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Rising Water

by P.J. Petersen Aladdin (September 09, 2008)

A car thief isn't the sort of person you'd expect to find helping out in an animal shelter. But to make up for his crime, Kevin is sent to help Tracy and her brother, Luke -- and none of them knows what to expect....

The Little Ice Cream Truck

by Margery Cuyler & Bob Kolar Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (May 21, 2018)

The Little Ice Cream Truck is loaded up with tasty treats in this new addition to ever-popular The Little Dump Truck, The Little School Bus and The Little Fire Truck series.

Join the little ice cream truck and...


by Barbara McClintock Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (July 01, 2019)

From beloved author and artist Barbara McClintock comes Vroom!, a playful picture book following a little girl's imaginative journey in a race car.

Join a little girl as she zooms--

past fields and forests,


Monster Trucks

by Joy Keller & Misa Saburi Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (August 28, 2017)

All monsters love the autumn air,

just right to sneak and spook and scare.

But other seasons of the year,

they shift into a different gear.

Monsters get to work--paving roads, plowing snow, hauling muck--with their...

Race Car Count

by Rebecca Kai Dotlich & Michael Slack Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (October 26, 2015)

Race car 1 honks look at me!

He zooms in front with the turn of a key.

Race car 2 is close behind.

The sound of vroom is on his mind.

This simple, rhyming text is perfect for reinforcing counting with young children,...

Bedtime for Little Bulldozer

by Elise Broach & Barry E. Jackson Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (March 04, 2019)

Little Bulldozer struggles to fall asleep in Bedtime for Little Bulldozer, a sweet and clever bedtime picture book by New York Times bestselling author Elise Broach with illustrations by Barry E. Jackson.


The Little School Bus

by Margery Cuyler & Bob Kolar Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (June 23, 2014)

Join Driver Bob the school bus driver and his little school bus as they wake early, pick up the children, and drop them off at school. Then it's off to the garage to fix a tail light. All in a day's work for...

If I Could Drive, Mama

by Cari Best & Simone Shin Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (November 21, 2016)

When Charlie turns a plain cardboard box into a zippy new car, he can't wait for Mama to have the first ride. He adjusts the mirror, checks to be sure there is enough gas, and reminds Mama to buckle up. Then...

Bunny Built

by Michael Slack Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (April 23, 2018)

A construction bunny learns a creative lesson in sharing and friendship when he meets the biggest carrot of his life.

LaRue was very handy. His toolbox had everything and industrious bunny could ever need. Everything,...


by Kara Lareau & Scott Magoon Roaring Brook Press (June 20, 2011)

Otto loves cars more than anything else in the world. He plays with cars, he dreams about cars, . . . he even eats cars (his favorite cereal is Wheelies). But that all changes when he awakes one morning to find...

Snakes on the Job

by Kathryn Dennis Feiwel & Friends (January 06, 2020)

Full of sibilant sounds and other wordplay, Kathryn Dennis's picture book, Snakes on the Job, is a sssssweet story that's sure to be a read-aloud hit.

Off to work the snakes will go.

They slide into trucks and...

Food Truck Fest!

by Alexandra Penfold & Mike Dutton Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (March 12, 2018)

A colorful, whimsical picture book about everyone's favorite kitchens-on-wheels: food trucks!

Join the members of one family as they head to the Food Truck Fest! They gather their things, cross the bridge, and...


by Stephen Savage Roaring Brook Press (January 05, 2015)

When the city is hit by a colossal snowstorm, only one superhero can save the day. But who is this mysterious hero, and why does he disappear once his job is done?

Find out in this snowy tale about a little truck...

Our Car

by J.M. Brum & Jan Bajtlik Roaring Brook Press (August 20, 2018)

There's nothing better than taking a drive in Dad's car.

Join our protagonist and his dad as they go to the carwash, drive through a rainstorm, are tickled by the wind, and more in this bold and sweet story of...

The Village Garage

by G. Brian Karas Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (June 07, 2010)

Through the year and no matter the weather, workers at the Village Garage are always busy. With the help of their trusty trucks, they clean the streets of sticks and leaves in the spring; patch potholes in preparation...

The Mixed-Up Truck

by Stephen Savage Roaring Brook Press (July 04, 2016)

It's Cement Mixer's first day on the job and he doesn't want to make any mistakes. How can he help the other trucks on the construction site? By mixing some powdery white cement, of course!

He mixes it up, adds...

The Construction Crew

by Lynn Meltzer & Carrie Eko-Burgess Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (November 07, 2011)

The construction gang is tearing down an old building and laying the foundation for a new home. Workers use all kinds of trucks and tools to get the job done. And just in time for a family to move in.

The alliterative...

Good Night, Truck

by Sally Odgers & Heath McKenzie Feiwel & Friends (February 15, 2016)

Truck, Digger, Boat, and Rocket work very hard through the day.

