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by Walter Dean Myers HarperCollins (October 06, 2009)

The Scorpions are a gun-toting Harlem gang, and Jamal Hicks is about to become tragically involved with them in this authentic tale of the sacrifice of innocence and the struggle to steer clear of violence.


The Boy Is Mine!

by Charmaine White Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC (May 27, 2011)

Neisha Thompson, a popular cheerleader, has a crush on major player, Marcus Hamilton. Everything about Marcus screams want-able, and Neisha wants everything to do with him. But when she notices that one of the...

Crystal's Crush

by Sparkle Sparkle Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC (June 04, 2013)

Crystal Jackson is surrounded by drama. Her parents are constantly arguing and fighting. To escape the drama at home, she befriends Tyreek "Ty" Davis, known on the streets as Doughboy. Crystal ignores her two...

Player Hater

by Charmaine White Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC (August 31, 2012)

Funny man Allen Rivera wants to change his reputation from class clown to sophomore heartthrob in order to gain the attention of the gorgeous Carmen Sanchez. Allen's popular friend, Torean Hudson has never had...

The Battle of Jericho

by Sharon M. Draper Atheneum Books for Young Readers (April 05, 2011)


Sixteen-year-old Jericho is psyched when he and his cousin and best friend, Josh, are invited to pledge for the Warriors of Distinction, the oldest and most exclusive club in school. Just being...

Bringing Down the Mouse

by Ben Mezrich Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (June 24, 2014)

Charlie Lewis goes on a roller coaster ride of risk, math, and gaming in this middle grade novel that parallels the New York Times bestselling Bringing Down the House, which inspired the movie 21.

Charlie Lewis...

Ninety-Nine Problems

by Gloria Dotson-Lewis Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC (November 03, 2011)

Who would have thought that a drug dealing drop-out could ever come between childhood best friends, Crea McCloud and Fiona Spencer and flip their lives upside down? When Fiona's new boyfriend, Romero, walks...

Rainbow Party

by Paul Ruditis Simon Pulse (June 24, 2008)

Rainbow Parties. Are they real? Who's going?


One's been with all the guys, one's terrified of them.

It's Gin's party; she invited everyone.


President of the Celibacy Club. What's she...


by Amy Reed Simon Pulse (October 06, 2009)

When thirteen-year-old Cassie moves to a suburb of Seattle, she is determined to leave her boring, good-girl existence behind. She chooses some dangerous new friends and is quickly caught up in their fast-paced...

Friday Never Leaving

by Vikki Wakefield Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (September 10, 2013)

In this wrenching, mesmerizing coming-of-age novel that Kirkus Reviews calls "lyrical, suspenseful, and haunting," Friday discovers what makes a family--and how to define home.

Friday Brown has never had a home....


by Allison Van Diepen Simon Pulse (September 03, 2013)

Lines are clearly marked at South Bay High School. It's mixed territory for the Crips and the Bloods, which means the drama never stops.

Julia DiVino wants none of it. No colors, no C-Walks-- it's just not her...

Web of Lies

by Beverley Naidoo HarperCollins (April 13, 2010)

Femi is in trouble.

He's gotten involved with a gang of older boys and is telling so many lies to his family, he can hardly keep his head straight. His sister, Sade, knows something is going on, but she doesn't...


by Francine Prose HarperTeen (June 16, 2009)

What really happened at the back of the bus?

Did they, or didn't they?

Did she, or didn't she?

Something happened to fourteen-year-old Maisie Willard—something involving her three friends, all boys. But their...

It's Not Easy Being Bad

by Cynthia Voigt Atheneum Books for Young Readers (March 12, 2013)

Now that they're in seventh grade, Mikey and Margalo decide it's time to be popular--or at least, time to be less unpopular. The trouble is, typical, normal kids are what work in junior high, and if there's...

Desire Lines

by Jack Gantos Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (March 20, 2006)

When sixteen-year-old Walker gets caught up in a witch-hunt against homosexuals, he is left to stand by and watch as a tragedy unfolds.

The Reckless Club

by Beth Vrabel Running Press Kids (October 01, 2018)

From award-winning author Beth Vrabel comes a new middle-grade Breakfast Club drama set in a old folks' home.

On the last day of middle school, five kids who couldn't be more different commit separate pranks,...

Prudence the Part-Time Cow

by Jody Jensen Shaffer & Stephanie Laberis Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (June 12, 2017)

Prudence looks like a full-time cow--she wanders through pastures, she swats flies, and she lines up for supper. But Prudence is a part-time cow--she is also a scientist, an architect, and an inventor, studying...


by Victoria Kann, Elizabeth Kann & Kathleen McInerney HarperCollins (September 09, 2008)

In this follow-up to the New York Times bestselling Pinkalicious, a young girl remains true to herself and discovers that pink isn't only a pretty color, but also a powerful one.

