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Stylish Succulent Designs

by Jessica Cain Page Street Publishing (October 28, 2019)

Professional-Quality Succulent Arrangements Made Simple!

Add a splash of style to your home or garden with beautiful and lush succulent designs that are simple to make and will last for months. This how-to resource...

Chasing Eden

by Jack Staub, Renny Reynolds & Rob Cardillo Timber Press (January 07, 2020)

“Vision, tenacity, and a perfectionist’s eye are the qualities that shine out from this account of a paradise garden created by two of America’s foremost stylists.” —Anna Pavord, author of The Curious...

Air Plant Care and Design

by Ryan Lesseig & Meriel Lesseig Skyhorse (August 16, 2016)

Air plants, also known as tillandsia, are some of the easiest plants to grow, which helps explain why they?re popping up in stores across the country and appearing in magazines, on blogs, and all over Pinterest....

The Bonsai Book

by Dan Barton Racehorse (May 21, 2019)

This original and authoritative book is presented in a practical yet inspirational way. Dan Barton shares with us his expert knowledge and two decades of research, giving both detailed step-by-step horticultural...

Planning & Planting a Moon Garden

by Marcella Shaffer Storey Publishing, LLC (March 15, 2001)

With today's schedules, few people are able to enjoy their gardens during prime daylight hours. But there is a way you can delight in the fragrance and beauty of flowers after dark: Plant a night-blooming garden!...

Easy-Care Water Garden Plants

by Charles W. G. Smith Storey Publishing, LLC (March 15, 2001)

Water gardens are a harmonious blending of water and earth, both relaxing and inspiring. In Easy-Care Water Garden Plants, horticulturist Charles W.G. Smith tells you everything you need to know to select and...

Flowering Shrubs

by Patricia R. Barrett Storey Publishing, LLC (January 01, 1992)

Since 1973, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily. There are now more than 170 titles...

Continuous Container Gardens

by Roanne Robbins & Sara Begg Townsend Storey Publishing, LLC (March 30, 2012)

Extend the life of your container garden beyond the summer months with an innovative system created by Sara Begg Townsend and Roanne Robbins. Beginning with a central woody plant, garden ornament, or eye-catching...

How to Prune Trees & Shrubs

by Barbara W. Ellis Storey Publishing, LLC (March 08, 2016)

Help your trees, shrubs, and vines look and yield their best by making the right cut every time. Whether you are hoping for more flowers or fruit, trying to create a dense screen, or struggling to manage out-of-control...

Container Theme Gardens

by Nancy J. Ondra & Rob Cardillo Storey Publishing, LLC (February 08, 2016)

Simple and foolproof! Enjoy beautiful container plantings with no stress or fuss. Container Theme Gardens offers 42 plans for container arrangements, each using just five specific plants that you can find at...

Growing the Midwest Garden

by Edward Lyon Timber Press (April 12, 2016)

Plant selection and garden style are deeply influenced by where we are gardening. To successfully grow a range of beautiful ornamental plants, every gardener has to know the specifics of the region’s climate,...

Plants with Style

by Kelly Norris Timber Press (February 08, 2016)

“A love letter to plants…that oozes enthusiasm.” —The English Garden

Why settle for lackluster gardens filled with dull, ho-hum plants? In this spirited, provocative book, plant guru Kelly Norris calls...

Garden Flora

by Noel Kingsbury Timber Press (October 05, 2016)

“A beautifully illustrated reference book covers the origins, ecology and history of popular garden plants.” —Shelf Awareness

The oldest rose fossil was found in Colorado and dates to 35 million years...

The Art of Gardening

by R. William Thomas Timber Press (October 15, 2015)

“Delightful!” —The New York Times Book Review

Discover a world of beauty and creativity! Chanticleer has been called the most romantic, imaginative, and exciting public garden in America. It is a place...

Backyard Foraging

by Ellen Zachos Storey Publishing, LLC (April 12, 2013)

There’s food growing everywhere! You’ll be amazed by how many of the plants you see each day are actually nutritious edibles. Ideal for first-time foragers, this book features 70 edible weeds, flowers, mushrooms,...

Five-Plant Gardens

by Nancy J. Ondra & Rob Cardillo Storey Publishing, LLC (April 25, 2014)

With literally hundreds of choices, it can be overwhelming to decide which perennials to plant in your garden. Nancy J. Ondra takes the stressful guesswork out of perennial garden planning by offering 52 vibrant...

Hypertufa Containers

by Lori Chips Timber Press (July 31, 2018)

“A complete guide to designing, making and planting hypertufa troughs.”—North American Rock Garden Society

Hypertufa containers—also known as troughs—are rustic, striking, versatile, and perfect for...

The Beginner's Guide to Starting a Garden

by Sally Roth Timber Press (February 08, 2017)

“Learn how to spend fewer hours and less money on revamping the garden.” —The English Garden


The prospect of revamping your yard can be daunting. Where do you start? How do all the areas come together...


by Noel Kingsbury & Jo Whitworth Timber Press (September 24, 2013)

There is no harbinger of spring like a field or garden filled with bright yellow daffodils. But the world of the daffodil is much more than just its place in the march of the seasons. It’s a plant whose history...

