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Attack of the Stuff

by Jim Benton Papercutz (May 25, 2020)

In what is described as "an 8 year old's fever dream," New York Times bestselling author introduces us to Bill Waddler. Bill is a duck who dreams of being smothered by farting snakes. He also has a special gift....

The Loud House #9

by The Loud House Creative Team Papercutz (June 08, 2020)

When Mom takes Lori, Leni, Lynn, Luna, Luan, Lola, Lana, Lucy, Lisa, and Lily out for a special Mother-Daughters Day, Lincoln and his dad are left with the whole house to themselves! He quickly invites Clyde,...

The Sisters Vol. 5

by Christophe Cazenove Papercutz (December 23, 2019)

Since Amy's been going out with John, she has become the most popular girl in the halls. But she spends so much time with her new friends that she forgets Kat, her best friend. As for her ex, Nick, he still...

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #10

by Geronimo Stilton & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (June 24, 2013)

Athens, Greece: the first Olympic Games are about to take place, and the Pirate Cats have traveled back in time to enter the competition. The fiendish felines plan to win as many events as they can, and become...

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #14

by Geronimo Stilton & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (June 23, 2014)

It's 1969, and the eyes of the whole world are focused on the moon, where the Apollo 11 mission is about to make one giant leap for mousekind. But the time-traveling Pirate Cats are on the scene and they want...

Dance Class #4

by Beka & Crip Papercutz (September 09, 2013)

Can the girls out-dance Carla to the Nationals, or will distractions undermine everything they've worked so hard for?

Julie, Lucy and Alia are best friends and share the same passion: dance. Piling on the classes,...

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #17

by Geronimo Stilton & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (May 23, 2016)

The Pirate Cats travel to the 18th Century to do what they do best... be pirates! So they steal an old ship sailing on the Indian Ocean to pillage the East India Company's merchant ships! It's up to Geronimo...

Smurfs: Forever Smurfette

by Peyo Papercutz (November 17, 2014)

The Smurfette gets her own special volume! In "Little Red Smurfing Hood," life begins to imitate art after Smurfette dons a red cape and meets a sorcerer in wolf's clothing-- Gargamel! Plus, four more Smurf-tastic...

The Smurfs #23

by Peyo Papercutz (July 09, 2018)

When Papa Smurf is away, the Smurfs will play! Handy Smurf has invented some machines to ease the burden of the hard-working Smurfs (not including Lazy Smurf!). Soon, the whole Village is interested in these...

The Smurfs Christmas

by Peyo Papercutz (September 30, 2013)

A magical collection of Christmas tales to light up the coldest winter nights, from one of the greatest storytellers of our time.

There's no peace on earth when Christmas comes to the Smurfs Village, at least...

Barbie #1

by Sarah Kuhn & Alitha Martinez Papercutz (February 20, 2017)

Barbie is facing the same problems every young person is facing today--figuring out how to choose a career, in an economic environment that is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to find a job. But Barbie...

The Smurfs #11

by Peyo & Yvan Delporte Papercutz (June 24, 2013)

Let the games begin! Hefty Smurf, following Papa Smurf's suggestion, helps organize the first Smurf Olympics, but getting his fellow Smurfs to participate proves difficult. The most willing, and hardest training...

Dracula Marries Frankenstein

by Susan Schade & Jon Buller Papercutz (October 09, 2017)

Suburban Megatown doesn't seem like the ideal location for a bunch of kids to make a horror movie. But Anne and her friends luck into a deal with Augusta Herringbone and begin filming Dracula Marries Frankenstein!...

Thea Stilton Graphic Novels #8

by Thea Stilton, Ryan Jampole & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (July 09, 2018)

Thea Stilton sends Colette, Paulina, Violet, Pamela, and Nicky on a school project exploring in and around Whale Island in search of treasure. When a bad storm interrupts their scavenger hunt, separated, the...

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #12

by Geronimo Stilton & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (June 24, 2013)

It's a samurai showdown as Team Geronimo follows the Pirate Cats to feudal Japan!

It's feudal Japan of the first Tokugawa dynasty, and the Pirate Cats are trying to be assigned a specific fiefdom by the emperor....

The Garfield Show #6

by Jim Davis, Cedric Michiels & Ellipsanime Papercutz (March 14, 2016)

Garfield's kinda, sort of friend, Nermal--that annoying cute cat-- is paranoid a skunk might cost him the victory in the Cutest Pet Contest. Upon hearing this, Garfield disguises himself as a skunk-- stench...

Hotel Transylvania Graphic Novel Vol. 2

by Stefan Petrucha, Allen Gladfelter & Zazo Papercutz (April 23, 2018)

Based on the all-new television series focusing on the earlier teenage years of Dracula's daughter Mavis and her three closest friends, Hank N. Stein, Pedro and Wendy Blob. With Dracula away on "Official Vampire...

