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The Possibility of a World

by Jean-Luc Nancy, Pierre-Philippe Jandin, Travis Holloway & Flor Méchain Fordham University Press (August 01, 2017)

In this series of interviews, Jean-Luc Nancy reviews his life’s work. But like Schlegel’s historian—“a prophet facing backwards”—Nancy takes this opportunity to rummage through the history of art,...

Flashpoints for Asian American Studies

by Cathy Schlund-Vials & Viet Thanh Nguyen Fordham University Press (October 03, 2017)

Emerging from mid-century social movements, Civil Rights Era formations, and anti-war protests, Asian American studies is now an established field of transnational inquiry, diasporic engagement, and rights activism....

Monkey Trouble

by Christopher Peterson Fordham University Press (November 07, 2017)

According to scholars of the nonhuman turn, the scandal of theory lies in its failure to decenter the human. The real scandal, however, is that we keep trying. The human has become a conspicuous blind spot for...

Google Me

by Barbara Cassin & Michael Syrotinski Fordham University Press (October 03, 2017)

“Google is a champion of cultural democracy, but without culture and without democracy.” In this witty and polemical critique the philosopher Barbara Cassin takes aim at Google and our culture of big data....


by Jean-Luc Nancy, Robert Bononno & Jean-Michel Rabaté Fordham University Press (October 03, 2017)

Expectation is a major volume of Jean-Luc Nancy’s writings on literature, written across three decades but, for the most part, previously unavailable in English. More substantial than literary criticism, these...

Spiritual Grammar

by F. Dominic Longo Fordham University Press (July 11, 2017)

Spiritual Grammar identifies a genre of religious literature that until now has not been recognized as such. In this surprising and theoretically nuanced study, F. Dominic Longo reveals how grammatical structures...

Loaded Words

by Marjorie Garber Fordham University Press (June 01, 2012)

In Loaded Words the inimitable literary and cultural critic Marjorie Garber invites readers to join her in a rigorous and exuberant exploration of language. What links the pieces included in this vibrant new...

Speaking about Torture

by Julie A. Carlson & Elisabeth Weber Fordham University Press (September 12, 2012)

This collection of essays is the first book to take up the urgent issue of torture from the array of approaches offered by the arts and humanities. In the post-9/11 era, where we are once again compelled to...


by Catherine Keller Fordham University Press (July 11, 2017)

Intercarnations is an outstanding collection of provocative, elegantly written essays—many available in print for the first time—by renowned theologian Catherine Keller. Affirmations of body, flesh, and...

Pre-Occupied Spaces

by Teresa Fiore Fordham University Press (May 23, 2017)

By linking Italy’s long history of emigration to all continents in the world, contemporary transnational migrations directed toward it, as well as the country’s colonial legacies, Fiore’s book poses Italy...

Corporate Romanticism

by Daniel M. Stout Fordham University Press (December 01, 2016)

Corporate Romanticism offers an alternative history of the connections between modernity, individualism, and the novel. In early nineteenth-century England, two developments—the rise of corporate persons and...

Transcendence and the Concrete

by Jean Wahl, Alan D. Schrift & Ian Alexander Moore Fordham University Press (November 01, 2016)

Jean Wahl (1888–1974), once considered by the likes of Georges Bataille, Gilles Deleuze, Emmanuel Levinas, and Gabriel Marcel to be among the greatest French philosophers, has today nearly been forgotten outside...

Members of His Body: Shakespeare, Paul, and a Theology of Nonmonogamy

by Will Stockton Fordham University Press (May 01, 2017)

Framing the Christian defense of marital monogamy against Ephesians 5's suggestion that all believers are married in Christ, this book argues for the presence of competing marriage theologies in four Shakespeare...

Material Spirit: Religion and Literature Intranscendent

by Manuel Asensi, Carl Good & Gregory C. Stallings Fordham University Press (December 02, 2013)

Explores the relation between religion, philosophy and literature.

Theory at Yale: The Strange Case of Deconstruction in America

by Marc Redfield Fordham University Press (November 02, 2015)

This book examines the affinity between the notions of "theory" and "deconstruction" that developed in the American academy in the 1970s by way of a semi-fictional collective, the "Yale Critics": Harold Bloom,...

Words: Religious Language Matters

by Ernst van den Hemel & Asja Szafraniec Fordham University Press (June 15, 2016)

Examines the link between our (implicit) assumptions about language and our understanding of religious phenomena. In particular, focuses on the performative and material specificity of word use in religion.

What's Queer about Europe?: Productive Encounters and Re-enchanting Paradigms

by Mireille Rosello & Sudeep Dasgupta Fordham University Press (February 03, 2014)

What's Queer about Europe focuses on those queer types of artistic, political or theoretical exchanges that take place in the presence of the idea of Europe. This book is not about queer communities in Europe...

