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Do It Afraid

by Joyce Meyer FaithWords (August 31, 2020)

Recognize, confront, and conquer the fears holding you back from living boldly and freely with renowned Bible teacher and New York Times bestselling author, Joyce Meyer.

Fear is the devil's favorite tool in the...

Naked and Unafraid

by Kevin Gerald FaithWords (February 03, 2020)

Celebrate a vulnerable and open life by overcoming the fear of criticism to start living the life God intended.

Fear of criticism has turned into a massive epidemic harder than ever to overcome. It prevents people...

Something Greater

by Paula White-Cain FaithWords (October 14, 2019)

Discover Pastor Paula's strength in her inspiring faith journey as well as your own spiritual gifts through her honest and stirring story.

Early in Paula's life, she didn't know God, but there was always a pull...

Dare to See

by Katie Brown FaithWords (September 23, 2019)

Discover God in everything you do as "How-To Expert" Katie Brown teaches you to slow down, pay attention, and find your footing during tough times.

Brown is known as a "Lifestyle Diva." Through her TV shows,...

Do It Afraid

by Joyce Meyer FaithWords (September 01, 2020)

Recognize, confront, and conquer the fears holding you back from living boldly and freely with renowned Bible teacher and New York Times bestselling author, Joyce Meyer.

Fear is the devil's favorite tool in the...

Real Life Love

by Michael Gibson & Les Parrott FaithWords (August 26, 2019)

From the grandson of world-famous marriage expert Gary Smalley comes a practical and hope-filled guide to building great relationships.

No one in history has seen a world like this. Never before has information...

Get on Your Knee Replacements and Pray!

by Kris Kandel Schwambach, Karen Kandel Kizlin, Kathie Kandel Poe & Linda Kandel Mason FaithWords (April 01, 2019)

Blending humor and faith, the four Kandel sisters encourage senior adults to be mission focused and never let age block opportunities to serve and minister to others.

With wry humor, they inspire you to investigate...

Give Them Jesus

by Dillon T. Thornton FaithWords (September 10, 2018)

A fresh, clear, joyful guide for parents on how to teach their children to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Give Them Jesus aims to help parents not simply add to their children's stockpile...

Piense a otro nivel

by Joel Osteen FaithWords (October 01, 2018)

Set aside the frustrations of your past and step into a new level of victory and favor with this spiritually powerful guide from #1 bestselling author and Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen.

We all have things...

Okayest Mom

by Natalie Gwyn & Ryan Hall FaithWords (June 25, 2018)

Natalie Gwyn uses humor to brilliantly capture how God led and helped this mother of two to adopt four children from Ethiopia and successfully bond her blended family.

A happy, working wife, already birth mother...


by Jamie Sumner FaithWords (April 09, 2018)

"Jamie Sumner's book is wonderful. The story she tells is so honest and encouraging and her writing is terrific. I love it and I am happy for her and the release of such a wonderful book. I know God's going...

The College Girl's Survival Guide

by Hanna Seymour FaithWords (April 02, 2018)

Hanna Seymour, a mentor to thousands of young college women, provides a plan for success in college based on experience, illustrations, and biblical principles.

Each year millions of young women enter the college...

Fearless in 21 Days

by Sarah E. Ball FaithWords (January 22, 2018)

Fearless in 21 Days is a testimony of hope and a day-by-day guide to healing the mind using mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual applications for those bound by crippling fear, anxiety, panic disorders,...

A Voice Becoming

by Beth Bruno FaithWords (January 15, 2018)

In A Voice Becoming, Beth Bruno helps mothers cast a Godly vision for their daughters and chart a course that will prepare their daughters for womanhood.

What if you as a mother concentrated on your daughter...

The Sparkle Effect

by Kristen Dalton Wolfe & Sheri Rose Shepherd FaithWords (October 01, 2018)

Former Miss USA Kristen Dalton Wolfe inspires women to believe that positive identity transformation and fulfillment in life is possible in Christ.

The world is waiting to experience the gifts of each and every...


by Katie Farrell FaithWords (December 18, 2017)

Nourishwill provide you with encouragement and practical knowledge for living a healthy lifestyle, both physically and spiritually.

Nourish is not another health or diet book; the message of this book is unique...

Quarter-Life Calling

by Paul Sohn FaithWords (April 03, 2017)

A young leadership expert guides fellow Christian Millennials on their quest to live and work meaningfully.

