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Super Snipers

by Soldier of Fortune Magazine Editors Skyhorse (October 08, 2013)

In Super Snipers, the editors of Soldier of Fortune show readers the ways of the expert sniper in forty stories from those who have mastered the craft.

Becoming an elite sniper involves more than learning how...

India's Special Forces- History and Future of Special Forces

by P C Katoch & Saikat Datta VIJ Books (India) Pty Ltd (April 01, 2013)

Employment till now of our nascent Special Forces have been analyzed including whether our Special Forces have actually been employed or used as Special Forces or primarily used in counter insurgency operations...

Jock Lewes: Co-founder of the SAS

by John Lewes Pen and Sword Military (March 30, 2000)

Jock Lewes was a dashing young Welsh Guards officer who created a new approach to modern warfare in the SAS with less than two year's experience as a soldier. By the age of twenty-seven Jock co-founded the SAS...

In Formation

by Cheryl Dietrich Yucca (January 12, 2016)

In 1979 I was a Presbyterian minister, a hospital chaplain, and a pacifist. In 1980, I left the church and joined the Air Force. The day I showed up at the recruiter's office, I was twenty-eight, under-exercised,...

The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook

by Don Mann & Ralph Pezzullo Skyhorse (August 01, 2012)

As the elite of the military elite, U.S. Navy SEALs know that they can be deployed anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. Whether in a temperate, tropical, arctic, or subarctic region, they might find themselves...

Team Secrets of the Navy SEALs

by Robert Needham Skyhorse (June 15, 2012)

For business professionals who want to make it in today's extremely aggressive business environment.

Team Secrets of the Navy SEALs is written especially for business professionals in today's cutthroat business...

Nightcap at Dawn

by J. B. Walker Skyhorse (February 28, 2012)

A group of U.S. soldiers emailed their observations and experiences from Iraq and their candid opinions on fighting an insurgency. This book is the result. This startling collection of emails is a thoughtful...

Night Fighter

by William H. Hamilton & Charles W. Sasser Arcade (November 01, 2016)

For readers of American Sniper, the stirring account of a life of service by the father of the US Navy SEALs"

One month after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, when President John F. Kennedy pressed Congress about America's...

Grey Wolves

by Philip Kaplan Skyhorse (June 03, 2014)

In the early years of the Second World War, the elite force of German submariners known as the Ubootwaffe came perilously close to perfecting the underwater battle tactics and successfully cutting Britain's...

The Atlas of Special Operations of World War II

by Alex Swanston Skyhorse (January 27, 2015)

As author Alex Swanston explains in his introduction, World War II was a truly global conflict, involving almost all nations in the struggle to stop the spread of totalitarianism. This meant that battles were...

The Force

by Saul David & Matthew Waterson Hachette Books (September 03, 2019)

A riveting WWII narrative about the group of elite US and Canadian soldiers -- mountainmen, lumberjacks, hunters, and explorers -- who sacrificed everything to accomplish a crucial but nearly impossible mission....

The Force

by Saul David Hachette Books (September 02, 2019)

Hailed as "masterly" (Wall Street Journal), "a monumental achievement!" (Douglas Brinkley), "a mesmerizing read" (Bing West), and "an essential part of anyone's library" (Doug Stanton), The Force tells the riveting,...

Alone at Dawn

by Dan Schilling & Lori Longfritz Grand Central Publishing (June 24, 2019)

The New York Times bestselling true account of John Chapman, Medal of Honor recipient and Special Ops Combat Controller, and his heroic one-man stand during the Afghan War, as he sacrificed his life to save...

Sea Stories

by Admiral William H. McRaven Twelve (May 20, 2019)

Following the success of his #1 New York Times bestseller Make Your Bed, which has sold over one million copies, Admiral William H. McRaven is back with amazing stories of bravery and heroism during his career...

The Chosen Few

by Gregg Zoroya & Admiral William H. McRaven Da Capo Press (February 13, 2017)

The never-before-told story of one of the most decorated units in the war in Afghanistan and its fifteen-month ordeal that culminated in the 2008 Battle of Wanat, the war's deadliest

A single company of US paratroopers--calling...

Oppose Any Foe

by Mark Moyar Basic Books (April 24, 2017)

The epic story of America's most elite warriors: the Special Operations Forces.

Born as small appendages to the conventional armies of World War II, the Special Operations Forces have grown into a behemoth of...

Surviving the Apocalypse

by N. E. MacDougald Skyhorse (October 29, 2019)

The Apocalypse could arrive at any moment, but with Surviving the Apocalypse, you'll be well-prepared and well-trained enough to survive any disaster—even the end of the world as we know it.

Being prepared...

