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Transnational Feminist Rhetorics and Gendered Leadership in Global Politics: From Daughters of Destiny to Iron Ladies

by Rebecca S. Richards & Rebecca Dingo Lexington Books (October 28, 2014)

This project analyzes how political women rhetorically perform—discursively, visually, and physically—their positions of power and how these performances are read, time again, against and with other women...

The Rhetoric of Genocide: Death as a Text

by Ben Voth Lexington Books (June 18, 2014)

Through the careful analysis of historical figures and empirical policy successes, The Rhetoric of Genocide: Death as a Text reveals how strategic communication silences make the tragedy of genocide probable...

Blogging: How Our Private Thoughts Went Public

by Kristin Roeschenthaler Wolfe Lexington Books (June 04, 2014)

Public versus private is an ongoing concern in communication. This book examines this phenomenon through self-representational writing and the philosophical lens of Hannah Arendt’s public versus private theory,...

A Functional Analysis of Political Television Advertisements

by William L. Benoit Lexington Books (April 01, 2014)

A Functional Analysis of Political Television Advertisements is a unique investigation into the extremely important medium of campaign advertising. The book analyzes presidential primary and general ads through...

Purpose, Practice, and Pedagogy in Rhetorical Criticism

by Jim A. Kuypers, Raymie E. McKerrow, Dana L. Cloud & Celeste M. Condit et al. Lexington Books (February 07, 2014)

Purpose, Practice, and Pedagogy in Rhetorical Criticism brings together fifteen rhetorical critics who address contemporary issues in criticism by answering three key questions: What is the purpose of rhetorical...

The Style and Rhetoric of Elizabeth Dole: Public Persona and Political Discourse

by Rachel B. Friedman & Ronald E. Lee Lexington Books (December 18, 2013)

Through an examination of Elizabeth Dole’s public discourse, this book explores the political style of a female politician who sought and exercised political power. The critical analysis reveals the strengths...

Coming to Terms: The Collected Works of Jane Blankenship

by Jane Blankenship, Janette Kenner Muir, Edward Murphy & Don Paul Abbott et al. Lexington Books (December 23, 2011)

Coming to Terms: The Collected Works of Jane Blankenship, is an edited collection from Jane Blankenship and Janette Kenner Muir which provides a deeper understanding of how an academic life is composed—how...

Governing Codes: Gender, Metaphor, and Political Identity

by Karrin Vasby Anderson & Kristina Horn Sheeler Lexington Books (August 23, 2005)

Governing Codes examines the political identity of four contemporary U.S. political figures_Democrats Ann Richards and Hillary Rodham Clinton and Republicans Christine Todd Whitman and Elizabeth Dole_illustrating...

The Song of the Sirens and Other Essays

by Pietro Pucci Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (November 28, 1997)

In this collection of his essays on Homer, some new and some appearing for the first time in English, the distinguished scholar Pietro Pucci examines the linguistic and rhetorical features of the poet's works....

The Rhetorical Surface of Democracy: How Deliberative Ideals Undermine Democratic Politics

by Scott Welsh Lexington Books (October 18, 2012)

The Rhetorical Surface of Democracy: How Deliberative Ideals Undermine Democratic Politics, by Scott Welsh, disputes the idea that democracy has anything to do with public deliberation in pursuit of collective...

African American Women's Rhetoric: The Search for Dignity, Personhood, and Honor

by Deborah F. Atwater Lexington Books (February 16, 2009)

African American Women's Rhetoric is a comprehensive study of the ways in which African American women in politics, education, business, and other social contexts have tried to persuade their audiences to value...

F.C.S. Schiller and the Dawn of Pragmatism: The Rhetoric of a Philosophical Rebel

by Mark J. Porrovecchio Lexington Books (November 16, 2011)

Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller (1864–1937) was the foremost first generation British pragmatist; he is also the most overlooked pragmatist. F. C. S. Schiller and the Dawn of Pragmatism: The Rhetoric of a...

The George W. Bush Presidency: A Rhetorical Perspective

by Robert E. Denton Jr., Jim A. Kuypers, Stephen Cooper & Matthew J. Franck et al. Lexington Books (July 21, 2012)

The George W. Bush Presidency: A Rhetorical Perspective, edited by Robert E. Denton, Jr., examines the rhetoric of former president George W. Bush across contexts of domestic policy, foreign policy, the wars...

The Rhetorical Legacy of Wangari Maathai

by Anke Wolbert, Alberto Gonzalez, Eddah M. Mutua & Stella-Monica Mpande et al. Lexington Books (October 25, 2018)

This book honors the advocacy of Dr. Wangari Maathai, acclaimed environmentalist and the first African woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace. Dr. Maathai was a gifted orator who crafted messages that imagined...

The Rhetoric of Pope Francis

by Christopher J. Oldenburg Lexington Books (October 17, 2018)

What is it about the rhetoric of one the most influential and powerful religious leaders in the world and in history—Pope Francis—that is so engaging and yet so challenging to the Church writ large, the...

