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The Worm Whisperer

by Betty Hicks & Ben Hatke Roaring Brook Press (January 21, 2013)

You've heard of Horse Whisperers and Dog Whisperers, but Ellis thinks he might be a Worm Whisperer!

Ellis Coffey loves animals. He spends so much time outdoors that sometimes he thinks he can talk with them....

Don't Feed the Boy

by Irene Latham & Stephanie Graegin Roaring Brook Press (October 15, 2012)

No kid knows more about zoo life than Whit. That's because he sleeps, eats and even attends home-school at the Meadowbrook Zoo. It's one of the perks of having a mother who's the zoo director and a father who's...

Dinosaur Trouble

by Dick King-Smith & Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (March 17, 2008)

SOMETIMES THE MOST UNLIKELY PAIRS MAKE THE BEST OF FRIENDS. A hilarious prehistoric yarn for newly-independent readers from a master of children's animal stories.

All pterodactyls know that flying dinosaurs are...

Mr. Wellington

by David Rabe & Robert Andrew Parker Roaring Brook Press (April 26, 2009)

An acclaimed playwright's first work for children...A gentle and thoroughly original animal story

Young Jonathan finds a small, frightened squirrel on the road and brings it home tucked inside his sneaker. But...

Stella Díaz Never Gives Up

by Angela Dominguez Roaring Brook Press (January 13, 2020)

From award-winning author Angela Dominguez comes the novel Stella Diaz Never Gives Up, a story about a shy Mexican-American girl who becomes an environmental activist and makes a difference in her community....

Bad Kitty Joins the Team

by Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (January 06, 2020)

See Kitty as you've never seen her before: EXERCISING (reluctantly) in Bad Kitty Joins the Team, the latest installment of Nick Bruel's phenomenally successful New York Times bestselling series.

Kitty is terribly...

Nerdy Birdy

by Aaron Reynolds & Matt Davies Roaring Brook Press (September 21, 2015)

Nerdy Birdy likes reading, video games, and reading about video games, which immediately disqualifies him for membership in the cool crowd.

One thing is clear: being a nerdy birdy is a lonely lifestyle.


The Other Ducks

by Ellen Yeomans & Chris Sheban Roaring Brook Press (April 30, 2018)

This Duck and That Duck were the best of friends. They did everything together but sometimes two ducks just isn't enough.

When This Duck declares that he wishes there were Other Ducks around so they could waddle...


by Adam Rex & Scott Campbell Roaring Brook Press (January 02, 2017)

Dear Gazelle,

For some time now I have wanted to write a letter to say how much I admire you. You are so graceful and fine. Even when you are running from tigers you are like a ballerina who is running away from...

The Crocodile and the Scorpion

by Rebecca Emberley & Ed Emberley Roaring Brook Press (November 11, 2013)

It's hard to make friends when you're always stinging or biting someone...

Down by the great big, brilliant blue river, a not-so-bright crocodile and an equally pea-brained scorpion lived peacefully by themselves....

Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories

by Laura Vaccaro Seeger Roaring Brook Press (February 27, 2012)

Laura Vaccaro Seeger's highly praised concept books have introduced children to colors, opposites, emotions, and the alphabet. Now she guides children on the first steps to reading with three sweet, funny stories...

Dog and Bear: Three to Get Ready

by Laura Vaccaro Seeger Roaring Brook Press (August 31, 2009)

Uh-oh. Bear's head is stuck in a bucket. Oh, my. Oh, no. Fortunately Bear's good friend Dog is there to rescue him. Dog pulls, and he pulls, and he pulls--and still that bucket stays stuck. Things get sillier...

How To Walk An Ant

by Cindy Derby Roaring Brook Press (March 25, 2019)

There are nine steps to becoming an ant walker, and Amariyah, the expert ant walker, is here to show you how it's done.

This irreverent and quirky picture book, How to Walk an Ant, follows a young girl as she...

I See Kitty

by Yasmine Surovec Roaring Brook Press (October 28, 2013)

Love that Kitty! The most adorable picture book of the year invites the very youngest cat lovers to find Kitty in the world around them.

Chloe loves kitties. She wants a cat so much that she sees Kitty everywhere...

Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty

by Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (May 10, 2010)

It's Bad Kitty's birthday, and you're invited! Bad Kitty's second illustrated novel is packed with deadpan humor, rich tidbits of cat information -- and even some suspense! Who took Kitty's presents? Why are...

My Friend Rabbit

by Eric Rohmann Roaring Brook Press (February 14, 2011)

Rabbit saves the day in a most ingeneous way.

When Mouse lets his best friend, Rabbit, play with his brand-new airplane, trouble isn't far behind. From Caldecott Honor award winner Eric Rohmann comes a brand-new...