The Right Kind of Crazy

by Clint Emerson Atria Books (November 12, 2019)

Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and author of the bestselling 100 Deadly Skills, presents an explosive, darkly funny, and often twisted account of being part of an elite team of operatives whose mission was...

Navy Seals

by Dick Couch, William Doyle & Will Damron HarperAudio (November 11, 2014)

"Captures the essence of Naval Special Warfare from our storied beginnings to the current fight." --Admiral WILLIAM H. McRAVEN

Written with the unprecedented cooperation of the Naval Special Warfare community,...

The Only Thing Worth Dying For

by Eric Blehm & P.J. Ochlan HarperAudio (May 08, 2012)

On a moonless night just weeks after September 11, 2001, a U.S. Special Forces team of Green Berets known as ODA 574 infiltrated the mountains of southern Afghanistan with a seemingly impossible mission: to...

Sons and Soldiers

by Bruce Henderson & Brett Barry HarperAudio (July 25, 2017)

Joining the ranks of Unbroken, Band of Brothers, and Boys in the Boat, the little-known saga of young German Jews, dubbed The Ritchie Boys, who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s, came of age in America, and returned...

The Lion of Sabray

by Patrick Robinson & Pete Simonelli Simon & Schuster Audio (November 03, 2015)

Patrick Robinson, coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller Lone Survivor and "preeminent writer of modern naval fiction" (The Florida Times Union) shares the gripping untold story of Mohammed Gulab, the...

The Operator

by Robert O'Neill Simon & Schuster Audio (April 25, 2017)

This instant New York Times bestseller--“a jaw-dropping, fast-paced account” (New York Post) recounts SEAL Team Operator Robert O’Neill’s incredible four-hundred-mission career, including the attempts...

The Right Kind of Crazy

by Clint Emerson Simon & Schuster Audio (November 12, 2019)

Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL and author of the bestselling 100 Deadly Skills, presents an explosive, darkly funny, and often twisted account of being part of an elite team of operatives whose mission was...

The Mission, the Men, and Me

by Pete Blaber & Joe Barrett Blackstone Publishing (December 15, 2013)

As a commander of Delta Force--the most elite counterterroristorganization in the world--Pete Blaber took part in some of the most dangerous,controversial, and significant military and political events of our...

No Easy Day

by Mark Owen, Holter Graham & Kevin Maurer Blackstone Publishing (September 04, 2012)

For the first time anywhere, the first-person account of the planning and execution of the Bin Laden raid from a Navy Seal who confronted the terrorist mastermind and witnessed his final moments

From the streets...

First SEALs

by Patrick K. O’Donnell & John Pruden Blackstone Publishing (October 28, 2014)

From bestselling author Patrick K. O'Donnell comes theuntold story of World War II's first special operations combatswimmers--the forerunners of today's Navy SEALs.

In the summer of 1942, an extraordinary group...

Honor and Betrayal

by Patrick Robinson, Peter Berkrot, Matthew McCabe & Jonathan Keefe Blackstone Publishing (November 05, 2013)

From the coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestseller LoneSurvivor comes the riveting behind-the-scenes story of the three NavySEALs who captured the "Butcher of Fallujah" and, having been charged with prisoner...


by Jason Redman Center Street (December 10, 2019)

Retired Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author Jason Redman divulges how to triumph over adversity using proven Special Operations habits and mindsets.

Adversity can often catch you by surprise and...

The Patriot's Creed

by Kris Paronto Center Street (October 22, 2019)

Army Ranger and bestselling author Kris Paronto reveals the values and creed shared by special forces for self-improvement and living a purposeful life.

When Kris Paronto began talking with civilians about his...

The Phantom Major

by Virginia Cowles & Simon Vance Blackstone Publishing (June 14, 2010)

In the dark and uncertain days of 1941 and 1942, when Rommel's tanks were sweeping toward Suez, a handful of daring raiders were making history for the Allies. They operated deep behind the German lines, often...

SEAL Team Six

by Howard E. Wasdin, Stephen Templin & Ray Porter Blackstone Publishing (May 05, 2011)

A book that takes you inside SEAL Team Six—the covert squad that killed Osama bin Laden

When the navy sends their elite, they send the SEALs. When the SEALs send their elite, they send SEAL Team Six—a secret...

Combat Swimmer

by Robert A. Gormly & Adams Morgan Blackstone Publishing (November 02, 2010)

The US Navy SEALs created a legend that would grow throughout the Vietnam War, earning an enemy bounty to anyone who could capture or kill one. As leader of the SEALs, Captain Robert A. Gormly tells his amazing...


by Thom Shea & Brian Troxell Little, Brown & Company (October 27, 2015)

A highly decorated Navy SEAL shares stories of his years of combat experience in Afghanistan, providing leadership insights that will shift your view of yourself and provoke life-altering change.

