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The Frugal Homesteader

by John Moody & Joel Salatin New Society Publishers (October 02, 2018)

  • The author is a homesteader and farmer who moved his family of 7 from the city to a 35-acre homestead in Kentucky 10 years ago
  • He is the founder of Whole Life Buying Club and the CEO of, an on-line...

Essential Composting Toilets

by Gord Baird & Ann Baird New Society Publishers (October 23, 2018)

From wastestream to mainstream, a practical guide to composting toilet systems.

Composting toilets are a key feature for local resilience, money saving, water conservation, resource recovery, septic system replacement,...

Mudgirls Manifesto

by The Mudgirls Natural Building Collective New Society Publishers (June 05, 2018)

In the face of widespread burnout and a world gone crazy, how to we find things to say "yes" to, rather than a resounding "no"?

On North America's West Coast, there's a group of rebel women who ten years ago...

Essential Natural Plasters

by Michael Henry & Tina Therrien New Society Publishers (June 26, 2018)

Natural plasters made of clay, lime, and other materials mixed with sand are beautiful building finishes. Fun to work with, low-impact, and allowing infinite creativity, they are high performance and provide...

Essential Earthbag Construction

by Kelly Hart New Society Publishers (May 01, 2018)

  • Author is a leading sustainability architect and natural builder and author of the Green Home Building series
  • He is the founder, and
  • Earthbag structures...

Essential Cordwood Construction

by Rob Roy New Society Publishers (December 05, 2017)

Cordwood construction – log-ends set in insulated mortar – is an economical, low-impact building method proven in beautiful, centuries-old buildings. Distilling decades of best practices, Essential Cordwood...

Essential Light Straw Clay Construction

by Lydia Doleman New Society Publishers (June 05, 2017)

Light straw clay – straw mixed with clay slip – is a code compliant high-performance, low-impact building material with excellent insulation and moisture handling qualities. This highly illustrated step-by-step...

Essential Building Science

by Jacob Deva Racusin New Society Publishers (November 28, 2016)

Poor heat and moisture handling are enemies of durability, comfort and high-performance house design. Essential Building Science provides a highly visual, non-technical introduction to the fundamentals of building...

The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse

by Lindsey Schiller & Marc Plinke New Society Publishers (October 01, 2016)

Comprehensive coverage of passive solar greenhouse design including material selection, building methods and how to store thermal energy using a variety of simple and innovative strategies. Over a dozen case...

The Home Energy Diet

by Paul Scheckel New Society Publishers (May 01, 2005)

With rising energy costs, homeowners are beginning to examine the energy efficiency of their own homes, asking questions about where energy comes from and how much it costs, how to choose new appliances and...

The Solar Food Dryer

by Eben V. Fodor New Society Publishers (January 01, 2006)

The Solar Food Dryer describes how to use solar energy to dry your food instead of costly electricity. With your own solar-powered food dryer, you can quickly and efficiently dry all your extra garden veggies,...

How to Build with Grid Beam

by Phil Jergenson, Richard Jergenson & Wilma Keppel New Society Publishers (June 01, 2008)

Grid beam is a modular, reusable building system that is fast, easy, affordable, and virtually goof-proof. Ordinary people with few skills and even fewer tools (all you need is a wrench!) can tackle projects...

The Natural Plaster Book

by Cedar Rose Guelberth, Dan Chiras & Deanne Bednar New Society Publishers (July 01, 2002)

For builders of natural homes (straw bale, cob, adobe, rammed earth, and other natural materials), this unique step-by-step guide takes the confusion out of choosing, mixing, and applying natural plasters.


Design for Water

by Heather Kinkade-Levario New Society Publishers (June 01, 2007)

In an era of dwindling resources, water is poised to become the new oil. The entire world now faces the reality of a decreasing supply of clean water. To avert a devastating shortage, we must not only look at...

Solar Electricity Basics

by Dan Chiras New Society Publishers (July 01, 2010)

The future will be powered by renewables. As we transition away from finite and polluting fossil fuels, clean, reliable, and affordable renewable technologies such as solar electricity will become the mainstay...

Housing Reclaimed

by Jessica Kellner New Society Publishers (October 04, 2011)

Housing is a fundamental human right. For most of human history, our homes were built by hand from whatever local materials were available. However, since the Industrial Revolution, most housing has become little...

The Human-Powered Home

by Tamara Dean New Society Publishers (November 01, 2008)

"The Human-Powered Home is a level-headed book which focuses on informing and entertaining. There is no utopian hyperbole, just useful facts and anecdotes that provide the foundation necessary to take appropriate...

The Scything Handbook: Learn How to Cut Grass, Mow Meadows and Harvest Grain with a Scythe

by Ian Miller New Society Publishers (October 01, 2016)

The Zen approach to mowing lawns, wacking weeds, harvesting crops, and building modern homesteader abs!

The Rocket Mass Heater Builder¿s Guide: Complete Step-by-Step Construction, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

by Erica Wisner & Ernie Wisner New Society Publishers (May 16, 2016)

Home heating that's safe, clean, efficient, and uses 70 to 90 percent less fuel than a typical woodstove