Voices of Italian America: A History of Early Italian American Literature with a Critical Anthology

by Martino Marazzi & Ann Goldstein Fordham University Press (November 01, 2011)

Voices of Italian America presents a top-rate authoritative study and anthology of the italian-language literature written and published in the United States from the heydays of the Great Migration (1880-1920)...

The Queer Turn in Feminism: Identities, Sexualities, and the Theater of Gender

by Anne Emmanuelle Berger & Catherine Porter Fordham University Press (December 02, 2013)

More than any other area of late-twentieth-century thinking, gender theory and its avatars have been to a large extent a Franco-American invention. In this book, a leading Franco-American scholar traces differences...

Flirtations: Rhetoric and Aesthetics This Side of Seduction

by Barbara Natalie Nagel, Lauren Shizuko Stone & Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz Fordham University Press (May 01, 2015)

Flirtations: Rhetoric and Aesthetics This Side of Seduction, opens by asking a fundamental first question: What is flirtation, and how does it differ from seduction? The essays thereby address the under-theorized...

Lessons in Secular Criticism

by Stathis Gourgouris Fordham University Press (September 02, 2013)

Disrupting recent fashionable debates on secularism, this book raises the stakes on how we understand the space of the secular, independent of its battle with the religious, as a space of radical democratic...

Fugitive Testimony: On the Visual Logic of Slave Narratives

by Janet Neary Fordham University Press (November 01, 2016)

Fugitive Testimony examines African American slave narratives in light of contemporary artists' use of the genre within their visual art at the end of the twentieth century. It identifies a sustained representational...

Aesthetics of Negativity: Blanchot, Adorno, and Autonomy

by William S. Allen Fordham University Press (April 01, 2016)

A rigorous and many-layered study of the works of Blanchot and Adorno in terms of the relation between negativity and autonomy in the work of art with particular reference to literature, which yields a thinking...

Personal Effects: Essays on Memoir, Teaching, and Culture in the Work of Louise DeSalvo

by Nancy Caronia & Edvige Giunta Fordham University Press (October 15, 2014)

The two editors and eighteen scholars and creative nonfiction writers offer a lucid view of a writer who has produced one of the most provocative bodies of memoir writing in contemporary US literature, a scholar...

Commons Democracy: Reading the Politics of Participation in the Early United States

by Dana D. Nelson Fordham University Press (December 15, 2015)

Commoning customs and practices in the Revolutionary era offered non-elite actors a relationship to democratic power different from the representative democracy that would be institutionalized by the Framers...

Words Fail: Theology, Poetry, and the Challenge of Representation

by Colby Dickinson Fordham University Press (October 03, 2016)

This book investigates the form of spirituality given shape in the intersection of poetics and theological-philosophical reflection, concerned especially with matters of representation and failure.

Portrait Stories

by Michal Peled Ginsburg Fordham University Press (December 15, 2014)

What makes stories about portraits so gripping and unsettling? Through close readings of nineteenth-century portrait stories from different literary traditions, the book analyzes the way subjectivity is produced...

The Humanities and Public Life

by Hilary Jewett & Peter Brooks Fordham University Press (March 01, 2014)

Is there an ethics of reading, and is this something that the interpretive humanities can and should to contribute to other professional fields, including law, and to public life?

The Storm at Sea: Political Aesthetics in the Time of Shakespeare

by Christopher Pye Fordham University Press (March 02, 2015)

Ranging from Leonardo to Hobbes, The Storm at Sea: Political Aesthetics in the Time of Shakespeare argues that it is through an engagement with the problem of aesthetic autonomy that the early modern work most...

The Pleasures of Memory: Learning to Read with Charles Dickens

by Sarah Winter Fordham University Press (August 03, 2015)

What are the sources of the commonly held presumption that reading literature should make people more just, humane, and sophisticated? Rendering literary history responsive to the cultural histories of reading,...

Fueling Culture: 101 Words for Energy and Environment

by Jennifer Wenzel, Patricia Yaeger & Imre Szeman Fordham University Press (February 01, 2017)

A collection of brief reflections on keywords related to energy, including the various substances and forces with which humans have produced energy, and their past, present, and future implications for values,...

Futile Pleasures: Early Modern Literature and the Limits of Utility

by Corey McEleney Fordham University Press (January 02, 2017)

Examines the ambivalent role that pleasure plays in early modern English writers' attempts to defend the utility of literature. Traces how that ambivalence gets replayed in modern critical frameworks as well...

To Make the Hands Impure: Art, Ethical Adventure, the Difficult and the Holy

by Adam Zachary Newton Fordham University Press (January 01, 2016)

"To Make the Hands Impure": Art and Ethical Adventure, the Difficult and the Holy proposes a wholly original model for the ethics of reading. With the image of the book lying in the hands of its readers as insistent...

Responding to Loss: Heideggerian Reflections on Literature, Architecture, and Film

by Robert Mugerauer Fordham University Press (October 15, 2014)

Responding to Loss: Heideggerian Reflections on Literature, Architecture, and Film provides detailed explications of The Crossing by Cormack McCarthy, the Jewish Museum Berlin by Daniel Libeskind, and Wim Wenders'...

