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Communicating Across Cultures: A Coursebook on Interpreting and Translating in Public Services and Institutions

by Carmen Valero-Garcés UPA (March 18, 2014)

This book is a manual addressing the task of interpreting and translating. It is directed towards those who serve as liaisons between immigrant communities, visitors, or foreigners, and at professionals in public...

The Beginning Translator's Workbook: or the ABCs of French to English Translation

by Michele H. Jones UPA (March 18, 2014)

This workbook combines methodology and practice for beginning translators with a solid proficiency in French. The revised edition clarifies some of the finer points of the translation techniques introduced in...

Literacy, Information, and Development in Morocco during the 1990s

by Samia Touati UPA (June 15, 2012)

This book offers readers a two-level investigation of the culture of literacy in Morocco. A handful of researchers approach literacy either through theory or through practice in general; however, this is the...

A Complete French Grammar for Reference and Practice

by Trudie Maria Booth UPA (November 11, 2009)

This comprehensive manual thoroughly covers every aspect of French grammar, from the basic to the most advanced level, and illustrates the grammatical structures with useful, practical and interesting examples....

From 'Huh?' to 'Hurray!': Righting Your Creative Writing

by Stephanie Stiles UPA (November 15, 2010)

Part textbook and part handbook, this book leads creative writers of all levels and all genres through the entire writing process. Each chapter offers an overview and several specific examples of its topic,...

What's the Story?: Try your Hand at Fiction and Learn the Art of Writing

by Rudolph H. Weingartner & Isaias Zelkowicz UPA (September 23, 2010)

This book is designed to prod the imagination without constraining its flight. The twenty casts of characters, complete with illustrations, hint at numerous possibilities and should inspire readers to try their...

The Anatomy of a Choice: An Actor's Guide to Text Analysis

by Maura Vaughn UPA (April 27, 2010)

This book offers the actor a concrete method for approaching a script. This guide details a simple process to discover and define a character's scene and super-objective, obstacle, beats, and tactics. It includes...

On Exploring Craft: Writers as Architects

by Beatrice L. Bridglall UPA (December 12, 2015)

This book explores the parallel concepts in Architecture and Literature where writers are the architects of language, designing their narratives brick by brick, and giving care and consideration to each individual...

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Integration to Educational Curricula: A New Direction for Africa

by Cosmas Uchenna Nwokeafor UPA (February 24, 2015)

This book serves as a textbook in graduate and upper-level undergraduate classes in colleges and universities to contribute to the existing mass communication and ICT literature. It provides an essential platform...

Syntactic and Semantic Mastery of English Auxiliaries by Kurd Learners at College Level

by Paiman Hama Salih Sabir UPA (May 02, 2016)

This book investigates Kurd EFL learners’ ability in recognizing and producing the various forms and meanings of English auxiliary verbs, clarifying the problems that Kurd EFL learners encounter in learning...

When Trauma Survivors Return to Work: Understanding Emotional Recovery

by Barbara Barski-Carrow UPA (April 27, 2010)

This book explains how managers and co-workers can help foster-and not hinder-the process of emotional recovery for employees who have been traumatized and are returning to work.