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It's HOW You Say It!

The Goals Program

by Zig Ziglar & Scott Hogle Made for Success (September 08, 2020)

From the bestselling author of Born to Win and See You at the Top, Zig Ziglar shares his wisdom on successfully setting goals.

Are you ready to achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality?

Zig taught...

Get Sh*t Done

by Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar, Marcia Wieder & Chris Widener et al. Made for Success (September 01, 2020)

What would you do if you knew you would succeed, and nothing could hold you back?

Would you pursue a dream that feels unattainable? Would you finally sign up for that master's program? Would you make a to-do...

Rock Solid Confidence

by Dawn Jones, Marshall Goldsmith, Jim Canterucci & Zig Ziglar et al. Made for Success (September 01, 2020)

Do you ever struggle with feelings of insecurity or doubt?

That's a trick question--we ALL deal with issues of self-esteem at one point or another. However, there is a better way! In this program, you'll learn...

The Power of Your Story

by Kendal Netmaker Made for Success (August 25, 2020)

This program is ideal for brands, organizations and sales professionals. This empowering message is ideal for any sales-focused group as it is sure to Ignite Your Audience while providing "real world" strategies...

Shift Your Mindset

by Kendal Netmaker Made for Success (August 25, 2020)

From an early age, your mind has been constantly programmed by messages of constraints, struggle and failure. These programmed messages hold you back from achieving the level of Success and Prosperity You Desire...

Miserably Successful No More

by Debjani Mukherjee Biswas & Bert DeCoy Made for Success (May 12, 2020)

Why is there a global epidemic of the "miserably successful?"

In Miserably Successful No More, power leader and author Debjani Mukherjee Biswas shares how individuals can harness authentic power and emotional...

A Knight without a Castle

by Robert Katende, Albert Mensah & Tim Crothers Made for Success (February 11, 2020)

Robert Katende, named an African Ambassador to the Obama Foundation and voted the most influential man in Uganda by New Hope Newspaper.

Once too poor to afford the rat poison with which he planned to take his...

Driven to Succeed

by Kendal Netmaker Made for Success (September 30, 2018)

"This inspiring and motivational book opens your mind and heart to the unlimited potential that resides within you. It can change your life!" --Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, Consultant

Driven to Succeed is an...

Verbalicious Vocabulary System

by Liv Montgomery & Made for Success Made for Success (May 01, 2013)

Effective communication is the key to success.But you can't influence anyone unless you have the ability to say exactly whatyou mean. Imagine if you could build your vocabulary and have fun at the sametime....

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill, Anthony Rogers & Made for Success Made for Success (May 01, 2013)

This motivational personal-development and self-helpbook was inspired by a suggestion from Scottish American businessman AndrewCarnegie. While the title implies that this book deals only with how to achievemonetary...

Power Speed-Reading Performance System

by Liv Montgomery & Made for Success Made for Success (November 30, 2011)

Like rocket fuel for the mind! What is speed-reading? How do you speed read? Now that we've entered the information age, more and more people are asking these questions every day. Whether you'd like to get through...

The Secrets of Raising Super Kids

by Brian Tracy & Made for Success Made for Success (November 18, 2011)

Raise happy, healthy, self-confident children who will always love and respect you for doing an exceptional job as their parent! The biggest regrets that parents have later on in life is that they didn't spend...

Breathe Easy

by Made for Success, Mache Siebel, Brian Tracy & Zig Ziglar Made for Success (July 09, 2010)

Listen as some of the top voices in successful business guide you through a program to identify and reduce stress so you can reclaim a healthy, balanced life. This audio series is full of visualization techniques...

Wake Up and Dream

by Dan McGowan & Made for Success Made for Success (June 15, 2013)

Mark Twain has said, "The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why!" This motivational audio seminar offers tools designed to help you discover, develop, and...

The Willie Jolley Collection

by Willie Jolley Made for Success (July 11, 2017)

This collection of Willie Jolley's three most powerful audio programs is designed to enhance your personal and professional success. Have you had a recent setback? Learn how to turn it into a comeback. From...

Parenting the Confident Teen

by Kirk Martin, Sharon Ballantine, Rob Lane & Others et al. Made for Success (July 18, 2017)

Parenting a defiant teen can be a daunting, hair-pulling experience! It's tough to be a cool, compassionate parent when your teen is lashing out, lying, taking drugs, or otherwise engaging in risky behavior....


by Michael Tetteh & Christopher Glyn Made for Success (February 02, 2016)

Nearly thirty years ago, in a tiny, impoverished Ghanaian village, a young boy dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player and competing against European powerhouse Manchester United. Despite being told...