The Last Peach

by Gus Gordon Roaring Brook Press (May 20, 2019)

Gus Gordon's The Last Peach is the story of two indecisive bugs contemplating eating the last peach of the summer in a hilarious picture book about anticipation and expectation.

Summer's almost over, and there's...

Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet

by Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (January 04, 2016)

When Kitty is happy and healthy, everything is perfect. She jumps around, eats everything in sight, and has the energy to keep slobbering puppies in their place. But when she's sick, all she can do is lie in...

I Play

by David McPhail Roaring Brook Press (July 27, 2015)

Run, sing, dance, and hop-follow Bear on his energetic romp! From David McPhail comes a board book of early concept words. In I Play, a charming bear demonstrates children's favorite action verbs, allowing children...

The Ant and the Grasshopper

by Rebecca Emberley & Ed Emberley Roaring Brook Press (October 15, 2012)

While hard at work on her chores, an ant hears the wonderful clickety click chirrup of music coming from the distance. Although she knows she should focus on the task at hand, she can't help but explore the...

Little Bot and Sparrow

by Jake Parker Roaring Brook Press (September 26, 2016)

A story of friendship that can inspire anyone, even robots, to dream . . .

When Little Bot is thrown out with the garbage, he finds himself in a strange new world. Fortunately, Sparrow is there to take him under...

Bad Kitty Camp Daze

by Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (January 01, 2018)

Kitty's life is really hard. Like really, REALLY hard. All she asks for is twenty-two hours a day to sleep and food to be delivered morning and night. But does she get it? No. And when Puppy and Baby get a little...

The Orchestra Pit

by Johanna Wright Roaring Brook Press (August 18, 2014)

When a slightly befuddled but surprisingly endearing snake wanders into the wrong pit--the orchestra pit--peculiar things start to happen. A well-meaning snake interacts with the orchestral instruments, scares...

Bear in the Chair

by Laura Vaccaro Seeger Roaring Brook Press (February 20, 2017)

Dog and Bear are best friends who could not be more different. Follow one of their very first adventures in this board book edition of Bear in the Chair.

Bear is stuck on a tall chair. Dog, as usual, wants to...

Lost. Found.

by Marsha Diane Arnold & Matthew Cordell Roaring Brook Press (November 02, 2015)

On a wintry day, a bear loses his soft red scarf. The wind carries it *whoosh* to a pair of raccoons who use it to play tug-o-war. When they run off, a beaver dons the scarf as the perfect winter hat...until...

What's for Breakfast?

by Denys Cazet Roaring Brook Press (November 26, 2018)

"Wake up!" says Rufus, a large and very hungry owl. "It's time to catch the fearsome mouse. I'm in a mood for a bowl of mouse soup for breakfast."

Pip, who's better at sleeping than swooping, leaps from the nest...

Sophie Sleeps Over

by Marisabina Russo Roaring Brook Press (March 17, 2014)

Almost everyone has felt anxiety and uncertainty over a friendship.

Sophie is looking forward to her first sleepover.

She is excited from the tops of her ears to the tips of her toes and has even made a list of...

Bad Kitty Drawn to Trouble

by Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (January 06, 2014)

In this seventh installment of the New York Times-bestselling series, Kitty encounters what may be her most formidable foe yet: her creator! Kitty soon learns that feline manipulation works both ways--especially...


by Keith Graves Roaring Brook Press (April 11, 2016)

Trog has all the best toys: the best stick, the best rock, the best mud. But Trog doesn't care about those things. He only wants one thing: a puppy. So he sets off to find one, but what he brings back may not...

Somewhere Else

by Gus Gordon Roaring Brook Press (December 04, 2017)

George has absolutely no interest in exploring the world. None at all.

He's far too busy enjoying his home life and baking delicious pastries. Or so he tells all his friends when they invite him along on their...

My Snake Blake

by Randy Siegel & Serge Bloch Roaring Brook Press (June 18, 2012)

What's green, and slithery, and smooth, and My snake Blake, that's who! When my dad brought him home, he curved and twisted his body and spelled out "hello."

And when my mom was worried he might bite,...

Special Delivery

by Philip C. Stead & Matthew Cordell Roaring Brook Press (May 11, 2015)

Sadie is on her way to deliver an elephant to her Great-Aunt Josephine, who lives completely alone and can really use the company.

She tries everything from mailing the elephant to boarding a plane, a train,...

Bad Kitty

by Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (September 30, 2005)

From the creator of The New York Times bestseller Boing! comes the riotous story of a cat gone berserk -- four times over an in alphabetical order each time. Kitty is not happy hen she's told that her favorite...

All the Animals Where I Live

by Philip C. Stead Roaring Brook Press (March 19, 2018)

The author used to live in the busy city where there were buses and trains, and people waiting for buses and trains.

