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Dragon's Jaw

by Stephen Coonts & Barrett Tillman Da Capo Press (May 13, 2019)

A riveting Vietnam War story--and one of the most dramatic in aviation history--told by a New York Times bestselling author and a prominent aviation historian

Every war has its "bridge"--Old North Bridge at Concord,...

Thomas Paine and the Clarion Call for American Independence

by Harlow Giles Unger Da Capo Press (September 09, 2019)

From New York Times bestselling author and Founding Fathers' biographer Harlow Giles Unger comes the astonishing biography of the man whose pen set America ablaze, inspiring its revolution, and whose ideas about...

Dogfight over Tokyo

by John Wukovits Da Capo Press (August 26, 2019)

From an expert in the Pacific theater of World War II comes the tragic story of the pilots who fought the last fight of the war during the first hour of peace

When Billy Hobbs and his fellow Hellcat aviators...

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


by Adrian Gilbert Da Capo Press (June 24, 2019)

From an award-winning and bestselling historian, the first comprehensive military history in over fifty years of Hitler's famous and infamous personal army: the Waffen-SS.

The Waffen-SS was one of the most feared...

Hitler's Last Plot

by Ian Sayer & Jeremy Dronfield Da Capo Press (April 15, 2019)

Revealed for the first time: how the SS rounded up the Nazis' most prominent prisoners to serve as human shields for Hitler in the last days of World War II

In April 1945, as Germany faced defeat, Hitler planned...

The Death of Hitler

by Jean-christophe Brisard & Lana Parshina Da Capo Press (September 03, 2018)

On April 30, 1945, Hitler committed suicide in his bunker as the Red Army closed in on Berlin. Within four days the Soviets had recovered his body. But the truth about what the Russian secret services found...

Smoky the Brave

by Damien Lewis Da Capo Press (December 03, 2018)

The extraordinary, touching true story of Smoky, the smallest--and arguably bravest--dog of World War II

In February 1944, as Japanese military advances threatened to overwhelm New Guinea, a tiny, four-pound...

Civil War Barons

by Jeffry D. Wert Da Capo Press (November 05, 2018)

Before the robber barons there were Civil War barons--a remarkable yet largely unknown group of men whose contributions won the war and shaped America's future.

The Civil War woke a sleeping giant in America,...

Desperate Valour

by Flint Whitlock Da Capo Press (October 29, 2018)

A riveting and comprehensive account of the Battle of Anzio and the Alamo-like stand of American and British troops that turned certain defeat into victory

The four-month-long 1944 battle on Italy's coast, south...

Dr. Benjamin Rush

by Harlow Giles Unger Da Capo Press (September 10, 2018)

A gripping, often startling biography of the Founding Father of an America that other Founding Fathers forgot--an America of women, African Americans, Jews, Roman Catholics, Quakers, indentured workers, the...

Ghost Riders

by Mark Felton Da Capo Press (October 01, 2018)

It is April 1945 and the world's most prized horses are about to be slaughtered...

As the Red Army closes in on the Third Reich, a German colonel sends an American intelligence officer an unusual report about...

Never in Finer Company

by Edward G. Lengel Da Capo Press (September 17, 2018)

It was one of the most heroic events in American military history. Here is the larger-than-life story of World War I's "Lost Battalion" and the men who survived the ordeal, triumphed in battle, and fought the...


by Rachel Love Nuwer Da Capo Press (September 24, 2018)

An intrepid investigation of the criminal world of wildlife trafficking--the poachers, the traders, and the customers--and of those fighting against it

Journalist Rachel Nuwer plunges the reader into the underground...

A Fierce Glory

by Justin Martin Da Capo Press (September 10, 2018)

On September 17, 1862, the "United States" was on the brink, facing a permanent split into two separate nations. America's very future hung on the outcome of a single battle--and the result reverberates to this...


by Brian Murphy & Toula Vlahou Da Capo Press (September 03, 2018)

A story of tragedy at sea where every desperate act meant life or death

The small ship making the Liverpool-to-New York trip in the early months of 1856 carried mail, crates of dry goods, and more than one hundred...

Sword and Scimitar

by Raymond Ibrahim & Victor Davis Hanson Da Capo Press (August 27, 2018)

This sweeping history of the often-violent conflict between Islam and the West sheds a revealing light on current hostilities.

The West and Islam -- the sword and scimitar -- have clashed since the mid-seventh...


by Alex Haley Da Capo Press (May 16, 2018)

Based off of the bestselling author's family history, this novel tells the story of Kunta Kinte, who is sold into slavery in the United States where he and his descendants live through major historic events....

A Tiger among Us

by Katie Lamar Jackson, Bennie G. Adkins & Chuck Hagel Da Capo Press (May 14, 2018)

Foreword by Chuck Hagel, former Secretary of Defense and Senator from Nebraska

Adaptable. Cunning. Ferocious. Fearless. The Indochinese tiger is just one of the formidable predators roaming Vietnam's jungle....


by Taylor Downing Da Capo Press (April 23, 2018)

A riveting, real-life thriller about 1983--the year tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union nearly brought the world to the point of nuclear Armageddon

The year 1983 was an extremely dangerous...

The Strategy of Victory

by Thomas Fleming Da Capo Press (October 09, 2017)

A sweeping and insightful grand strategic overview of the American Revolution, highlighting Washington's role in orchestrating victory and creating the US Army

Led by the Continental Congress, the Americans almost...


by Bettany Hughes Da Capo Press (September 18, 2017)

Istanbul has long been a place where stories and histories collide, where perception is as potent as fact.

From the Koran to Shakespeare, this city with three names--Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul--resonates...

