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Lion Needs a Haircut

by Hyewon Yum Abrams Books for Young Readers (May 04, 2020)

This relatable story from award-winning author-illustrator Hyewon Yum explores the universal fear of first haircuts with honesty, tenderness, and humor


Little lion needs a haircut. But he doesn't want one!...

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

by Andrea Beaty & David Roberts Abrams Books for Young Readers (November 04, 2019)

The newest picture book from the creators of Iggy Peck, Architect; Rosie Revere, Engineer; and Ada Twist, Scientist stars Sofia Valdez, a community leader who stands up for what she believes in!


Every morning,...

The Hundred and One Dalmatians

by Dodie Smith, Peter Bently & Steven Lenton Abrams Books for Young Readers (September 02, 2019)

Dodie Smith’s classic tale adapted into a playful and stylish new picture book


Dalmatians Pongo and Missis live in London with their beloved owners. When Missis finds out she’s going to have puppies,...

What Will These Hands Make?

by Nikki McClure Abrams Books for Young Readers (February 24, 2020)

A picture book that celebrates community and creativity from acclaimed cut-paper artist Nikki McClure


This lyrical picture book from beloved creator Nikki McClure follows a family through one day and muses...

Mama's Work Shoes

by Caron Levis & Vanessa Brantley-Newton Abrams Books for Young Readers (September 02, 2019)

All about the adjustment a toddler makes when her mother returns to work, this humorous picture book takes on a big emotional milestone with a light hand.


Perry knows all of Mama's shoes. She knows that the...


by Galia Bernstein Abrams Books for Young Readers (May 20, 2019)

Leyla is sick of her big, loud, overbearing family. They are always chatting, snuggling, and grooming each other (ew!), and--for Leyla--there's no escape from their attention. So, she decides to run away until...

A Twin Is to Hug

by Boni Ashburn & John Nez Abrams Books for Young Readers (April 08, 2019)

Hand in hand, side by side, a twin is your friend. Every step of the way, from beginning to end. Having a twin can be great! With a twin, you have a lifelong bond, a partner in crime, and a food-I-don't-want-to-eat...

Born to Ride

by Larissa Theule & Kelsey Garrity-Riley Abrams Books for Young Readers (March 11, 2019)

Louise Belinda Bellflower lives in Rochester, New York, in 1896. She spends her days playing with her brother, Joe. But Joe gets to ride a bicycle, and Louise Belinda doesn't. In fact, Joe issues a solemn warning:...

Lights, Camera, Carmen!

by Anika Denise & Lorena Alvarez Gomez Abrams Books for Young Readers (September 10, 2018)

In the vein of Eloise, Olivia, and Fancy Nancy, Carmen is a little girl with a BIG personality. She loves the spotlight and fame that comes with being an actress, and she only grudgingly shares attention with...

The Sloth Who Slowed Us Down

by Margaret Wild & Vivienne To Abrams Books for Young Readers (August 13, 2018)

When the speediest family in the world finds a sweet, slow sloth on their doorstep, they take him in. But, little do they know, their new pet has quite a bit to teach them. For Amy's family, there simply aren't...

Piglet and Papa

by Margaret Wild & Stephen Michael King Abrams Books for Young Readers (May 07, 2018)

For all children who have wondered what their parents are thinking, this warmly illustrated book is perfect for bedtime and story hour. Piglet feels a little insecure--she has upset her papa. Does that mean...

The Best Mother

by Cynthia Surrisi & Diane Goode Abrams Books for Young Readers (April 02, 2018)

When Maxine wakes up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, she wonders if the problem might be her mother. What if she could try out a new mom who doesn't make her brush her teeth or comb her hair? Enlisting...

Down by the River

by Andrew Weiner & April Chu Abrams Books for Young Readers (March 05, 2018)

One beautiful autumn day, Art sets out with his mother and grandfather for a fishing trip. Fishing days are Art's favorite. He loves learning the ropes from Grandpa--the different kinds of flies and tackle and...

Mama's Belly

by Kate Hosford & Abigail Halpin Abrams Books for Young Readers (April 16, 2018)

As a curious little girl awaits the arrival of her baby sister, she asks Mama many questions: "Will she have freckles?" "Will I have to share my blanket?" She helps Mama and Dad prepare to meet her little sister,...

They Say Blue

by Jillian Tamaki Abrams Books for Young Readers (March 12, 2018)

Now available as a board book, the award-winning They Say Blue is a playful, poetic exploration of color and point of view


In captivating paintings full of movement and transformation, we follow a young girl...

Starring Carmen!

by Anika Denise & Lorena Alvarez Gomez Abrams Books for Young Readers (September 11, 2017)

Meet Carmen! She LOVES the spotlight and applause. She's an actress, a singer, a dancer—a one-girl sensación! She exhausts her parents with her nightly performances and completely overshadows Eduardo, her...

Brobot Bedtime

by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen & Scott Campbell Abrams Books for Young Readers (May 01, 2017)

The Brobots have had a long day, and it is time to recharge and enter sleep mode. Buzz and Crash have no problem falling asleep, but Beep’s got a case of the flick-ups. Luckily, Buzz knows just the trick:...


by Gideon Sterer & Poly Bernatene Abrams Books for Young Readers (April 10, 2017)

When Grandpa—a fishing connoisseur—moves to the city to live with his family, it doesn’t take him long to notice that there is nowhere to fish. Unfazed, his granddaughter proposes they pretend to fish...