Now he lives in the country and jubilantly takes us on a tour of his home, pointing out all...

The Skunk

by Mac Barnett & Patrick McDonnell Roaring Brook Press (April 13, 2015)

When a skunk first appears in the tuxedoed man's doorway, it's a strange but possibly harmless occurrence. But then the man finds the skunk following him, and the unlikely pair embark on an increasingly frantic...


by David Slonim Roaring Brook Press (July 29, 2013)

Patch is a good dog. At least he tries to be--but sometimes he finds it hard to remember commands or resist chasing rabbits. Three very short stories of a boy and his dog are combined in this adorably illustrated...

Bad Kitty School Daze

by Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (January 07, 2013)

Bad Kitty faces her toughest challenge yet, in Bad Kitty School Daze from Nick Bruel.

Kitty and Puppy are out of control! They're screaming, fighting, hissing, and drooling all over the house, and all of the...

Bow-Wow's Nightmare Neighbors

by Megan Montague Cash & Mark Newgarden Roaring Brook Press (November 10, 2014)

As Bow-Wow naps, his neighbors creep in and steal his cozy green bed. When the expressive pup tries to get it back, colorful chaos ensues as the house next door might not be exactly what he thought. From authors...

Georgie's Best Bad Day

by Ruth Chan Roaring Brook Press (April 17, 2017)

Perfect for anyone cranky, crabby, grumpy... or all of the above!

In Georgie's Best Bad Day, Georgie and Friends are all having a bad day. So this cat and his crew of adorable animals decide to do their favorite...

Make a Wish, Henry Bear

by Liam Francis Walsh Roaring Brook Press (April 29, 2019)

New Yorker cartoonist Liam Francis Walsh's Make a Wish, Henry Bear is the story of a young bear, a birthday wish gone awry, and a new friendship to set things right.

Henry Bear has very unusual parents.


Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray

by Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (March 05, 2012)

In the New York Times bestselling Bad Kitty series from writer and illustrator Nick Bruel, prepare for a battle royale as Uncle Murray steps into the role of petsitter in Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray.

Kitty's owners...

A Bed for Kitty

by Yasmine Surovec Roaring Brook Press (September 22, 2014)

Sweet dreams, Kitty! This adorable bedtime book from the creator of I See Kitty is perfect for tucking the very youngest cat lovers in at night.

Kitty sleeps everywhere: on the TV, in the sink, even in her litter...

Musk Ox Counts

by Erin Cabatingan & Matthew Myers Roaring Brook Press (September 02, 2013)

Fans of A IS FOR MUSK OX will be happy to know that Musk Ox and Zebra are back...and trying to make it through a counting book. As usual, Musk Ox has his own ideas and Zebra does not fail to show his frustration...

Boats for Papa

by Jessixa Bagley Roaring Brook Press (June 29, 2015)

Buckley and his Mama live in a cozy cabin by the ocean. He loves to carve boats out of the driftwood he finds on the beach nearby.

He makes:

big boats

long boats

short boats and

tall boats,

each one more beautiful...

Bunnies on Ice

by Johanna Wright Roaring Brook Press (January 07, 2013)

When you're a champion ice-skater, you have to wait for the conditions to be just right.

You have to wait through spring.

You have to wait through summer.

You have to wait through autumn until . . .


Oh No, Bobo!

by Phil Gosier Roaring Brook Press (January 21, 2019)

When Bobo steals, and then breaks, the zookeeper's flashlight, his best friend Fifi only has one thing to say to him:


While Fifi runs around taunting Bobo and telling everyone about what Bobo...


by Laura Vaccaro Seeger Roaring Brook Press (July 15, 2013)

Bully doesn't have a kind word for any of his friends. When the other animals ask him to play, he responds in the way he's been taught:

Chicken! Slow poke! You stink!

Laura Vaccaro Seeger's bold, graphic artwork,...

Bad Kitty Scaredy-Cat

by Nick Bruel Roaring Brook Press (August 08, 2016)

Kitty wasn't always such a scaredy-cat. She used to be brave and lionhearted and nervy. That is, until one late October day a group of terrifying monsters showed up on her doorstop and Kitty became VERY scared....

Dog and Bear: Tricks and Treats

by Laura Vaccaro Seeger Roaring Brook Press (August 11, 2014)

Ready for a treat? How about a trick or two? Dog and Bear are back in three new Halloween stories that are sure to delight their many fans and win them new ones. Join them as they search for the perfect costume,...

Goldfish Ghost

by Lemony Snicket & Lisa Brown Roaring Brook Press (May 01, 2017)

Goldfish Ghost was born on the surface of the water in the bowl on a dresser in a boy's room. The boy's room was pleasant and familiar, but Goldfish Ghost wanted company, so he set out to find a friend.

He floats...