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London 1945

by Maureen Waller St. Martin's Press (December 30, 2013)

London at the outset of World War II in 1939 was the greatest city in the world, the heart of the British Empire. By 1945, it was a drab and exhausted city, beginning the long haul back to recovery.

The defiant...

Death in the Baltic

by Cathryn J. Prince St. Martin's Press (April 08, 2013)

The worst maritime disaster ever occurred during World War II, when more than 9,000 German civilians drowned. It went unreported.

January 1945: The outcome of World War II has been determined. The Third Reich...

For Crew and Country

by John Wukovits St. Martin's Press (January 28, 2013)

In For Crew and Country, John Wukovits tells of the most dramatic naval battle of the Pacific War and the incredible sacrifice of the USS Samuel B. Roberts.

On October 25, 1944, the Samuel B. Roberts, along with...

Battleground Pacific

by Sterling Mace & Nick Allen St. Martin's Press (May 07, 2012)


Sterling Mace's unit was the legendary "K-3-5" (for Company K, 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment of the 1st Marine Division) and his story...

Savage Continent

by Keith Lowe St. Martin's Press (July 02, 2012)

The Second World War might have officially ended in May 1945, but in reality it rumbled on for another ten years...

The end of the Second World War in Europe is one of the twentieth century's most iconic moments....


by Trevor Royle & Wesley K. Clark St. Martin's Press (November 22, 2010)

Bernard Law Montgomery was a dedicated battlefield tactician, though a controversial one. In North Africa in 1942, he commanded the Eighth Army to a great triumph against Rommel at El Alamein, which Churchill...

The Battle of Britain

by James Holland St. Martin's Press (March 14, 2011)

A groundbreaking new account of the Battle of Britain from acclaimed historian James Holland

The Battle of Britain paints a stirring picture of an extraordinary summer when the fate of the world hung by a thread....

Fighter Pilot

by Christina Olds, Robin Olds & Ed Rasimus St. Martin's Press (April 12, 2010)

Please note: This ebook edition does not include the photo insert from the print edition.

The widely anticipated memoir of legendary ace American fighter pilot, Robin Olds

Robin Olds was a larger-than-life hero...

The Fire and the Darkness

by Sinclair McKay St. Martin's Press (February 03, 2020)

A gripping work of narrative nonfiction recounting the history of the Dresden Bombing, one of the most devastating attacks of World War II.

On February 13th, 1945 at 10:03 PM, British bombers began one of the...

Agent Jack

by Robert Hutton St. Martin's Press (November 11, 2019)

"An appealing mix of accessibility and research. [Hutton] has illuminated a fascinating and often appalling side of the war at home." -- Wall Street Journal

The never-before-told story of Eric Roberts, who infiltrated...

A Quiet American

by Andy Marino St. Martin's Press (November 12, 2000)

The story of Varian Fry, called the "real Rick" of Casablanca, is perhaps one of the most unknown, yet extraordinary sagas of World War II. This penetrating biography follows Varian Fry through his adult life--from...

The American Axis

by Max Wallace St. Martin's Press (December 12, 2004)

Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh have long been exalted as two of the greatest American icons of the twentieth century. From award-winning journalist Max Wallace comes groundbreaking and astonishing revelations...

Ten Green Bottles

by Vivian Jeanette Kaplan St. Martin's Press (November 01, 2004)

To Nini Karpel, growing up in Vienna during the 1920s was a romantic confection. Whether schussing down ski slopes or speaking of politics in coffee houses, she cherished the city of her birth. But in the 1930s...

Lightning Strike

by Donald A. Davis St. Martin's Press (March 31, 2007)

This is the story of the fighter mission that changed World War II. It is the true story of the man behind Pearl Harbor---Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto---and the courageous young American fliers who flew the million-to-one...

Stalking the Red Bear

by Peter Sasgen St. Martin's Press (March 16, 2009)

Thrilling submarine espionage and an inside look at the U.S. Navy's "silent service"

Stalking the Red Bear, for the first time ever, describes the action principally from the perspective of a commanding officer...

Uranium Wars

by Amir D. Aczel St. Martin's Press (August 31, 2009)

Called "one of our best science popularizers" by Publishers Weekly, Amir Aczel now tackles the cause of one of last century's most destructive events -- the scientific discovery of nuclear power. Drawing on...

Marshall: Lessons in Leadership

by Alan Axelrod, H. Paul Jeffers & Wesley K. Clark St. Martin's Press (June 07, 2010)

General George C. Marshall was a skillful and compassionate leader with a unique legacy. He never fired a shot during WWII and led no troops into battle--his brilliance was purely strategic and diplomatic, and...

Italy's Sorrow

by James Holland St. Martin's Press (March 31, 2008)

During the Second World War, the campaign in Italy was the most destructive fought in Europe - a long, bitter and highly attritional conflict that raged up the country's mountainous leg. For frontline troops,...

Admiral "Bull" Halsey

by John Wukovits St. Martin's Press (July 05, 2010)

The definitive biography of America's best-known naval officer, who commanded the legendary fast carrier force during WWII.

From the tragic aftermath of Pearl Harbor, when he fashioned America's first response...

The Private Heinrich Himmler

by Katrin Himmler, Michael Wildt, Thomas Ph.D. Hansen & Abby J. Ph.D. Hansen St. Martin's Press (March 07, 2016)

At the end of World War II, it was assumed that the letters of Heinrich Himmler were lost. Yet sixty years after Himmler's capture by British troops and subsequent suicide, the letters mysteriously turned up...

Women of Valor

by Ellen Hampton St. Martin's Press (May 18, 2015)

Women of Valor tells the extraordinary story of the Rochambelles, the only women's unit to serve on the front lines of World War II. Some of them had been proper young ladies stranded abroad by the German invasion...