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A Compound Life

by Gary Sr. McGee eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

A Compound Life is a humorous take on everyday life, and maybe even a quirky look at some of our adventures at The Compound, and some of life's often overlooked simple pleasures; and even some lackluster, boring...

Life at DrTom's: Mostly Humorous Anecdotes by a Mostly Retired Cornell Professor

by Thomas A. Gavin eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

"Life at DrTom's" is a diverse collection of easy-to-digest anecdotes about human behavior, wildlife, children, wives, and more from the perspective of a retired Ivy League professor. DrTom taught classes in...

Big Gun On the Tetons

by Amanda Couverme eBookIt.com (August 15, 2014)

If you like your Romance novels Short, Swwweeet, and Petite, then this is for you. Parody, innuendo, more innuendo, prose only Bulwer/Lytton could love, and plaid cows. It doesn't get any worse ... or does it?...

Go Play In the Traffic!

by Lenet Compton eBookIt.com (December 15, 2013)

Would you like to drive with finesse? Then this is the book for you regardless of your age. Driving is an enormous responsibility. Taking that responsibility seriously is an art that must continually be fine-tuned...

Thanks Be to Bono

by Brent Barton & Stewart Stinson eBookIt.com (December 09, 2013)

THANKS BE TO BONO is the manifestoed memoir of Brent Barton, the so called controversial U2opian social activist and co-founder of TEMPLE, the organized religion.

Here, for the first time ever, Brent shares...


by Nigel Barley eBookIt.com (November 25, 2013)

Most people agree that the world should be just but that it simply isn't. Rogues flourish, the good die young and many feel they have not received their due. Unlike the rest of us, the anonymous hero of Even...


by Nigel Barley eBookIt.com (September 29, 2013)

Between the two World Wars, the most famous employee of the British Museum was a cat called Mike. For some twenty years, Mike made it his home and his friend was a most irregular Egyptologist, Wallis Budge,...

The Politically Correct Bible

by Robert M. Price & Carol Price eBookIt.com (August 14, 2013)

Liberal Protestants have produced a whole raft of "inclusive language" Bibles. But these scriptures don't come near to making the Bible acceptable to the leftist sensibilities of Liberal Christians. What would...

Attack at the Dolphin

by Bridget Wilson eBookIt.com (March 16, 2013)

Attack at the Dolphin is written by former Sydney Morning Herald journalist and woman-about-town Bridget Wilson. Set during the hard drinking high roller days of 1990's Sydney, this short entertaining read is...

Don't Forget the Pepper Spray (Second Edition)

by Kristen Marie eBookIt.com (April 03, 2013)


Sounds more like something that would happen in an action movie than on a date. But as these TRUE stories show, dating can be dangerous, shocking and most of all, FUNNY....

Birds In the Calendar

by F. G. Aflalo eBookIt.com (March 27, 2013)

THE woodpigeon is many things to many men. To the farmer, who has some claim to priority of verdict, it is a curse, even as the rabbit in Australia, the lemming in Norway, or the locust in Algeria. The tiller...

Stories of Birds

by Lenore E. Mulets eBookIt.com (March 27, 2013)


It was a bright, wintry day. The frost jewels sparkled on the snow. The winds blew cutting cold from the north.

Phyllis, in her scarlet coat and cap, and long, warm leggings, waded in the deepest drifts...

Spy Land Women Play Me

by Perry Ritthaler eBookIt.com (March 04, 2013)

"Spy Land Women Play Me" season one is a dangerous spy story with twists and turns that naturally take shape deep inside of the readers mind; information the reader can verify and investigate online; touching...

The Psmith Omnibus

by P. G. Wodehouse eBookIt.com (March 07, 2013)

Compiled in one book, the essential collection of Psmith books by P. G. Wodehouse:

Mike and Psmith

Psmith in the City

Psmith, Journalist

Larry's 2013 Tax Guide for U.S. Expats & Green Card Holders in User-Friendly English

by Laurence E. 'Larry' eBookIt.com (March 01, 2013)

A guide for the overseas American tax filer, written especially for people who hate taxes.

