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The Everything Kids' Baseball Book, 11th Edition

by Greg Jacobs Everything (March 10, 2020)

This newest edition to the long-running Everything Kids’ Baseball series updated with current information on the 2018 and 2019 baseball seasons, refreshed bios, and an expanded look at fantasy baseball is...

The Everything Kids' Basketball Book, 4th Edition

by Bob Schaller & Dave Harnish Everything (October 29, 2019)

Learn the latest statistics along with information on all your favorite players in the newest edition of the bestselling The Everything Kids’ Basketball Book, featuring great tips for mastering the game!


The Everything Kids' Soccer Book, 4th Edition

by Carlos Folgar & Deborah W Crisfield Everything (November 20, 2018)

Fun and exciting tips soccer tips and techniques for kids--along with puzzles and games!--in this new and up-to-date edition of the Everything Kids’ Soccer Book.

Every year, more and more children join the...

The Everything Kids' Football Book, 6th Edition

by Greg Jacobs Everything (August 07, 2018)

Everything you need to know about America’s favorite sport, in a revised edition of The Everything Kids’ Football Book, complete with up-to-date stats and the latest information on your favorite players...

The Everything Kids' Scratch Coding Book

by Jason Rukman Everything (December 04, 2018)

Teach kids the concepts of coding in easy-to-understand language and help them develop games of their own with The Everything Kids’ Scratch Coding Book!

Understanding computer science is becoming a necessity...

The Everything Kids' Baseball Book, 10th Edition

by Greg Jacobs Everything (March 06, 2018)

“Everything you want in a kid’s book” (Associated Press) this informative and accessible guide to America’s favorite pastime covers everything from baseball’s history to today’s favorite players--with...

The Everything Kids' Science Bundle

by Sheri Amsel, Sheryl Racine, Tom Robinson & Joseph Snedeker et al. Everything (November 14, 2017)

With The Everything® Kids’ Science Collection learning has never been so easy--or fun!

Inside, you’ll find:

The Everything® Kids’ Astronomy Book

The Everything® Kids’ Human Body Book

The Everything®...

The Everything KIDS' Weather Book: From Tornadoes to Snowstorms, Puzzles, Games, and Facts That Make Weather for Kids Fun!

by Joseph Snedeker Everything (October 03, 2017)

Get ready for a 100% chance of scientific fun!

Have you ever wondered what happens in the eye of a tornado or how hurricanes gain their strength? From lightning and snow-day blizzards to rainbows and monsoons,...

The Everything Kids' Hidden Pictures Book

by Beth L Blair Everything (October 18, 2003)

It's out of sight!

For all you supersleuths out there, it's time to sharpen your searching skills and gear up for some serious fun! The Everything Kids' Hidden Pictures Book has tons of puzzles that take you...

The Everything Kids' Easy Science Experiments Book

by J. Elizabeth Mills Everything (April 18, 2010)

Why is the sky blue? What makes a balloon float? Why can't I see in the dark?

You can discover the answers to these questions and more with The Everything Kids' Easy Science Experiments Book. Using easy-to-find...

The Everything Kids' Dinosaurs Book

by Kathi Wagner & Sheryl Racine Everything (August 01, 2005)

Stomp, crash, and thrash through hours of puzzles, games, and activities!

The Everything Kids' Dinosaur Book combines exciting and educational facts about dinosaurs with super-cool puzzles and awesome activities...

The Everything Kids' Gross Jokes Book

by Aileen Weintraub Everything (September 01, 2005)

Guaranteed to make you gag!

If you're up for some side-splitting and stomach-churning laughs, grab The Everything KIDS' Gross Jokes Book as fast as you can! It's packed with hundreds of one-liners and knock-knocks...

The Everything KIDS' Book of Outrageous Facts

by Beth L Blair Everything (October 15, 2011)

Did you know...

The average person eats up to 430 insects a year?

Dinosaurs used bad breath as a weapon?

A soccer player runs about 7 miles per game?

An ear of corn always has an even number of rows?

Want to...

The Everything Aquarium Book

by Frank Indiviglio Everything (October 12, 2006)

The Everything Aquarium Book is your key to attaining and maintaining the perfect fish tank for the perfect fish!

Marine expert Frank Indiviglio takes you through all the steps to having your own personal aquarium,...

The Everything Kids' Cookbook

by Sandra K Nissenberg Everything (August 17, 2008)

Put on your chef's hat and roll up your sleeves--it's time to cook!

Amaze your friends with the World's Best Brownies! Scare your siblings with Halloween Spider Bites! Make yourself a delicious lunch with the...

The Everything Kids' Environment Book

by Sheri Amsel Everything (October 01, 2007)

You Can Help Our Earth Live Longer!

Everything we do has an impact on the world around us--from the clothes we wear and food we eat to the gardens we grow and the trash we throw away. And to take the best care...

The Everything Kids' Magical Science Experiments Book

by Tim Robinson Everything (September 01, 2007)

Dazzle your friends and family with dozens of science tricks!

Kids may not clamor to study science and physics, but they sure enjoy anything that has to do with slime, invisible ink and obtaining the ability...

The Everything Kids' Gross Cookbook

by Colleen Sell & Melinda Sell Frank Everything (July 17, 2007)

Spending time in the kitchen might be a chore for busy mums and dads, but kids see the kitchen as a fun and exciting place to explore their creative sides. 