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #8

by Geronimo Stilton & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (June 24, 2013)

The Pirate Cats have traveled back to Milan, Italy in the year 1770, in order to steal one of the most important musical works in history: a symphony composed by a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! It's up to Geronimo...

Dance Class #8

by Beka & Crip Papercutz (November 10, 2014)

Mary must decide how to cast the roles for the ballet Snow White, which the school will perform for International Dance Day. Bruno has no competition for the role of Prince Charming. But who will play Snow White?...

Garfield & Co. #2

by Mathilde Marninchi, Jim Davis, Julien Magnat & Christophe Poujol et al. Papercutz (September 09, 2013)

Beauty contests and parallel universes -- it's all here in Garfield's second graphic novel! In "The Curse of the Cat People" Garfield and Odie are transported by a magic mirror to an alternate universe of Ancient...

The Smurfs #20

by Peyo Papercutz (February 29, 2016)

If you thought Obamacare was confusing, wait until you see the Smurfs tackle the medical profession!

When one Smurf steps up as doctor he starts a fever-for more doctors! Soon, a hospital is built in the Smurf...

Ariol #6

by Emmanuel Guibert & Marc Boutavant Papercutz (February 09, 2015)

Timberwolf is Ariol's best enemy, an ill-tempered cat always picking a fight, making fun of anything and everybody, even of Thunder Horse! And you know what's worse? Petula likes that obnoxious tomcat! School...

Garfield & Co. #1

by Mark Evanier, Jim Davis, Peter Berts & Julien Monthel et al. Papercutz (September 09, 2013)

Jon, Odie, Nermal, Liz and the rest of the gang join Garfield in the first of a new series of Papercutz graphic novels featuring stories adapted from the hit Cartoon Network series. In "Fish to Fry," the tables...

The Smurfs #14

by Peyo Papercutz (July 15, 2013)

Papa don't preach! A Smurf baby is delivered to the Smurf Village...and goes missing! After all the Smurfs fall in love with the Smurf Baby, the stork returns to take him back. You'll be shocked to discover...

Garfield & Co. #7

by Jim Davis, Ellipsanime & Cedric Michiels Papercutz (September 09, 2013)

Can this flabby tabby Scrooge find the true meaning of Christmas?

To Garfield, there's not much more to the Christmas holidays than food and presents. This becomes the center of an argument between him and his...

Hotel Transylvania Graphic Novel Vol. 1

by Stefan Petrucha & Allen Gladfelter Papercutz (February 26, 2018)

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA is under attack--the owner of the nearby Kakieland theme park, the notorious Stephen Cling, has launch a viral anti-monster smear campaign claiming that monsters are scary! That keeps guests...

Papercutz Slices #2: Breaking Down

by Stefan Petrucha & Rick Parker Papercutz (September 09, 2013)

The team that brought you the best-selling "Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid" cuts up the best-selling series starring love-sick vampires and jealous werewolves! The "Twilight Saga" gets sliced up in this unauthorized...

The Smurfs #4

by Peyo & Yvan Delporte Papercutz (June 17, 2013)

There's a blue girl in town! ...And her name is Smurfette! When a Smurf happens upon a dress-wearing, long-haired Smurf in the forest, he has no idea what kind of trouble he has stumbled upon--he's just encountered...

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #5

by Geronimo Stilton & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (June 24, 2013)

When Geronimo's nemeses the Pirate Cats try to travel to through time to the year 1889, they accidentally end up in 37993 BC! When the cats meet their Neanderthal ancestors, they hear the legend of a Giant Wooly...

Ariol #10

by Emmanuel Guibert & Marc Boutavant Papercutz (June 11, 2018)

Dance class is in session for donkeys and pigs. Who is all hooves and who has the beat? Ariol's teacher, Mr. Blunt, joins the dance floor, too, and earns the name "Mad Dog." Will Ariol's secret crush Petula...

Benny Breakiron #3

by Peyo, Yvan Delporte, Will Maltaite & François Walthéry Papercutz (January 20, 2014)

When Monsieur Dussiflard finds a lead on a long-lost ancient treasure, he and Benny Breakiron are off to the desert on the journey of a lifetime! But they're not alone; some shadowy figures from Dussiflard's...

The Smurfs #18

by Peyo Papercutz (June 30, 2014)

When Papa Smurf is hurt in a lab accident he sends a smurf to the good wizard Homnibus for help. Although Homnibus has a cure, he needs to buy some seeds he's missing for the recipe. Fascinated by this exchange...

Benny Breakiron #2

by Peyo & Will Maltaite Papercutz (September 23, 2013)

Madam Adolphine is a kind, gentle old lady, and a good friend of the super-strong Benny Breakiron. So why is she robbing a bank, banging a man on the head with a mallet, and being thrown in the trunk of a car,...

The Little Mermaid

by Metaphrog Papercutz (July 10, 2017)

The Little Mermaid is Hans Christian Andersen's most celebrated tale and is beautifully adapted here as a graphic novel by the Eisner award nominated duo Metaphrog (Sandra Marrs and John Chalmers), winners of...