Even though he seemed to have achieved it all, including landing his dream job at a Fortune 500 company,...

The Father Effect

by Blake Atwood, John Finch & Meg Meeker FaithWords (October 23, 2017)

Based on the feature film of the same name, The Father Effect is a must-read for the millions of men and women who have lost their fathers through divorce, death, or disinterest.

John Finch always struggled after...

Good Night,  I Love You

by Jene Ray Barranco FaithWords (September 18, 2017)

In the wake of her husband's abrupt and unexpected death, Jené Ray Barranco was suddenly forced to grapple with being a single mother to three grieving teenagers while feeling a deafening silence at the center...

Bendecidos en la oscuridad

by Joel Osteen FaithWords (October 23, 2017)

Find comfort in dark times and grow your trust and faith in God with this inspiring and insightful guide from Lakewood Church pastor and #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen.

All of us will go through...


by T. D. Jakes FaithWords (October 09, 2017)

Take your career to the next level, realize your greatest dreams, and embrace your God-given talents with this practical game plan for your professional and personal life.

Too often we remain in jobs that stifle...

Something Greater

by Paula White-Cain FaithWords (October 15, 2019)

Discover Pastor Paula's strength throughout her inspiring faith journey as well as your own spiritual gifts as you read her honest and stirring story.

Early in Paula's life, she didn't know God, but there was...

The Mother God Made Me to Be

by Karen Valentin FaithWords (March 21, 2016)

My journey from newlywed, to mother of two, to single mom - trying to heal - and become the mother God made me to be

Karen lived an adventurous single life but longed for a family of her own. After years of maintaining...

What the Bible Says about Love Marriage & Sex

by Dr. David Jeremiah FaithWords (April 09, 2012)

With roughly a third of all marriages ending in divorce, there's never been a better time for this refresher course in the true meaning of a successful union.

As New York Times bestselling author Dr. David Jeremiah...

Every Day a Friday

by Joel Osteen FaithWords (September 12, 2011)

Experience the joy of God's message and begin each day with a positive outlook with these words of wisdom from Lakewood Church pastor and #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel Osteen.

Research that shows...

The Confident Woman

by Todd Hafer, Joyce Meyer & Pat Lentz FaithWords (September 04, 2006)

What keeps women from being their best? Joyce has been helping women better themselves by helping identify emotional barriers and physical, mental, and spiritual obstacles in their lives for years. Now she provides...

Approval Addiction

by Joyce Meyer FaithWords (March 31, 2005)

There is an epidemic of insecurity in society today. Many people suffer from an unhealthy need for affirmation. They are not capable of feeling good about themselves. For some the quest for approval becomes...

Heart of My Heart

by Kristin Armstrong FaithWords (April 08, 2010)

Whether God is using Kristin to raise children or the children to grow Kristin, He is present in every moment and every page. This warm, real, and insightful devotional celebrates the journey of growth mothers...

Mommy Power

by Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman FaithWords (April 06, 2010)

Many women struggle with being mothers. The great joys of parenting are hindered by harsh self-doubt and a chronic lack of physical and emotional energy. In Mommy Power, Sheila Schuller Coleman helps women understand...

The Ten-Minute Marriage Principle

by Douglas Weiss FaithWords (June 26, 2009)

Counselor Dr. Douglas Weiss developed this easy-to-follow plan for improving your marriage. By investing just ten minutes a day to focus on each other and do simple exercises, couples can enhance their marriages...

The First Five Years

by Bill and Pam Farrel FaithWords (May 29, 2009)

Every couple plants seeds of success or failure in the first five years of their marriage. If they lack basic communication skills and the ability to solve conflicts in areas like sex, finances, and emotional...

101 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate

by David Bordon & Tom Winters FaithWords (May 29, 2009)



students who are getting

out of high school or college to do

more than just fi nish up papers and

school projects. Part of getting an

education is learning to...

Catch a Rising Star

by Tracey Bateman FaithWords (May 29, 2009)

When thirty-something Tabby Brockman has the opportunity to reclaim her role as a killed-off character on the nation's #1 daytime soap opera, she figures this must be God's reward. But back on the set, she's...

Live, Laugh, Love Again

by Michelle Borquez, Connie Wetzell, Carla Sue Nelson & Rosalind Spinks-Seay et al. FaithWords (February 27, 2009)

At long last, a "Girlfriend's Guide" on divorce -- written by four women who have experienced it all and have good news about getting through it.