But once night falls, it's time to rest.

Good night, Truck. . . .

Dreamy art and rhythmic text will drive Good Night, Truck into families' hearts....

All the Way to Havana

by Margarita Engle & Mike Curato Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (August 28, 2017)

So we purr, cara cara, and we glide, taka taka, and we zoom, zoom, ZOOM!

Together, a boy and his parents drive to the city of Havana, Cuba, in their old family car. Along the way, they experience the sights...

Go, Little Green Truck!

by Roni Schotter & Julia Kuo Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (February 15, 2016)

Ready, set, go!

Little Green is ready to rumble.

He is a happy, busy little pickup truck who loves helping out on the farm.


He wakes up one morning to find a big new blue truck ready to take his place....

Troto and the Trucks

by Uri Shulevitz Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (May 11, 2015)

Troto is a happy little car who likes to go places. One day after a long drive, he arrives in Cactusville, where he meets some big trucks. But when those big trucks laugh at how small Troto is, Troto doesn't...

Today I'm a Race Car Driver

by Marisa Polansky & Maxine Lee Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr) (January 29, 2018)

The Today I'm a . . . shaped board book series takes young children on a week in the life of different careers. In Today I'm a Race Car Driver, kids will follow Leo, a racecar driver, and get to see the various...

Trucks to the Rescue!

by William Low Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (August 21, 2017)

In this bright and action-packed board book, favorite trucks are here to save the day!

Whether it's a flat tire or a kitten stuck in a tree, trucks come to the rescue in this board book. Kids will love repeating...

Truckeroo School

by David Kirk Feiwel & Friends (August 14, 2017)

This joyful story and picture book about creativity and acceptance will touch little monsters and their families, especially those who love TRUCKS!

Everyone in Truckeroo

Must drive a truck--the children too.


The Little Fire Truck

by Margery Cuyler & Bob Kolar Henry Holt and Co. (Byr) (October 09, 2017)

The Little Fire Truck is ready for rescues big and small in Book 3 of the Little Vehicles series!

Join firefighter Jill and her fearless little fire truck as they zip all over town to put out smoky fires and...

Pete the Cat: Firefighter Pete

by James Dean & James Fouhey HarperFestival (July 14, 2020)

When the fire alarm goes off, it's Pete the Cat to the rescue! 

In Pete the Cat: Firefighter Pete from New York Times bestselling author and artist James Dean, Pete and his classmates are excited about their...

Pete the Cat: Go, Pete, Go!

by James Dean & James Fouhey HarperFestival (May 17, 2016)

New York Times bestselling author-artist James Dean brings us a new Pete the Cat adventure, a special reimagining of "The Tortoise and the Hare" as a race between Pete and Turtle, in Pete the Cat: Go, Pete,...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the Race against Time

by Frank Cottrell Boyce & David Tennant Blackstone Publishing (June 01, 2014)

Everyone's favoriteflying car shifts into another dimension as the intrepid Tooting family zoomsback and forth through time.

When the Tootings return to Zobrowski Terrace at the end of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...

Cars 2

by Disney Press & Grover Gardner Disney (July 01, 2014)

Lightning McQueen is back in action and ready to prove he is the world's fastest car. Along with best friend, Mater, Lightning sets off on a global adventure of a lifetime. This fast-paced, enlightening novel...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

by Ian Fleming & David Tennant Ian Fleming Ltd. (April 01, 2014)

"Crackpot" is what everybody calls the Pott family. So whenthey go to buy a new car and come back with a wreck, nobody is surprised--exceptfor the Potts themselves. First, the car has a name, and she tells them...

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again

by Frank Cottrell Boyce & David Tennant Blackstone Publishing (May 01, 2014)

Buckle your seat beltfor the first ever follow-up to Ian Fleming's only children's story.

When the Tooting family finds an old engine and fits it totheir camper van, they have no idea what kind of adventure lies...


by Jenny Martin & Caitlin Davies Blackstone Publishing (May 05, 2015)

TheFast and the Furious gets a futuristic twist in thisaction-packed debut!

On corporately controlled Castra, rally racing is ahigh-stakes game that seventeen-year-old Phoebe Van Zant knows all too well.Phee's...


by Chris Gall & Michael Mola Little, Brown Young Readers (May 26, 2020)

The original, rip-roaring mash-up of dinosaurs and trucks that inspired the Netflix TV series!

Millions of years ago, DINOTRUX ruled the earth! These mighty part-truck, part-dino demolition dynamos rumbled,...

Dinotrux Go to School

by Chris Gall & Michael Mola Little, Brown Young Readers (May 26, 2020)

In this beginning reader, today is the first day of school. The Dinotrux are nervous! What will they eat for lunch? Will their teacher be nice? But the Dinotrux don't need to worry. They can help each other....

