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The Lost Explorer

by Conrad Anker, David Roberts, Jeffrey DeMunn & Michael McGlone Simon & Schuster Audio (July 01, 2004)

On June 8, 1924, George Leigh Mallory and Andrew Irvine disappeared somewhere near the summit of Mount Everest, leaving open the tantalizing question of whether they had reached the summit of Everest twenty-nine...

The Fourth Mega  Market

by Ralph Acampora Simon & Schuster Audio (September 01, 2000)

What do you call a bull market that lasts at least ten years, includes steep corrections and cycles of vicious rotation, but results in a quadrupling of the Dow, a stratospheric rise in new technology, and the...

The Victors

Nothing Like it In The World

Undaunted Courage

Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life

by Richard Ben Cramer Simon & Schuster Audio (October 01, 2000)

In the hard-knuckled thirties, Joe DiMaggio was the immigrant boy who made it big. He was the dominant star in the New York Yankees dynasty. As World War II loomed, Joltin' Joe launched a fifty-six game hitting...

It's Not Over Until You Win

by Les Brown Simon & Schuster Audio (January 01, 1997)

Les Brown is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the world today. In It's Not Over Until You Win!, Brown offers a powerful and inspirational plan to help people overcome any obstacle in their lives....

Dr. Katz's Therapy Sessions

by Jonathan Katz Simon & Schuster Audio (November 01, 1996)

From the producers of the runaway Emmy Award-winning Comedy Central animated TV series "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist" comes DR. KATZ'S THERAPY SESSIONS-a hiply hilarious compilation of Dr. Katz's funniest...

Squandering Aimlessly

by David Brancaccio Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 2000)

What would you do if you received a sudden financial windfall? David Brancaccio, whose ability to clarify economic matters has made public radio's Marketplace a hit, set out to discover where, why, and how people...

Learn to Earn

Live in a Better Way

by His Holiness The Dalai Lama & Losang Gyatso Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 2001)

"Pay attention not only to the cultivation of knowledge but to the cultivation of qualities of the heart, so that at the end of education, not only will you be knowledgeable, but also you will be a warm-hearted...

The Magic Of Believing

by Claude M. Bristol & Various Simon & Schuster Audio (November 15, 1985)


Mystical, motivating and inspiring, The Magic of Believing is an extraordinary self-improvement program which draws on the philosophy that the energy of the...

How To Get Your Point Across In 30 Seconds Or Less

by Milo O. Frank Simon & Schuster Audio (October 31, 1985)


You can get your point across in 30 seconds. Media research proves it. Television commercials capitalize on it. People are...

John Adams

Day of Deceit

by Robert Stinnett & Rafael Ferrer Simon & Schuster Audio (December 01, 1999)

In Day of Deceit, Robert Stinnett delivers the definitive final chapter on America's greatest secret and our worst military disaster.

Drawing on twenty years of research and access to scores of previously classified...

Driven To Distraction

by Edward M. Hallowell & John J. Ratey Simon & Schuster Audio (March 01, 1995)

Procrastination. Disorganization. Distractibility. Millions of adults have long considered these the hallmarks of a lack of self-discipline. But for many, these and other problems in school, at work and in social...

Living Buddha, Living Christ

by Thich Nhat Hanh & Ben Kingsley Simon & Schuster Audio (August 01, 2003)


"When you are a truly happy Christian, you are also a Buddhist. And vice versa." -- Thich Nhat Hanh...

Don't Fire Them, Fire them Up

by Frank Pacetta Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 1994)

One of the most dynamic and original audio programs to come around in some time, Don't Fire Them, Fire Them Up tells the listener how to build a winning business team -- how to develop trust, create loyalty,...

The Magic of Thinking Big

by David Schwartz Simon & Schuster Audio (March 28, 1986)

Millions of people throughout the world have improved their lives using The Magic of Thinking Big. Dr. David J. Schwartz, long regarded as one of the foremost experts on motivation, will help you sell better,...

Hooking Up

by Tom Wolfe & Ron Rifkin Simon & Schuster Audio (October 01, 2000)

Nine unabridged essays from Hooking Up with five read by Tom Wolfe!

Only yesterday boys and girls spoke of embracing and kissing (necking) as getting to first base. Second base was deep kissing, plus groping...

The Power Of Positive Thinking

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

by Terry Ryan Simon & Schuster Audio (September 01, 2005)

The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio introduces Evelyn Ryan, an enterprising woman who kept poverty at bay with wit, poetry, and perfect prose during the "contest era" of the 1950s and 1960s. Standing up to the...

The Camino

by Shirley Maclaine Simon & Schuster Audio (May 01, 2000)

It has been nearly five decades since Shirley MacLaine commenced her brave and public commitment to chronicling her personal quest for spiritual understanding. Now Shirley is back -- with her most breathtakingly...

Talking Dirty With the Queen of Clean

by Linda Cobb Simon & Schuster Audio (December 01, 2000)

Talking Dirty

with the

Queen of Clean


Step aside, Martha...Here comes the Queen of Clean,...

River Horse

by William Heat-Moon, William Least Heat-Moon & Jay O. Sanders Simon & Schuster Audio (November 01, 1999)

In this abridgement of River-Horse, the pre-eminent chronicler of American back roads -- who has given us the classics Blue Highways and Prairyerth -- recounts his singular voyage through American waters from...

Speaking Effective English!

by Hugh Lampman, John Arthur Watkins, Bettye Zoller & Ed Asner Simon & Schuster Audio (December 12, 2006)

Speaking effective English! is the definitive "listen & learn" speech program!

