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Davy Learns to Swim

by Speedy Publishing Jupiter Kids (September 04, 2014)

Davy is a duckling who is afraid of water. Davy's friend Cindy is a fun fluffy chicken and takes Davy into a trip. Does the trip helps Davy learn to swim or will he be more afraid of the water?

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

by Selma Lagerlöf Dover Publications (January 22, 2013)

Enchanting tale about a boy who can understand the speech of animals, imparting information about nature, geography, and native folklore.

A Songbird Dreams of Singing

by Kate Hosford & Jennifer M. Potter Running Press Kids (November 04, 2019)

Learn more about the variety of fascinating ways animals sleep: from upside down and holding hands, to sleeping while swimming or flying!

Did you know otters sleep while holding hands; zebra finches rehearse...


by Deborah Underwood & T. L. McBeth Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (February 10, 2020)

A funny, visual story from Bearnard's Book author Deborah Underwood, about a duck who wanders away from the rest of the flock and must find the way back.

Ducks. Ducks? NO DUCKS!

Duck wanders away from the pond...

Duck to the Rescue

by John Himmelman Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (February 17, 2014)

The Greenstalks have the cleverest animals around.

When something goes wrong on the farm, someone is always ready to jump in, and this time Ernie the duck is determined to help out. But no matter how hard he...

The Other Ducks

by Ellen Yeomans & Chris Sheban Roaring Brook Press (April 30, 2018)

This Duck and That Duck were the best of friends. They did everything together but sometimes two ducks just isn't enough.

When This Duck declares that he wishes there were Other Ducks around so they could waddle...

Swim, Duck, Swim!

by Susan Lurie & Murray Head Feiwel & Friends (May 19, 2014)

It's time for Duckling to jump in the water and do what ducks do--swim! But he doesn't want to get wet. He'd rather take a nap. And he's really, really mad that everyone keeps telling him what to do!


Duck's Vacation

by Gilad Soffer Feiwel & Friends (May 25, 2015)

Duck is finally going on vacation. He has a beach chair, a book, and peace and quiet. Well, almost.

When you - yes, YOU - turn the pages of this book, Duck's vacation gets really interesting!

Ducking for Apples

by Lynne Berry & Hiroe Nakata Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (August 16, 2010)

"Blue sky! Sunshine!

Head outside!

Let's ride bikes!"

five ducks decide.

The five little ducks can't wait to ride their bikes. Will they use their training wheels? No way! Teetering, swerving, tottering, curving,...

Chicken Lily

by Lori Mortensen & Nina Victor Crittenden Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (March 28, 2016)

Chicken Lily may be a lot of things--a careful colorer, a patient puzzler, and a quiet hide-and-seeker (she never made a peep!)--but brave has never been one of them. That's why, when a school-wide poetry jam...

The Snow Goose

by Paul Gallico & Ralph Cosham Blackstone Publishing (January 02, 2014)

On the desolate Essex marshes, a young girl named Fritha arrives at a remote lighthouse seeking help from its lonely inhabitant: PhilipRhayader, a crippled artist who has established a bird sanctuary on his...

Lucky Ducky

by Doreen Mulryan Abrams Books for Young Readers (February 08, 2016)

Ducky is unlucky--somehow things just always seem to go wrong. So he decides to look for a four-leaf clover; that will do the trick! But when he goes to the park, there is none to be found. However, what Ducky...

The Duck that Crowed

by Gini Graham Scott Changemakers Publishing (January 10, 2018)

After growing up in a pet store surrounded by dogs, cats, and other animals, Danny has lost his ability to quack.  After being bought by a little girl and dropped off in the woods by her father, Danny goes...

Follow the Ducks

by Gini Graham Scott Changemakers Kids (January 10, 2018)

Devon is a duck who doesn’t like to stay in line when he is growing up on a small island in a pond.  Instead, he is very curious and likes to explore, so his parents keep looking for him and tell him to get...

Bear and Chicken

by Jannie Ho Running Press (November 14, 2017)

Humor, a surprise ending, and an unlikely friendship make Bear and Chicken fall into the ranks with Mo Willems and Dev Petty, and the soup recipe at the end will inspire young chefs to get into the kitchen and...

The Rat Who Didn't Like Rats

by Blythe Ayne Emerson & Tilman, Publishers (July 17, 2017)

Reginald is kind-hearted rat and loves everyone – except ... rats! Believing rats are unlikable, he doesn't realize that he is a rat himself until the beautiful newcomer to the area, Raquel, stops his heart...

Drew the Dancing Duck

by Stephanie Dennis-Simpson Stephanie Simpson (June 02, 2017)

DREW THE DANCING DUCK is a great teaching tool for children ages of three to nine years old. Drew was created to give children a friendly character they could identify with. He is an ordinary-looking duck with...