Dinotrux Dig the Beach

by Chris Gall & Michael Mola Little, Brown Young Readers (May 26, 2020)

The third book in the original, rip-roaring mash-up of dinosaurs and trucks that inspired the Netflix TV series!

Fed up with steamy summertime Jurassic jungles, the mighty monsters are getting hot and grumpy,...

Meet the Dinotrux

by Chris Gall & Michael Mola Little, Brown Young Readers (May 26, 2020)

In this beginning reader, Dozeratops wants to meet new Dinotrux. But they are on the other side of the river. Can the mighty monsters work together to build a bridge? Find out in this friendship adventure, where...

Revenge of the Dinotrux

by Chris Gall & Michael Mola Little, Brown Young Readers (May 26, 2020)

The second book in the rip-roaring mash-up of dinosaurs and trucks that inspired the Netflix TV series!

Millions of years ago, DINOTRUX ruled the earth. But in the present day, people rule them! Their rusty...

Three Grumpy Trucks

by Todd Tarpley, Guy Parker-Rees & Sean Druegger Little, Brown Young Readers (June 30, 2020)

Trucks need a time-out in this picture book about emotions written by Todd Tarpley (Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep! and Ten Tiny Toes) and illustrated by bestselling artist Guy Parker-Rees (Giraffes Can't Dance).


Sunny's Tow Truck Saves the Day!

by Anne Marie Pace & Christopher Lee Abrams Appleseed (March 04, 2019)

When a family car gets a flat on the way to a picnic, help is needed and time is ticking! Cranes are lifting, and pavers are paving. Diggers are digging, and workers are waving. But where is Sunny and her trusty...

The Princess and the Pit Stop

by Tom Angleberger & Dan Santat Abrams Books for Young Readers (July 09, 2018)

Once upon a time there was a Princess . . .

. . . who made a pit stop.

While the Birds and Beasts changed her tires, her Fairy Godmother told her she was in last place! With just one lap left! She might as well...

My Big Wimmelbook—Fire Trucks!

by Max Walther The Experiment (November 12, 2019)

Welcome to Wimmelworld—a land of few words, yet endless entertainment—for curious kids ages 2 to 5!

In these one-of-a-kind picture books, every page is bursting with life—and tons to discover!


TURBO Racers: Escape Velocity

by Austin Aslan HarperCollins (February 25, 2020)

The Fast and the Furious meets Transformers in the second book of this high-stakes series about twelve-year-old Mace Blazer, who pilots state-of-the-art vehicles that transform seamlessly to race on the road,...

TURBO Racers: Trailblazer

by Austin Aslan HarperCollins (December 31, 2018)

In Turbo Racers: Trailblazer, twelve-year-old Mace Blazer gets the chance to pilot a state-of-the-art vehicle that transforms at the touch of a button from race car to jet plane to single-person sub, in the...

Transformers Rescue Bots: Welcome to the Training Academy!

by Justus Lee LB Kids (September 26, 2017)

The Transformers Rescue Bots are ready to help the people of Griffin Rock in this brand new level-1 reader!

The Rescue Bots have a great new home base until the computer goes haywire. Can the team work together...

Dinotrux: The Snow Blazers

by Justus Lee LB Kids (September 26, 2017)

A fun and action-packed leveled reader based on Dinotrux, an original animated series on Netflix!

The Dinotrux are lost in the snow, but Skya has bigger problems. She is afraid of snow! Can the Trux find their...

Transformers Rescue Bots: Training Academy: Monster Trucks and Race Cars!

by Trey King LB Kids (September 26, 2017)

Today the Rescue Bots are going to learn about the fastest cars and the biggest monster trucks! They'll explore some engines, check out big tires, speed around racetracks, and more! Want to race along for the...

The Maxwells

by Bill C Dubats & Dawn V Pape Good Green Life Publishing (April 30, 2017)

A charming story about how a grandpa shares his love for old cars with his grandson--who just happens to share the same name as one of his cars! At first young Maxwell is not fond that the car is also named...

Dinotrux: Rolling with the Rollodons!

by Elizabeth Milton LB Kids (May 02, 2017)

It's Rollodon season, which means a huge herd of steamrolling Trux are migrating through the crater. Can Ty and the other Dinotrux convince the uncontrollable Rollodons to put their steamrolling skills to good...

Dinotrux: Thirsty Day in the Crater

by Emily Sollinger LB Kids (April 04, 2017)

It's a hot day in the crater and the Dinotrux are on the hunt for water. When the water supply becomes difficult to access, can the Trux build a solution to their dry dilemma?

Passport to Reading Level 1


Bulldozer Dreams

by Sharon Chriscoe & John Joven Running Press (November 07, 2017)

After a long day of clearing dirt, rocks, and trees, a bulldozer is tired and ready for bed. He lifts up his blade, his spotlights flash on, he rolls through the gate, and lets out a yawn. He heads to the Wiggle...