Don't Throw It, Grow It!

by Deborah Peterson Storey Publishing, LLC (May 07, 2008)

Don’t throw out your kitchen scraps — grow them! Discover how you can transform leftover pomegranate seeds, mango pits, and dried bits of gingerroot into thriving plants. From the common carrot to the exotic...


by Kristin Green Timber Press (February 26, 2014)

“Thrifty gardeners take note: the bucks saved on plant purchases will pay back the purchase price of Plantiful with dividends.” —Tovah Martin, author of The Unexpected Houseplant

Whoever coined the phrase...

Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden

by Jessica Walliser Timber Press (February 26, 2014)

“Jessica Walliser lets readers in on the secrets to a garden that buzzes with activity. Her profiles, on the insects that fight pests and the best plants for attracting them, offer clear, practical tips.”...

Native Plants of the Midwest

by Alan Branhagen Timber Press (November 09, 2016)

Native Plants of the Midwest, by regional plant expert Alan Branhagan, features the best native plants in the heartland and offers clear and concise guidance on how to use them in the garden. Plant profiles...

Gardening with Foliage First

by Karen Chapman & Christina Salwitz Timber Press (January 25, 2017)

Create a foliage-driven garden that dazzles!


Although seductive, flowers, by their fleeting nature, are a fickle base to provide long-lasting gardens with year-round interest. Tackle this problem with the...

Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

by Paul Bonine & Amy Campion Timber Press (December 27, 2017)

A must-have growing guide for gardeners in the Pacific Northwest

A gardener’s plant choices and garden style are inextricably linked to the place they call home. In order to grow a flourishing garden, every...


by Nancy J. Ondra & Rob Cardillo Storey Publishing, LLC (May 15, 2007)

Framing the edges of a peaceful garden retreat or serving as a background color to make your flowers stand out, foliage is an important part of any well-thought-out planting. In this fun and informative guide,...


by Nancy J. Ondra, Stephanie Cohen & Rob Cardillo Storey Publishing, LLC (September 15, 2007)

Embrace the jewel-toned fruits, flaming foliage, and woody plants of the fall garden. Landscape designers Nancy J. Ondra and Stephanie Cohen offer practical design ideas, plant advice, and 10 complete garden...

The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual

by Barbara Pleasant Storey Publishing, LLC (October 30, 2012)

It’s a whole new world of houseplants, so make yourself at home in it! If you love the idea of keeping houseplants, but struggle to care for them, you’ll find solace and invaluable advice in this comprehensive...

Carnivorous Plants

by Nigel Hewitt-Cooper Timber Press (March 25, 2016)

Once known only to collectors, adolescent boys, and fans of the cult film The Little Shop of Horrors, carnivorous plants are poised to be the next big trend in home gardening. They provide striking architectural...

100 Perfect Plants

by Simon Akeroyd National Trust (April 13, 2017)

Bring the beauty of National Trust gardens to your own little patch. Some 80% of people who visit NT properties do so 'to look at the garden'. And one of the glories of NT gardens are their incredible beds and...

Architectural Plants

by Christine Shaw William Collins (February 28, 2017)

A definitive guide to the spectacular world of architectural plants, packed with practical advice on how to liven up your garden using the striking shapes and wonderful exoticism of this distinct new area of...

Miniature Bonsai

by Terutoshi Iwai Tuttle Publishing (August 01, 2017)

This step-by-step bonsai book shows you how to craft super mini bonsai—the smallest form of bonsai!

Super-Mini bonsai is the art of representing nature in a plant that can fit in the palm of your hand, or...

DIY Succulents

by Tawni Daigle Adams Media (August 07, 2015)

As featured in The Washington Post

Dig into dozens of stunning succulent creations!

Go beyond the garden to create succulent projects that take center stage in any space. DIY Succulents shows you how to use beautiful...

Bonsai and Penjing: Ambassadors of Peace & Beauty

by Ann McClellan Tuttle Publishing (October 11, 2016)

This book tells the awe-inspiring stories of bonsai and penjing trees in the collection of the National Arboretum in Washington D.C.

It details their valuable role in international diplomacy and as instruments...

DIY Succulents

by Tawni Daigle Adams Media (August 07, 2015)

As featured in The Washington Post

Dig into dozens of stunning succulent creations!

Go beyond the garden to create succulent projects that take center stage in any space. DIY Succulents shows you how to use beautiful...

Ma Frump's Cultural Guide to Plastic Gardening: A Humorous Guide to Colorful All-Season Gardening with Plastic Plants and Flowers

by Marcia Muth Sunstone Press (January 15, 2012)

Do you want to spend less time gardening? Are you looking for ways to save water? Have you been disappointed in the way your garden turned out? Do you dread the dull winter months? Do you understand the true...