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Migrant Communication Enterprises: Regimentation and Resistance

by Maria Sabaté i Dalmau Multilingual Matters (August 04, 2014)

This unique critical sociolinguistic ethnography explores alternative migrant-regulated institutions of resistance and subversive communication technology: the locutorios or ethnic call shops. These migrant-owned...

Motor Speech Disorders: A Cross-Language Perspective

by Prof. Nick Miller & Dr. Anja Lowit Multilingual Matters (July 21, 2014)

Motor speech disorders are a common accompaniment of a whole range of neurological conditions, from stroke, brain injury and Parkinson's disease through to many rarer conditions. This book aims to aid understanding...

Multilingual Aspects of Signed Language Communication and Disorder

by David Quinto-Pozos Multilingual Matters (January 29, 2014)

Inquiry into signed languages has added to what is known about structural variation and language, language learning, and cognitive processing of language. However, comparatively little research has focused on...

Communicative Practices at Work: Multimodality and Learning in a High-Tech Firm

by Dr. Jo Anne Kleifgen Multilingual Matters (October 28, 2013)

This book examines communicative practices in a circuit-board manufacturing plant in California's Silicon Valley, where the employees come from diverse ethnolinguistic backgrounds, their activities involve the...

From Foreign Language Education to Education for Intercultural Citizenship: Essays and Reflections

by Prof. Michael Byram Multilingual Matters (May 27, 2008)

This collection of essays and reflections starts from an analysis of the purposes of foreign language teaching and argues that this should include educational objectives which are ultimately similar to those...

Online Communication in a Second Language: Social Interaction, Language Use, and Learning Japanese

by Sarah E. Pasfield-Neofitou Multilingual Matters (October 01, 2012)

Online Communication in a Second Language examines the use of social computer mediated communication (CMC) with speakers of Japanese via longitudinal case studies of up to four years. Through the analysis of...

Translation and Global Spaces of Power

by Stefan Baumgarten & Jordi Cornellà-Detrell Multilingual Matters (October 09, 2018)

This book focuses on the role of translation in a globalising world. It presents a series of case studies that explore the ways in which translation is subject to ideology and power play across diverging domains...

English as an International Language: Perspectives and Pedagogical Issues

by Dr. Farzad Sharifian Multilingual Matters (January 08, 2009)

The rapid global spread of the English language has serious linguistic, ideological, socio-cultural, political, and pedagogical implications as it creates both positive interactions and negative tensions between...

Intercultural Dialogue in Practice: Managing Value Judgment through Foreign Language Education

by Stephanie Ann Houghton Multilingual Matters (April 13, 2012)

The term intercultural dialogue has become a buzzword at policy level, but there is a pressing need to synchronise the terminology of policymakers with that of academics. An overarching aim of this book is to...

Reflective Writing in Medical Practice

by Miriam A. Locher Multilingual Matters (June 05, 2017)

This book reports the results of a linguistic analysis of reflective written texts, produced during medical education or practice. It explores the topics and communication skills the authors write about, how...

Multilingual Interaction and Dementia

by Charlotta Plejert, Camilla Lindholm & Dr. Robert W. Schrauf Multilingual Matters (April 12, 2017)

This book brings together international, linguistic research with a focus on interaction in multilingual encounters involving people with dementia in care and healthcare settings. The methodologies used (Conversation...

Optimizing Language Learners’ Nonverbal Behavior

by Dr. Tammy Gregersen & Dr. Peter D. MacIntyre Multilingual Matters (March 08, 2017)

This book highlights the pivotal role that nonverbal behavior plays in target language communication, affect and cognition. It integrates research tenets and video demonstrations of nonverbal behavior with structured...