Enjoying Self-Sustained Depression

by Harold Rowland eBookIt.com (February 26, 2013)

The mental effects of the loss of a mate over a five year period. Good and bad experiences explain the dark side of depression and the ability to relieve pain by looking at it from a different angle.

Wolves of the Yukon

by Bob Inc. Hayes eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

This non-fiction book is about a great mountain wilderness where wolves and their prey continue to live in a delicate, natural balance. Using a combination of narrative non-fiction and easy-to-follow essays,...

Poems And Rhymes Exploring Animals, Politics, Soldiers, Faith, Love, Addiction And Insanity

by Perry Bsl Ritthaler eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

Poetry and Rhymes - Over 50 Beautiful Full Color Illustrations That Will Serenade the Sole of the Caring-Valiant and selfless men and women have fought and died for our country for centuries – and they continue...

The Cornucopia Radio Ebook

by Peter Beeston & Nick Draper eBookIt.com (March 10, 2013)

'Cornucopia Radio' is a loose collection of Sheffield based writers and actors who work together to create cutting edge audio-drama and comedy for broadcast on community radio stations across the world, as well...

A Little Bit of Ivey

by Lorelei Jd Branam eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

Call me Ivey Mae

I am middle aged. I am staying married. I don't want any sort of implant and there isn't a cougar bone in my body.

I have six children, including a set of twins, thirty pets and no, we don't live...

CVC Veri A Guide to the Epic of the Martian Empire

by Lee Cdn Streiff & Alison Lee Scott eBookIt.com (January 03, 2013)


By Lee Streiff

"In 1937 James Streiff and Bob Parks created 'the Epic of the Martian Empire'; in 1942 Paul Carter added his vision of the Cosmic Vortex to it, and the Universe was never the same again..."...

Romney's Lament:  He Blinded Me With Science

by Larry Inc. Stein eBookIt.com (December 07, 2012)

Take an irreverent, chronological romp through the 2012 campaign. Laugh at the convention that ignored its candidate, but gave a standing ovation to an empty chair. Learn why PACs were more Clark Kent, than...

Little Book of Bitches

by Wendy Inc. L'Belle eBookIt.com (December 01, 2012)

"LITTLE BOOK OF BITCHES - An Illustrated Guide to the Bitches in your Life," will help you discover traits, strengths and weaknesses (use your discretion) and suggestions to be the best bitch you can be . ....

The Fountain of Humor for Seniors

by Richard G. Lazar PhD & Ken Sperling eBookIt.com (September 06, 2012)

The Fountain of Humor for Seniors available as an eBook and in Audio files is a collection of jokes and stories targeted to seniors 50+. These jokes can be read and listened to by the senior him- or herself...

Wherever the Wind Blows Me...

by Laurie Jr. Murphy eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

This is the story of friendship, carved out by the universe–-destined. It is the coming together of two unlikely souls, colliding in a celestial moment and setting in motion the rest of their life's journey....

Not Ready for Granny Panties--The 11 Commandments for Avoiding Granny Panties

by Mary Fran Bontempo & Pat Achilles eBookIt.com (September 06, 2012)

It happens to the best of us. On a day like any other, you look in the mirror and find a cranky, worn-out, middle-aged woman staring back at you. A woman who is firmly strapped into a giant pair of GRANNY PANTIES....

The Gorilla

by John Karelis eBookIt.com (December 30, 2017)

When hearing impaired, stage four cancer survivor, struggling entrepreneur and hobby rhymed - Jon (from Perth), meets aspiring writer - Kat (Sydney), in an unpredictable encounter, he believes he has found the...

Manhattan Voyagers

by Thomas Boone's Quealy eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

The resourceful patrons of a Wall Street area tavern must contend with serious issues – stock scams, sexual taboos, old age, terrorists, unemployment, the Russian Mafia, cancer, murder, alcoholism, the Digital...