Toilet Paper People

by Cherry Tigris & Made for Success Made for Success (September 09, 2014)

Cherry Tigris holds nothing back as she narrates her edgy and thought-provoking memoir, Toilet Paper People. Her unwavering attitude and true grit are captured in this jaw-dropping account of child abuse.


Finding Your Voice

by Mannette Morgan Made for Success (January 21, 2020)

Finding Your Voice is a personal, comprehensive guide for survivors of abuse making the journey toward healing. Led by an author who has walked the path for more than three decades, readers will find encouragement...

Evolving through Adversity

by Seconde Nimenya & Brenda Stoelb Made for Success (June 14, 2016)

How can we evolve through adversity and change our lives? It is one of life's great questions. In Evolving through Adversity: How to Overcome Obstacles, Discover Your Passion, and Honor Your True Self, author...

The Coolness of Josh

by Marc Swift, Joshua David Swift & Made for Success Made for Success (June 09, 2015)

What does it mean to really live life?

Marc Swift takes us on a tender journey of unexpected twists and turns that ends in a celebration of life, even after the death of his son. This is the awesome true story...

Finding Your Moxie

by Debra Fox Made for Success (July 12, 2016)

If you're like most modern women, you feel beat down by and fed up with the ads, marketing, and well-meaning people promoting the message of musts. "You must have the perfect body, make lots of money, and have...

Leading the Pack

by Made for Success, Brian Tracy, John C. Maxwell & Larry Iverson Made for Success (February 01, 2012)

Includes a bonus disc!

What do you have in common with West Point graduates, NFL players, and Fortune 500 CEOs? You too can learn effective leadership principles from two New York Times bestselling authors.


The Jim Rohn Legacy Series

by Chris Widener & Made for Success Made for Success (June 16, 2015)

Through The Jim Rohn Legacy Series, Chris Widener imparts wisdom and knowledge gained through the seven years he was personally mentored by Rohn. Chris shares his insight on what made Jim Rohn tick and provides...

The Motivation Mastery Audio Series

by Chris Widener & Made for Success Made for Success (July 14, 2015)

The Motivation Mastery Audio Series is a collection of success interviews led by master storyteller Chris Widener, who asks the questions you want to hear from the world's top motivational speakers, including...

The Ultimate Success Series

by Chris Widener & Made for Success Made for Success (June 16, 2015)

The Ultimate Success Series is one of the most comprehensive programs designed to train you to achieve your personal best; develop key success traits such as optimism, pursuit of excellence, time management,...

Within You Is the Power

by Henry Thomas Hamblin, Anthony Rogers & Made for Success Made for Success (May 01, 2013)

There is a power lying hidden in mankind. Withit, any person can rise to higher and better things in life. Within You Is the Power is a tool to helppeople harness their inner powers of mind and spirit wisely...


by Made for Success, Brad Worthley, Marcia Wieder & Zig Ziglar et al. Made for Success (August 01, 2014)

What if you could change the world? What is holdingyou back? Learn success techniques to break through your glass ceiling andachieve extraordinary results.

This audio series will challenge and inspire you togo...

Parenting Secrets Your Mom Never Taught You

by Kirk Martin, Pat Pearson, Brad Worthley & Colette Carlson et al. Made for Success (August 15, 2017)

Dear Millennial Mom,

We all know that children today are not born with a dedicated app that will seamlessly guide you through every phase these little cherubs will go through. More than ever before in history,...

Finding Rose

by Angelia Brigance & Ali Cheff Made for Success (May 12, 2019)

Rose is delightful, flamboyant and a widow. Having just lost her husband, Rose's daughter steps in to find Rose increasingly disoriented and forgetful. Even as a nurse, Maureen does not recognize the early signs...

How to Become Chief Financial Officer in the Boardroom and the Bedroom

by Tunita Bailey & Made for Success Made for Success (October 15, 2013)

Are you ready to win in the boardroom and in the bedroom?Winning in the boardroom (or office) and in the bedroom (keeping your husbandsatisfied) takes work--yes, work. This audiobook will teach you principles...