Speaking of Evil

by Matthew Boedy Lexington Books (October 15, 2018)

Rhetoric and the Responsibility to and for Language: Speaking of Evil relocates the “problem of evil”— the question of why God would allow for the existence of evil—and surveys it as a rhetorical problem....

Demagoguery and Democracy

by Patricia Roberts-Miller The Experiment (June 13, 2017)

A clear-eyed guide to demagoguery—and how we can defeat it


What is demagoguery? Some demagogues are easy to spot: They rise to power through pandering, charisma, and prejudice. But, as professor Patricia...

The Writer in the Garden

by Jane Garmey Algonquin Books (June 01, 2012)

Show me a person without any prejudice of any kind on any subject and I'll show you someone who may be admirably virtuous but is surely no gardener.--Allen Lacy. Idiosyncratic, determined, and occasionally...

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

by Ali Almossawi & Alejandro Giraldo The Experiment (September 23, 2014)

“A flawless compendium of flaws.” —Alice Roberts, PhD, anatomist, writer, and presenter of The Incredible Human Journey

The antidote to fuzzy thinking, with furry animals!

Have you read (or stumbled into)...

The Political Effects of Entertainment Media

by Anthony Gierzynski Lexington Books (August 15, 2018)

Entertainment media are rife with material that touches on the political. The stories with which we entertain ourselves often show us, for better or worse, that everything can be solved by the rise of an individual...

Rhetoric at the Non-Substantialistic Turn

by Therese Boos Dykeman Lexington Books (May 04, 2018)

Rhetoric at the Non-Substantialistic Turn: The East-West Coin presents a unique theory of rhetoric that encompasses both Eastern and Western approaches. Based on the Field-Being philosophy founded by Lik Kuen...

In His Own Words

by Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan & Bill Clinton Little, Brown and Company (June 12, 2018)

"There is no easy way to walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountain tops of our desires." -Nelson Mandela,...

The War of Words

by Anthony Burke, Kyle Jensen & Jack Selzer University of California Press (October 09, 2018)

When Kenneth Burke was conceiving his celebrated “Motivorum” project in the 1940s and 1950s, he envisioned it in three parts. While the third part, A Symbolic of Motives, remains unfinished and unpublished, ...

When Right Makes Might

by Stacie E. Goddard Cornell University Press (December 15, 2018)

Why do great powers accommodate the rise of some challengers but contain and confront others, even at the risk of war? When Right Makes Might proposes that the ways in which a rising power legitimizes its expansionist...

Better Writing: Beyond Periods and Commas

by Travis J. Koll R&L Education (May 04, 2012)

Using casual language and a straightforward approach, Better Writing: Beyond Periods and Commas provides students with an easy-to-read and effective guide for developing their writing skills.

The Oral Presidency of Barack Obama

by Anthony Neal Lexington Books (March 02, 2018)

This book offers an examination of the signature weapon of Barack Obama’s presidency: his speeches. It provides an in-depth, analytical look at the words of Barack Obama through the social and cultural contexts...

The Wheel of Autonomy

by Felix Girke Berghahn Books (August 01, 2018)

How do the Kara, a small population residing on the eastern bank of the Omo River in southern Ethiopia, manage to be neither annexed nor exterminated by any of the larger groups that surround them? Through...

The Monstrous Discourse in the Donald Trump Campaign

by Debbie Jay Williams & Kalyn L. Prince Lexington Books (November 15, 2017)

The Monstrous Discourse in the Donald Trump Campaign: Implications for National Discourse provides a lens through which to explore the implications of the monster metaphor as applied to Trump during the 2016...

Inaugurations: Inaugural Lectures Delivered at McMaster Divinity College

by Stanley E. Porter Pickwick Publications (September 25, 2017)

The inaugural lecture is a tradition that has been practiced in western universities for centuries. These lectures originated in the great universities of continental Europe, spread to Great Britain, and then...

Eloquence Divine: In Search of God's Rhetoric

by Phillip Arrington Cascade Books (June 12, 2017)

"While serious studies of the Bible's rhetoric have been written for academic readers . . . few have attempted to examine the persuasiveness of speeches directly assigned to the biblical 'God' that so many believe...

Circulating Communities: The Tactics and Strategies of Community Publishing

by Paula Mathieu, Steven J. Parks & Tiffany Rousculp Lexington Books (December 23, 2011)

Circulating Communities: The Tactics and Strategies of Community Publishing, edited by Paula Mathieu, Steve Parks, and Tiffany Rousculp, represents the first attempt to gather the myriad of community and college...

Teaching Bodies: Moral Formation in the Summa of Thomas Aquinas

by Mark D. Jordan Fordham University Press (December 01, 2016)

This book is an interpretation of the moral teaching of Thomas Aquinas's Summa of Theology. It argues that teaching on the virtues can only be understood by turning to the patterns of divine teaching in the...

"Gorgias" and "Phaedrus"

by Plato & James H. Nichols Cornell University Press (September 09, 2014)

With a masterful sense of the place of rhetoric in both thought and practice and an ear attuned to the clarity, natural simplicity, and charm of Plato's Greek prose, James H. Nichols Jr., offers precise yet...