Song Stories I

by Danton Boone's O'Day eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

My "Song Stories" take a new approach to children's books. This first volume features five family-fun "Song Stories" for the young and young-at-heart. Every page is fully illustrated and each song is linked...

What Everyone Needs to Know Before They Grow Up!

by Eddie Boone's Phillips & Preston Phillips eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

Author Eddie Phillips uses well known biblical characters and stories to illustrate God's commonsense approach to handling problems and issues faced by today's youth. Presented in an entertaining and easy to...

Raising a Smile for Northern Ireland Children's Hospice

by Brian Boone's Bailie & Bowen Bailie & eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

Raising a Smile is so worthwhile,

(And took us ages to compile),

Lots of cartoons, stories and rhymes

(And lots of local grammatical crimes).

So buy this book, it's parful funny,

And you'll help to raise some money...

The Needletoe Letters

by Robert M. Price eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

C.S. Lewis' classic The Screwtape Letters is full of keen wit and wise counsel–if one is a Christian believer. Such a reader will find much to ponder in its pages. But suppose one begins to question whether...

Crazy Feasts

by Dr. Marilyn Ekdahl Ravicz Ph.D. eBookIt.com (December 20, 2016)

CRAZY FEASTS is a culinary history cookbook that includes descriptions of ten banquets that were quite crazy or bizarre in several senses. Each feast is preceded by a short description of the location and historical...

Some Really Personal, Yet Entertaining Stories From My Life That You Will Enjoy and May Even Find Inspiring

by Bo Bennett eBookIt.com (September 03, 2016)

What is a "normal childhood?" Does it include almost being murdered by your sister with an ax? Speeding around town in the back of a station wagon because your mom is chasing an "alien spaceship"? Being busted...

Dateline Smileyville

by Markus Jr. Pell eBookIt.com (September 06, 2012)

Markus Pell was leading his life, minding his own business, running Smileyville Cab and Courier while working toward his dream business: the Bright White Light Entertainment Engine. He considers himself 'reasonably...

Bawdy Language

by Lawrence Paros eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

When you come right down to it, sex is easier done than said; so too with matters of the toilette. Limited to a few choice four-letter slang words? Know little of the word origins of curse words? Stumble as...

Buddy's Universe - A Beagle's Life Book II

by BuzzzzOff eBookIt.com (October 20, 2015)

Hi! My name is Buddy. I am a Beagle. Since I can read and write, I am no ordinary Beagle. I also am very fond of Mental Masturbation. This is my second book!

Mental Masturbation, Dear Reader, is a form of anxiety...

Ally's Clever Joke Book! With Facts from the Past!

by Phyllis Ph.D. Goldman eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

Ally's dinosaur jokes for kids is an awesome collection of over 250 amusing, clever, hilarious, wacky, and entertaining jokes.

In addition to this priceless humor, Ally takes the reader on an adventure back to...

Blackouts and Breakdowns

by Mark Brennan Rosenberg eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)


A Novel by Mark Brennan Rosenberg

Drugs up our noses and boyfriends from Britain

Vodka called Ketel and diaries written

Guys with hot packages and lots of bling

These are a few of my favorite...

Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter

by Kristin Ph.D. Mango eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

A man who crapped his pants, an old lady who whacked an employee, a redneck arrest and more are all in one place in this book. Fly on the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter contains numerous stories...

A Texas Ta-Ta's Take on Internet Dating

by Penny Md Mahon & Lisa Whitlock eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

A hilariously funny, laugh till you pee, realistic look at Internet Dating experiences. It deals with the real-life struggle of finding a worthwhile relationship in the "grass is always greener" society.


The Adventures of Igneous Feldspar II

by Robert Ph.D. O'Dell eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

The book centers around the humorous experiences of two western Kentucky boys and the mischief they get themselves into.

No matter how innocent their actions things never turn out the way they expected it to....