The Weight of Love: Affect, Ecstasy, and Union in the Theology of Bonaventure

by Robert Glenn Davis Fordham University Press (December 01, 2016)

A study of the role of affect in the mystical theology and Passion meditations of the thirteenth-century Franciscan theologian Bonaventure of Bagnoregio

Time Travel: The Popular Philosophy of Narrative

by David Wittenberg Fordham University Press (January 01, 2016)

Time Travel: The Popular Philosophy of Narrative argues that time travel fiction is a narrative "laboratory," in which essential theoretical questions about storytelling, and by extension about the philosophy...

Cultural Techniques: Grids, Filters, Doors, and Other Articulations of the Real

by Bernhard Siegert & Geoffrey Winthrop-Young Fordham University Press (May 01, 2015)

This volume designates a shift within posthumanistic media studies, that dissolves the concept of media into a network of operations, that reproduce, process and reflect the distinctions that are fundamental...

The People's Right to the Novel: War Fiction in the Postcolony

by Eleni Coundouriotis Fordham University Press (September 15, 2014)

This study offers a literary history of the war novel in Africa and argues for the genre's distinct contribution to the literary culture of the continent. The war novel is a form of people's history that participates...

Talking the Walk & Walking the Talk: A Rhetoric of Rhythm

by Marc Shell Fordham University Press (September 01, 2015)

This book argues that we should regard walking and talking in a single rhythmic vision. In doing so, it contributes to the theory of prosody, our understanding of respiration and looking, and, in sum, to the...

Communities in Fiction

by J. Hillis Miller Fordham University Press (December 02, 2014)

Communities in Fiction reads in detail six novels or stories (one each by Trollope, Hardy, Conrad, Woolf, Pynchon, and Cervantes) in the light of theories of community worked out (contradictorily) by Raymond...

The Muses on Their Lunch Hour

by Marjorie Garber Fordham University Press (December 01, 2016)

As a break from their ordained labors, what might the Muses today do on their lunch hour? This collection of witty, shrewd, and imaginative essays addresses interdisciplinary topics that range widely from Shakespeare,...

Lyric Apocalypse: Milton, Marvell, and the Nature of Events

by Ryan Netzley Fordham University Press (January 22, 2015)

How can one experience the apocalypse in the present? Lyric Apocalypse argues that John Milton's and Andrew Marvell's lyrics depict revelation as an immediately perceptible event. In so doing, their lyrics explore...

Freud and the Scene of Trauma

by John Fletcher Fordham University Press (December 02, 2013)

This book describes the centrality of trauma to Freud's thought, the moments of its apparent abandonment and later recurrences, from the seduction theory to the Death Drive. At these turning points Freud engages...

This Distracted Globe: Worldmaking in Early Modern Literature

by Jonathan Goldberg, Karen Newman & Marcie Frank Fordham University Press (April 01, 2016)

These essays investigate the materiality of the world in Spenser, Cary and Marlowe; its sociability, sexuality and sovereignty in Shakespeare; and the universality of spirit, gender and empire in Vaughan, Donne...

Drawing the Line: Toward an Aesthetics of Transitional Justice

by Carrol Clarkson Fordham University Press (November 11, 2013)

Drawing the Line examines the ways in which cultural, political, and legal lines are imagined, drawn, crossed, erased, and redrawn in post-apartheid South Africa-through literary texts, artworks, and other forms...

Figures of a Changing World: Metaphor and the Emergence of Modern Culture

by Harry Berger Fordham University Press (March 02, 2015)

Figures of a Changing World develops an account of culture change that is based on the distinction between the two rhetorical figures of metaphor and metonymy. These figures are applied both to the large-scale...

Minima Philologica

by Werner Hamacher, Catharine Diehl & Jason Groves Fordham University Press (March 02, 2015)

The texts in Minima Philologica, "95 Theses on Philology" and "For-Philology," release philology from institutional fetters, reveal its affinity with the nature of language, and teach us how to practice it on...

An Atmospherics of the City: Baudelaire and the Poetics of Noise

by Ross Chambers Fordham University Press (April 01, 2015)

What happens to poetic beauty when history turns the poet from one who contemplates natural beauty and the sublime to one who attempts to reconcile the practice of art with the hustle and noise of the city?...

Ending and Unending Agony: On Maurice Blanchot

by Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe & Hannes Opelz Fordham University Press (September 01, 2015)

Translation of a posthumous work by Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe on Maurice Blanchot. Discusses such topics as literature, myth, the experience of death, autobiography, metaphysics, psychoanalysis, and deconstruction,...

How to Be an Intellectual: Essays on Criticism, Culture, and the University

by Jeffrey J. Williams Fordham University Press (September 15, 2014)

This book sheds academic obscurity to tell the story of trends in contemporary literary and cultural criticism and the state of the American university. It collects noted and new essays by Jeffrey J. Williams,...