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Eisenhower's Armies

by Niall Barr Pegasus Books (December 15, 2015)

The Anglo-American relationship from 1941-1945 proved to be the most effective military alliance in history. Yet there were also constant tensions and disagreements that threatened to pull the alliance apart....

The Winter War

by Robert Edwards Pegasus Books (May 27, 2009)

"Edwards recounts events, both shameful and heroic, with insight, conviction and considerable wit." —Publishers Weekly

On November 30, 1939, the Soviet Union's Red Army invaded the young nation-state of Finland,...

Landing on the Edge of Eternity

by Robert Kershaw Pegasus Books (November 06, 2018)

Early in 1944, German commander Field Marshal Erwin Rommel took a look at the sloping sands and announced "They will come here!” He was referring to "Omaha Beach”. The beach was then transformed into three...

A Good Place to Hide

by Peter Grose Pegasus Books (April 15, 2015)

Nobody asked questions, nobody demanded money. Villagers lied, covered up, procrastinated and concealed, but most importantly they welcomed.This is the story of an isolated community in the upper reaches of...

Hitler's Secret Army

by Tim Tate Pegasus Books (July 02, 2019)

This dramatic exposé of Allied subterfuge and betrayal uncovers the treachery of undercover fascists and American Nazi spy rings during the height of World War II. 

Between 1939 and 1945, more than seventy...

Judgment Before Nuremberg

by Greg Dawson Pegasus Books (April 01, 2013)

When people think of the Holocaust, they think of Auschwitz and Dachau. Not of Russia or the Ukraine, and certainly not a town called Kharkov. But in reality, the first war crime trial against the Nazis was...

Men of Air

by Kevin WILSON Pegasus Books (February 05, 2019)

Bomber combat crews faced a wide array of perils as they flew over German territory. Bursts of heavy flak could tear the wings from their planes in a split second. Flaming bullets from German fighter planes...

Operation Dragoon

by Robin Cross Pegasus Books (March 05, 2019)

Forgotten Victory is the story of “Operation Dragoon,” the Allied invasion of the South of France on August 15, 1944. It was, in effect, the second D-Day, launched two months after “Overlord,” the Allied...

Airborne in 1943

by Kevin WILSON Pegasus Books (December 04, 2018)

The year 1943 saw the beginning of an unprecedented bombing campaign against Germany. Over the next twelve months, tens of thousands of aircrews flew across the North Sea to drop bombs on German cities. They...

Chasing Gold

by George M Taber Pegasus Books (December 15, 2014)

For the entire history of human civilization, gold has enraptured people around the globe. The Nazis was no less enthralled by it, and felt that gold was the solution to funding Hitler's war machine. Gold was...

The Kamikaze Hunters

by Will Iredale Pegasus Books (June 07, 2016)

In May 1945, with victory in Europe established, the war was all but over. But on the other side of the world, the Allies were still engaged in a bitter struggle to control the Pacific. And it was then that...