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The Resistible Rise of Benjamin Netanyahu

by Neill Lochery Bloomsbury Publishing (October 06, 2016)

Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the longest serving Prime Ministers of Israel. For much of the world, Netanyahu is a right-wing nationalist zealot; for many Israelis he is a centrist who is too soft on Arabs and...

The Jewish Revolt AD 66Â?74

by Si Sheppard & Peter Dennis Bloomsbury Publishing (October 20, 2013)

In AD 66 a local disturbance in Caesarea caused by Greeks sacrificing birds in front of a local synagogue exploded into a pan-Jewish revolt against their Roman overlords. Gaining momentum, the rebels successfully...

Israeli F-4 Phantom II Aces

by Shlomo Aloni & Jim Laurier Bloomsbury Publishing (February 20, 2013)

The American manufactured F-4 Phantom II was used by the Israelis in air-to-ground missions, as an attack aircraft, and air-to-air missions as a fighter. Despite performing both roles with equal success the...

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

by Efraim Karsh Bloomsbury Publishing (June 06, 2014)

The Palestine War has been by far the most important military encounter in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. This book examines the origins of the war and its progression through two distinct stages:...

Ancient Israel at War 853Â?586 BC

by Brad Kelle Bloomsbury Publishing (June 06, 2014)

Complex and unstable, in 922 BC the kingdom of Ancient Israel was divided into Judah, in the South, and Israel, in the North. For the next 200 years, there was almost constant warring between these kingdoms...

Israeli Soldier vs Syrian Soldier

by David Campbell & Johnny Shumate Bloomsbury Publishing (June 16, 2016)

Israel seized the strategically critical Golan Heights from Syria during the 1967 Six Day War in an audacious and determined operation, yet when the Yom Kippur War broke out the Israeli military were exposed...

Israeli Fortifications of the October War 1973

by Simon Dunstan & Steve Noon Bloomsbury Publishing (September 20, 2012)

The Bar Lev Line along the Suez Canal was born out of the overwhelming victory of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in the Six Day War of 1967. Devastated by their defeat, the Egyptian army bombarded Israeli positions,...

Modern Israeli Tanks and Infantry Carriers 1985Â?2004

by Marsh Gelbart & Tony Bryan Bloomsbury Publishing (May 20, 2012)

Over the last two decades, the Israel Defence Force (IDF) has introduced a variety of new AFVs. Old models such as the M48 and M60 have been improved beyond recognition, in the form of the Magach 7. The performance...