What Is Marketing and Sales?

by Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Bryan Heathman & Larry Iverson et al. Made for Success (February 15, 2014)

What Is Marketing andSales? explores the fundamental elements of a brilliant marketing plan. If marketingis not your area of expertise, then listening to this audio series fromhandpicked speakers and authors...

The Graduate's Journey

by Made for Success, Kevin L. McCrudden & Les Brown Made for Success (May 14, 2012)

Put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride as two of America's highest-paid professional speakers talk to graduates about how to set their path to success. This program is a gift to graduates that offers unlimited...

My Message Is C.L.E.A.R.

by Gabe Murfitt, Gigi Devine Murfitt & Made for Success Made for Success (November 20, 2012)

In My Message is C.L.E.A.R., join Gabe Murfitt as he shares his story of learning to live in a uniquely formed body. Through Gabe's C.L.E.A.R. formula, you will discover how you can have

Courage to face life's...

One Move at a Time

by Orrin C. Hudson, Gary J. Chambers & Made for Success Made for Success (August 01, 2014)

Learn to play chess the fun and easy way while youlearn what it takes to be successful in life. One Move at a Time reveals twenty proven ways to succeed at thegame of kings--or at anything else you desire. It...

Sales Success

by Mark Bowser, Liv Montgomery, Zig Ziglar & Scott McKain et al. Made for Success (August 16, 2016)

Can a book actually help you close more sales? Yes it can! Sales Success is the book that shapes sales careers. With this sales fable, listeners will learn sales strategies used and recommended by members of...

What Is Success?

by Made for Success, Loral Langemeier, Les Brown & Zig Ziglar et al. Made for Success (December 15, 2011)

Includes a bonus DVD!

Success is a journey, not a destination, and it is measured by far more than money and mile markers. But what is success, really? How do you know whether you’re on the right path? What...

Tell Your Dog You're Pregnant

by Lewis Kirkham, Chuck Patyk & Made for Success Made for Success (February 14, 2014)

Do you have amuch-loved dog? Are you expecting or trying for a baby? Does your dog know? Doyou want to learn how to prepare your dog for the new addition?

Tell Your Dog You'rePregnant offers a practical,intuitive...

An Adventure into Your Mind

by Art Mortell, Bruce Inn & Made for Success Made for Success (February 15, 2014)

Can you relate toGandalf in The Hobbit when he invitesBilbo Baggins on an adventure, or to Gollum's two opposing personalities in The Lord of the Rings? Can you maintaincritical thinking followed by action in...

Now You Know

by Ryan Chamberlin, Jeff Schine, Tony Jeary & Made for Success Made for Success (December 01, 2013)

Now You Know willtransform the way you think about sales. Are you a sales achiever? Do yousometimes feel like you haven't quite figured it out? Are you performing at thehighest levels in your personal and professional...

Put Anxiety to Rest

by Larry Iverson & Dr. Mort Ormon Made for Success (March 22, 2019)

No one would choose anxiety. And there is no "Off Switch" to turn off the anxious feelings and thoughts. These feelings can often disrupt your sleep, compounding the anxiety even further.

If anxiety and fear...

Mastery of Self

by Frank Channing Haddock, Anthony Rogers & Made for Success Made for Success (May 01, 2013)

This audio version of Frank Channing Haddock's Mastery of Self explains the importanceof personal magnetism in your daily life and how it is a crucial ingredient onyour journey to personal success. Haddock lays...

As a Man Thinketh

by James Allen, Anthony Rogers & Made for Success Made for Success (May 01, 2013)

One of the greatest and best-selling self-improvement books ever written is now available on audio! For anyone who wants an enriched life and a more meaningful existence, this is a must-listen. James Allen's...

Why Worry?

by George Lincoln Walton, Anthony Rogers & Made for Success Made for Success (May 01, 2013)

"The habit of worry is not to be overcome by unaided resolution. It is hoped that the victim of this unfortunate tendency may find, among the homely illustrations and commonplace suggestions here offered, something...

A New Year and a New You!

by Made for Success & Kevin L. McCrudden Made for Success (December 28, 2012)

Kevin L. McCrudden is the founder of National Motivation & Inspiration Day on January 2 of every year, as passed by the United States Congress.This day is designed to help people focus on becoming the "very...

The Day My Brain Exploded

by Ashok Rajamani Made for Success (January 09, 2015)

After a full-throttle brain bleed at the age oftwenty-five, Ashok Rajamani, a first-generation Indian American, had to bereborn, relearning the most basic of things, piecing together a past,reclaiming a life,...