The Road Home

by Katie Cotton & Sarah Jacoby Abrams Books for Young Readers (March 06, 2017)

Fierce and tender, this beautifully illustrated picture book depicts the journeys of woodland animals as they seek the safety of home in a wild, unpredictable world. Birds risk the elements to fly south for...

Waiting for High Tide

by Nikki McClure Abrams Books for Young Readers (April 04, 2016)

Waiting for High Tide has earned two STARRED reviews from Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus! 

For one young boy, it’s a perfect summer day to spend at the beach with his family. He scours the high tide line for...

An After Bedtime Story

by Shoham Smith & Einat Tsarfati Abrams Books for Young Readers (May 02, 2016)

Little Nina will not go to bed. Not when the adults are having so much fun in the other room without her! Before her exasperated parents can catch up, Nina escapes her bedroom and races through the house, sampling...

The Grumpy Pets

by Kristine A. Lombardi Abrams Books for Young Readers (April 04, 2016)

Billy’s not like the other kids. He’s a bit moody, a bit cranky, a bit . . . grumpy. In hopes of cheering him up, his mom takes him and his sister to the animal rescue one Saturday morning. All the animals...

Wild Child

by Steven Salerno Abrams Books for Young Readers (August 03, 2015)

The jungle can be a scary place, but there is one creature who is the fiercest of all: it grabs, it pulls, it cries, it poops—it’s the WILD CHILD! All the animals live in fear of this nasty baby who cannot...

I Love You More Than Moldy Ham

by Carey F. Armstrong-Ellis Abrams Books for Young Readers (August 03, 2015)

When a young monster sets out to create a gourmet dinner for someone special, he squelches through marsh and muck to find just the right ingredients, from beetle knees to plump slugs to chicken teeth! But who...

Grandma in Blue with Red Hat

by Scott Menchin & Harry Bliss Abrams Books for Young Readers (April 13, 2015)

When a young boy learns about what makes art special—sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it tells a story—he realizes that these same characteristics are what make his grandmother...

Lovey Bunny

by Kristine A. Lombardi Abrams Books for Young Readers (March 02, 2015)

Lovey Bunny is the happiest little girl around. She loves just about everything--her family, art, watching her mama make things, and especially playing dress-up. But when she borrows Mama Rabbit's new dress...

Tumbleweed Baby

by Anna Myers & Charles Vess Abrams Books for Young Readers (October 06, 2014)

A large, loving family in the 1930s Dust Bowl finds a “tumbleweed baby”—a wild baby—in the plains near their cozy farm home. The baby’s new siblings discover the ways she fits and doesn’t fit into...


by David Mackintosh Abrams Books for Young Readers (October 06, 2014)

From the creator of Marshall Armstrong Is New to Our School comes a visually stunning, hilarious picture book that explores children’s tendency to jump to the conclusions they want.

When Leo’s mom announces...

Hands & Hearts

by Donna Jo Napoli & Amy June Bates Abrams Books for Young Readers (May 12, 2014)

A mother and daughter spend a sunny day at the beach together where they swim, dance, build sandcastles, and, most importantly, communicate. But their communication is not spoken; rather, it is created by loving...

Because I Am Your Daddy

by Sherry North & Marcellus Hall Abrams Books for Young Readers (January 19, 2016)

How much do fathers love their children? Enough to fly them to school in a plane? Enough to dig for the biggest dinosaur the world has ever known? From exploring dark caves to leading a marching band to even...

Rock-a-Bye Room

by Susan Meyers & Amy June Bates Abrams Books for Young Readers (September 30, 2013)

Rock-a-bye, little one, bedtime is soon.

Rocking horse waits in your rock-a-bye room.

A mother soothes her daughter before bed as they say good night to all the things in her room--a rocking horse, dolls, blocks,...

Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote

by Duncan Tonatiuh Abrams Books for Young Readers (May 06, 2013)

 In this allegorical picture book, a young rabbit named Pancho eagerly awaits his papa’s return. Papa Rabbit traveled north two years ago to find work in the great carrot and lettuce fields to earn money...

Dear Primo

by Duncan Tonatiuh Abrams Books for Young Readers (November 24, 2015)

From first-time Mexican author and illustrator Duncan Tonatiuh comes the story of two cousins, one in America and one in Mexico, and how their daily lives are different yet similar. Charlie takes the subway...

The Fort That Jack Built

by Boni Ashburn & Brett Helquist Abrams Books for Young Readers (September 02, 2013)

In this imaginative interpretation of the nursery rhyme "The House That Jack Built,+? young Jack builds an amazing fort in the middle of the living room, using the chairs, blankets, and other objects on hand....

Blue-Ribbon Dad

by Beth Raisner Glass & Margie Moore Abrams Books for Young Readers (June 30, 2012)

In this sweet, rhyming picture book, a little boy thinks about all the special things he does with his dad—schoolwork, reading, swimming lessons, haircuts, and more—and decides to craft a present, a homemade...

Tilly the Trickster

by Molly Shannon & Ard Hoyt Abrams Books for Young Readers (August 14, 2014)

Molly Shannon has created numerous unforgettable characters on Saturday Night Live and in movies such as Superstar and Never Been Kissed and now introduces young readers to her latest hilarious creation, Tilly...