Before leaving...

Employement Of Special Forces: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future

by V S Yadav VIJ Books (India) Pty Ltd (July 01, 2012)

Special Forces and Special Operations offer an option for providing an asymmetric response across the entire spectrum of conflict. An asymmetric response does not automatically imply a physical attack; in most...

Eyes on Target

by Scott McEwen, Richard Miniter & Holter Graham Center Street (February 25, 2014)

Told through the eyes of current and former Navy SEALs, EYES ON TARGET is an inside account of some of the most harrowing missions in American history-including the mission to kill Osama bin Laden and the mission...

The Life and Legend of Chris Kyle: American Sniper, Navy SEAL

by Michael J. Mooney & Brian Troxell Little, Brown & Company (April 23, 2013)

New York Times bestseller The life story of Chris Kyle, the American Sniper

Journalist Michael J. Mooney reveals the life story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, from his Texas childhood up through...

The Chosen Few

by Gregg Zoroya & William H. Mcraven Da Capo Press (May 01, 2018)

The story of one of the Afghanistan war's most decorated units and their fifteen-month ordeal, culminating in the Battle of Wanat, the deadliest battle of the war

A single company of US paratroopers--calling...

Blood, Oil and the Axis

by John Broich Abrams Press (May 06, 2019)

Spring 1941 was a high point for the Axis war machine. Western Europe was conquered; southeastern Europe was falling, Great Britain on its heels; and Rommel’s Afrika Korps was freshly arrived to drive on the...

U.S. Army Leadership Handbook

by Department of the Army Skyhorse (February 21, 2012)

What does it take to lead an army in battle? What does it take to win? Competent leaders of character are essential for the Army to meet the challenges in the dangerous and complex security environment we face...

The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics, and Techniques

by Department of the Army & Jay McCullough Skyhorse (August 01, 2007)

Drawing from dozens of the U.S. Army's official field manuals, editor Jay McCullough has culled a thousand pages of the most useful and curious tidbits for the would-be soldier, historian, movie-maker, writer,...

U.S. Army Hand-to-Hand Combat

by Department of the Army Skyhorse (November 03, 2009)

From the Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures to the XM320 grenade launcher, this comprehensive guide profiles nearly every weapon currently in use by the U.S. Army. In addition, it covers cutting-edge technology...

U.S. Marine Combat Conditioning

by United States Marine Corps. Skyhorse (February 23, 2011)

U.S. Marine Combat Conditioning is a complete reproduction of the combat conditioning program that was completed by all World War II-era Officer Candidates while at OCS in Quantico, Virginia. Combat Conditioning...

U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook

by United States Air Force Skyhorse (April 17, 2008)

Written for use in formal United States Air Force survival training courses, the U.S. Air Force Survival Handbook iis the bible for pilots who want to stay alive—no matter what. Assuming, as the Air Force...

A Manual for American Servicemen in the Arab Middle East

by William D. Wunderle Skyhorse (May 01, 2008)

The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) has sent U.S. diplomats and troops around the world. In the current security environment, understanding foreign cultures is crucial to defeating adversaries and working with...

The Soldier's Guide

by Department of the Army Skyhorse (October 17, 2007)

This manual condenses important information from a number of U.S. Army regulations, field manuals, and other publications into one crucial volume. Written to answer the many questions asked by soldiers of all...

U.S. Army Special Forces Handbook

by Department of the Army Skyhorse (June 17, 2008)

This handbook reveals the techniques and tactics that make the U.S. Army Special Forces some of the most elite and highly skilled soldiers in the world. Trained to succeed in specialized operations such as reconnaissance,...

U.S. Army Intelligence and Interrogation Handbook

by Department of the Army Skyhorse (February 04, 2014)

The U.S. Army Intelligence and Interrogation Handbook provides doctrinal guidance, techniques, and procedures governing the use of interrogators as human intelligence collection agents in support of a commander’s...

Ultimate Guide to U.S. Special Forces Skills, Tactics, and Techniques

by Jay McCullough Skyhorse (March 09, 2011)

Everyone knows that members of the U.S. Special Forces are the top-shelf, crème de la crème, A-Number-Ones, specially hand-picked people to train and serve as the avant garde of the largest, most well-funded...

U.S. Army Reconnaissance and Surveillance Handbook

by Department of the Army Skyhorse (November 26, 2013)

Throughout history, military leaders have recognized the importance of reconnaissance and surveillance. Gaining and maintaining contact with the enemy is essential to win the battle, and U.S. military history...