The Smurfs Anthology #4

by Peyo Papercutz (December 26, 2016)

Another iconic Smurf, The Smurf Apprentice, gets the Anthology treatment! A smurf wants to emulate Papa Smurf, and decides the best way to do so would be to practice magic. So, the smurf sneaks into Gargamel's...

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #13

by Geronimo Stilton & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (December 09, 2013)

Utah, USA, 1869. Work on the Transcontinental Railroad connecting the east and west coasts keeps suffering mysterious mousehaps. Can it be the dastardly work of Catardone and his band of Pirate Cats? In the...

Papercutz Slices #1: Harry Potty and the Deathly Boring

by Stefan Petrucha & Rick Parker Papercutz (September 09, 2013)

Rick Parker and Stefan Petrucha, the team behind the hit TALES FROM THE CRYPT #8, get together again, this time taking on Harry Potter! Following the murder of their mentor Dumb-As-A-Door by the seemingly traitorous...

Ariol #7

by Emmanuel Guibert & Marc Boutavant Papercutz (January 04, 2016)

Ariol's schoolteacher Mr. Blunt is top dog. A big spaniel with glasses, he never shaves very well but he's never boring. He always has some nice, little story or game to suggest to make his lessons understandable....

The Smurfs: The Village Behind the Wall

by Peyo Papercutz (September 25, 2017)

The world of the Smurfs expands as a Brainy Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty Smurf and Clumsy Smurf discover a new village filled with a whole population of girl Smurfs! A whole new world of challenges and adventures...

Dance Class #7

by Beka & Crip Papercutz (February 24, 2014)

The national competition is coming up fast, and Julie, Lucie, and Alia will need all their skills, all their poise, and a lot of grit and determination to get their routine in perfect shape. The always jealous,...

Ariol #1

by Emmanuel Guibert & Marc Boutavant Papercutz (June 17, 2013)

Ariol is your everyday tween donkey with blue glasses. He lives in the suburbs with his mom and dad. His best friend is a pig. He's in love with a beautiful cow in his class. His teacher is a dog. His gym teacher...

Garfield & Co. #6

by Jim Davis, Mark Evanier, Cedric Michiels & Ellipsanime Papercutz (September 09, 2013)

Hunting birds is something Garfield's never had any interest in. But when he finds a nest full of abandoned eggs, Garfield puts his feline pride aside and decides to help them hatch. Harry, the stray cat from...

Thea Stilton Graphic Novels #2

by Thea Stilton & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (August 19, 2013)

It's election time at Mouseford Academy and the candidates from the Lizard and Gecko student clubs face some challenges if they want to get elected president. Certainly not helping matters is the arrival of...

Garfield & Co. #8

by Jim Davis, Cedric Michiels, Mark Evanier & Ellipsanime Papercutz (September 09, 2013)

Who is the shadowy Agent X and why is he spreading Garfield's secrets all over the neighborhood?

A spy known only as Agent X has arrived in the neighborhood, and is ruining Garfield's life by telling anyone who...

The Smurfs #22

by Peyo Papercutz (July 10, 2017)

All's not well in Smurfs Village. Someone is actually proposing to build an actual wall around the Smurfs Village! Can you imagine any smurf saying such a crazy thing? Well, it all started when Papa Smurf observed...

Papercutz Slices #5: The Farting Dead

by Stefan Petrucha & Rick Parker Papercutz (September 09, 2013)

When Sheriff Mick Grimey wakes up in a hospital bed, he finds that the zombie apocalypse has begun! Together with Deputy Shame, Old Man Wail, Gnarl, Gory, San Andreas, Merle, No-see-im, and T-Bagg, this ragtag...

The Garfield Show #1

by Jim Davis, Cedric Michiels & Ellipsanime Papercutz (July 15, 2013)

Jon, Garfield, Odie, Drusilla, and Minerva decide to escape a sweltering heat wave in the city by going camping. But once they make camp in the forest, they experience a year's worth of seasons in a matter of...

Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #15

by Geronimo Stilton & Nanette Cooper-McGuinness Papercutz (March 09, 2015)

Geronimo, Trap, Pandora, Benjamin and Patti return to the era of Louis XIII on the trail of the Pirate Cats. At Fontainebleu Castle they enroll in Richelieu's army of mousketeers and are commanded by the cardinal...

The Garfield Show #2

by Jim Davis, Cedric Michiels & Ellipsanime Papercutz (November 25, 2013)

When Jon can't sleep, he seeks help from a sketchy hypnotist named Professor Somnanbulo, who gives him a machine called the Hypno-Snore. When Jon turns it on, Odie interrupts with his barking. Unbeknownst to...

The Only Living Boy #5

by David Gallaher & Steve Ellis Papercutz (October 30, 2017)

Desperate to stop the Dreaded Lord Baalikar from stealing the transformative powers of the Chrysalis, young Erik Farrell assembles the endangered tribes of his new homeworld to liberate the Hive City. Enemies...