Rhetoric, Romance, and Technology

by Walter J. Ong Cornell University Press (February 14, 2013)

This is not a book on rhetoric in any narrow sense, but rather concerns its general ambiance and also some of its quite specific manifestations. The thirteen chapters that comprise the book move chronologically...

Interfaces of the Word

by Walter J. Ong Cornell University Press (February 14, 2013)

In Interfaces of the World, Walter J. Ong explores the effects on consciousness of the word as it moves through oral to written to print and electronic culture.

Fighting for Life

by Walter J. Ong Cornell University Press (February 14, 2013)

"Fighting for Life is a book about contest, the agonia of the Greek arena, and its roots in male life, especially academia. Ong describes this work as an 'excavation' which was prompted by his previous explorations...

Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany

by Sonja Boos Cornell University Press and Cornell University Li (December 18, 2014)

Speaking the Unspeakable in Postwar Germany is an interdisciplinary study of a diverse set of public speeches given by major literary and cultural figures in the 1950s and 1960s. Through close readings of canonical...

Cosmos and the Rhetoric of Popular Science

by Karen Schroeder Sorensen Lexington Books (June 27, 2017)

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos inspires audiences to look at the universe with new eyes and to appreciate humanity’s importance in it. Sagan’s deft use of rhetorical strategy creates an experience that pushes beyond...

Treatise on Rhetorical Invention and Treatise on Topics

by Marcus Tullius Cicero Publishing (January 01, 2010)

Cicero placed a high value on the importance of mastering the skill of rhetoric, which is the art of using language as a means to persuade. Such a skill was important especially in the practice of law and politics,...

Making Arguments: Reason in Context

by Edmond H. Weiss & Steven M. Weiss (February 21, 2013)

Making Arguments: Reason in Context offers a new approach to the teaching of argumentation and debate.

Nearly all argumentation courses and textbooks tilt toward one of two extremes:

* Critical thinking/informal...

Political Communication in the Anglophone World

by Theodore F. Sheckels Lexington Books (October 05, 2012)

Political Communication in the Anglophone World: Case Studies, by Theodore F. Sheckels, extends political communication scholarship—primarily rhetorical scholarship—into the extensive English language arena...

Knowledge and Self-Knowledge in Plato's Theaetetus

by Tschemplik Lexington Books (August 28, 2008)

Knowledge and Self-Knowledge in Plato's Theaetetus advances a new explanation for the apparent failure of the Theaetetus to come to a satisfactory conclusion about the definition of knowledge. Tschemplik argues...


by William Lutz Ig Publishing (March 07, 2016)

Doublespeak is the language of non-responsibility, carefully constructed to appear to communicate when it fact it doesn't. In this lively and eye-opening expose, originally published in 1989, linguist William...

James Farmer Jr.

by Ben Voth Lexington Books (April 13, 2017)

James Farmer Jr.: The Great Debater provides a rhetorical and biographical guide to how the American Civil Rights Movement came into being. It details James Farmer Jr.’s intellectual emergence as a young debater...

The Rhetoric of Soft Power: Public Diplomacy in Global Contexts

by Craig Hayden Lexington Books (November 15, 2011)

The Rhetoric of Soft Power: Public Diplomacy in Global Contexts provides new insight into the global growth of the soft power concept, through a comprehensive, comparative analysis of public diplomacy and strategic...

Classical Rhetoric and Its Christian and Secular Tradition from Ancient to Modern Times

by George A. Kennedy The University of North Carolina Press (July 11, 2003)

Since its original publication by UNC Press in 1980, this book has provided thousands of students with a concise introduction and guide to the history of the classical tradition in rhetoric, the ancient but...

Design, Mediation, and the Posthuman

by Colbey Emmerson Reid, Amy D. Propen, Dennis M. Weiss & Anthony Miccoli et al. Lexington Books (August 14, 2014)

Though the progress of technology continually pushes life toward virtual existence, the last decade has witnessed a renewed focus on materiality. Design, Mediation, and the Posthuman bears witness to the attention...

Make Your Point!: Debate for ESL/EFL Students (Downloadable Audio Included)

by Michael H. Lubetsky Tuttle Publishing (August 15, 2007)

This valuable workbook and downloadable audio can turn any ESL student into an accomplished debater!

Make Your Point! opens the world of formal debate to the English learner. Debate fundamentals are taught form...


by Robin E. Jensen Penn State University Press (October 10, 2016)

This book explores the arguments, appeals, and narratives that have defined the meaning of infertility in the modern history of the United States and Europe.

Throughout the last century, the inability of women...

Text + Field

by Sara L. McKinnon, Robert Asen, Karma R. Chávez & Robert Glenn Howard Penn State University Press (May 12, 2016)

Rhetorical critics have long had a troubled relationship with method, viewing it as at times opening up provocative avenues of inquiry, and at other times as closing off paths toward meaningful engagement with...