While everyone knows Pinkalicious's...

Confessions of a Hater

by Caprice Crane & Caitlin Davies Blackstone Publishing (August 27, 2013)

Who wants to move during high school? Certainly not HaileyHarper, whose father has a new job in Los Angeles. Leaving New York is dauntingenough, but it's especially bad for Hailey, who's always felt invisible...

Game Changer

by Tommy Greenwald Amulet Books (September 10, 2018)

An Amazon Best Book of the Month

Thirteen-year-old Teddy Youngblood is in a coma fighting for his life after an unspecified football injury at training camp. His family and friends flock to his bedside to support...

Peanut Butter & Brains

by Joe McGee & Charles Santoso Abrams Books for Young Readers (August 10, 2015)

Reginald isn’t like the other zombies who shuffle through Quirkville, scaring the townspeople and moaning for BRAINSSSSS! The only thing Reginald’s stomach rumbles for is sticky peanut butter and sweet jelly....

Ghost Ride

by Marina Cohen Dundurn (October 19, 2009)

When 14-year-old Sam McLean reluctantly joins Cody and his sidekick, Javon, for a ghost ride, something goes terribly wrong. Cody convinces Sam to flee the scene, leaving Javon for dead. Soon mysterious messages...

Chasing the White Witch

by Marina Cohen Dundurn (December 24, 2011)

Teased by her older brother, bullied by popular girls at school, and plagued by an unsightly pimple on her nose, 12-year-old Claire Murphy finds a mysterious book of spells that may soon solve her problems.

The Wonder of Wildflowers

by Anna Staniszewski Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (February 25, 2020)

Ten-year-old Mira must balance the loyalty she feels towards her family with the desire to be accepted by her new classmates in this powerful coming-of-age story about identity, community, and finding a place...

Izzy the Very Bad Burglar

by Amy Proud Sky Pony (May 03, 2016)

Izzy comes from a family of excellent burglars. But every time Izzy takes something that doesn’t belong to her, she gets a bad feeling in her stomach that won’t go away. She tries to tell her parents about...

Genesis Begins Again

by Alicia D. Williams Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books (January 15, 2019)

A Newbery Honor Book

Winner of the Correta Scott King - John Steptoe for New Talent Author Award

A Morris Award Finalist

An NPR Favorite Book of 2019

A School Library Journal Best Middle Grade Book of 2019


Playing with Fire

by Sello Mahapeletsa Cover2Cover Books (March 07, 2018)

Koliwe?s life is turned upside down when her father dies and she is sent to Limpopo to live with the mother she thought was dead. She is determined to make her mother pay for abandoning her as a baby. Her new...

Retro Geeks

by Karen Mueller Bryson eBookIt.com (February 21, 2013)

Retro Geeks is a Short on Time Book for Teens, fast-paced and fun novels for readers on the go.

It's only a month until senior prom and Molly and Ally don't have dates yet! OMG! The 80s obsessed BFFs decide to...

The Reckless Club

by Beth Vrabel Running Press (October 02, 2018)

From award-winning author Beth Vrabel comes a new middle-grade Breakfast Club drama set in a old folks' home.

On the last day of middle school, five kids who couldn't be more different commit separate pranks,...

This Ain't No Video Game, Kid!

by Kevin Stevens Little Island Books (March 03, 2010)

Jack Klements lives in Seattle, Washington, with his parents and is doing just fine. But when his swaggering Irish cousin Finn turns up, Jack can tell this is not going to be a good summer. Finn is obsessed...


by Amy Reed Simon Pulse (June 12, 2012)

He's falling in love--and she's falling over the edge of sanity. From the author of Beautiful and Clean, a "real and relatable" (VOYA) exploration of a romance marred by mental illness.

What if I can't ever be...

Twinkle the Elf: A Copycat Who Finds Herself

by Lisa Beere & Kae Richardson Crimson Cloak Publishing (August 31, 2017)

Twinkle the copycat wants to be JUST like her sister.

Twinkle thinks her older sister Sparkle is perfect! Twinkle wants to be just like her. Luckily Sparkle is a wise older sister and realizes why Twinkle is...

Taking Off

by Valerie Tripp & Juliana Kolesova American Girl (August 27, 2015)

Turning ten is a big deal, and Maryellen Larkin wants to celebrate it in a very special way. Will she choose a western theme or decide on a superstar celebration, or will the event turn out to be something even...