101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home

by David Bordon & Tom Winters FaithWords (December 13, 2008)

101 Things You Should Do Before Your Kids Leave Home is packed with ideas and advice designed to help parents prepare their children for life out in the world, while making sure that both parents and kids enjoy...

Straight Talk on Depression

by Joyce Meyer FaithWords (December 13, 2008)

Joy Stays When It Comes God's Way! Do you consistently experience hopelessness and boredom for no apparent reason? Or have you experienced so many disappointments you can't seem to pull yourself out of despair?...

Mommy Grace

by Dr. Sheila Schuller Coleman FaithWords (April 07, 2009)

Universally, mothers tend to feel they are not good enough at parenting and fear they are harming their children by not being perfect. In Mommy Grace: Erasing Mommy Guilt, Sheila Schuller Coleman offers overwhelmed...

Live Your Joy

by Bonnie St. John FaithWords (April 27, 2009)

Joy is something that comes from the inside out. It feels like a flowing grace, a feeling of goodness all around, a sense of well-being through good and bad. It is love, gratitude, faith and empowerment all...

Beauty for Ashes

by Joyce Meyer FaithWords (November 15, 2008)

Learn how God's grace can help you heal from emotional wounds and abuse in this spiritually uplifting guide to living a beautiful, healing, and fulfilling life.

Many people seem to have it all together outwardly,...

Happily Ever After

by Kristin Armstrong FaithWords (April 07, 2008)

Kristin Armstrong inspires women recovering from or going through a divorce to choose a positive and peace-filled path to their happily ever after with her 365-day devotional.

Scriptures and Meditations for Your Best Life Now

by Joel Osteen FaithWords (July 31, 2008)

Free yourself from the past, break through into a new mentality, and discover God's great plans for you with these powerful scriptures and meditations for Christians.

You don't want to live your life with a 'barely-get-by'...

His Other Wife

by Deborah Bedford FaithWords (February 21, 2011)

New York Times bestselling author Deborah Bedford sweeps readers into this compelling drama with her trademark style of beautiful, lyrical writing. Since her divorce from Eric, Hilary has done everything she...

Becoming a Millionaire God's Way

by Dr. C. Thomas Anderson & Robert T. Kiyosaki FaithWords (September 05, 2008)

Dr. Anderson shares biblical principles and up-to-date advice on money, business, and investment that will put readers on the road to prosperity.

Starting Your Best Life Now

by Joel Osteen FaithWords (August 11, 2008)

Grow your faith and develop a positive attitude with Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen's inspiring advice about everyday living, happiness, and personal growth.

Happy and fulfilled people make the most of new...

Su mejor vida ahora para las madres

by Joel Osteen FaithWords (August 05, 2008)

Celebrate motherhood and start living your full potential with seven eye-opening principles from Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen.

In this great Mother's Day gift, #1 New York Times bestselling author Joel...

That's (Not Exactly) Amore

by Tracey Bateman FaithWords (August 13, 2008)

When Laini Sullivan lands a job designing Nick Pantalone's coffee shop, there are two problems: one, Nick's nephew Joe hates all of her ideas and two, Laini has to admit he's right -- she's a disaster at design....

Life Is a Gift

by Bob Fisher & Judy Fisher FaithWords (May 19, 2008)

In candid interviews, terminal patients in the Alive Hospice program talked with authors Bob and Judy Fisher, addressing some of the most important questions we ask about our life and how we've made the journey....

How to Make Life Work

by Michelle Mckinney Hammond FaithWords (March 02, 2008)

Bestselling diva Michelle McKinney Hammond dishes on her tips for making the most of every day in this sassy "owner's guide" to living the life you want.

Are circumstances of life pushing you around? Are you...

You Had Me at Good-bye

by Tracey Bateman FaithWords (February 12, 2008)

Everything is on the line for aspiring editorial diva Dancy Ames when she's fired by her publisher. Could this be the time to risk it all on her writing career -- and maybe even love?

Dancy Ames has an enemy:...

Your Best Life Now

by Joel Osteen FaithWords (August 04, 2014)

Live boldly and act on your most powerful beliefs with this life-changing guide to faith, positive thinking, and spiritual fulfillment.

Pastor Joel Osteen asks everyone to examine what he or she really believes....