First Founding Father

by Harlow Giles Unger Da Capo Press (November 06, 2017)

Before Washington, before Jefferson, before Franklin or John Adams, there was Lee--Richard Henry Lee, the First Founding Father

Richard Henry Lee was first to call for independence, first to call for union, and...

A Crime in the Family

by Sacha Batthyány Da Capo Press (October 09, 2017)

A memoir of brutality, heroism, and personal discovery from Europe's dark heart, revealing one of the most extraordinary untold stories of World War II

One night in March of 1945, on the Austrian-Hungarian border,...

The Chosen Few

by Gregg Zoroya & Admiral William H. McRaven Da Capo Press (February 13, 2017)

The never-before-told story of one of the most decorated units in the war in Afghanistan and its fifteen-month ordeal that culminated in the 2008 Battle of Wanat, the war's deadliest

A single company of US paratroopers--calling...

Island of the Blue Foxes

by Stephen R. Bown Da Capo Press (November 06, 2017)

The story of the world's largest, longest, and best financed scientific expedition of all time, triumphantly successful, gruesomely tragic, and never before fully told

The immense 18th-century scientific journey,...

Our Year of War

by Daniel P. Bolger Da Capo Press (November 06, 2017)

Two brothers--Chuck and Tom Hagel--who went to war in Vietnam, fought in the same unit, and saved each other's life. They disagreed about the war, but they fought it together.

1968. America was divided. Flag-draped...

The Unexpected President

by Scott S. Greenberger Da Capo Press (September 11, 2017)

When President James Garfield was shot in 1881, nobody expected Vice President Chester A. Arthur to become a strong and effective president, a courageous anti-corruption reformer, and an early civil rights advocate....

Tin Can Titans

by John Wukovits Da Capo Press (March 13, 2017)

An epic narrative of World War II naval action that brings to life the sailors and exploits of the war's most decorated destroyer squadron.

When Admiral William Halsey selected Destroyer Squadron 21 (Desron 21)...

Their Backs against the Sea

by Bill Sloan Da Capo Press (June 26, 2017)

In the midst of the largest banzai attack of the war, US Army Lt. Col. William O'Brien, grievously wounded and out of ammunition, grabbed a sabre from a fallen Japanese soldier and flailed away at a small army...

The Swamp Fox

by John Oller Da Capo Press (October 24, 2016)

This comprehensive biography of Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, covers his famous wartime stories as well as a private side of him that has rarely been explored

In the darkest days of the American Revolution,...

The Great Divide

by Thomas Fleming Da Capo Press (March 09, 2015)

A conflict between George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Most Americans are unaware of this historical reality. History tends to cast the early years of America in a glow of camaraderie, but there were many...

The Ghost Ship of Brooklyn

by Robert P. Watson Da Capo Press (August 14, 2017)

The most horrific struggle of the American Revolution occurred just 100 yards off New York, where more men died aboard a rotting prison ship than were lost to combat during the entirety of the war.

Moored off...

The Ambulance Drivers

by James McGrath Morris Da Capo Press (March 27, 2017)

After meeting for the first time on the front lines of World War I, two aspiring writers forge an intense twenty-year friendship and write some of America's greatest novels, giving voice to a "lost generation"...

Shooting Lincoln

by Nicholas J.C. Pistor Da Capo Press (September 18, 2017)

They took the most memorable photographs of the Civil War. Now their long rivalry was about to climax with the spilled blood of an American president--an event that would usher in a new age of modern media.


Midnight in the Pacific

by Joseph Wheelan Da Capo Press (July 31, 2017)

A sweeping narrative history--the first in over twenty years--of America's first major offensive of World War II, the brutal, no-quarter-given campaign to take Japanese-occupied Guadalcanal

From early August...

Honor Before Glory

by Scott Mcgaugh Da Capo Press (October 10, 2016)

On October 24, 1944, more than two hundred American soldiers realized they were surrounded by German infantry deep in the mountain forest of eastern France. As their dwindling food, ammunition, and medical supplies...

Genghis Khan

by Frank McLynn Da Capo Press (July 13, 2015)

A definitive and sweeping account of the life and times of the world's greatest conqueror--Genghis Khan--and the rise of the Mongol empire in the 13th century

Combining fast-paced accounts of battles with rich...

Dawn of Infamy

by Stephen Harding Da Capo Press (November 21, 2016)

As the Pearl Harbor attack began, a U.S. cargo ship a thousand miles away in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean mysteriously vanished along with her crew. What happened, and why?

On December 7, 1941, even as...

City on a Grid

by Gerard Koeppel Da Capo Press (November 09, 2015)

Winner of the 2015 New York City Book Award

The never-before-told story of the grid that ate Manhattan

You either love it or hate it, but nothing says New York like the street grid of Manhattan. This is its story....

Bloody Okinawa

by Joseph Wheelan & George Newbern Da Capo Press (March 03, 2020)

A stirring narrative of World War II's final major battle--the Pacific war's largest, bloodiest, most savagely fought campaign--the last of its kind. On Easter Sunday, April 1, 1945, more than 184,000 US troops...

Escape from Paris

by Stephen Harding & Maxwell Hamilton Da Capo Press (October 08, 2019)

This book is The Nightingale meets All the Light We Cannot See, only it's all true--a thrilling wartime adventure story of downed American aviators rescued by French resistance fighters, taken to Nazi-occupied...

The Warriors of Anbar

by Ed Darack, James Edward Thomas & James E. Donnellan Da Capo Press (November 05, 2019)

A riveting, edge-of-your seat account of how a battalion of Marines faced off against the most brutal of Al Qaeda at its most desperate and vicious moment--and how the Marines decisively crushed the terrorists...