The One and Only

by Valerie Tripp & Juliana Kolesova American Girl (August 27, 2015)

Maryellen Larkin is nine years old and longs to stand out, but in a family with five brothers and sisters it's easy to get lost in the shuffle! A painting mishap gains her some attention, but not the kind she's...

Me and Fat Glenda

by Lila Perl Lizzie Skurnick Books (January 13, 2014)

The buttoned-up town of Havenhurst isn’t ready for the Mayberrys, especially when they roll in on a garbage truck piled high with their trash sculptures. Their daughter Sara who longs for conventional living,...

Crimes of the Sarahs

by Kristen Tracy Simon Pulse (February 21, 2012)

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

At sixteen, Sarah Trestle has a lot going for her. She's cute, funny, and a terrific alto. She's also great behind the wheel, which is why she drives the getaway car. But...

Read My Lips

by Teri Brown Simon Pulse (June 03, 2008)

Popularity is as easy as a good secret.

Serena just wants to fly under the radar at her new school. But Serena is deaf, and she can read lips really well-even across the busy cafeteria. So when the popular...

Angry Young Man

by Chris Lynch Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (February 08, 2011)

Delve into the mind of a teen whose journey of self-discovery leads to the unthinkable in this tense and terse novel from award-wining author Chris Lynch.

Alexander, who wants to be called Xan, is a misfit. He...


by Ellen Wittlinger Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (June 19, 2012)

Angela Katz-McNair has never felt quite right as a girl, but it's a shock to everyone when she cuts her hair short, buys some men's clothes, and announces she'd like to be called by a new name, Grady. Grady...


by Randi Reisfeld Simon Pulse (March 06, 2012)

Kenzie Cross never thought she'd vault to insta-fame on the hit TV action drama Spywitness Girls. A virtual unknown, she's the show's breakout star -- and the lead in a major new movie. It's like it's Christmas...

The Exile of Gigi Lane

by Adrienne Maria Vrettos Margaret K. McElderry Books (April 06, 2010)

As incoming Head Hottie of the exclusive clique called Hot Spot, Gigi Lane knows it is her right to see that the ducklings at Swan's Lake Country Day school fall into line. But when one classmate exposes her...


by Leslie Margolis Simon Pulse (June 17, 2008)

It hurts to be beautiful.

Pretty, blond, popular Cameron Beekman has it all -- lots of girlfriends, a hot boyfriend, and a successful family. She's perfection. Gone are her days as the outcast, huge-nosed "Beakface."...


by Kirsten Smith Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (March 11, 2013)

The Shoplifters Anonymous meetings that sixteen-year-old Moe is forced to attend are usually punctuated by the snores of an old man and the whining of the world's unhappiest housewife. Until the day that Tabitha...

Thousand Words

by Jennifer Brown Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (May 20, 2013)

Ashleigh's boyfriend, Kaleb, is about to leave for college, and Ashleigh is worried that he'll forget about her while he's away. So at a legendary end-of-summer pool party, Ashleigh's friends suggest she text...

The Queen of Kentucky

by Alecia Whitaker Poppy (January 01, 2012)

Fourteen-year-old Kentucky girl Ricki Jo Winstead, who would prefer to be called Ericka, thank you very much, is eager to shed her farmer's daughter roots and and fit in with the popular crowd at her small-town...

Dark Song

by Gail Giles Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (September 06, 2010)

Mark said he heard the dark song when he creeped houses. The song the predator's heart sings when it hears the heart of the prey. I heard it now. Mark said it had always been in me. Lurking. Waiting for me to...

Soccer Duel

by Matt Christopher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (July 31, 2008)

Renny and Bryce play on opposite soccer teams battling for the championship. Until recently the soft-spoken but talented Renny warmed the bench while another player took the field. But now that player's out...


by Francine Prose HarperTeen (April 28, 2009)

My father was killed on 9/11.

When eighth grader Bart Rangely is granted a "mercy" scholarship to an elite private school after his father is killed in the North Tower, doors should have opened. Instead, he is...

Leaving Fishers

by Margaret Peterson Haddix Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (August 30, 2011)

Dorry is unbearably lonely at her new high school until she meets Angela and her circle of friends. She soon discovers they all belong to a religious group, the Fishers of Men. At first, as Dorry becomes involved...

Sometimes We Tell the Truth

by Kim Zarins Simon Pulse (September 06, 2016)

In this contemporary retelling of The Canterbury Tales, a group of teens on a bus ride to Washington, DC, each tell a story--some fantastical, some realistic, some downright scandalous--in pursuit of the ultimate...