn’t a woman left on earth. They had just packed their bags and left. Women of earth had finally attained their objective: a new world all their own and—without men! But was it?

Uniform of a Man

by Dave Dryfoos Positronic Publishing (July 05, 2017)

After rescue, revenge was uppermost in Chet Barfield’s mind; the hideous, bestial Agvars had to be taught a lesson they’d never forget. His rescuers seemed to disagree, however—until Chet learned his lesson...

The Planet with No Nightmare

by Jim Harmon Positronic Publishing (July 05, 2017)

The creatures on the little planet were real bafflers. The first puzzler about them was that they died so easily. The second was that they didn’t die at all.

The Talkative Tree

by H. B. Fyfe Positronic Publishing (July 05, 2017)

Dang vines! Beats all how some plants have no manners—but what do you expect, when they used to be men!

The Peacemaker

by Alfred Coppel Positronic Publishing (July 05, 2017)

The Arrow lanced down out of the night like a spear of flame, vengeful and deadly. The legends of Jaq Merril are legion—but legends. Hark, ye, then to the true story of the pirate benefactor of Mankind!

To Choke An Ocean

by J. F. Bone Positronic Publishing (July 05, 2017)

Gourmets all agree that nothing can beat oysters on the half-shell—not even the armed might of the Terran Confederation!

Homo Inferior

by Mari Wolf Positronic Publishing (June 30, 2016)

The world of the new race was peaceful, comfortable, lovely—and completely static. Only Eric knew the haunting loneliness that had carried the old race to the stars, and he couldn’t communicate it, even...

’Mid Pleasures and Palaces

by James McKimmey, Jr. Positronic Publishing (June 30, 2016)

It was, Kirk thought, like standing in a gully, watching a boulder teeter precariously above you. It might fall at any minute, crushing your life out instantly beneath its weight. Your only possible defenses...

McIlvaine’s Star

by August Derleth Positronic Publishing (June 30, 2016)

Old Thaddeus McIlvaine discovered a dark star and took it for his own. Thus he inherited a dark destiny—or did he?

The Day of the Dog

by Andersen Horne Positronic Publishing (June 30, 2016)

They came home from a strange journey.... And heroes they might have been—a little dog and a man!

Progress Report

by Mark Clifton Positronic Publishing (June 30, 2016)

Progress is relative; Senator O’Noonan’s idea of it was not particularly scientific. Which would be too bad, if he had the last word!

Off Course

by Mack Reynolds Positronic Publishing (June 30, 2016)

Shure and begorra, it was a great day for the Earth! The first envoy from another world was about to speak—that is, if he could forget that horse for a minute....

Fly by Night

by Arthur Dekker Savage Positronic Publishing (June 26, 2017)

A young man and a young woman alone on the first over-the-moon ship. The world cheered them as the most romantic adventurers in all history. Do-gooders decried them as immoral stunters. Gaunt, serious militarists...

Double Take

by Richard Wilson Positronic Publishing (June 26, 2017)

The barn turned out to be a spaceship in disguise, and that was only the beginning. Before his strange adventure ended, young Paul Asher found himself going around in circles—very peculiar circles indeed!

Black Eyes and the Daily Grind

by Milton Lesser Positronic Publishing (June 26, 2017)

The little house pet from Venus didn’t like New York, so New York had to change.

Atom Drive

by Charles Fontenay Positronic Publishing (June 26, 2017)

It was a race between the tortoise and the hare. But this hare was using some dirty tricks to make sure the ending would be different....

An Empty Bottle

by Mari Wolf Positronic Publishing (June 26, 2017)

They wanted to go home—back to the planet they’d known. But even the stars had changed. Did the fate of all creation hinge upon an empty bottle?

Worlds of If Super Pack #3

by H. B. Fyfe, Milton Lesser, Arthur Dekker Savage & August Derleth et al. Positronic Publishing (June 26, 2017)

Worlds of If was a three time winner of the Hugo Award for best science fiction magazine. Worlds of If discovered many talented writers who would go on to dominate genre fiction. This is the third in our Worlds...