In this breakthrough audio program, three of America's top voice coaches give you the tools you need to speak clearly, powerfully,...

The Roaring 2000s Investor

by Harry S. Dent Simon & Schuster Audio (October 01, 1999)

In his national bestseller The Roaring 2000s, Harry S. Dent, Jr. forecast a booming market that he says will continue to rise through the first eight years of the twenty-first century. Dent's many predictions...

The Fortune Tellers

by Howard Kurtz Simon & Schuster Audio (September 01, 2000)

Just as "spin" has taken over politics in America, so too has it come to define the long bull market on Wall Street. The booming trade in stocks has produced an insatiable demand for financial intelligence....


by Frank McCourt Simon & Schuster Audio (September 01, 1999)

Grammy Award Nominee for Best Spoken Word Album!

Frank McCourt's glorious childhood memoir, Angela's Ashes, has been loved and celebrated by listeners everywhere for its spirit, its wit and its profound humanity....

The Corporate Athlete

by Jack Groppel & Bob Andelman Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 2000)

Today's corporate world is much like the world of professional sports -- fiercely competitive, mentally and physically demanding, and requiring constant, vigilant, training. More than ever, to maintain health,...


by David McCullough Simon & Schuster Audio (December 01, 1992)

Time Management From The Inside Out

by Julie Morgenstern Simon & Schuster Audio (October 01, 2000)

These days, we face no greater challenge in our personal and professional lives than organizing and managing our time. Now Julie Morgenstern, whose bestselling Organizing from the Inside Out has helped hundreds...

Wall Street Money Machine

by Wade B. Cook Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 1997)

For beginners and more experienced investors alike, Wall Street Money Machine is a dynamic and innovative guide to understanding Wall Street and making it work for you.

Wade B. Cook's is a classic rags-to-riches...

Permission Marketing

The Power Of Positive Thinking in Business

by Scott W. Ventrella Simon & Schuster Audio (May 01, 2001)

One of the most powerful forces in business today is the positive psychology movement -- overcoming self-defeating attitudes and developing our talents and positive traits. Much of the new thinking stems directly...

Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect

Golf Is A Game Of Confidence

by Bob Rotella Simon & Schuster Audio (June 01, 1996)

From the author of the bestselling Golf is Not a Game of Perfect comes a masterly illumination of golf's mental game.

When that book was published, Dr Bob Rotella made accessible for the first time what he had...

Winning With The Market

by Douglas R. Sease Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 2001)

Say good-bye to expensive brokers! Forget gambling on their latest "hot stock," or their junk-bond or high-cost mutual funds recommendations. The results can be disastrous. Instead, veteran Wall Street Journal...

How to Get What You Want

by Zig Ziglar Simon & Schuster Audio (March 01, 2004)


Irrepressible, enlightening -- and extraordinarily successful -- here's Zig Ziglar presented live during one of his electrifying public seminars. This master motivator has adapted his...

The Motley Fool Investment Guide: Revised Edition

by Tom Gardner Simon & Schuster Audio (April 01, 2001)

For Making Sense of Investing Today...the Fully Revised and Expanded Edition of the Bestselling The Motley Fool Investment Guide

Today, with the Internet, anyone can be an informed investor. Once you learn...

The Secrets of Closing the Sale

by Zig Ziglar Simon & Schuster Audio (March 01, 2004)


All of us are involved in selling every day. Whenever we present a product or a principle, inform a client, or instruct a child, we are engaging in the art of effective persuasion. Allow America's...

Advanced Selling Strategies

by Brian Tracy Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 1995)


Strategy, tactics, and mental preparedness separate superior salespeople from the average -- and with technological advances leveling the competition, the selling edge is more important...

The Motley Fool's Rule Makers, Rule Breakers

by David Gardner & Tom Gardner Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 1999)

Online and off, David and Tom Gardner have demonstrated that Fools and their money are not soon parted. They have taught millions how to get started investing Foolishly, coming at you through their Web site...

Jesus CEO

by Laurie Beth Jones Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 1995)

A revolutionary new audio program that will guide business leaders into the next century!

He gave them a vision of something larger than themselves.

The world is changing at almost breakneck speed, and the...

Life Is a Series of Presentations

by Tony Jeary, J.E. Fishman & Kim Dower Simon & Schuster Audio (February 01, 2004)

Presentation Mastery Is The Key to Professional and Personal Success.

As presentation coach to America's top CEOs, Tony Jeary is known as Mr. Presentation™. In his work with more than 500 world-class organizations...

The Path To Tranquility

by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Laurie Anderson, Robert Thurman & Bd Wong Simon & Schuster Audio (October 01, 1999)

The Dalai Lama, a living symbol of holiness and selfless triumph over tribulation, has shared his philosophy of peace with today's turbulent world. Yet rarely do we hear him speak with such directness as in...

Mornings On Horseback

No Ordinary Time

Organizing From The Inside Out

by Julie Morgenstern Simon & Schuster Audio (October 01, 2000)

Hundreds of thousands of people have broken through the clutter and streamlined their lives with Julie Morgenstern's proven techniques. There's no magic, no mystery. Getting organized is a skill that anyone...

In The Company of Soldiers

by Rick Atkinson Simon & Schuster Audio (March 01, 2004)

For soldiers in the 101st Airborne Division, the road to Baghdad began with a midnight flight out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky, in late February 2003. For Rick Atkinson, who would spend nearly two months covering...