The Everything Kids' More Hidden Pictures Book

by Beth L Blair Everything (September 18, 2010)

Where's the fun? It's in this book! Kids will love searching through 100 puzzles as they seek out pictures in hidden places such as:

  • A dragon's lair
  • A teacher's messy classroom
  • A Mayan kingdom
  • A Fourth of July parade...

The Everything Kids' Geography Book

by Jane P Gardner & J. Elizabeth Mills Everything (December 17, 2008)

From North America's mountains to Africa's deserts, this book will help kids learn the locations of states, countries, and continents around the world. They will also learn about the features that make up each...

The Everything Kids' Spelling Book

by Shelley Galloway Sabga Everything (December 17, 2008)

Is it "i before e except after c"? Or is it the other way around?

Let's face it, most children struggle with spelling. But now they have a fun and easy way to learn all the tips and tricks to spell with confidence....

The Everything Kids' Money Book

by Brette Sember Everything (October 17, 2008)

From saving for a new bike to investing their allowance online, kids get the "cents" they need with this. Kids will also learn:

  • How coins and bills are made.
  • What money can buy--from school supplies to fun and...

The Everything Kids' Presidents Book

by Brian Thornton Everything (April 30, 2007)

Did George Washington really cut down his father's cherry tree? Who was the last president to have facial hair? Which U.S. president had a country's capital city named after him? Which president earned the nickname,...

The Everything Kids' States Book

by Brian Thornton Everything (April 30, 2007)

  • Which lake in Massachusetts has one of the longest names of any body of water in the United States?
  • Which U.S. state began as a prison?
  • In which state is half of the popcorn eaten in America is grown and packaged?...

The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book

by Tom Robinson Everything (October 01, 2001)

Science has never been so easy--or so much fun!

With The Everything Kids' Science Experiments Book, all you need to do is gather a few household items and you can recreate dozens of mind-blowing, kid-tested science...

The Everything Kids' Giant Book of Jokes, Riddles, and Brain Teasers

by Michael Dahl, Kathi Wagner, Aubrey Wagner & Aileen Weintraub Everything (September 18, 2010)

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Knock, knock. Who's there?

What do you get when you...?

As kids guess the answers, they're sure to get the giggles! With this book, little ones will look forward to sharing the...

The Everything Kids' Nature Book

by Kathiann M Kowalski Everything (March 01, 2002)

The natural world holds secrets under every rock and around every tree. If you've ever wondered what life is like through a microscope, telescope, or with the naked eye--you'll love this book!

You will:

  • Run with...

The Everything Girls Ultimate Body Art Book

by Thaneeya McArdle Everything (July 15, 2014)

Express yourself with sugar skulls, flowers, henna designs, and more!

Art isn't just for hanging on walls--you can be your own canvas! Express your artistic side on your hands, fingers, arms, and legs with washable...

The Everything Kids' Astronomy Book

by Kathi Wagner & Sheryl Racine Everything (April 01, 2008)

Explore the galaxies!

Aliens, space ships, and constellations, oh my! Ride on a rocket ship to another galaxy with this stellar book. With The Everything Kids' Astronomy Book, astronomers-in-training will learn:...

The Everything Kids' Learning French Book

by Dawn Michelle Baude Everything (April 01, 2008)

Fun exercises to help you learn français!

Bonjour, mon ami! So, you want to learn French but don't know where to start? Start ici, with The Everything Kids' Learning French Book. Inside, you'll find simple exercises,...

The Everything Cooking for Kids Cookbook

by Julien Ronni Litz Everything (January 18, 2010)

Pizza. Hot dogs. Macaroni and cheese. Is it really possible to get kids to eat anything else? For some parents, it seems like the battle just isn’t worth it. That’s why you need this cookbook. In it, author...

The Everything KIDS' Human Body Book

by Sheri Amsel Everything (October 18, 2012)

A book about the most interesting thing on earth--you!

What happens to food after you eat it? Why is your blood red? How do your bones grow?

Your body is an amazing machine. Every second of the day and night--without...

The Everything Girls Ultimate Sleepover Party Book

by Laura McIntyre Everything (July 15, 2014)

It's time to party!

The slumber party of your dreams is waiting for you! The Everything Girls Ultimate Sleepover Party Book is packed with ideas for throwing the most amazing sleepover party ever! From invitations...

The Everything Kids' Learning Spanish Book

by Laura K Lawless Everything (October 12, 2006)

Hola, amigos! So, you want to learn Spanish but don't know where to start? Start aquî, with The Everything KIDS' Learning Spanish Book. Packed with sections of fun facts, tips, and silly Spanish phrases, you'll...

The Everything Kids' Knock Knock Book

by Aileen Weintraub Everything (August 06, 2004)

Guaranteed to leave you in stitches!

If you can't resist shouting out "Who's there?" on cue, The Everything Kids' Knock Knock Book is for you! Features hilarious sections such as:

  • Once Upon a Knock Knock
  • When Fun...

The Everything Kids' First Spanish Puzzle & Activity Book

by Laura K Lawless & Beth L Blair Everything (October 12, 2006)

Make practicing español fun and fácil!

Hola, amigos! Come join in the puzzling fun with The Everything KIDS' First Spanish Puzzle and Activity Book! Filled to the brim with mazes, crosswords, hidden picture...